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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Namany, Bernhardt03 Dec. 1881Iowa03 Jan. 1919ShelbyNissen83-0950D2496
Nash, Thomas J.02 Nov. 1864Illinois08 Jan. 1917ShelbyBremen83-0699D2496
Nawatzke, Frank12 Dec. 1867Germany14 May 1939ShelbyBronsley083-0061D2913
Neff, Sahara Emiline15 Feb. 1870Wisconsin28 Jun 1935ShelbyAugustineF83-0054D2777
Neilsen, Christena M.27 Jan. 1848Denmark09 Jan. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0061D2497
Nelsen, Caroline28 Oct. 1874Denmark11 Oct. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1172D2496
Nelsen, Martin02 Feb. 1857Denmark17 Feb. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0019D2913
Nelsen, Mette17 Aug. 1862Denmark19 Sept. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0164D2497
Nelsen, Peter Christian10 May 1854Denmark05 Aug. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0078D2777
Nelsen, Theodore04 Apr. 1866Denmark10 Feb. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0009D2880
Nelson, Anna K.21 Apr. 1842Denmark01 Apr. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0056D2913
Nelson, Frederick28 June 1888Iowa21 Jun 1939ShelbyTodhe083-0074D2913
Nelson, Grant Lee15 Jan. 1917Iowa20 Feb. 1917ShelbyJensen83-0700D2496
Nelson, Helen Margaret29 Mar. 1849Illinois02 Feb. 1922ShelbyBishop83-0076D2497
Nelson, Horace Manly25 Dec. 1899Iowa02 Jan. 1920ShelbyJackson83-1068D2496
Nelson, Jeppe07 Mar. 1858Denmark19 Feb. 1939ShelbyNielsdatter083-0017D2913
Nelson, Lars Henry24 July 1867Denmark21 Jan. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0005D2880
Nelson, Lena07 Aug. 1880Iowa30 Apr. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0054D2846
Nelson, Margaret Arlene24 Aug. 1921Iowa22 Jul 1922ShelbyTrobough83-0136D2497
Nelson, Martha16 Oct. 1879Iowa27 Aug. 1922ShelbyAdamsen83-0143D2497
Nelson, Mary12 Dec. 1860Denmark22 Jun 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0060D2811
Nelson, Mary Ann Louise13 Dec. 1936Iowa31 Dec. 1936ShelbyNispingG83-0124D2811
Nelson, Nels15 Nov. 1858Denmark16 Oct. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0106D2846
Nelson, Peter02 July 1854Sweden08 Apr. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0098D2497
Nelson, Raymond Nels04 Feb. 1912Iowa15 Feb. 1918ShelbyChristensen83-0776D2496
Nelson, Rose Christine14 Feb. 1895Iowa04 Jul 1938ShelbyMichealsonJ83-0067D2880
Nenbaner, John25 Sept. 1842Germany06 Jun 1920ShelbySchmitz83-1147D2496
Newman, Madge Leona13 Jul 1902Nebraska26 Jan. 1919ShelbyAlstot83-0951D2496
Nielsen, Chris U.05 Sept. 1835Denmark13 May 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0702D2496
Nielsen, Clare14 Oct. 1906Iowa29 May 1921ShelbyChrestensen83-0008D2497
Nielsen, Hanna21 June 1821Denmark02 Apr. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0701D2496
Nielsen, Johanne05 Sept. 1874Denmark02 Apr. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0040D2880
Nielsen, Knud10 Oct. 1883Iowa07 Feb. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1088D2496
