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Giving Name, Township, Number of Section, and Post Office Address, of Persons outside of the City of Des Moines.
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QUENSLAND K., Lincoln 8, Sheldah.

Quick Jefferson, Camp 2, Runnells.

Quiner F. J., Saylor 26, East Des Moines.

Quinn Dennis, Washington 22, Oldfield.

Quinn James, Washington 22, Oldfield.

Quinnett George, Grant 16, Hastie.

Quinnette Matilda, Jefferson 9, Granger.

Quinnette Warliman, Jefferson 9, Granger.

Quiston Sheldon L., Mitchellville.


RACINE C. L., Altoona.

Racine Francis, Altoona.

Ragen Richard, Lincoln 5, Sheldahl.

Rambo J. J., Delaware 15, Altoona.

Ramey Delilah, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Ramey Grant, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Ramey James, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Randall M. M., Washington 10, Maxwell.

Randleman J. H., Allen 27, Avon.

Randleman S. D., Allen 34, Avon.

Randolph Ellis F., Douglas 20, Ankeny.

Randolph H. W., Franklin 20, Santiago.

Randolph J. F., Jefferson 36, Ridgedale.

Randolph Rachael, Douglas 20, Ankeny.

Ranous Mary, Saylor 8, Saylorville.

Ranson Joseph, Webster 27, Campbell.

Ray William, Mitchellville.

                                 REA                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           RIN                            567

Read W. L., Clay 24, Des Moines.

Reader S. P., Madison 5,Sheldahl.

Reader T. E., Madison 5, Sheldahl.

Reader W. S., Madison 5, Sheldahl.

Reams E., Clay 7, Altoona.

Reams William, meat market, Altoona.

Reams W. J., Clay 7, Altoona.

Reasoner John, Madison 15, Sheldahl.

Reasoner Levi, Madison 2, Sheldahl.

Redfern J. D., Camp, Runnells.

Redhead & Vail, Delaware 34, Des Moines.

Redlingshafer J. W., Douglas 24, Bondurant.

Redman N., Camp, Runnells.

Reed A. H., Jefferson 15, Grimes.

Reed Andrew, Jefferson 36, Ridgedale.

Reed C. W., Webster 5, Grimes.

Reed Ed., Beaver, Mitchellville.

Reed T. P., Beaver 12, Mitchellville.

Reed William, Beaver 13, Mitchellville.

Reese E. J., Camp, Runnells.

Reese Elias, Camp, Runnells.

Reese Scott, Webster 15, Des Moines.

Reeves Carson, Delaware 17, Berwick.

Reeves David, Four Mile 24, Adelphi.

Reeves L., Four Mile, Rising Sun.

Reeves May, Delaware 17, Berwick.

Reeves Perry, Four Mile 14, Adelphi.

Rehinesmith August, Washington 24, Maxwell.

Reichard D. H., Mitchellville.

Reid James, Mitchellville.

Reid J. H., Mitchellville.

Reinhardt Alexander, Walnut 12, Des Moines.

Reinhar(d)t Alexander Jr., Walnut 12, Des Moines.

Reinhardt Fred, Walnut 2, Des Moines.

Reinking Henry H., Clay 2, Berwick.

Render Frank, Madison 11, Polk City.

Render Joseph, Madison 11, Polk City.

Rennick Thos., Clay 17, Altoona.

Retherford James, Clay 14, Altoona.

Retherford William, Clay 14, Altoona.

Reyan Thomas, Washington, Maxwell.

Reyan William, Washington 28, Maxwell.

Reymond James H., Delaware 6, e Des Moines.

Reymond John, Delaware 17, Berwick.

Reynolds, H. F., Webster 5, Grimes.

Reynolds Lewis, Jefferson 9, Granger.

Reynolds William R., Madison 29, Madrid.

Reynolds W. J., Clay 19, Altoona.

Rice A. S., Allen 33, Avon.

Rice A. W., Allen 35, Avon.

Rice F. B., Walnut 29, Commerce.

Rice J. R., Camp 22, Runnells.

Rice J. W., Bloomfield 25, Des Moines.

Richards William, broom mnfr., Altoona.

Richardson Almorine, Valley 5, Ridgedale.

Richardson Anfen, Elkhart 7, Huxley.

Richardson George, Elkhart 4, Tyner.

Richardson J. A., Crocker 10, Ankeny.

Richardson James, Valley 5, Ridgedale.

Richardson R. A., Elkhart 30, Tyner.

Ricks A. J., Four Mile 2, Rising Sun.

Ricks William, Douglas 12, Bondurant.

Ricks W. S., Camp, Ivy.

Rider G. B., Delaware 8, Berwick.

Rider J. W., (Rider & Rieman), Altoona.

Rider & Rieman, (J. W. Rider and J.
    M. Rieman), hardware, seeds, agri-
    cultural implements and ammunition, Altoona.

Ridgway D. W., Camp, Runnells.

Ridgway J. A., Camp, Runnells.

Ridgway Joseph, Camp, Runnells.

Ridgway W. P., Camp 10, Runnells.

Rieck John, Franklin 18, Bondurant.

Riegel Henry, Polk City.

Rieman Jacob M., (Rider & Rieman), Altoona.

Riffle Austin, Walnut 3, Des Moines.

Rigdon W. H. Mrs., Clay 35, Rising Sun.

