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Shelby County 1917-1922 & 1935-1939

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Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Shelby County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

Quathamar, Bernard11 July 1876Germany20 Oct. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0111D2846
Quinn, Anna06 Nov. 1868Iowa21 May 1918ShelbyPayne83-0814D2496
Quinn, Frances20 May 1848Ireland05 Jul 1922ShelbyO'Connor83-0133D2497
Quinn, James Edward13 Mar. 1861Illinois09 Apr. 1922ShelbyCollins83-0101D2497
Quinn, William18 Dec. 1897Iowa21 May 1936ShelbyHawnG83-0049D2811
Rains, Ellis E.10 Jan. 1861Iowa07 Jul 1917ShelbyTrotler83-0726D2496
Ramsey, Ellen Webb26 Sept. 1859Illinois24 Apr. 1936ShelbyDavisG83-0026D2811
Ramsey, John M.03 Aug. 1870New York07 Jan. 1935ShelbyMcMurrayF83-0007D2777
Ranniger (Baby Girl)09 Apr. 1920Iowa10 Apr. 1920ShelbyScheilow83-1128D2496
Rasmusen, Mathilda Christena05 Apr. 1863Denmark24 Jul 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0076D2846
Rasmussen Harold Walter22 Nov. 1917Iowa25 Mar. 1918ShelbyMadsen83-0793D2496
Rasmussen, Anna Marie13 Nov. 1853Denmark19 Aug. 1939ShelbyLong083-0095D2913
Rasmussen, Berut Andersen19 June 1879Denmark05 Feb. 1917Shelby83-0723D2496
Rasmussen, Bodie Marie02 Dec. 1845Denmark07 Oct. 1918ShelbyGrooth83-0874D2496
Rasmussen, Carl Chris13 May 1851Denmark23 Sept. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0098D2846
Rasmussen, Chris25 Feb. 1861Denmark18 Oct. 1936ShelbyNelsenG83-0103D2811
Rasmussen, Christian Madsen28 Dec. 1856Denmark07 Jan. 1938ShelbyUnknownJ83-0007D2880
Rasmussen, Dirstine11 Nov. 1888Denmark20 Nov. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0891D2496
Rasmussen, Halvor Leo18 Mar. 1916Iowa15 Feb. 1919ShelbyNelson83-0965D2496
Rasmussen, Harold31 May 1901Iowa21 Dec. 1918ShelbyHogesen83-0924D2496
Rasmussen, Karen Jensen03 May 1852Denmark13 Sept. 1918ShelbyPedersdatter83-0850D2496
Rasmussen, Louis H.09 May 1873Wisconsin16 Jun 1939ShelbyStorebyg083-0090D2913
Rasmussen, Louise06 Oct. 1856Denmark25 Mar. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0979D2496
Rasmussen, Myrtle M.20 Jan. 1892Iowa09 Apr. 1935ShelbyWinterF83-0045D2777
Rasmussen, Nana Therisa17 Sept. 1873Wisconsin25 Feb. 1936ShelbyJesmoG83-0016D2811
Rasmussen, Peter10 May 1864Denmark10 Mar. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0021D2811
Rasmussen, Peter M.02 Sept. 1841Denmark18 Jun 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0124D2497
Rasmussen, R.J.18 Sept. 1836Denmark14 Mar. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1224D2496
Rassmussen, Rumina10 Oct. 1893Nebraska27 Dec. 1918ShelbyMichel83-0925D2496
Rath, Margretha K.06 Nov. 1891Iowa05 Apr. 1921Shelby83-1225D2496