Nielsen, Maren L.11 Aug. 1858Denmark01 Jun 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0056D2811
Nielsen, Marie15 June 1847Denmark07 Feb. 1921ShelbyBerllesen83-0071D2497
Nielsen, N.P.07 Jan. 1871Iowa19 Sept. 1921ShelbyLarsen83-0018D2497
Nielsen, Niels29 Nov. 1846Denmark28 Mar. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0977D2496
Nielsen, Peter05 May 1835Denmark24 Apr. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1126D2496
Nielsen, Peter Paul23 Mar. 1855Denmark05 May 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0060D2913
Nielsen, Soven13 Jan. 1856Denmark28 May 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0703D2496
Nielson, Kirstine Magdaline07 Nov. 1872Denmark03 Aug. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0840D2496
Niemann, William Henry25 Sept. 1888Iowa10 Dec. 1918ShelbyEggers83-0920D2496
Nissen, Erik Peder29 Sept. 1848Denmark05 Jan. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0758D2496
Nissen, John20 Aug. 1836Denmark02 Apr. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1219D2496
Noehren, Trena29 Aug. 1855Germany11 Sept. 1918ShelbySchneekloth83-0849D2496
Nollen, Effie Lena07 Jan. 1867Germany14 Sept. 1936ShelbyGusmanG83-0101D2811
Nollen, Michael09 June 1865Wisconsin04 Dec. 1939ShelbySchlier083-0134D2913
Noon, Edward A.16 Feb. 1845England17 Jan. 1918ShelbyAntil83-0759D2496
Noon, Hannah03 Nov. 1840England25 Jun 1920Shelby83-1146D2496
Norager, Mads Petersen03 June 1872Denmark09 Jul 1936ShelbyOleG83-0074D2811
Norby, Lenard Earl08 Jun 1903Iowa21 Feb. 1936ShelbyFrankG83-0013D2811
Nordby, Elfreida15 Feb. 1870Germany18 Mar. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0057D2913
Norgaard, Susan Ann23 Mar. 1891Ireland24 Mar. 1922ShelbyBrady83-0088D2497
Norris, Harriet J.25 Nov. 1833Ireland19 Jul 1921ShelbyHenry83-0045D2497
Nowatzske, Florentine06 Sept. 1874Iowa30 Sept. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0110D2913
Nyrup, Catherine13 Nov. 1869Germany19 Sept. 1939ShelbyDam083-0107D2913
Obrecht, Mary28 July 1840Germany18 Mar. 1919ShelbyEchardt83-0978D2496
O'Day (Baby Girl)16 Jul 1919Iowa16 Jul 1919ShelbyJenkins83-1019D2496
O'Day, LeRoy cFrancis17 Sept. 1906Iowa17 Nov. 1935ShelbyJenkinsF83-0109D2777
O'Day, Micheal13 Jan. 1868Pennsylvania22 Jul 1938ShelbyO'ConnorJ83-0062D2880
Ohlinger, Clara Angeline15 Sept. 1893Iowa18 Apr. 1936ShelbyStofferG83-0090D2811
Ohms, Anne Marie01 Oct. 1872Denmark21 Aug. 1935ShelbyHansenF83-0069D2777
Olesen, Jens Christian26 Feb. 1858Denmark20 Dec. 1922ShelbyChristendatter83-0184D2497
Olsen, Svend23 Feb. 1840Sweden21 Oct. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0873D2496
Olson, John Olaf20 Sept. 1850Sweden14 Jan. 1938ShelbyJ83-0001D2880
Olson, Louis26 Mar. 1872Norway30 Aug. 1939ShelbyThorson083-0091D2913
Oppold, Alvin John16 Jan. 1921Iowa05 Jun 1921ShelbyEngal83-1220D2496
Oppold, Casper Andrew30 Nov. 1847Germany15 Aug. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0078D2880
Osborn, Eldora19 Apr. 1863Pennsylvania13 Dec. 1935ShelbySnyderF83-0115D2777
