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Shelby County 1917-1922 & 1935-1939

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Kahl, John14 June 1834Germany18 Jun 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1141D2496
Karns, William Newton20 July 1859Ohio11 May 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1211D2496
Kaufman, August Michael31 Jul 1918Iowa10 Aug. 1918ShelbySchneider83-0835D2496
Kaufman, Henry16 Aug. 1883Iowa23 Jun 1936ShelbyKnebaG83-0058D2811
Kaufman, Peter20 Oct. 1873Germany01 Jun 1938ShelbyKniebeJ83-0051D2880
Kays, Anna05 Jan. 1853Canada09 Jan. 1935ShelbyKennedyF83-0002D2777
Kean, Thomas08 Feb. 1863Ireland09 Dec. 1936ShelbyHinesG83-0125D2811
Keane, James20 Dec. 1867Ireland14 Sept. 1939ShelbyHunes083-0111D2913
Keeney, Theodore M.20 Dec. 1844Pennsylvania31 Mar. 1917ShelbyTuppen83-0677D2496
Kees, Martha Ann02 Jan. 1839Ohio13 Jan. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0676D2496
Kegel, August H.05 June 1844Germany29 Mar. 1921ShelbyLoewe83-1212D2496
Kelley, William Wesley05 Aug. 1860Iowa06 Dec. 1936ShelbyZimmermanG83-0118D2811
Kemp, John Edward25 Oct. 1920Iowa26 Oct. 1920ShelbyWhite83-1170D2496
Kenkel, Clara01 Dec. 1894Iowa07 Mar. 1939ShelbyGatzemen083-0026D2913
Kenkel, John08 Oct. 1855Germany06 Apr. 1935ShelbyGoedersF83-0043D2777
Kenkel, Peter06 Sept. 1859Luxembourg15 Dec. 1939ShelbyGoeders083-0137D2913
Kennedy, Charlie Cecilia Brady13 Sept. 1937Iowa24 Sept. 1937ShelbyColliganH83-0092D2846
Kent, John William28 Jan. 1859Virginia04 Jan. 1935ShelbyKisslerF83-0001D2777
Kent, Karl Kenneth27 Jan. 1888Iowa16 Oct. 1918ShelbyStanley83-0865D2496
Kern, Anna01 Mar. 1866Illinois22 Aug. 1938ShelbySummervilleJ83-0076D2880
Kerr, Leonard Louis15 Apr. 1892Iowa15 Dec. 1920ShelbyChristensen83-1183D2496
Kevan, Ellen27 Aug. 1866Iowa29 Oct. 1939ShelbyKite083-0114D2913
Kibby, Ern Russell12 Jan. 1921Iowa17 Dec. 1921ShelbyKlinkefus83-0049D2497
Kilcoin, Katherine23 Oct. 1869Iowa04 Jul 1938ShelbyKnightJ83-0068D2880
King, Ulysses Grant03 Feb. 1865Illinois28 Oct. 1922ShelbyHigbee83-0168D2497
Kingsbury, Lillie Lucetta29 May 1870Illinois30 Aug. 1936ShelbySwisherG83-0085D2811
Kinkel, Bernard20 Jan. 1857Luxembourg28 Aug. 1918ShelbyGoeders83-0836D2496
Kinsey, Benjamin Ingham25 Sept. 1837Ohio13 Nov. 1921ShelbyLangley83-0033D2497
Kinsey, Elza Allison18 Oct. 1858Ohio10 Aug. 1935ShelbySquiresF83-0083D2777
Kinsey, Harry L.03 Apr. 1883Iowa02 May 1937ShelbyMavisH83-0058D2846
Kinsey, Isaac Newton15 Sept. 1835Ohio18 Aug. 1918ShelbyHughes83-0837D2496
Kirk, Charles Edward25 Dec. 1879Pennsylvania26 Apr. 1937ShelbyEvansH83-0052D2846
Kirschbaum, Frances Joan23 Sept. 1893Iowa05 Nov. 1939ShelbyErtmer083-0127D2913
Kirschbaum, Robert31 Mar. 1859Illinois26 Oct. 1937ShelbyH83-0108D2846
Kjeldgaard, Kenneth Dean20 Oct. 1932Iowa23 Jan. 1936ShelbyHoldG83-0008D2811
Kjer, Claus N.16 Aug. 1849Denmark03 Aug. 1917ShelbyNelson83-0678D2496
Kjer, Marius22 Apr. 1883Iowa01 Feb. 1920ShelbyThompson83-1081D2496
Kjer, Mary08 July 1856Denmark27 Dec. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0112D2880
