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Giving Name, Township, Number of Section, and Post Office Address, of Persons outside of the City of Des Moines.
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MACAK JOSEPH, Grant 6, e Des Moines.

Madagan Martha, Altoona.

Madison C., Crocker 14, Ankeny.

Marner Charles, Allen 19, Sevastopol.

560                         MAF                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           MEA                                    

Maffitt F., Clay 24, Altoona.

Maggart Conrad, Elkhart 10, Tyner.

Maggart Henry, Elkhart 16, Tyner.

Malley Frederic, Saylor 13, e Des Moines.

Maller Charles, Saylor 26, e Des Moines.

Malley P. F., Delaware 7, Trent.

Malley William, Douglas 1, Bondurant.

Malone Edward, Bloomfield 31, Des Moines.

Malone J. D., Franklin 25, Santiago.

Malone J. W., Franklin 25, Santiago.

Malone Martin, Bloomfield 32, Des Moines.

Malone Patrick, Bloomfield 33, Des Moines.

Malone Richard, Bloomfield 33, Des Moines.

Maloney Daniel, Franklin 8, Bondurant.

Maloney Daniel jr., Franklin 5, Bondur- ant.

Maloney J. E., Franklin 8, Bondurant.

Maloney J. W., Franklin 8, Bondurant.

Manbeck David, Allen 19, Des Moines.

Mannering Robert, Webster 23, Cottage Grove.

Mann, George, Webster 5, Grimes.

Mann S. S., Valley 29, Des Moines.

Manor John, Jefferson 5, Granger.

Mapes Charles, Walnut 27, Campbell.

Maple Grove Coal & Mining Co., Delaware 30, e Des Moines.

Maricle D. J., Grant 17, Levey.

Maricle L., Grant 7, Levey.

Maricle Wallace, Grant 17, Levey.

Mark Charles, Grant 17, East Des Moines.

Mark Charles, Jefferson 27 , Grimes.

Mark M. L., Grant 17, East Des Moines.

Mark M. W., Grant 17, East Des Moines.

Mark Robert, Jefferson 27, Grimes.

Mark William, Jefferson 28, Grimes.

Markhas Ole C., Elkhars 18, Tyner.

Marmon E. P., Mitchellville.

Marriott W. H., Crocker 33, Saylorville.

Marsh Charles, Bloomfield 15, Des Moines.

Marsh George, Delaware 34, Des Moines.

Marshall A. W., Camp, Ivy.

Marshall C. M., Delaware 21 e Des Moines.

Marshall John, Delaware 2, East Des Moines.

Martin A., Camp, Runnells.

Martin C., Crocker 13, Ankeny.

Martin George W., Grant 1, East Des Moines.

Martin John, Camp, Adelphi.

Martin M. A., Camp, Runnells.

Marts Almora, Crocker 17, Polk City.

Marts C. H., Crocker 17, Polk City.

Marts G. H., Crocker 13, Polk City.

Marts L., Crocker 17, Polk City.

Marts W. D., Crocker 17, Polk City.

Masherly Thomas, Saylor 26, East Des Moines.

Mason D. C., Beaver 10, Mitchellville.

Mason Hector, Lincoln 11, Huxley.

Mason H. S., Clay 23, Altoona.

Mason J. O., Clay 24, Altoona.

Mason J. V. A., Delaware 10, Altoona.

Mason Ole H., Lincoln 14, Huxley.

Mather Bruce, Washington, Maxwell.

Mathes John, Saylor 11, Saylorville.

Mathis A. J., Douglas 15, Elkhart.

Mathis J., Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Mathis Jefferson, Douglas 14, Elkhart.

Mathis J. H., Douglas 11, Elkhart.

Mathis Mary, Douglas 15, Elkhart.

Matter Henry, Polk City.

Mattern G. W., Franklin 26, Santiago.

Maxson Almon, Madison 3, Sheldahl.

Maxson Clinton, Madison 22, Polk City.

Maxon John, Madison 3, Sheldahl.

Maxwell B. F., Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Maxwell Daniel, Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Maxwell David, Elkhart 25, Elkhart.

Maxwell J. P., Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Maxwell W. D., Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Maxwell W. S., Webster 13, Clive.

Mayers Titus, Camp 24, Runells.

Mead C. E., Grant 1, e Des Moines.

Mead Orson, Grant 1, e Des Moines.

Meader C., Madison 8, Madrid.

Meader Ezra L., Madison 17, Madrid.

Meader Theresa, Madison 8, Madrid.

Meader Valentine, Madison 8, Madrid.

Means G. E., Bloomfield 26, Des Moines.

Means J. W., Bloomfield 26, Des Moines.

                                 MEA                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           MIT                            561

Means T. L., Mitchellville.