Ratigan, Patrick04 Mar. 1836Ireland01 Dec. 1921ShelbyKenny83-0029D2497
Rau, Gerald J.09 Mar. 1922Iowa17 Jun 1922ShelbyKloewer83-0123D2497
Rauterkus, Edwin Anton09 Sept. 1915Iowa11 Mar. 1920ShelbyKloever83-1109D2496
Ray, Helen Julia28 Nov. 1843Pennsylvania24 Aug. 1920ShelbyWinnermore83-1161D2496
Ray, John A.18 Sept. 1871Iowa31 Jan. 1919ShelbyLongnecker83-0954D2496
Reams, Warren09 Feb. 1856Pennsylvania31 Mar. 1921ShelbyBolin83-1226D2496
Reed (Baby Girl)18 Jan. 1917Iowa21 Jan. 1917ShelbyBlack83-0721D2496
Reed, James L.29 Jun 1920Iowa14 May 1939ShelbyBurns083-0058D2913
Reed, Mildred M.27 Sept. 1887Iowa24 Jan. 1917ShelbyRoundy83-0722D2496
Reed, Rodney18 Jan. 1917Iowa02 Feb. 1917ShelbyBlack83-0724D2496
Reid, Julia Ann31 July 1867Missouri21 Apr. 1937ShelbyBellH83-0048D2846
Reinhart, Alben S.27 Sept. 1855Pennsylvania02 Mar. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0794D2496
Reinig (Baby Boy)15 Dec. 1938Iowa15 Dec. 1938ShelbyKenkelJ83-0121D2880
Reisz, Joseph Peter29 Mar. 1913Minnesota16 Jul 1939ShelbyGerlach083-0088D2913
Reisz, Peter J.08 Aug. 1933Iowa13 Feb. 1935ShelbyRathF83-0025D2777
Relph, Orid Samuel04 June 1867Ohio11 Jul 1937ShelbyBrottonH83-0078D2846
Remig, Agnes03 Dec. 1867Germany09 Aug. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0068D2777
Reynolds, Benjamin Franklin12 Oct. 1851Indiana05 Nov. 1938ShelbyLowerJ83-0104D2880
Richards, Nellie Sophia05 May 1900Iowa12 Oct. 1918ShelbyConstable83-0875D2496
Riedel, Margaret Johanna28 Mar. 1873Iowa13 Dec. 1935ShelbyBuchF83-0116D2777
Rink, William Otterbein30 Mar. 1860Pennsylvania03 Sept. 1937ShelbyH83-0099D2846
Roberts, Sarah Elizebeth05 Mar. 1843Indiana15 Mar. 1917ShelbyCaterlin83-0725D2496
Roberts, William E.22 Mar. 1873Massachusetts15 Aug. 1935ShelbyF83-0072D2777
Robertson, Harold Jr.20 Feb. 1921Iowa09 May 1921ShelbyJohnson83-1227D2496
Robinson (Baby Boy)01 Sept. 1921Iowa04 Sept. 1921ShelbyHolliday83-0044D2497
Robolt, Ralph Edward26 Nov. 1936Iowa17 Jan. 1937ShelbyHuffmanH83-0016D2846
Rodgers, Patrick Joseph01 May 1867Pennsylvania28 Dec. 1938ShelbyBwganJ83-0120D2880
Rodgers, Thomas Jefferson09 Jan. 1854Iowa29 Mar. 1938ShelbyFreelJ83-0030D2880
Rogers, Nellie10 Nov. 1884Iowa07 Jan. 1919ShelbyFlemming83-0955D2496
Rold, Cora12 Aug. 1877Iowa22 Mar. 1937ShelbyJensenH83-0034D2846
Rorbeck, Helen M.09 Jun 1905Iowa05 Jul 1922ShelbySorensen83-0138D2497
Rosenbeck, Nielsine25 Feb. 1854Denmark26 Mar. 1936ShelbyBergG83-0028D2811
Rosenblad, Maryanna21 Mar. 1864Denmark15 Mar. 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0030D2811
Rosenkeld, Howard Edwin28 Sept. 1916Iowa30 Apr. 1919Shelby83-0991D2496
Rosenow, John Henry15 Jan. 1855Germany25 Oct. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0113D2913