Riley Benjamin, Saylor 3, Saylorville.

Riley Elizabeth, Saylor 3, Saylorville.

Riley J. J., Douglas 7, Ankeny.

Rillgers J. R., Jefferson 36, Ridgedale.

Rimutha Casper, Lincoln 20, Slater.

Rinerson Riner, Lincoln, Sheldahl.

Ring Truman, Saylor 22, Des Moines.

Ringgenberg A., Lincoln 9, Sheldahl.

Ringgenberg David, Lincoln 16, Sheldahl.

Ringgenberg H. A., Lincoln 27, Crocker.

Ringgenberg J. F., Lincoln 27, Crocker.

Ringgenberg John, Lincoln 18, Sheldahl.

568                         RIN                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           RYD                                    

Ringgenberg Peter, Lincoln 27, Crocker.

Ringgenberg R. A., Lincoln 11, Crocker.

Ringgenberg Samuel, Lincoln 5, Sheldahl.

Ringgenberg W. C., Lincoln, Crocker.

Risen M. M., Camp, Ivy.

Ritchey J. B. T., Delaware 30, e Des Moines.

Ritchhart C. R., Crocker 20, Saylorville.

Ritchhart D. F., Valley 19, Des Moines.

Ritchhart F., Crocker 17, Saylorville.

Ritter A. E., Camp, Runnells.

Rittgers A. J., Valley 6, Ridgedale.

Rittgers Catherine, Valley 6, Ridgedale.

Rittgers D. F., Valley 6, Ridgedale.

Rittgers G. W., Valley 6, Ridgedale.

Rittgers M. D., Valley 7, Ridgedale.

Rittgers R. R., Valley 6, Ridgedale.

Rittgers T. D., Bloomfield 28, Des Moines.

Roach J. R., Delaware 32, e Des Moines.

Robb G. W., Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Robbins W. H., Altoona.

Roberts Frank, Webster 5, Grimes.

Roberts John, Four Mile, Rising Sun.

Robert William, Douglas 27, Bondurant.

Robertson J. C., Bloomfield 32, Des Moines.

Robertson J. W., Walnut 29, Commerce.

Robertson Mary, Bloomfield 33, Des Moines.

Robesky Antoine, Grant 5, Hastie.

Robinson J. H., Clay 5, Altoona.

Robinson M. W., Franklin 26, Santiago.

Robinson W. F., Camp 20, Adelphi.

Robinson W. G., Clay 5, Altoona.

Rockwell E., Franklin 22, Santiago.

Roe D. H., Madison 18, Madrid.

Roe Harvey, Clay 18, Altoona.

Roe Martha J., Madison 18, Madrid.

Roe U. G., Madison 18, Madrid.

Rohne August, Lincoln 5, Sheldahl.

Rohne Ole S., Lincoln, Sheldahl.

Rohne Peter, Lincoln 5, Slater.

Rooker C. P., Beaver 24, Mitchellville.

Rooker George, Beaver 14, Mitchellville.

Rooker James, Beaver 14, Mitchellville.

Rooker J. C., Beaver 24, Mitchellville.

Rooker John, Beaver 25, Mitchellville.

Rooker W. D., Beaver 24, Mitchellville.

Rooney Hugh, Franklin 2, Valeria.

Rooney John, Franklin, Valeria.

Rooney William, Franklin 2, Valeria.

Root Jacob, Jefferson 31, Ridgedale.

Rose Amos, Camp, Runnells.

Rosenberger H. C., Mitchellville.

Rosencrants Renjamin, Walnut 8, Ashawa.

Rosencrants D. P., Walnut 8, Ashawa.

Rosencrants H. H., Walnut 6, Ashawa.

Rosencrants O. P., Walnut 8, Ashawa.

Roshfuss F., Saylor 26, e Des Moines.

Roth George, Walnut 11, Des Moines.

Roth William, Walnut 11, Des Moines.

Rothgeb Joseph, Four Mile, Rising Sun.

Rothfus G., Allen 20, Avon.

Rothfus Levi S., Allen 20, Avon.

Rothrock Amos, Beaver 10, Mitchellville.

Rothrock Frank, Beaver 10, Mitchellville.

Rowell F. M., Douglas 32, Berwick.

Rowley Alfred, Webster 5, Grimes.

Rowley Levi, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Ruckett J. B., Camp, Runnells.

Rudebeck John W., Valley 32, Des Moines.

Ruggles E. W., Allen 34, Avon.

Rummans J. H., Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Rummel C., Delaware 9, Berwick.

Rummel Daniel, Douglas 27, Bondurant.

Rummel John, Delaware 9, Berwick.

Runnells F., Camp, Mitchellville.

Runnells I. N., Camp, Runnells.

Runnells W. F., Camp 1, Runnells.

Runner W. B., Camp, Runnells.

Russ John, Bloomfield 33, Des Moines.

Russell Carrie Mrs., Polk City.

Russell G. E., Four Mile 14, Rising Sun.

Rutherford Albert, Madison 2, Sheldahl.

Rutherford A. R., Madison 24, Polk City.

Rutherford Freeman, Madison 24, Polk City.

Ryan John, Allen 19, Sevastopol.

Ryder Charles, Webster 16, Grimes.

Ryder E., Webster 16, Grimes.

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