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Shelby County 1917-1922 & 1935-1939

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Tague, Andrew Jackson10 Oct. 1865Iowa24 Jan. 1939ShelbyWatson083-0006D2913
Tague, Arthur19 May 1890Iowa19 Mar. 1937ShelbyTrotterH83-0053D2846
Taylor, Jamesc.185617 Dec. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-0036D2497
Taylor, Mary Ellen20 Mar. 1848Iowa14 Jul 1920ShelbyBancroft83-1156D2496
Terrill, Daniel28 Feb. 1861Iowa05 Apr. 1939ShelbyBowman083-0046D2913
Terrill, Lake Everett08 Jun 1934Iowa10 Feb. 1935ShelbyBumayF83-0020D2777
Theile, Elisabeth16 Aug. 1862Minnesota29 Mar. 1938ShelbyKummerJ83-0033D2880
Thielen, John Sr.24 May 1850Germany03 Oct. 1939ShelbyGlass083-0115D2913
Thielen, Lavern08 Dec. 1915Iowa27 Jan. 1917ShelbyBaughman83-0737D2496
Thielen, Magdelena16 June 1856Germany19 Dec. 1937ShelbyBuschbergerH83-0136D2846
Thiller, Catherine11 June 1879Iowa29 Feb. 1936ShelbySchechingerG83-0018D2811
Thimm, Jensine Marie16 Apr. 1882Denmark12 Nov. 1919ShelbyKrog83-1051D2496
Thomas, Mary Blanch09 Oct. 1891Nebraska06 Oct. 1917ShelbyO Brien83-0741D2496
Thomas, Milo E.08 May 1866Wisconsin17 May 1937ShelbyWintersH83-0056D2846
Thompsen, Albert18 Jan. 1872Norway14 Aug. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0842D2496
Thompson, Agnes11 Feb. 1895Iowa07 May 1920ShelbyThireyson83-1135D2496
Thompson, Albert Charles05 Mar. 1886Iowa11 Nov. 1918ShelbyMount83-0895D2496
Thompson, Maren13 Aug. 1829Denmark20 Aug. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0147D2497
Thoms, Theodore04 June 1866Germany14 Jan. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0738D2496
Thomsen, Meta16 Feb. 1899Iowa30 Jan. 1919ShelbyPingle83-0958D2496
Thorgersen, Sine07 Apr. 1886Denmark12 Mar. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0980D2496
Thorgesen, Chris14 Dec. 1880Denmark12 Nov. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0896D2496
Thraen (Baby Girl)25 Nov. 1919Iowa25 Nov. 1919ShelbyWand83-1052D2496
Thraen, Anton19 Apr. 1870Illinois13 Apr. 1939ShelbyWant083-0049D2913
Tilton, Mary M.27 Apr. 1856Iowa18 Dec. 1922ShelbyLow83-0190D2497
Tinsley, Hazel Robins Booth15 July 1887Iowa17 Jul 1935ShelbyFarisF83-0059D2777
Tobias, Dasie Ruth22 Mar. 1891Iowa15 Dec. 1918ShelbyVanarsdol83-0929D2496
Tollefson, Arthur Einer26 Sept. 1913Iowa26 Oct. 1922ShelbyKuykndall83-0173D2497
Topp, Katherine Eureka03 May 1866Sweden15 Sept. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0103D2913
Tovel, Anna13 May 1855Denmark24 May 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1235D2496
Townsan, Uranan Elizebeth31 July 1856Pennsylvania11 Dec. 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0742D2496
Townsend, Arthur Cleveland10 June 1856Maryland20 Apr. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0041D2880
Travik, Arne Reinert29 Nov. 1915Iowa12 Oct. 1917ShelbyNordby83-0717D2496
Treiwieler, Anna14 Dec. 1851Germany17 Jul 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0084D2811
Troll, Ludwig29 Dec. 1854Germany01 Feb. 1939ShelbyHerbolt083-0012D2913
True, Malinda Rebecca07 June 1844Ohio09 Aug. 1917ShelbyDice83-0739D2496
Tryon, Albert Riley04 Oct. 1858Indiana03 May 1937ShelbySmithH83-0059D2846
Tucker, Elmer Bernard20 Aug. 1850Massachusetts20 Aug. 1935ShelbyGillF83-0058D2777
Turk, Beverley Jo13 Aug. 1939Iowa12 Dec. 1939ShelbyKubelck083-0146D2913
Turner, George A.25 Oct. 1899Iowa25 Oct. 1918ShelbyHunter83-0881D2496
Turner, George Washington01 Dec. 1859Indiana09 Jan. 1939ShelbyMcMillian083-0003D2913
Turpin, Frank M.30 Nov. 1850Pennsylvania03 Sept. 1935ShelbyF83-0087D2777
Unidentified Malec.187819 Apr. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0036D2880
Valmer, Anna22 May 1849Pennsylvania17 Mar. 1918ShelbyHoffman83-0796D2496
Vandemark, Francis Alvera04 Aug. 1867Iowa07 Dec. 1938ShelbyWilliamsJ83-0117D2880
Vandermark, Frernand A.08 May 1864Indiana16 Jul 1920ShelbyNickersen83-1157D2496
Vernon, Nelle24 Mar. 1893Illinois18 Sept. 1920ShelbyLyford83-1166D2496
Vest, James Corydon13 Jan. 1866Illinois10 Apr. 1938ShelbyBelyeuJ83-0091D2880
Vig, Jens Jorgensen17 Nov. 1862Denmark14 Jul 1936ShelbyChristensenG83-0078D2811
Vinding, John Henry15 June 1871Denmark19 Sept. 1937ShelbyProhmH83-0096D2846
Vinding, Marie Cathrine22 Oct. 1833Schleswig02 Feb. 1922ShelbyAnderson83-0077D2497
Von Eschen, Adeline07 Nov. 1860Iowa03 Nov. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1180D2496
Von Tersch, August28 Feb. 1852Germany13 Feb. 1920ShelbyBook83-1100D2496
Von Tersch, Theresa Dora31 July 1894Iowa05 Aug. 1917ShelbyWilwerding83-0743D2496
VonTush, Katherine Terresa28 Nov. 1861Germany11 Apr. 1936ShelbyDeRollaG83-0031D2811

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