Rosenthal (Baby Girl)07 Feb. 1919Iowa07 Feb. 1919ShelbyDommissel83-0967D2496
Rosenthal, Clara C.22 Feb. 1892Iowa07 Feb. 1919ShelbyEmig83-0966D2496
Rosenthal, Joseph25 Dec. 1850Germany01 Aug. 1935ShelbyBlatteF83-0071D2777
Rosmann, Leona Agnes30 July 1897Illinois25 Dec. 1920ShelbyBinz83-1185D2496
Rougen, Anna Laura09 Apr. 1863Indiana22 May 1918ShelbyDaniels83-0815D2496
Ruge, George22 Dec. 1834Germany28 Jun 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0122D2497
Ruhs, Lottie08 Jan. 1887Kansas30 Nov. 1918ShelbyHarris83-0892D2496
Rule, Sena14 Apr. 1865England13 Dec. 1918ShelbyWodard83-0926D2496
Ryan, Thomas J.14 Feb. 1850New York21 Jan. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0012D2846
Sahl, Valborg Christina01 Nov. 1859Denmark02 Jan. 1938ShelbyChristiandatterJ83-0002D2880
Sallman, Christine17 Sept. 1842Sweden22 Oct. 1918ShelbyJern83-0876D2496
Sallman, Nels04 Apr. 1833Sweden10 May 1918ShelbyHilquist83-0816D2496
Santinger, June Rose15 Jun 1919Iowa12 Feb. 1920ShelbyFischer83-1084D2496
Sargent, Phillip McKennley03 Dec. 1899Iowa31 Oct. 1918ShelbyShumaker83-0877D2496
Sargent, Phoebe Adeline27 Mar. 1866Iowa12 Oct. 1917ShelbyFrank83-0734D2496
Sargent, William Henry16 Mar. 1857Ohio11 Apr. 1939ShelbyAbels083-0048D2913
Sassen, Miels Christian17 Mar. 1841Denmark06 Feb. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1083D2496
Sauritsen, Sevne Marie09 Nov. 1906Iowa26 Aug. 1919ShelbyMikkelsen83-1025D2496
Sauritzen, Welbur Eli31 Oct. 1904Iowa11 Apr. 1920ShelbyMikkelsen83-1124D2496
Sawyers, Stella15 Oct. 1873Iowa28 Jan. 1922ShelbyWells83-0068D2497
Scanlon, Alicec.1872Illinois11 Jun 1917ShelbyRussel83-0732D2496
Schaben, William14 Feb. 1882Wisconsin05 Aug. 1937ShelbyHurstH83-0083D2846
Schack, Marie19 Apr. 1829Denmark10 Apr. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1228D2496
Schafer, Theresia14 Sept. 1849Germany04 Jan. 1918ShelbyWurdinger83-0763D2496
Schaffer, Caroline27 Sept. 1849Indiana29 Jun 1936ShelbyBurketG83-0066D2811
Schechinger, Martin Sr.24 Sept. 1856Germany15 Aug. 1937ShelbyReideH83-0085D2846
Schell, August05 Aug. 1833Germany27 Nov. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1050D2496
Scheuring, Barbara17 Nov. 1839Germany28 Oct. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1174D2496
Schiltz, Caroline Hirtz28 May 1874Illinois12 Jun 1936ShelbyMarisG83-0055D2811
Schiltz, Micheal15 Jan. 1858Illinois06 Feb. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0019D2846
Schleier, Christ H.25 Feb. 1870Wisconsin29 Jun 1939ShelbyKoll083-0077D2913
Schleimer, Anton30 Aug. 1867Germany19 Jun 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0053D2811
Schlemer, Wilhelima18 Oct. 1879Iowa28 May 1936ShelbyGaulG83-0052D2811
Schleur, Math16 Dec. 1864Wisconsin09 Sept. 1935ShelbyKoelF83-0085D2777