Osborn, Lemuel Evans11 Feb. 1855Pennsylvania10 Feb. 1920ShelbyFoster83-1089D2496
Otis, Pearl Genevieve13 May 1871Iowa20 Feb. 1938ShelbyStoweJ83-0015D2880
Overfield, Mosses Shoemaker18 Feb. 1860Iowa30 May 1938ShelbySchoemakerJ83-0080D2880
Pace, Cora Ellen08 July 1875Iowa05 Jan. 1937ShelbyBatemanH83-0011D2846
Packard (Baby Girl)22 Dec. 1920Iowa22 Dec. 1920ShelbyPhilson83-1184D2496
Pahmeuller, Franke (Mrs.)28 Oct. 1826Germany12 May 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1000D2496
Parker, Elizabeth06 Feb. 1871Iowa06 Feb. 1917ShelbyPiper83-0706D2496
Parker, Johnathan Grant11 Jan. 1868Iowa06 Jul 1936ShelbySchackleyG83-0081D2811
Parker, Sammuel Warren05 Sept. 1850England31 Oct. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0114D2811
Parker, Vera Victoria29 Mar. 1920Iowa15 Apr. 1920ShelbyDurr83-1127D2496
Parker, Walter Rush24 Jan. 1843New Hampshire27 Jan. 1922ShelbyDarrah83-0066D2497
Parson, Lluzy Ann07 Feb. 1855Alabama02 Jan. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0705D2496
Patersen, Else03 Jan. 1848Denmark24 Feb. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0777D2496
Pattee, Albert Julius04 July 1854East Prussia27 Mar. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0791D2496
Patten, Anton15 Mar. 1918Iowa06 Jul 1922ShelbyKoester83-0128D2497
Patten, Linus17 Jan. 1919Iowa02 Apr. 1919ShelbyCornen83-0989D2496
Paul, Ide29 Feb. 1848Pennsylvania04 Sept. 1917ShelbyNorton83-0714D2496
Paul, John10 Mar. 1846Ohio25 Feb. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1090D2496
Pauley, Olive25 Nov. 1917Iowa05 Sept. 1920ShelbyMathiesen83-1164D2496
Paulsen, Anna Kerstine28 July 1868Denmark14 Jun 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0121D2497
Paulson, P.K. (Mrs.)29 Mar. 1870Germany27 Jul 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0828D2496
Paup, William Leslie06 Mar. 1853Pennsylvania27 Nov. 1920ShelbyHaimer83-1178D2496
Paupry (Baby Girl)14 Sept. 1917Iowa14 Sept. 1917ShelbyMackels83-0715D2496
Peasley Cecil (Mrs.)21 May 1894Iowa23 Aug. 1920ShelbyDavidson83-1159D2496
Pedersen, Ane01 May 1837Denmark31 Jul 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0713D2496
Pedersen, Ane Marie09 Dec. 1902Iowa27 Apr. 1921ShelbyLund83-1221D2496
Pedersen, Carrie10 Feb. 1902Iowa14 Dec. 1918ShelbySorensen83-0921D2496
Pedersen, Chrestine Marie10 Sept. 1857Denmark11 Aug. 1921ShelbyLange83-0011D2497
Pedersen, Claus T.21 Sept. 1860Denmark16 Jul 1918ShelbyOlsen83-0829D2496
Pedersen, Eske29 Apr. 1845Denmark14 Feb. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1091D2496
Pedersen, Gladys Waneta12 Jan. 1919Iowa17 Apr. 1919ShelbyJensen83-0990D2496
Pedersen, Herman24 Dec. 1864Sweden15 Apr. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0710D2496
Pedersen, Marie Magdelene18 May 1839Denmark09 Mar. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1107D2496
Pedersen, Martin H.07 Dec. 1836Denmark13 Dec. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0922D2496
Pedersen, May Bisgaard17 May 1917Iowa16 Sept. 1917Shelby83-0716D2496