Meckley Will, Lincoln 9, Sheldahl.

Meek E. L., Polk City.

Meek H. D., Polk City.

Meek Noble, Polk City.

Meek O. L., Bloomfield 31, Des Moines.

Meek Thomas, Polk City.

Meek William, Polk City.

Meekes Mary Mrs., Saylor 21, Des Moines.

Meekins W. P., Polk City.

Meeks Henry, Madison 24, Sheldahl.

Meeks William, Madison 24, Sheldahl.

Meese George, Washington 13, Maxwell.

Menaugh Bridget, Webster 21, Grimes.

Menaugh Edward, Webster 21, Grimes.

Menaugh Frank, Webster 21, Grimes.

Menaugh M., Webster 21, Grimes.

Menclinhall M., Walnut 14, Valley Junction.

Meneogh Matthew, Jefferson 31, Grimes.

Meriette H. T., Bloomfield 34, Des Moines.

Merrihew C. B., Washington 12, Maxwell.

Merrihew E., Washington, Maxwell.

Merrihew F., Washington, Maxwell.

Merrihew George, Washington 2, Maxwell.

Merrill Gilbert E., Polk City.

Merryfield George, Bloomfield 24, Des Moines.

Mesarvey S. O., Valley 29, Des Moines.

Messersmith Andrew, Madison 27, Polk City.

Messersmith Peter, Madison 27, Polk City.

Mesnard A. L., Madison 17, Madrid.

Meyer F. D., Grant 9, e Des Moines.

Michael Daniel, Webster 23, Cottage Grove.

Michaelson Lewis, Elkhart 31, Ankeny.

Michaelson Michael, Elkhart 31, Ankeny.

Mickelson Elias, Lincoln 11, Huxley.

Mielind Conlind, Beaver 33, Mitchelville.

Milburn Josiah, Franklin 27, Santiago.

Milburn W. C., Franklin 27, Santiago.

Miller, Abner, Polk City.

Miller Charles, Douglas 20, Berwick.

Miller Clarence B., Madison 35, Polk City.

Miller D., Washington, Oldfield. 36

Miller D. E., Bloomfield 27, Des Moines.

Miller Dennis, Clay 22, Ivy.

Miller Edward, Madison 35, Polk City.

Miller E. J., Bloomfield 28, Des Moines.

Miller F., Crocker, Saylorville.

Miller F. B., Camp 3 Runnells.

Miller F. C., Beaver 36, Mitchellville.

Miller Francis, Franklin 6, Elkhart.

Miller George C., Madison 20, Madrid.

Miller G. J., Crocker 4, Crocker.

Miller I. M., Bloomfield 28, Des Moines.

Miller Jacob, Bloomfield 24, Des Moines.

Miller, James, Saylor 2, Trent.

Miller James A., Clay 6, Bondurant.

Miller J. C., Polk City.

Miller J. H., Ekhart(sic) 36, Elkhart.

Miller J. L., Crocker 36, Trent.

Miller John, Allen 20, Avon.

Miller J. S. Camp, Runnells.

Miller J. W., Camp, Runnells.

Miller J. W., Elkhart 26, Elkhart.

Miller M., Saylor, e Des Moines.

Miller Moses, Washington 17, Maxwell.

Miller N. Peter, Franklin, Mitchellville.

Miller O., Washington, Oldfield.

Miller Peter, Beaver 36, Mitchellville.

Miller R. G., Polk City.

Miller R. K., Delaware 29, East Des Moines.

Miller Sarah E., Madison 35, Polk City.

Miller S. C., Elkhart 33, Elkhart.

Miller Silas, Jefferson 31, Hatton.

Miller T. H., Bloomfield 28, Des Moines.

Miller Thomas, Camp 2, Runnells.

Miller William, Clay 32, Ivy.

Milligan Jonas, Webster 21, Des Moines.

Milligan Joseph, Webster 21, Grimes.

Milligan W. M., Webster 5, Grimes.

Mills D. K., Webster 25, Des Moines.

Mills J. S., Aen 32, Avon.

Mills J. S., Grant 18, East Des Moines.

Mills J. W., Grant 18, East Des Moines.

Mills William, Walnut 12, Des Moines.

Milner John, Webster 9, Grimes.

Mishler John J., Washington 6, Elwell.

Mishler Samuel, Washington 6, Maxwell.

Mitchell C. W., Camp 21, Runnells.

Mitchell D. R. Bloomfield 28, Des Moines.

562                         MIT                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           MYE                                    

Mitchell George W., Madison 6, Madrid.

Mitchell Henry, Polk City.

Mitchell Thomas, Beaver 1, Mitchellville.

Mitchell Tillie L., Mitchellville.

Mitchell M., Madison 6, Madrid.

