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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Wachendorf, Gotfred08 May 1860Wisconsin26 Oct. 1938ShelbySchabenJ83-0098D2880
Wachendorf, Mary09 Oct. 1858Iowa14 Jul 1935ShelbyGuterkamfF83-0057D2777
Wade, Rebecca Elizabeth16 Dec. 1847Ohio28 Jul 1935ShelbyTiltonF83-0061D2777
Wagemann, Catherine16 Feb. 1843Germany02 Mar. 1920ShelbyKoin83-1111D2496
Walrod, Mary Adelia09 Sept. 1840New York16 Sept. 1922ShelbyMoorhouse83-0189D2497
Warner, Chan28 Feb. 1872Wisconsin06 Jun 1936ShelbyMcLymanG83-0059D2811
Watkins, James M.12 Dec. 1849Ohio10 Feb. 1921ShelbyOliver83-1236D2496
Way, Emma Elizebeth21 Jan. 1840Kentucky09 May 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0749D2496
Way, Leonard Allen17 Apr. 1844New York18 Apr. 1921ShelbyAllen83-1237D2496
Weber, Addie B.03 Dec. 1870Indiana23 Oct. 1937ShelbyChivingtonH83-0116D2846
Weed, Ellen Jane08 Dec. 1865Pennsylvania04 Dec. 1939ShelbyWildermutt083-0147D2913
Weems, Elizebeth Mildred25 Sept. 1837Kentucky24 Dec. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0930D2496
Wegner, Katherina31 Dec. 1848Germany21 Oct. 1939ShelbyBeller083-0121D2913
Wehr, Katharina06 Mar. 1857Iowa13 Mar. 1918ShelbyBrich83-0797D2496
Wehr, Lonel S.20 Jan. 1921Iowa10 Mar. 1921Shelby83-1238D2496
Wehr, Myrtle09 Feb. 1903Iowa06 Mar. 1922ShelbyFrey83-0080D2497
Weihs, Joseph12 Feb. 1919Iowa18 Feb. 1919ShelbyStinn83-0970D2496
Weiland, John B.09 Nov. 1833Belgium26 May 1920ShelbySmith83-1136D2496
Weis, Katharina02 Feb. 1866Germany09 Sept. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0102D2913
Weis, Matt03 June 1862Europe13 Apr. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0034D2880
Wells, Donald Les18 Oct. 1935Iowa10 Feb. 1936ShelbyBookG83-0015D2811
Welsh, Warren Edwin09 Dec. 1916Iowa21 Mar. 1922Shelby83-0156D2497
Wentz, Roberta A.11 Jan. 1889Iowa18 Sept. 1921ShelbyGrant83-0017D2497
Wertz, Henry07 June 1856Iowa13 May 1936ShelbyAnthonyG83-0047D2811
West, Mildred Christine25 Jun 1907Iowa31 Jul 1936ShelbyDchutztG83-0091D2811
Westbrook, Charles Henry04 June 1849Iowa06 Dec. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1188D2496
Wetzel, Lorene FayeApr. 1935Iowa01 May 1935ShelbyJohnsonF83-0040D2777
Wetzell, Anna04 June 1866Germany04 Jun 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0065D2846
Whaley, Orillia Eveline21 July 1868Illinois18 Feb. 1939ShelbyVance083-0018D2913
White (Baby Boy)17 Oct. 1936Iowa17 Oct. 1936ShelbyFrediricksonG83-0104D2811
White, Charley Olive23 May 1870Iowa11 Nov. 1936ShelbyKriessG83-0110D2811
White, Dorethy Marie10 Dec. 1914Iowa21 Jan. 1917ShelbyVale83-0744D2496
White, George Everette19 Jan. 1883Iowa19 Sept. 1937ShelbyKnissH83-0101D2846
White, Nicholas22 May 1840New York20 Jan. 1917ShelbyHarlan83-0745D2496
White, Nicolas Orbill20 Sept. 1889Iowa27 Oct. 1918ShelbyKniss83-0882D2496
White, Quinton S.05 Nov. 1853Indiana23 Mar. 1917ShelbyRees83-0748D2496
Whitney, Jesse Rnoch23 Jun 1918Nebraska21 Oct. 1935ShelbyEricksonF83-0096D2777