Pedersen, Mette Kerstine22 Jan. 1848Denmark07 Jul 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1020D2496
Pedersen, Neels Toft22 Nov. 1866Denmark28 May 1920ShelbyNielsen83-1133D2496
Pedersen, Simon24 Oct. 1833Denmark15 Apr. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1222D2496
Pedersen, Thoste P.26 Nov. 1860North Schleswig10 Jul 1921ShelbyMadsen83-0006D2497
Peerman, John Franklin20 Feb. 1871Iowa03 Jun 1937ShelbyMorrisH83-0070D2846
Peiffer, Benjamin Franklin26 Sept. 1855Iowa01 May 1938ShelbyKaubleJ83-0049D2880
Peitersen, Anton K.04 May 1877Massachusetts22 Jan. 1938ShelbyChristensenJ83-0050D2880
Pennbacher, John A.20 Dec. 1888Pennsylvania15 Aug. 1920ShelbyKern83-1160D2496
Pennington, Fianne04 Mar. 1830Pennsylvania05 Nov. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1049D2496
Perfect, Steven Benton01 Oct. 1845Indiana11 May 1935ShelbyShieldsF83-0053D2777
Peters, Fritz02 Oct. 1837Germany03 Feb. 1917ShelbyPagelson83-0707D2496
Peters, Peter Gustave20 June 1881Iowa18 Sept. 1938ShelbyPingleJ83-0087D2880
Petersen, Alfred Peterc.Jan. 1890Denmark14 Jan. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0952D2496
Petersen, Anna Johanne01 Aug. 1873Illinois14 Feb. 1937ShelbyMadsenH83-0022D2846
Petersen, Carrie15 Sept. 1893Iowa25 Dec. 1936ShelbyHansenG83-0128D2811
Petersen, Chris24 Nov. 1880Denmark02 Jan. 1918Shelby83-0761D2496
Petersen, Christina02 Apr. 1854Denmark08 May 1937ShelbyPetersdatterH83-0060D2846
Petersen, Hans03 May 1852Denmark17 Sept. 1939ShelbyBlock083-0106D2913
Petersen, Harold Duane11 Sept. 1938Iowa14 Mar. 1939ShelbyAnderson083-0027D2913
Petersen, Harvey Cliford24 Jul 1918Iowa11 Mar. 1922ShelbyJensen83-0091D2497
Petersen, Herley Bernhart13 Aug. 1917Iowa16 Nov. 1917ShelbyJorgensen83-0719D2496
Petersen, Jacob F.08 Dec. 1876Germany23 Nov. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0115D2811
Petersen, Jennine Metta10 Sept. 1881Denmark10 Feb. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0015D2913
Petersen, Jorgen Hansen28 July 1861Denmark20 Jun 1939ShelbyHansen083-0073D2913
Petersen, Julius04 Jan. 1832Denmark29 Sept. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1165D2496
Petersen, Knud S.29 Jan. 1834Denmark09 Feb. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0093D2497
Petersen, Lars16 Aug. 1857Denmark17 Jan. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0008D2846
Petersen, Lilly28 Dec. 1891Iowa12 Feb. 1920ShelbyBarman83-1092D2496
Petersen, Lina06 June 1850Denmark14 Nov. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0718D2496
Petersen, Mado10 Dec. 1843Denmark03 Jun 1919ShelbyNelson83-1010D2496
Petersen, Mado P.28 Oct. 1854Denmark13 Mar. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0792D2496
Petersen, Marie R.01 Sept. 1856Denmark30 Apr. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0043D2811
Petersen, Marius Andreas24 Dec. 1894Denmark29 May 1937ShelbyH83-0063D2846
Petersen, Peter21 Oct. 1847Denmark05 Feb. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0027D2846
Petersen, Peter13 June 1842Denmark16 Dec. 1918ShelbyJugsen83-0923D2496
