The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part II  Section 1   Index.
  Part II Section 1.contains advertisements of area businesses and farmers,
and lists of farmers by townships. 

Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society

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Taft, A. K., sec1: p5
Tammes, H., sec1: p9
Tank, John, sec1: p15
Tap, A., sec1: p21
Tastove, Frank, sec1: p7
Taylor, John, sec1: p17
Taylor, W. J., sec1: p5
Taylor, Wm., sec1: p5
Teeslink, Jan, sec1: p7
TeGrotenhuis, A. J., sec1: p25
TeGrotenhuis, D. W., sec1: p7
TeGrotenhuis, G. J., sec1: p7
TeGrotenhuis, G. J., sec1: p25
TeGrotenhuis, G.J., Adv-sec1: p19
TeGrotenhuis, Henry Mrs. sec1: p7
TeGrotenhuis, J. D. Rev, sec1: p7
TeGrotenhuis, John, sec1: p7
TeGrotenhuis, John, sec1: p25
TeGrotenhuis, Wm. Mrs., sec1: p13
Teichen, Albert, sec1: p11
Teichen, Fred, sec1: p11
Teichen, John, sec1: p11
Teidemann, Henry, sec1: p21
Teirnan, John, sec1: p17
Tenhaken, A., sec1: p13
TenKley, D., sec1: p3
Tensen, Arie, sec1: p19
TePaske, Anthony, Adv-sec1: p29
TerHorst, A. J., sec1: p15
TerHorst, Gerrit, sec1: p25
TerHorst, John, sec1: p15
TerMaat, D. J., sec1: p19
Terpestra, R., sec1: p13
Terpstra, , Adv-sec1: p29
Terpstra, Wm., sec1: p7
TeSlaa, G. J., sec1: p25
TeSlaa, Henry, sec1: p25
TeSlaa, John, sec1: p25
TeStroete, G. J., sec1: p7
Theis, John P., sec1: p7
Thelen, M. J., sec1: p15
Thomas, J. H., sec1: p15
Thomas , Jos, sec1: p9
Thorman, Max, sec1: p7
Thormodsgaard O. N., sec1: p19
Thorsen, C., sec1: p17
Tiedemann, B., sec1: p21
Tiedemann, J. B., sec1: p21
Tiernan, M., sec1: p17
Tillma, , Adv-sec1: p16
Tjalma, J., sec1: p9
Toering, H. Adv-sec1: p6
Toering, H., sec1: p13
Toft, O. K., sec1: p9
Tonsfeldt, Anna, sec1: p7
Top, H. J., sec1: p11
Torkelson, Adolph, sec1: p9
Torwelle, Henry, sec1: p5
Treinen, P. C., sec1: p15
Tripp, E. F, sec1: p15
Trompeter, Henry, sec1: p13
Trunstra, Cornelius, sec1: p21
Turner, Annie L., sec1: p23
Turner, J. R. Jr., sec1: p23
Tutje, C., sec1: p9
Tutje, J. H., sec1: p9
Tuynman, Cornelius, sec1: p23
Tuynman, Wm., sec1: p23
Twillman, Louis, sec1: p23
Twillman, Wm, sec1: p17


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