Schmid, Jacob Henrick30 Apr. 1847Germany10 Mar. 1922ShelbyStearley83-0083D2497
Schmidt, Frank J. Sr.28 Feb. 1860Germany07 Dec. 1938ShelbyNeubauerJ83-0113D2880
Schmitz (Baby Boy)25 Nov. 1922Iowa25 Nov. 1922ShelbyReinig83-0183D2497
Schmitz (Baby Girl)18 Jun 1920Iowa18 Jun 1920ShelbyWindeshansen83-1148D2496
Schmitz, Anna14 Aug. 1890Iowa12 Dec. 1922ShelbyNewbauer83-0194D2497
Schmitz, Anna Margaretha22 Feb. 1831Luxembourg12 Jan. 1918ShelbySchmit83-0764D2496
Schmitz, Hildegarde24 Feb. 1914Iowa26 May 1938ShelbyVon TershJ83-0044D2880
Schmitz, Josepha24 Oct. 1852Germany25 Jun 1918ShelbySchmittgen83-0823D2496
Schmitz, William25 Sept. 1852Germany14 May 1920ShelbyHennes83-1134D2496
Schnulttgen, Louise08 Oct. 1860Iowa20 Jun 1939ShelbyBolter083-0071D2913
Schomer, Jacob06 May 1849Germany05 Mar. 1922ShelbyGetton83-0105D2497
Schomer, Kathrine25 Nov. 1860Germany05 Jul 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0081D2846
Schomer, Mildred01 Jul 1915Iowa10 Jan. 1917ShelbyThielen83-0727D2496
Schomers, Margaret A.29 Jan. 1889Iowa24 Oct. 1937ShelbyGolobithH83-0114D2846
Schormann, Barbara14 Jan. 1874Germany13 Jan. 1918ShelbyMischo83-0765D2496
Schram, Leverne08 Jan. 192116 Jan. 1921ShelbyAltman83-1229D2496
Schram, Nickolas11 June 1833Luxembourg11 Apr. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0992D2496
Schrenring, John24 July 1868Illinois11 Nov. 1935ShelbyFinkF83-0110D2777
Schroder, Henry H.07 Mar. 1862Missouri06 Feb. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0010D2913
Schroeder, Amelia Annabell04 Mar. 1888Iowa12 Aug. 1938ShelbyLytleJ83-0106D2880
Schroeder, Helen Beula08 Sept. 1922Iowa11 Sept. 1922ShelbyIrwin83-0188D2497
Schryver, Samuel Franklin29 Sept. 1860New York23 Feb. 1939ShelbyNewton083-0011D2913
Schulte (Baby Boy)30 Apr. 1939Iowa01 May 1939ShelbyBuckley083-0065D2913
Schulte (Baby Girl)29 Aug. 1935Iowa29 Aug. 1935ShelbyHartwigF83-0079D2777
Schultz, Caroline30 Apr. 1863Germany24 Apr. 1939ShelbyRidle083-0053D2913
Schumacher, Vernon Constant27 Nov. 1820Iowa06 Dec. 1920ShelbyLeinen83-1187D2496
Schumacker, John01 Sept. 1841Germany18 Dec. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1186D2496
Schumettgen, Theodore07 Feb. 1850Germany24 Jan. 1939ShelbyHietze083-0005D2913
Schuster, Anna01 Oct. 1885Iowa13 Nov. 1939ShelbyMandelkow083-0123D2913
Schuster, Friderika30 Aug. 1853Alsace-Lorraine20 Jul 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0083D2913
Schwab, Peter John27 Apr. 1893Iowa19 May 1922ShelbyGorichs83-0111D2497
Schwab, Suise Clementine15 Oct. 1855Germany21 Mar. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0795D2496
Schwery (Baby Boy)09 Dec. 1935Iowa09 Dec. 1935ShelbyMarivoldF83-0112D2777
Schwery (Baby Boy)09 Dec. 1935Iowa09 Dec. 1935ShelbyMarivoldF83-0113D2777