Petersen, Peter Madsen26 Dec. 1883Iowa04 Mar. 1920ShelbyHansen83-1108D2496
Petersen, Ruby Elna24 Mar. 1916Iowa01 Apr. 1917ShelbyJensen83-0711D2496
Petersen, Senius28 Sept. 1880Denmark25 Aug. 1937ShelbySimonsenH83-0087D2846
Petersen, Sine17 May 1822Denmark08 Feb. 1937ShelbyH83-0021D2846
Petersen, Soren09 Dec. 1852Denmark26 Jul 1939ShelbyPetersen083-0086D2913
Peterson (Baby Girl)19 Oct. 1920Iowa26 Oct. 1920ShelbyWymer83-1173D2496
Peterson, Anna Marie23 Feb. 1870Denmark23 Mar. 1938ShelbyAndersonJ83-0029D2880
Peterson, Anna Mary20 Feb. 1847Denmark14 Jan. 1918ShelbyHansen83-0760D2496
Peterson, John04 July 1849Norway13 Jan. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0005D2777
Petsche, Mike26 Jan. 1888Iowa07 Mar. 1917ShelbyAppel83-0709D2496
Pexton, James Frederick30 Aug. 1863New York31 Dec. 1938ShelbyWishartJ83-0123D2880
Pfister, Mamie Barbery19 Dec. 1895Iowa26 Feb. 1918ShelbyHughes83-0778D2496
Phillips, Francis Elias04 Mar. 1866Pennsylvania06 Jul 1937ShelbyWildernuethH83-0100D2846
Philson, Parker Fletcher15 Nov. 1848Indiana13 May 1921ShelbyPurbaugh83-1223D2496
Piper, LeRoy David17 Apr. 1895Iowa06 May 1935ShelbyWiseF83-0039D2777
Plagman, John Henry11 Sept. 1857Germany19 Sept. 1939ShelbyBecker083-0098D2913
Plagmann, Jochim C.24 Mar. 1861Germany04 Sept. 1938ShelbyBeckerJ83-0083D2880
Plumb, Charlotte Llewellyn24 Apr. 1837Wales21 Feb. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1093D2496
Plumb, Valentine05 Dec. 1843England15 Feb. 1935ShelbyGrayF83-0023D2777
Plumb, Willard15 Jul 1922Iowa15 Jul 1922ShelbyKellogg83-0162D2497
Plummer, Samuel Canard29 July 1844Indiana22 Apr. 1917ShelbyMarron83-0712D2496
Pomeroy, John18 Jan. 1853Pennsylvania30 Jun 1938ShelbyMcClayJ83-0058D2880
Pomoroy, Mary Catherine25 Apr. 1851Iowa01 Jun 1918ShelbyLogan83-0822D2496
Pool, Ruth07 Nov. 1876Illinois03 Jan. 1919ShelbyHatherly83-0953D2496
Poole, Mary Kathrine Brown22 Jan. 1841West Virginia09 Dec. 1917ShelbyTucker83-0720D2496
Porter, Robert19 May 1832England02 Jan. 1918ShelbyMalin83-0762D2496
Potter, Dale Patrick30 Sept. 1935Iowa02 Oct. 1935ShelbyCoughlinF83-0098D2777
Potter, Henry M.25 July 1865Illinois12 Feb. 1937ShelbyBrownH83-0035D2846
Potter, Mable Clare22 Apr. 1906Iowa25 Apr. 1918ShelbySteen83-0804D2496
Powers, John Francis06 Oct. 1869Iowa19 Nov. 1938ShelbyJ83-0102D2880
Powers, Morris James28 Apr. 1864Iowa20 Jul 1935ShelbyPowersF83-0055D2777
Poynter, Edward Taylor19 Sept. 1872Kentucky15 Feb. 1920ShelbyEdwards83-1094D2496
Poynter, Gladys Eva09 May 1903Iowa21 Oct. 1937ShelbyWoosterH83-0110D2846
Preuse, Lavern13 Jun 1916Iowa16 Feb. 1920ShelbyEggerss83-1095D2496
Pritehard, Edward Albert08 Sept. 1880Iowa02 May 1938ShelbyBrownJ83-0045D2880
Pryor (Baby Boy)02 Mar. 1922Iowa07 Mar. 1922ShelbyLeakly83-0163D2497
Pryor, Emma26 June 1845England02 Nov. 1921ShelbyMetcalf83-0039D2497
Puckett, Andry Lamoine25 Jun 1919Iowa16 Jul 1919ShelbyJacobsen83-1021D2496
Pulver, Permelia16 June 1840Illinois02 Feb. 1917ShelbyLaw83-0708D2496

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