Mitchell W. H., Bloomfield 33, Des Moines.

Mitchell W. S., Elkhart 36, Elkhart.

Mix A., Grant 5, East Des Moines.

Moats J. W., Clay 5, Altoona.

Moeckly J., Crocker 5, Crocker.

Mock M., Crocker 23, Ankeny.

Mockly G. W., Lincoln 19, Crocker.

Mockly Henry, Lincoln 29, Crocker.

Mockly J. D., Lincoln 32, Crocker.

Mockly L. Mrs., Lincoln 23, Crocker.

Moller J. K. Mitchellville.

Mollieon William Jefferson 36, Ridgedale.

Monasmith, John, Camp, Runnells.

Montgomery G. H., Walnut 12, Des Moines.

Montgomery John Delaware 17, Berwick.

Montgomery T. T., Camp 11, Runnells.

Moody Mary A. Valley 6, Ridgedale.

Moon E. E., Grant 12, e Des Moines.

Moon J. B., Grant 1, e Des Moines.

Moore E. L., Lincoln, Sheldahl.

Moore Elias, Douglas 32, Berwick.

Moore H. P., Valley 32, Des Moines.

Moore Isaac, Elkhart 27, Elkhart.

Moore J. P., Valley 32, Des Moines.

Moore J. W., Bloomfield 22, Des Moines.

Moore T. B., Lincoln 7, Sheldahl.

Moore W. W., Madison 27, Polk City.

Morgan E. G., Delaware 28, Ft. Dodge.

Morgan Henry J., Mitchellville.

Morgan Henry S., Mitchellville.

Morgan J. E., Franklin 33, Bondurant.

Morgan L., Madison 1, Sheldahl.

Morgan Louisa A. Mrs., Mitchellville.

Morgan Robert, Franklin 33, Bondurant.

Morgan Rowena, Madison 1, Sheldahl.

Morgan W. F., Franklin 33, Bondurant.

Morgan William, Camp, Runnells.

Morkey Thomas, Douglas 1, Bondurant.

Morningstar Calvin, Saylor 23, Des Moines.

Morningstar Edward, Saylor 16, e Des Moines.

Morris Charles, Walnut 31, Campbell.

Morris Cyrus, Walnut 31, Campbell.

Morris Edward, Walnut 31, Campbell.

Morris J. W., Crocker 18, Polk City.

Morton W. A., Bloomfield 21, Des Moines.

Mote John, Bloomfield 25, Des Moines.

Mott C. P., Walnut 36, Des Moines.

Mott D. B., Walnut 36, Des Moines.

Mouen E., Washington 16, Maxwell.

Mouen George V., Washington, Maxwell.

Mullen Alex, Washington, Valeria.

Mullen Archie, Washington, Valeria.

Mullen John, Washington, Valeria.

Mullen Robert, Washington 34, Valeria.

Mullen Robert Jr., Washington, Valeria.

Mullen Thomas, Franklin 2, Oldfield.

Mullihan J. P., Franklin 12, Valeria.

Mulvaney Catherine, Elkhart 34, Elkhart.

Mulvaney J. T., Elkhart 34, Elkhart.

Mulvaney M. J., Elkhart 34, Elkhart.

Munsell O. W., Valley 18, Des Moines.

Murey Mary Miss, Lincoln 7, Sheldahl.

Murphy James, Webster 17, Grimes.

Murphy John, Webster 17, Grimes.

Murray C., Camp, Runnells.

Murray E. H., Polk City.

Murray E. R., Jefferson 14, Polk City.

Murray Frank, Camp, Runnells.

Murray Jacob, Madison 24, Polk City.

Murray J. G., Camp, Runnells.

Murray John, Jefferson 14, Polk City.

Murray J. R., Crocker 10, Ankeny.

Murray L. A., Jefferson 15, Ridgedale.

Murray L. T., Jefferson 31, Hatton.

Murray Orville, Madison 27, Polk City.

Murray W. A., Jefferson 9, Granger.

Murray W. M., Camp, Runnells.

Murray W. W., Camp, Runnells.

Murrow C. H., Walnut 4, Des Moines.

Murrow C. M., Beaver 35, Ivy.

Murrow, John, Camp, Mitchellville.

Murrow N., Camp, Mitchellville.

Myers Christ, Lincoln, Sheldahl.

Myers Francis, Allen 30, Avon.

Myers John S., Washington 8, Maxwell.

                                 MYE                            DES MOINES DIRECTORY                           OGL                            563

Myers S. H., Washington 9, Maxwell.

Myers Sherman, Allen 32, Avon.

Myers Simon, Washington, 14, Maxwell.

Myers Urias, Washington 14, Maxwell.

Myers W. J., Washington, Maxwell.

Myler David, Camp, Runnells.

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