Wickersham, Jobe Osborn18 July 1840Ohio01 Jan. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0746D2496
Wickersham, Jonah Randolph14 Dec. 1831Ohio12 Apr. 1920ShelbyRandolph83-1129D2496
Wieland, Bessie H.02 Mar. 1873Iowa07 Dec. 1918ShelbyKolbertaul83-0931D2496
Wigg, Catherine Marie27 Dec. 1850Norway08 Nov. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0175D2497
Wigg, Mammie Francis Evelyn26 Feb. 1905Iowa04 Jul 1918ShelbyJohnson83-0830D2496
Wigness, Karoline Johanna01 Jul 1908Iowa12 Jan. 1921ShelbyHaggen83-1239D2496
Wilcox, Orpha Rebecca25 Aug. 1884Iowa29 Mar. 1939ShelbyWyland083-0042D2913
Wilde, William Henry25 Feb. 1871Iowa02 Mar. 1938ShelbyBanisterJ83-0025D2880
Wiley, Gertrude M.23 Mar. 1845Denmark28 Jul 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0129D2497
Wilke, Leo22 Feb. 1891Iowa24 Feb. 1935ShelbyF83-0018D2777
Williams, Anna May19 Aug. 1860Iowa04 Oct. 1935ShelbyBuntenF83-0099D2777
Williams, Dorac.187120 Mar. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0020D2811
Williams, Elijah10 May 1878Texas03 Mar. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0024D2811
Willmes, Helen Margaret28 Dec. 1916Iowa15 Aug. 1919ShelbyStoll83-1029D2496
Wilson, Sophia12 Jan. 1829Indiana09 Oct. 1917ShelbyJackson83-0750D2496
Wilson, William17 June 1866Iowa06 Feb. 1937ShelbyIowaH83-0020D2846
Winder, Mary Ellen16 July 1842Indiana09 Dec. 1918ShelbyWhite83-0932D2496
Wioff, Asnabold Hans09 Oct. 1915Iowa18 Feb. 1918ShelbyMadsen83-0780D2496
Wirth, Phillip Lewis17 Apr. 185608 Dec. 1919ShelbyRieck83-1059D2496
Wohlhutter, Velma June29 Aug. 1907Iowa25 Apr. 1939ShelbyLuckinbill083-0054D2913
Wolff, Alice12 Apr. 1856Pennsylvania18 Jul 1937ShelbyCoonH83-0075D2846
Wolstrom, Floyd23 May 1887Missouri17 Apr. 1936ShelbyHernquistG83-0040D2811
Woodard, James E.16 Jan. 1871Iowa18 Mar. 1918ShelbyDegrow83-0798D2496
Woodard, Jessie Ina20 Jan. 1831Iowa26 Oct. 1918ShelbyKinkle83-0883D2496
Woods, Emma C.21 Apr. 1845New Hampshire21 Mar. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0981D2496
Woods, Walter Burford Jr.29 Jun 1916Iowa15 Jan. 1917ShelbyKeffer83-0747D2496
Woolsoncroft, Norma Jean27 Feb. 1937Iowa06 Mar. 1937ShelbyBrownH83-0032D2846
Wurtsbaugh, Clarence Luellen10 Dec. 1865Iowa08 Dec. 1939ShelbyMeyer083-0143D2913
Wyatt, Frank04 Jan. 1868Iowa18 Jul 1917ShelbyHill83-0691D2496
Wynn, Virginia Elizabeth22 May 1919Nebraska08 Mar. 1921ShelbyWitters83-1240D2496
Young, Mattie Reid17 Mar. 1855Pennsylvania01 Sept. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1034D2496
Young, Sadie Arline17 May 1905Iowa13 Dec. 1918Shelby83-0933D2496
Yunck, Catherine Theresa30 Mar. 1920Iowa31 Mar. 1920ShelbyCavanaugh83-1112D2496
Zimmer, Mary01 June 1844Ohio24 Feb. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0023D2846
Zimmerman, Grace Agnes10 Apr. 1936Iowa30 Oct. 1937ShelbyWillmesH83-0117D2846
Zimmerman, Maria05 Jan. 1921Iowa04 Sept. 1936ShelbyPoschG83-0100D2811

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