Klapper, John01 Jan. 1844Germany27 Dec. 1935ShelbyMaugenF83-0120D2777
Klepper, Joseph A.14 July 1891Iowa21 Dec. 1918ShelbyAltman83-0914D2496
Klepper, Mary17 June 1893Iowa25 Dec. 1918ShelbyAltman83-0915D2496
Klepper, Susan01 Apr. 1859Luxembourg24 Aug. 1938ShelbyFlemingJ83-0075D2880
Klindt, Frank03 Oct. 1868Iowa04 May 1938ShelbyWendtJ83-0048D2880
Klindt, Henry18 June 1861Iowa27 Feb. 1937ShelbyWendtH83-0031D2846
Klinkefus, Leonard Frederik09 Jan. 1887Iowa13 Feb. 1921ShelbyWetzel83-1213D2496
Klitgaard, Agnes Christine11 May 1896Denmark13 Feb. 1920ShelbySarcen83-1082D2496
Kloewer, Carl Frank04 Mar. 1894Iowa14 Jul 1936ShelbyVon TerschG83-0079D2811
Kloewer, Marie Kathrine17 May 1834Germany14 Aug. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0679D2496
Kloewer, Viola Cecilia20 Jan. 1939Iowa15 Feb. 1939ShelbyBock083-0016D2913
Klvewer, Mary30 Apr. 1863Europe23 Jul 1936ShelbyBockG83-0072D2811
Knause, Gary Lee14 May 1937Iowa27 Jun 1937ShelbyParkerH83-0069D2846
Knauss, Elizabeth15 Sept. 1844Indiana11 Nov. 1918ShelbyArmstrong83-0888D2496
Knierim, Nancey Josephine22 Jan. 1939Iowa22 Jan. 1939ShelbyCrawford083-0009D2913
Knouse (Baby Boy)12 Dec. 1922Iowa19 Dec. 1922ShelbyParker83-0196D2497
Knudsen, Anne08 Feb. 1834Denmark25 Mar. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1105D2496
Knuth, Rose Marie04 Dec. 1936Iowa25 Dec. 1936ShelbyMuttionG83-0123D2811
Knutson, May12 Jun 1905Iowa15 Dec. 1918ShelbyBenson83-0916D2496
Kock, Elisa02 Feb. 1869Germany10 Feb. 1935ShelbySheelF83-0015D2777
Koenig, Agnes Noreen02 Feb. 1935Iowa18 Aug. 1935ShelbyJacobsenF83-0074D2777
Koester, Anton Sr.16 Feb. 1861Germany26 Sept. 1938ShelbySchilteJ83-0090D2880
Kohl, Atman Van19 Apr. 1936Iowa19 Sept. 1936ShelbyShropeG83-0094D2811
Kohl, Ezra V.27 Aug. 1849Pennsylvania07 Apr. 1935ShelbyFiddellingF83-0037D2777
Kohl, Mary Shrope28 Oct. 1853Pennsylvania02 Nov. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0121D2846
Kohles, Fred L.28 Mar. 1895Iowa25 Oct. 1938ShelbyHerbstJ83-0093D2880
Kolb, Emily14 Feb. 1851New York27 Mar. 1935ShelbyWippermanF83-0028D2777
Koll, Christina L.06 Mar. 1873Wisconsin25 Oct. 1919ShelbyHurst83-1039D2496
Koll, Helen May30 May 1887Iowa02 Jul 1919ShelbyKnolhoff83-1018D2496
Koolbeck, Rebekka Caroline17 Jan. 1844Indiana02 Jan. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0942D2496
Kramer, Cecelia Marie09 Jun 1922Iowa09 Jun 1922ShelbySchichinger83-0145D2497
Kramer, Raymond Vincent22 Jan. 1920Iowa11 Oct. 1921ShelbySchleshinger83-0023D2497
Krohn, Henry F.13 Feb. 1878Iowa02 Feb. 1921ShelbyDose83-1214D2496
Krohn, Jockim24 July 1845Germany15 Oct. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-0042D2497
Kroman, Bertha Cathrina17 July 1840Denmark22 Sept. 1920ShelbyHansen83-1163D2496
Krough, Anderw Peter Nelson26 July 1857Denmark04 Mar. 1938ShelbySorensenJ83-0027D2880
Kruckenburg, Christine08 Dec. 1857Wisconsin20 Oct. 1918ShelbyTernutzer83-0866D2496
Kruckenburg, Fredrick25 July 1845Germany12 May 1919ShelbyBaker83-0998D2496