Seeges, Max01 Dec. 1878Germany15 Jul 1936ShelbyUnknownG83-0073D2811
Seeland, Johanna Dorthea17 Dec. 1855Germany07 Apr. 1936ShelbyMahrtG83-0034D2811
Selby, Lloyd23 Jan. 1854Ohio06 Jan. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0056D2497
Sellers, Robert D.23 July 1890Illinois18 Feb. 1939ShelbyBell083-0021D2913
Severns, Don Merrill09 Dec. 1901Iowa01 Dec. 1918ShelbyRehner83-0927D2496
Shafer, John Thomas09 Jan. 1878Iowa13 Feb. 1920ShelbyMasher83-1096D2496
Shannon, Cora Jane05 Dec. 1854Iowa30 Mar. 1922ShelbyGlotfelter83-0097D2497
Sharp, Willis Sherman29 July 1862Ohio11 Jan. 1921ShelbyMcCarroll83-1231D2496
Shellobarger (Baby Boy)24 Feb. 1918Iowa24 Feb. 1918ShelbyPeek83-0779D2496
Shepard, John B. Fremers28 Feb. 1910Iowa02 Sept. 1921ShelbyHayenga83-0015D2497
Shepherd, Cora Stella16 Sept. 1864Iowa16 Dec. 1922ShelbyHumphreys83-0198D2497
Shinn, Gerald Anton15 Nov. 1921Iowa07 Jan. 1922ShelbySchneider83-0065D2497
Shipp, Ermina Jane16 June 1845Indiana18 Mar. 1938ShelbyEarlJ83-0031D2880
Shoemaker, Minnie14 Aug. 1848Iowa06 Jun 1919ShelbyWhite83-1012D2496
Shulte, Donald Eugene29 Jun 1936Iowa29 Jun 1936ShelbyHartwigG83-0067D2811
Shumaker, George H.05 Aug. 1844Iowa15 Oct. 1921ShelbyCooper83-0024D2497
Shundlemire, Bert Simon15 Mar. 1881Illinois25 Oct. 1937ShelbyHoneywellH83-0115D2846
Simmonson, Betty Jane31 May 1923Iowa12 Jul 1938ShelbyBarnesJ83-0069D2880
Sindt, Olga09 May 1917Iowa28 Feb. 1919ShelbyBladt83-0968D2496
Sixford, James T.14 Feb. 1849New York10 Jun 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1011D2496
Skytt, Soren24 Aug. 1847Denmark09 Aug. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-0010D2497
Slates, Jeremiah07 Oct. 1848Ohio15 Mar. 1939ShelbyTunk083-0040D2913
Slaughter, Ura B.19 Jan. 1871Ohio12 Aug. 1935ShelbyBellF83-0077D2777
Slausen, Henry C.13 July 1842Ohio30 Jun 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1232D2496
Smid, Edith Esther09 Mar. 1922Iowa26 Aug. 1922ShelbyWoodburn83-0148D2497
Smidt, Anna Marid Suise29 Nov. 1889Iowa06 Apr. 1921ShelbyUnknown83-1233D2496
Smiley, John W.29 Oct. 1905Arkansas09 Mar. 1939ShelbyHouston083-0023D2913
Smith Rosa Belle27 Sept. 1868Iowa26 Jul 1939ShelbyKniss083-0087D2913
Smith, Eugene Jackson10 July 1849Indiana21 Oct. 1919Shelby83-1043D2496
Smith, Fred A.07 Oct. 1874Illinois28 Oct. 1921ShelbyRobinson83-0027D2497
Smith, Galen H.09 June 1851Ohio02 Feb. 1919ShelbyWilliams83-0969D2496
Smith, Jacob Asberry02 Nov. 1850Ohio11 Nov. 1939ShelbyNewman083-0122D2913
Smith, Mary1832Ireland20 Oct. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0174D2497
Smith, Rosa Bell27 Sept. 1868Iowa28 Jul 1939ShelbyKniss083-0078D2913
Smith, Sarah18 Oct. 1846Pennsylvania11 Jul 1936ShelbyYoungG83-0092D2811
Smith, Sarah Elizabeth19 Apr. 1851Indiana17 Sept. 1939ShelbyGross083-0104D2913
