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Giving Name, Township, Number of Section, and Post Office Address, of Persons outside of the City of Des Moines.
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EAGAN MARTIN, Franklin 5, Bondurant.

Earlewine A., Camp, Runnells.

Earna Joseph, Jefferson 9, Granger.

Easley J. H., Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

East Benjamin F., Mitchellville.

Eastman Cora, Beaver 13, Mitchellville.

Eastman E., Saylor 3, Saylorville.

Eastman Lulu, Beaver 13, Mitchellville.

Eaton Florence, Saylor 9, e Des Moines.

Eaton Walter, Saylor 23, Des Moines.

Ebersole P., Crocker 20, e Des Moines.

Edmundson A., Beaver 4, Mitchellville.

Edwards Edward, Madison 9, Madrid.

Edwards Edward, Delaware 18, Altoona.

Edwards Herman, Delaware 10, Altoona.

Edwards W. R., Madison 4, Madrid.

Eelde Lars, Lincoln 12, Huxley.

Eelde Peter, Lincoln 12, Huxley.

Egan Lawrence, Bloomfield 31, Des Moines.

Egan Mark, Bloomfield 25, Des Moines.

Eggleston Harris, Polk City.

Egland Edward, Elkhart 5, Tyner.

Egland Eric, Elkhart 5, Cambridge.

Egland Henry, Elkhart 5, Cambridge.

Egland Joseph, Elkhart 5, Cambridge.

Egon Samuel, Douglas 6, Ankeny.

Eichner Conrad, Webster 15, Grimes.

Eilbert Charles, Grant 18, Levey.

Elchemkamp Carl, Webster 19, Grimes.

Elder Duncan, Bloomfield, Des Moines.

Elder James, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Elifrits A. J., Jefferson 6, Granger.

Elifrits W. A., Jefferson 6, Granger.

Elledge Daniel, Mitchellville.

Ellerman Henry, Beaver 16, Altoona.

Elliott A. W., Delaware 3, Berwick.

Elliott B. F., Elkhart 3, Tyner.

Elliott D. W., Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Elliott F. E., Delaware 5, Berwick.

Elliott F. M., Delaware 3, Berwick.

Elliott F. M., Elkhart 30, Tyner.

Elliott George, Delaware 5, Berwick.

Elliott J. A., Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Elliott James, Delaware 19, Des Moines.

Elliott J. F., Delaware 3, Berwick.

Elliott Mary, Jefferson 15, Ridgedale.

Elliott M. C., Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Elliott Reuben, Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Elliott S. A., Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Elliott Silas, Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Elliott William, Jefferson 15, Polk City.

Elliott William jr., Elkhart 17, Tyner.

Ellis B. L., Mitchellville.

Ellis Cene Mrs., Mitchellville.

Ellis D. R., Four Mile 3, Rising Sun.

Ellis Ellen M. Mrs., Mitchellville.

Ellis K. C., Mitchellville.

Ellis L. G., Beaver 21, Altoona.

Ellis Olive Mrs., Valley 32, Des Moines.

Ellis W. A., Beaver 9, Mitchellville.

Ellison E. J., Four Mile 4, Rising Sun.

Ellison William, Beaver 23, Mitchellville.

Ely John, Beaver 26, Mitchellville.

Emerson Dorothy, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

544                                    EME                         COUNTY DIRECTORY                         FID

Emerson Thomas, Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Enabnet Christ, Lincoln 15, Slater.

Enfield A. C., Washington 5, Maxwell.

Enfield Samuel, Washington 10, Maxwell.

Enfield W. C., Washington 10, Maxwell.

Enfield William, Washington 10, Maxwell.

England J. A., Walnut 11, Valley Junction.

England Martha, Walnut 11, Valley Junction.

Englebrecht Frederick, Walnut 32, Campbell.

English Emory H., editor and prop Altoona Herald, Altoona.

Enos Edward, Camp, Runnells.

Enos Ora, Elkhart 26, Elkhart.

Epperson C. B., Bloomfield 32, Des Moines.

Epperson J. O., Bloomfield 32, Des Moines.

Epps Andrew, Camp, Adelphi.

Erickson Annie, Lincoln 1, Huxley.

Erickson Barney, Lincoln 24, Tyner.

Erickson Bros., Lincoln 7, Sheldahl.

Erickson Edward, Lincoln, Sheldahl.

Erickson Henry, Lincoln 20, Sheldahl.

Erickson Oliver, Lincoln 20, Sheldahl.

Erickson Thomas, Lincoln 1, Huxley.

Erwin L. D., Allen 20, Levey.

Erwin W. S., Allen 20, Avon.

Eshelman Jacob, Beaver 9, Altoona.

Eshelman J. K., Beaver 9, Altoona.

Eshelman John, Beaver 9, Altoona.

Eslick Charles, Madison 35, Polk City.

Eslick John, Madison 35, Polk City.

Eslick T. D., Madison 35, Polk City.

Eudaly W. A., Valley 30, Des Moines.

Evans A. H., Allen 29, Avon.

Evans Charles, Allen 28, Avon.

Evans C. J., Allen 29, Avon.

Evans C. P., Madison 8, Madrid.

Evans David, Allen, Levey.

Evans George C., Madison 7, Madrid.

Evans Howard, Bloomfield 13, Des Moines.

Evans I. T., Walnut 33, Clive.

Evans John, Madison 8, Madrid.

Evans W. E., Allen 29, Avon.

Everly G. F., Franklin 6, Elkhart.

Everly Henry, Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Everly W. H., Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Ewing J. C., Jefferson 9, Granger.

Ewing J. D., Jefferson 9, Granger.

Ewing John, Valley 20, Des Moines.

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