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Shelby County 1917-1922 & 1935-1939

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Maasseen, Frances Louise28 Jan. 1919Iowa27 Apr. 1919ShelbyCobbs83-0987D2496
Madison, Alice Edna16 Jun 1903Iowa02 Jan. 1919ShelbyDewey83-0946D2496
Madsen, Mine12 Feb. 1860Denmark09 Jan. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0947D2496
Madsen, Paul W.11 Mar. 1920Iowa27 Jan. 1922ShelbyJensen83-0063D2497
Madsen, Peter H.19 Feb. 1843Denmark15 Mar. 1938ShelbyHansenJ83-0022D2880
Madsen, Phillipina20 Oct. 1841Germany22 Jul 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1154D2496
Madsen, Unguz Sondergaard31 Mar. 1917Iowa17 Jun 1917ShelbySondergaard83-0688D2496
Mages, Albert08 Jan. 1862Germany27 Feb. 1918Shelby83-0773D2496
Mahana, James C.02 Apr. 1862Iowa28 Feb. 1918ShelbyKilcoin83-0774D2496
Mahlberg (Baby Boy)28 Dec. 1939Iowa28 Dec. 1939ShelbyDowney083-0141D2913
Mahlberg, Elroy25 Jul 1938Iowa27 Jul 1938ShelbyMuellJ83-0072D2880
Mahlberg, Gertrude30 Apr. 1865Wisconsin06 Mar. 1937ShelbyNolanH83-0033D2846
Mahlberg, Leonard Joseph27 Aug. 1916Iowa08 Jan. 1917ShelbyKlein83-0686D2496
Majerius, Katharin28 Oct. 1872Luxembourg07 Feb. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0120D2497
Majerus, John25 Apr. 1849Luxembourg07 Oct. 1938ShelbyMorrisJ83-0096D2880
Majerus, Veroncia Cecelia25 Sept. 1918Iowa13 Oct. 1919ShelbyVon Fersch83-1042D2496
Malick, Mary Elizabeth20 Jan. 1842Pennsylvania30 Aug. 1917ShelbySmith83-0692D2496
Manhart, Anton19 May 1847Germany04 Feb. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0010D2880
Mansfield, Punderson R.20 June 1854Ohio29 Jun 1935ShelbyBirdsalF83-0066D2777
Manuel, Mary26 Feb. 1841Iowa14 Mar. 1918ShelbyDonahue83-0789D2496
Marco, Emaline Harvey10 Mar. 1845Illinois06 Dec. 1922ShelbyHarvey83-0197D2497
Marco, Joseph J.01 May 1840Vermont20 Jun 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1143D2496
Maris, Caroline21 Oct. 1861Ohio15 Jun 1938ShelbyHughesJ83-0055D2880
Marshall, Benjamin06 Nov. 1830Pennsylvania25 May 1918ShelbyPernell83-0812D2496
Martin, Eliza A.04 Mar. 1837Ohio23 Jun 1920ShelbyEvans83-1144D2496
Martin, Peter31 May 1847Denmark12 Feb. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0010D2811
Martins, Hans William22 May 1863Germany23 Sept. 1918ShelbyJames83-0848D2496
Marwold, Mary Anna29 Mar. 1903Iowa21 Aug. 1919ShelbyMickels83-1027D2496
Mason, Emma Jane24 Nov. 1854Canada30 Mar. 1922ShelbyStrohm83-0096D2497
Massey, Nancy Caroline03 Aug. 1827South Carolina17 Mar. 1921ShelbyGreer83-1216D2496
Mathiesen, Ane Marie18 Apr. 1858Denmark29 Sept. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0095D2777
Mathisen, Hans Henry20 Jan. 1879Denmark05 Sept. 1935ShelbyNelsenF83-0093D2777
Maxwell, John Daniel20 Sept. 1849Illinois18 Jun 1922ShelbySlain83-0125D2497
Maxwell, Robert15 Jul 1917Iowa17 Sept. 1917ShelbyRezee83-0697D2496
McAllister, Bernard27 Feb. 1840Canada08 Feb. 1920ShelbyMcClenahan83-1086D2496
McAllister, Catherine29 June 1852Ireland04 Feb. 1920ShelbyTirran83-0187D2496
McAndrews, John Phillip31 Mar. 1932Iowa20 Apr. 1937ShelbyChueeneyH83-0050D2846
McAndrews, Mary20 Dec. 1834Ireland11 Mar. 1922ShelbyKarden83-0104D2497
McBride, Sarah Ann25 Mar. 1835Indiana22 Apr. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0986D2496
McBride, Thomas21 Dec . 1831Delaware02 Jan. 1917ShelbyBird83-0684D2496
McCain (Baby Girl)18 Dec. 1922Iowa19 Dec. 1922ShelbyPeterson83-0195D2497
McCall, Anna27 Dec. 1854Canada24 Mar. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1106D2496
McClory, Albert12 June 1873Canada09 May 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0051D2811
McClory, George07 Aug. 1859Canada04 Oct. 1936ShelbyMorrisonG83-0105D2811