Smith, Thomas H.30 Sept. 1854Iowa17 Sept. 1936ShelbyJonesG83-0095D2811
Snyder, Edith Amy Waterbury30 July 1893Iowa04 Dec. 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0928D2496
Soesbe, Harriet Malinda03 Mar. 1836Ohio26 Feb. 1922ShelbyRodman83-0081D2497
Sondergard, Genevieve Pearl12 Jul 1905Iowa26 Mar. 1937ShelbyJacksonH83-0040D2846
Sorensen, Grace A.21 Feb. 1892Iowa14 Apr. 1935ShelbyThomF83-0044D2777
Sorensen, Ines Marie19 Jan. 1850Denmark04 Apr. 1922ShelbyUnknown83-0102D2497
Sorensen, Karen30 May 1848Denmark08 Apr. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0993D2496
Sorensen, M.C.07 Aug. 1850Denmark30 May 1917ShelbyUnknown83-0731D2496
Sorensen, Maggie19 Feb. 1865Denmark04 Apr. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0049D2846
Sorensen, Mary13 Nov. 1854Denmark02 Mar. 1939ShelbyUnknown083-0028D2913
Sorensen, Nels15 Jan. 1851Denmark20 Nov . 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0893D2496
Sorensen, Nels Christian25 June 1857Denmark02 May 1937ShelbyHansenH83-0062D2846
Sorenson, Mary Kristine23 Aug. 1845Denmark08 Dec. 1935ShelbyF83-0097D2777
Sorenson, Oliver Manning13 Apr. 1888Iowa25 Nov. 1936ShelbyJensenG83-0111D2811
Sorenson, Peder L.23 July 1871Denmark02 Jan. 1938ShelbyLarsenJ83-0008D2880
Sorentzen, Laure Claudi30 Mar. 1879Iowa05 Jan. 1921ShelbyDamm83-1234D2496
Sornsen, William John04 July 1889Iowa25 Nov. 1918ShelbyMass83-0894D2496
Sory, Henry Bricker09 Feb. 1840Ohio20 Oct. 1919ShelbyMees83-1044D2496
Spickler, Calvin B.02 Mar. 1854Illinois18 Oct. 1938ShelbyStevensJ83-0094D2880
Staley, Alfa Retta07 Oct. 1876Iowa02 Jan. 1935ShelbyHawbeeF83-0014D2777
Staley, Dorothy Marie27 Dec. 1912Illinois04 Jan. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0013D2777
Stanley, James15 July 1869Iowa04 Mar. 1939ShelbyHodgen083-0031D2913
Steele, James C.09 Sept. 1855Pennsylvania14 Dec. 1937ShelbyWilleyH83-0127D2846
Steiger, Joseph11 Dec. 1881Bavaria08 Nov. 1938ShelbyJ83-0100D2880
Stein, Julia22 Oct. 1879Germany07 Feb. 1920ShelbyHenrichs83-1097D2496
Stein, Nicholas20 Oct. 1858Germany19 Feb. 1937ShelbyKohnH83-0025D2846
Stephany, Edward19 Aug. 1917Iowa08 May 1922ShelbyGlawinski83-0113D2497
Stephany, S.H.28 Apr. 1873Wisconsin27 Mar. 1938ShelbyGoeserJ83-0023D2880
Sternberg, Antonia27 Aug. 1837Germany15 Jan. 1919ShelbyHenley83-0956D2496
Stessman, John01 Mar. 1909Iowa10 Feb. 1922ShelbySchneider83-0090D2497
Stessman, Joseph03 Jan. 1918Iowa03 Feb. 1922ShelbySchneider83-0089D2497
Stessman, Lenora24 Nov. 1930Iowa14 Jan. 1936ShelbyKeukelG83-0004D2811
Stessman, Robert T.07 Jul 1939Iowa17 Aug. 1939ShelbyKeukel083-0092D2913
Stevenson, Joeseph15 Sept. 1856England13 Dec. 1919ShelbyBrefwait83-1058D2496
Stewart, Harry Francis25 Dec. 1878Iowa24 Sept. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0089D2777