Kruger, Joseph Frank30 Dec. 1913Iowa09 Jun 1918ShelbyBook83-0820D2496
Kuhl, Marie A.12 Mar. 1898Iowa08 Jun 1922ShelbyKelleher83-0140D2497
Kuhl, Nicholas20 May 1827Germany06 Aug. 1919ShelbySchornman83-1024D2496
Kullbom, Sandra Joan02 Jan. 1939Iowa03 Jan. 1939ShelbyRowedder083-0001D2913
Kullman, Augusta29 Mar. 1853Germany05 Apr. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0038D2777
Kwapiszeski, Ethel08 Oct. 1936Iowa31 Dec. 1936ShelbyFrommG83-0126D2811
Kwapiszeski, Martin08 Oct. 1855Poland15 Jul 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0083D2811
Lage, Cecilia09 Nov. 1857Germany09 Dec. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0125D2846
Lalone, Alice22 Jan. 1902Iowa25 Feb. 1935ShelbyKuyF83-0021D2777
Lalone, Mary Ann03 June 1847Canada25 May 1937ShelbyH83-0055D2846
Lamer, John B.10 Dec. 1864Iowa23 Aug. 1918ShelbyWrite83-0838D2496
Lamphere, Joseph Merritt25 July 1885Iowa07 Jan. 1919ShelbyWelch83-0943D2496
Lamsgaard, Christiane26 Sept. 1858Denmark24 Apr. 1917ShelbyJunsen83-0652D2496
Lange, Jes08 Sept. 1853Denmark16 Jan. 1921ShelbyHolt83-0002D2497
Langenfeld, Chatrina A.25 Sept. 1853Pennsylvania22 Jul 1936ShelbyDuormanG83-0075D2811
Langenfeld, Jacob27 Jan. 1850Germany15 Nov. 1939ShelbyEckes083-0131D2913
Lanphere, John27 Jan. 1837New York10 Apr. 1922ShelbyPaddock83-0103D2497
Lapke, Bernard Casper16 Dec. 1872Germany15 Aug. 1917ShelbyHentz83-0682D2496
LaRette, Berdella25 Apr. 1889Iowa21 Nov. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-0055D2497
LaRette, Canard Deill02 Dec. 1914Iowa21 Nov. 1921ShelbyPlummer83-0070D2497
Larsen, Amalie11 Sept. 1879Sweden10 Feb. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0964D2496
Larsen, Chris08 Mar. 1860Schleswig Holstein12 Oct. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0079D2497
Larsen, Chris P.14 Dec. 1848Denmark05 Apr. 1920ShelbyNelsen83-1123D2496
Larsen, Fredrick Nielsen28 Mar. 1857Denmark10 Jan. 1919ShelbyNelsen83-0944D2496
Larsen, Hans26 Jan. 1859Norway03 Jun 1919ShelbySparstad83-1005D2496
Larsen, Hans09 Oct. 1839Denmark09 Apr. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0118D2497
Larsen, Karen Kristina27 Sept. 1855Denmark16 Sept. 1938ShelbyHansonJ83-0084D2880
Larsen, Lars30 July 1857Denmark04 Dec. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0135D2913
Larsen, Laura15 Oct. 1885Iowa03 Feb. 1939ShelbyPetersen083-0013D2913
Larsen, Marie Christena04 Apr. 1861Denmark02 May 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0049D2777
Larsen, Matt22 Dec. 1855Norway29 Apr. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0108D2497
Larsen, Serah Christina04 June 1860Denmark29 Jul 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0826D2496
Larson, Chris J.28 Mar. 1858Denmark10 Mar. 1939ShelbyFilholm083-0034D2913
Larson, Inaren27 Feb. 1850Denmark25 Jan. 1918ShelbyLarson83-0757D2496
Lathrop, Earl21 Oct. 1889Iowa04 Jun 1920ShelbyGarner83-1142D2496
Laughman, Emily A.05 Mar. 1849Iowa30 Nov. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0192D2497