McConnell, Ellen Marie24 Nov. 1880Iowa17 Jan. 1919ShelbyHolmes83-0945D2496
McConnell, James David04 Sept. 1847Michigan29 Nov. 1918ShelbyGross83-0889D2496
McConnell, James Winfield Scott22 Jan. 1852Indiana18 Oct. 1939ShelbyHart083-0116D2913
McConnell, Minerva McKeever14 Apr. 1861Iowa04 Jan. 1937ShelbyRoweH83-0004D2846
McConnell, Philetus Clark03 Nov. 1883Iowa02 Sept. 1918ShelbyMcKeever83-0847D2496
McConnell, Reva Viola28 Jul 1915Iowa31 Oct. 1921ShelbyCorson83-0020D2497
McCord, Bradley27 Dec. 1852Iowa24 Oct. 1919ShelbyVradenburg83-1040D2496
McCord, Ruth15 Sept. 1918Iowa09 Apr. 1920ShelbyCover83-1125D2496
McCord, Sarah Elizabeth23 Dec. 1853Iowa16 May 1936ShelbySimpsonG83-0045D2811
McCormick, Elnora09 Feb. 1855Ohio18 Apr. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0160D2497
McCoy, Corneilius Neil01 Jan. 1858Iowa02 Oct. 1919ShelbyBeadle83-1041D2496
McCoy, Lillian Belle19 June 1859Missouri22 Sept. 1938ShelbyMoxleyJ83-0086D2880
McDonald, Hopkins K.27 Jan. 1860Illinois28 Feb. 1937ShelbyLeightonH83-0036D2846
McDonald, Russel28 June 1899Iowa01 Oct. 1918ShelbyRobertson83-0869D2496
McDowell, Eliza Jane06 Mar. 1846Pennsylvania11 Jun 1919ShelbyCox83-1006D2496
McDowell, Ellen Elizabeth27 Jan. 1860Illinois13 Jan. 1938ShelbyAndersonJ83-0003D2880
McDowell, Thomas Jefferson12 Aug. 1872Iowa04 Aug. 1935ShelbyMitchellF83-0075D2777
McGuire, Frank11 Oct. 1864Iowa11 Jul 1917ShelbyBarnes83-0685D2496
McKeighan, Melinda22 July 1893Iowa16 Jul 1921ShelbyTrotter83-0054D2497
McKeighan, Virginia Marie16 Aug. 1917Iowa15 Dec. 1918ShelbyTague83-0918D2496
McKeighan, William15 Apr. 1878Illinois03 Apr. 1939ShelbyBarstow083-0045D2913
McKieg, Charles Alph11 Sept. 1869Iowa29 Sept. 1939ShelbyAberanthy083-0109D2913
McLaughlin, John Hoseph25 Jan. 1846Ireland24 Jan. 1935ShelbyMcAleneyF83-0006D2777
McLaughlin, William Hugh21 Sept. 1861Pennsylvania02 Mar. 1938ShelbyCampbellJ83-0024D2880
McLyman, Mervin Loomis14 Apr. 1841Pennsylvania28 Oct. 1918ShelbyClyde83-0870D2496
McMullen, Phoebe Holdefer28 May 1859Iowa09 Aug. 1922ShelbyWeigel83-0142D2497
McMullen, Sarah Amanda21 July 1847Indiana01 Aug. 1919ShelbyBaintor83-1026D2496
Meier, Chrestine18 Feb. 1848Schleswig08 Nov. 1920ShelbyStein83-1177D2496
Meier, Francis Dorothy15 Aug. 1922Iowa15 Aug. 1922ShelbyEwaldt83-0146D2497
Meier, Jacob Peter26 Aug. 1850Germany27 Mar. 1939ShelbyKarsten083-0039D2913
Meisland, Porter Emanuel02 Jun 1912Iowa10 Jan. 1937ShelbyHarisenH83-0005D2846
Mercer, Alvin Dale16 Jan. 1921Iowa04 Feb. 1921Shelby83-1217D2496
Merrill, Joseph25 Dec. 1866Italy04 Sept. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1032D2496
Merritt, Leonard26 May 1906Iowa14 Feb. 1918ShelbySimmeman83-0775D2496
Mertens, Mary18 Oct. 1860Germany13 Aug. 1917ShelbyMaywurm83-0693D2496
Meyer, William H.24 June 1857Germany19 Mar. 1918ShelbyKarstens83-0790D2496
Meyers, Catherine25 Sept. 1839Germany28 May 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0999D2496
Michaelsen (Baby Boy)03 Apr. 1919Iowa04 Apr. 1919ShelbySorensen83-0988D2496
Michaelson, Arthur Allen02 Jun 1918Iowa05 Jul 1918ShelbyDavis83-0827D2496
Mickels, Peter15 Apr. 1837Germany03 Dec. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0919D2496
Mickelsen, Betty Nadine06 Nov. 1921Iowa30 Apr. 1922ShelbyLamer83-0115D2497
Mickelson, Gyde Lily07 Oct. 1897Denmark15 Oct. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0872D2496
Mikkelsen, John O.26 Apr. 1854Denmark01 Sept. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0152D2497
Mikkelsen, May15 Dec. 1896Denmark05 Jan. 1919ShelbyJensen83-0948D2496
Miles, Mary Ann1859Nebraska23 Sept. 1935ShelbyMillerF83-0086D2777
Miller, Emma Jestine04 July 1858Iowa28 Jan. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0687D2496
Miller, Fredrick A.05 Feb. 1843Illinois15 Nov. 1917ShelbyEdwards83-0696D2496