Stewart, Isaiah GibsonIreland08 Feb. 1920ShelbyGibson83-1098D2496
Stillwell, Anna Eliza03 Aug. 1853Ohio02 Nov. 1936ShelbyBeightellG83-0108D2811
Stine, Delbert Thomas30 Nov. 1892Iowa18 Oct. 1918ShelbyWebster83-0879D2496
Stine, Hale Ramsey02 Jan. 1917Iowa07 Oct. 1917ShelbyRamsey83-0735D2496
Stine, Xenia Orbea18 Mar. 1894Iowa22 Oct. 1918ShelbyGreenly83-0880D2496
Stinn, Adrian21 May 1855Germany03 May 1918ShelbyUnknown83-0817D2496
Stinn, Casper11 July 1894Iowa06 Jun 1936ShelbyLetalG83-0064D2811
Stinn, Casper29 Aug. 1857Germany08 Nov. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1179D2496
Stinn, Katie30 July 1886Missouri06 Jan. 1917ShelbyMayres83-0728D2496
Stinn, Margetha J.23 Apr. 1893Iowa05 Jan. 1917ShelbyHerkemath83-0729D2496
Stinn, Mary10 Nov. 1861Iowa26 Jan. 1936ShelbyKiersG83-0002D2811
Stoll, Cresentia21 Sept. 1855Germany04 Jan. 1922ShelbyRiedl83-0069D2497
Stolz, Barbara01 Apr. 1860Germany03 Apr. 1935ShelbyUnknownF83-0035D2777
Stolz, Martha Mary01 July 1879Illinois30 Jun 1922ShelbyWand83-0135D2497
Stracke, Adam19 Apr. 1866Germany18 Feb. 1937ShelbyLuittickeH83-0024D2846
Stronk, Peter29 Aug. 1840Luxembourg12 Jan. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-0957D2496
Stuhr, Lena I.21 Feb. 1840Germany02 May 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1001D2496
Stuhr, Marle21 Oct. 1919Iowa22 Feb. 1920ShelbyKusel83-1099D2496
Stuhr, Vernon16 Feb. 1915Iowa06 Aug. 1918ShelbyKusel83-0841D2496
Suecke, Herman H.06 Apr. 1849Germany22 Feb. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1085D2496
Suller, Theresia14 Oct. 1830Germany19 Aug. 1919ShelbyUnknown83-1028D2496
Sullivan, Mary Ellen08 Oct. 1863Illinois06 Jan. 1935ShelbyPatiganF83-0004D2777
Sund, Else Marie09 Nov. 1846Denmark23 Mar. 1920ShelbyUnknown83-1110D2496
Sutter, Arrold19 Feb. 1895Pennsylvania01 Jul 1935ShelbyYoheF83-0060D2777
Sutton, Warren H.20 Dec. 1916Iowa31 Mar. 1917ShelbyJones83-0730D2496
Sverensen, Davy Emmanuel07 Dec. 1921Iowa12 Dec. 1921ShelbyChristensen83-0050D2497
Swain, Harry Ernest09 Sept. 1872Iowa21 Nov. 1922ShelbyLong83-0178D2497
Swalley, Ruth Gertrude06 Dec. 1881Iowa09 Apr. 1922ShelbyBartleson83-0150D2497
Swanger, George Franklin17 Mar. 1891Iowa18 Jan. 1938ShelbyPetitJ83-0006D2880
Swensen, Gloria Maxine20 Aug. 1934Iowa27 Feb. 1938ShelbyStahlJ83-0019D2880
Swift (Baby Boy)17 Jul 1917Iowa18 Jul 1917ShelbyHurband83-0733D2496
Swift, Christina Dorothy16 Feb. 1863Denmark19 Feb. 1936ShelbyG83-0014D2811
Swift, Curan Freeman16 Mar. 1861Iowa28 Nov. 1921ShelbyDunlavy83-0034D2497
Swift, John Henry24 May 1851Iowa30 Jan. 1937ShelbyUnknownH83-0001D2846
Swinehart, Elizabeth19 Mar. 1854Ohio20 Sept. 1937ShelbyMeyersH83-0097D2846

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