Lawrence, Mary04 May 1860Illinois27 Jun 1936ShelbyMayerG83-0054D2811
Lawson, Mary Jane22 July 1841New York31 Oct. 1921ShelbyBishop83-0040D2497
Ledwick, Evelyn Graham11 Sept. 1849New York04 Jan. 1921ShelbyFawcett83-1215D2496
Lee John A.29 May 1870Iowa15 Sept. 1922ShelbyMcConnell83-0151D2497
Lee, Ethel June24 Jun 1914Iowa22 Dec. 1918ShelbyNelson83-0917D2496
Leenan, Theresia25 Sept. 1855Germany02 May 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0114D2497
Leinen, Alvin28 Nov. 1936Iowa03 Dec. 1936ShelbyMorrisG83-0117D2811
Leinen, Gerdrud05 Apr. 1852Germany29 Mar. 1917ShelbySorltgen83-0680D2496
Leinen, Peter Mathias07 May 1861Iowa12 Aug. 1939ShelbyBuch083-0096D2913
Leistad, Maren Johanne16 Aug. 1874Denmark26 Jan. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0007D2913
Lensch, Hans Detlev30 Mar. 1846Germany18 May 1939ShelbyMesten083-0059D2913
Lensch, Sophia28 Aug. 1854Iowa17 Mar. 1922ShelbyHerring83-0085D2497
Lensch, Willferd Hans17 Aug. 1910Iowa26 Apr. 1922ShelbySpeicher83-0107D2497
Leslie, Thomas H.08 Feb. 1854Pennsylvania26 May 1922ShelbyNegly83-0167D2497
Lewis, Clarence E.29 Jan. 1879Iowa31 Mar. 1937ShelbyFlatH83-0039D2846
Lewis, Dale Franklin18 Jan. 1909Iowa05 Mar. 1918ShelbyWyland83-0787D2496
Lewis, Everett Milton09 Aug. 1847Illinois16 Mar. 1917ShelbySegar83-0681D2496
Lewis, Hattie23 Jan. 1886Iowa24 Apr. 1936ShelbyDysartG83-0042D2811
Lewis, Lorenzo C.19 Aug. 1849Michigan22 Jun 1939ShelbyDeWolfe083-0076D2913
Lewis, Mary Jane28 Jan. 1843Pennsylvania26 Apr. 1937ShelbySteenH83-0051D2846
Lewis, Willilam Jackson25 Aug. 1892Iowa01 Dec. 1937ShelbyBealH83-0131D2846
Lickteig, Mary28 Apr. 1907Iowa30 Mar. 1939ShelbyHermes083-0024D2913
Lindstrom, Harvey Nelsen02 Feb. 1917Iowa07 Jan. 1922ShelbyNelsen83-0058D2497
Linn (Baby Girl)24 Aug. 1918Iowa02 Sept. 1918ShelbyMitchell83-0846D2496
Loeltz, Mich02 Sept. 1876Iowa21 Feb. 1937ShelbyGlassH83-0017D2846
Lohr, Lois May01 Nov. 1922Iowa10 Nov. 1922ShelbyPetsche83-0181D2497
Long, Mary B.23 Feb. 1841Ohio14 Mar. 1935ShelbyFindlayF83-0032D2777
Long, William Johnson18 Nov. 1848Pennsylvania14 Oct. 1918ShelbyKuntzman83-0867D2496
Loudenslager, Mary Ellen09 Sept. 1833Maryland11 Mar. 1918ShelbyLandis83-0788D2496
Luch, Zerilda31 Mar. 1847Indiana02 Jul 1937ShelbyStoughtonH83-0074D2846
Lund, Chris Nelsen09 Oct. 1838Denmark24 Jun 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0119D2497
Lund, Mattie Marie06 Aug. 1853Denmark06 Feb. 1936ShelbyHojerG83-0027D2811
Lunn, Jens Christensen15 Dec. 1861Denmark17 Nov. 1935ShelbyLars DatterF83-0111D2777
Lutticke, Joseph16 Sept. 1859Germany07 Oct. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0177D2497
Luyster, Ruth Mae Luxfort27 Jan. 1896Iowa21 Oct. 1918ShelbyRenfro83-0868D2496
Lyman, M.M. (Mrs.)08 July 1844Wisconsin09 Dec. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0133D2846
Lytle (Baby Boy)27 Mar. 1939Iowa27 Mar. 1939ShelbyMcDowell083-0037D2913
Lytle, Jesse Lee Jr.27 Jun 1937Iowa28 Jul 1939ShelbyMcDowell083-0085D2913

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