Miller, George Grau29 Aug. 1852Iowa15 Mar. 1935ShelbyCurtrightF83-0030D2777
Miller, Grover Pence14 Dec. 1888Iowa01 May 1918ShelbyBiggart83-0813D2496
Miller, Henry06 Jan. 1879Germany09 Mar. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0032D2913
Miller, Henry F.10 Apr. 1881Germany18 Feb. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0020D2913
Miller, Lydia A.09 Feb. 1854Iowa29 Jan. 1922ShelbyGarwood83-0057D2497
Miller, Magdelena13 Dec. 1858Iowa26 Mar. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0019D2811
Miller, Martha Ellen29 Apr. 1863Iowa28 Jun 1938ShelbyBarnhillJ83-0081D2880
Miller, Melvin Dale19 Jan. 1895Iowa20 May 1922ShelbyPlummer83-0110D2497
Miller, Robert Dale15 Sept. 1921Iowa15 Sept. 1921ShelbyNielsen83-0021D2497
Miller, Tobias D.13 Sept. 1852Pennsylvania28 Oct. 1920ShelbyMiller83-1171D2496
Miller, Valdean Dale29 Dec. 1913Iowa20 May 1922ShelbyMiller83-0109D2497
Minkler, Howard Lyman03 Dec. 1886Iowa08 Aug. 1938ShelbyWhiteJ83-0074D2880
Mischo, Michael15 Oct. 1845Germany04 Aug. 1918ShelbyBockus83-0839D2496
Mitten, Mary Rosella25 Feb. 1857Indiana06 Jun 1939ShelbyFiscus083-0070D2913
Moellen, Johan Christian16 Dec. 1841Germany27 Jan. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1067D2496
Moher, Doris Jean27 Oct. 1936Iowa17 Dec. 1936ShelbyChristensenG83-0121D2811
Monahan, Charly A. Jr.02 Dec. 1900Iowa25 Oct. 1918ShelbyFoley83-0871D2496
Monahan, Eva31 Mar. 1916Iowa23 Jun 1919ShelbyAkers83-1007D2496
Moore, John C.17 Apr. 1860Iowa24 Jan. 1935ShelbyDitsworthF83-0010D2777
Moore, Martha29 Jan. 1851Indiana02 Dec. 1936ShelbyFarranG83-0112D2811
Morgenson, James24 Oct. 1845Denmark19 Jun 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0072D2913
Morris, Cornelius22 Nov. 1880Ireland17 Mar. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0022D2913
Morris, Demetrius Eugene18 Jan. 1838Ohio18 Mar. 1935ShelbyHuffF83-0041D2777
Morris, Lafayette10 Apr. 1849Illinois21 Sept. 1922ShelbyHand83-0157D2497
Mortensen, Chris02 Apr. 1889Iowa02 Jul 1935ShelbyJensenF83-0062D2777
Mortensen, Fred07 Jan. 1882Iowa02 Nov. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0890D2496
Mortensen, Martin25 Dec. 1894Denmark10 Nov. 1939ShelbyThorsen083-0124D2913
Mortensen, Niels Peter1850Denmark14 Jan. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0064D2497
Mortensen, Verda22 Dec. 1916Iowa13 Sept. 1919ShelbySchmitt83-1033D2496
Mortinsen, Nels Christian19 Nov. 1844Denmark05 Jun 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1145D2496
Mowery, John L.21 Aug. 1841Illinois10 Apr. 1921ShelbyBruhaher83-1218D2496
Muck, Robert1838Ohio13 Sept. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0695D2496
Mueller, Paul F.15 May 1870Iowa17 Jul 1920ShelbyFischer83-1155D2496
Muldoon, Augusta Magdaline26 Nov. 1864Iowa21 Apr. 1939ShelbyKruse083-0051D2913
Muldoon, James16 Jan. 1861New York28 May 1935ShelbyMaroneyF83-0051D2777
Muller, Jacab Peter03 Sept. 1841Germany09 Dec. 1917ShelbyGerdes83-0698D2496
Muller, Lillie14 June 1847Germany03 Sept. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0090D2777
Munchrath (Baby Boy)18 May 1922Iowa18 May 1922ShelbyThielen83-0144D2497
Mundt, Johnc.1872Germany19 Jun 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0689D2496
Munson, Christina02 Feb. 1859Norway02 Jun 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0101D2777
Munson, P.S. (Mrs.)06 Sept. 1880Iowa18 Jan. 1919ShelbySemar83-0949D2496
Murray, James Jay05 July 1869Iowa16 Dec. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0134D2846
Mushity, Marie15 June 1855Germany08 Jul 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0690D2496
Muxlow, Deleven19 Feb. 191901 Jul 1921ShelbyUnknown83-0007D2497

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