1891 Bushnell's Des Moines City and Polk County Directory

A Complete List of the Residences and Business Houses of Des Moines and Polk County;
Des Moines Street Directory; Churches, Colleges, Schools, and Societies:
State, County, City, Town and Township Officers; A Concise Sketch
of the Resources, Advantages, Progress and Prospects of City
and County; Des Moines Business, Commercial,
Manufacturing and Mining Interests; Rail-
way Facilities; A Complete List of
Farmers, Giving Location
and P. O. Address,
Cards of the Leading Business Houses of Des Moines.
A Complete Post Office Directory of Iowa.
J. P. BUSHNELL, Compiler.

Transcribed by Ralph Leonard.

The County part of the directory is still being remodeled. There are several sections under the city where the tables had to be broken down into two or more seperate sections to enhance readability and loading time.


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In presenting the Des Moines City and Polk County Directory at this time to our patrons and citizens, we take pleasure in stating that our population has more than doubled during the past six years, and that the indications are that Des Moines is making greater progress this year than ever before. The canvass has developed the fact that we have in the city, seventeen thousand, three hundred and fourty four families, and this number is multiplied by three and one-half, the average shown to be correct for this locality by the federal, also by the last state census gives Des Moines a population of 60,739. The greatest gain in any single year in the history of the city has been during the past twelve months. The publication this year is for the city and county combined. In addition to the usual information found in city directories it contains the residents of the county outside of Des Moines, giving also the name, township, section of land and post office address of the farmers. The county is well settled with a good class of enterprising citizens, the farms as a rule are well improved, and the class of improvements indicate prosperity and comfort. Outside of Des Moines the population is about seventeen thousand, so that Polk County has an entire population of about seventy-seven thousand, five hundred.

The growth of the city has just begun, and the possibilities of the future can scarcely be calculated, as indicated not only in the rapid increase in population but in manufacturing and wholesale trade, as well as in public and private improvements, which have been simply surprising during the past two years. We would call special attention to the great amount expended in public improvements, the marked increase in business, in our post-office, our banks, loan and trust compaies, home insurance companies and loan and building associations, also to our mining interests, as well as the advance in 1890 in wholesale and manufacturing interests; showing an increase over that of any previous year, and conveying a good idea of the prosperity of the city. We would also call attention to the table of statistics of business, and to those looking for new business locations we would refer to the article entitled "Inducements to Capitalists."

The resources and advantages of Des Moines, as shown in the unequaled transportation facilities, inexhaustable beds of coal and good water power, furnishing cheap fuel for manufacturing purposes, healthfulness of location, good society with the best of educational advantages, are the attractions which are annually bringing thousands to our city to engage in business or for residence. It is known as the greatest educational center west of the Mississippi river. Our public schools are among the best in the west, and our many colleges have fully twice the number of students of any previous year. Here are also a greater number of fine church edifices in proportion to the number of inhabitants than in any other western city, a fact which speaks well for the moral tone of Des Moines, and in view of the elements of culture and refinement which pervade society. The city when compared with others in the west is bound to be the most desirable place in which to reside.

The directory has heretofore been published biennially, or about every eighteen months, but we intend to issue the Des Moines city directory annually hereafter. It was our intention to publish the city alone, this year, but finding there was a demand for a new directory of the county we concluded to combine the two in one work, it being the desire of our many patrons. It will be remembered that since the last issue of the directory, the city limits have been extended two and one-half miles north, east and west, and one and one-half miles south making our present corporate limits six by nine miles. This was necessitated by the demands of our rapidly growing city, and it is scarcely necessary to add that the difficulties attendant upon the preparation of the directory, this year, were greatly increased. We have labored hard for the past twenty years to compile the best directories possible of our city, and we have reason to believe we will be able to make the work more complete with each years experience. We have also from year to year compiled and published in the directory and other publications, such information setting forth the resources and many advantages of Iowa's Capital and Metropolis, as would best influence those looking for new business opportunities, or desirable homes, to locate in Des Moines.

The liberal patronage we have received is the best evidence of the esteem in which the work is held by our citizens, and in thanking those who have so generously supported us, in the past we reiterate the assurance that in the years to come nothing shall be wanting on our part to intake the publication as correct and reliable as possible which will hereafter be published annually.

J. P. BUSHNELL, Compiler.

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