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Giving Name, Township, Number of Section, and Post Office Address, of Persons outside of the City of Des Moines.
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ABLE SAMUEL, Bloomfield 32, Commerce.

Abel William, Jefferson 9, Granger.

Abuhl Frederic, Lincoln 28, Crocker.

Abuhl Jacob, Lincoln 26, Crocker.

Abuhl Jacob, jr., Lincoln 36, Crocker.

Acheson Jerry, Washington 15, Maxwell.

Acheson Julia, Washington 15, Maxwell.

Acheson Robert, Walnut, Ashawa.

Acheson William A., Washington 15, Maxwell.

Acton M. A., Madison 7, Madrid.

Ada Martin, Douglas 25, Bondurant.

Adams Catherine, Bloomfield 20, Des Moines.

Adams C. F., Douglas 35, Bondurant.

Adams J. O., Douglas 35, Bondurant.

Adams Sarah, Madison 15, Polk City.

Adams T. B., Allen 28, Avon.

Adams W. H., Douglas 35, Bondurant.

Adams William, Madison 15, Polk City.

Adamson A. E., Altoona.

Adamson Charles, Delaware 29, e Des Moines.

Adamson Enos, Douglas 30, Berwick.

Adamson J. W., Franklin 16, Bondurant.

Adamson M. J., Franklin 16, Bondurant.

Adamson N. B., Douglas 20, Berwick.

Adamson Peter, Douglas 30, Berwick.

Adkinson C. R., Crocker 28, Saylorville.

Adkinson W. H., Crocker 28, Saylorville.

Ahlberg Emil, Sheldahl.

Ailey & Rider, Altoona.

Ainey D. W., Altoona.

Albaugh D. S., Elkhart 32, Elkhart.

Alber F. J., Bloomfield 14, Des Moines.

Albertson W., Bloomfield 26, Des Moines.

Albricht J., Crocker 24, Ankeny.

Albricht R., Crocker 25, Ankeny.

Albright E., Madison 20, Polk City.

Alder Charles, Washington 16, Maxwell.

532                         ALD                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           ASH                                    

Alder James, Washington 14, Maxwell.

Alexander Frank, Four Mile, Rising Sun.

Alexander J. A., Clay 36, Rising Sun.

Alexander Morris, Camp,Runnells.

Alf Charles, Madison 13, Sheldahl.

Alf Gustave, Madison 13, Sheldahl.

Alilberg Oscar, Sheldahl.

Allbin William, Altoona.

Allemann D. F., Lincoln 28, Crocker.

Allemann George, Lincoln, Crocker.

Allemann George jr., Lincoln, Crocker.

Allemann J. L., Lincoln 14, Crocker.

Allemann J. P., Lincoln 21, Crocker.

Allen A. N., Webster 7, Grimes.

Allen B. F., Madison 21, Polk City.

Allen Charles, Madison 21, Polk City.

Allen Frank, Washington 6, Maxwell.

Allen H. H., Bloomfield 21, Des Moines.

Allen Taylor, Madison 21, Madrid.

Alley J. W., Madison 34, Polk City.

Alley Mack, Madison 34, Polk City.

Altman A. L., Clay 19, Altoona.

Altman E. G., Clay 30, Altoona.

Altman F., Clay 30, Altoona.

Altman S. E., Altoona.

Altman Thomas, Delaware 9, Altoona.

Alton A., Bloomfield 35, Des Moines.

Amerhine H., Webster 4, Grimes.

American Telephone Co., Mitchellville.

Amiss Clarke, Clay 17, Altoona.

Ammons H. L., Franklin 27, Santiago.

Anderson A., Four Mile 11, Rising Sun.

Anderson A. G., Bloomfield 13, Des Moines.

Anderson A. G., jr., Bloomfield 13, Des Moines.

Anderson A. J., Webster 5, Grimes.

Anderson A. J., Washington, Maxwell.

Anderson Andrew, Madison 1, Sheldahl.

Anderson A. R., Sheldahl.

Anderson C. A., Webster 20, Campbell.

Anderson Charles, Four Mile 13, Rising Sun.

Anderson C. R., Franklin 26, Santiago.

Anderson F., Camp, Runnells.

Anderson J. C., Allen 22, Avon.

Anderson J. K., Webster 20, Campbell.

Anderson Julia, Lincoln 31, Polk City.

Anderson J. W., Franklin 26, Santiago.

Anderson K. A., Allen 22, Avon.

Anderson L. O., Sheldahl.

Anderson N. F., Madison 19, Madrid.

Anderson Ole, Elkhart 26, Elkhart.

Anderson Oscar, Washington, Maxwell.

Anderson Peter, Madison 1, Sheldahl.

Anderson Robert, Camp 4, Runnels.

Anderson S. D., Walnut 16, Valley Junction.

Anderson Stener, Lincoln 11, Sheldahl.

Anderson Thomas, Franklin 31, Bondurant.

Anderson T. L., Lincoln 31, Polk City.

Anderson W. H., Webster 5, Grimes.

Andrew C. B., Four Mile 14, Hastie.

Andrews, O. W., Jefferson 9, Granger.

Andrews George, Jefferson 15, Grimes.

Andrews George C., Jefferson 9, Granger.

Andrews James, Mitchellville.

Andrews Nathan, Jefferson 10, Ridgedale.

Andrews William, Jefferson 10, Ridgedale.

Ankeny, J. A., Washington 10, Maxwell.

Annen G. Mrs, Lincoln 7, Sheldahl.

Aplen Ole N., Lincoln 3, Slater.

Arbuckle V. M., Walnut 14, Valley Junction.

Archer M. D., Delaware 8, Berwick.

Armstrong A. P., Bloomfield 16, Des Moines.

Armstrong Jesse, Four Mile 24, Adelphi.

Armstrong R. B., Polk City.

Armstrong R. B., Madison 26, Polk City.

Arnhalt C. N., Lincoln 31, Polk City.

Arniss A. J., Altoona.

Arrowood G. W., Clay 19, Altoona.

Arthur F. G., Delaware 28, e Des Moines.

Arthur George, Delaware 32, e Des Moines.

Arthur R. C., Delaware 17, e Des Moines.

Arthur William, Delaware 29, e Des Moines.

Arwood Thomas, Altoona.

Ashdown Daniel, Walnut 29, Commerce.

Ashley C. J., Webster 20,Campbell.

Ashley Mary, Madison 12, Polk City.

Ashworth, Abram, Walnut 8, Ashawa.

                                 ASH                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           BAT                            533

Ashworth Bert, Walnut, Ashawa.

Ashworth C. H., Walnut 3, Des Moines.

Ashworth J. T., Walnut 3, Des Moines.

Ashworth Richard, Walnut 3, Des Moines.

Asken Joseph, Walnut 9, Ashawa.

Auger C. A., Elkhart 26, Elkhart.

Ault Henry, Elkhart 26, Elkhart.

Ault W. A., Elkhart 26, Elkhart.

Aurtin F., Jefferson 31, Hatton.

Austen K. H., Franklin 31, Bondurant.

Austen A. M., Franklin 31, Bondurant.

Avery Henry, Camp, Runnells.

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