Photos and Newspaper Clippings from early days in

Buchanan County

Westburg School #7    1948  
Union Bus Stop, Independence, Iowa  
Aurora Iowa Westburg School #7    1947
Stanley School/Stanley Attendance Center Lamont Street Views
Gedney Hotel    (3 Pictures) Rowley Street Scene
Independence Water Works Wilcox Building
WWI Independence Boys GAR 1885
Veterans' Reunion 1911 Miguett & Nelson Store-Hazleton, Iowa
Potato Wagon

Picture of Store in the Community of New Haven

Hazleton School

Hazleton High School Girls 1953

Triumph School about 1852 Winthrop 1918 Commencement Program
Anna Woodworth Class Picture 1929 6th Grade Scotchmen Pageant-Jesup
Fontana Park Mill Pine Creek Rural School
Photo of Dr. B. B. Sells Hazleton/Prairie Center/Stanley Picnic 1911

1929 Jesup High School Girls Basketball 

1929 Finnish Junior High Pageant Winthrop

1929 4th Grade Girls Pageant "Swedish Mountain March

1929 Jesup High School Girls Basketball

1929 Jr. Pageant "Russian Folk Dancers Popcorn Stand
1929 Jesup May Queen Presbyterian Church - Hazleton
Buchanan County Home Robert Raines photo and obituary
Grace Munger House Take a Ride on the Princess Boat
Soldiers Stone at Fontana Cemetery Wild West Show
Hazleton Elementary 1st Grade Winthrop Class of 1896 Commencement Program
Hazleton Cemetery Hazleton Main Street
Hazleton Schools Independence Cafe
Hazleton, Iowa Photos Independence Court House
Hazleton Creamery Independence Grammar School  1896 , 1899, and 1906
Hazleton Fire Department Independence Train Depot
2nd Grade Pageant "Snowflakes of Winter Old car belonging to Will Stummer
1929 5th, 6th and Jr. High Pageant "Pioneers and Indians Combs Family Photo
1929 Jesup May Queen Attendants Houch Family Photo
1928 Jesup Girls Basketball-1st Team Winthrop Class of 1908 Commencement Program
1903 Independence Summer School Curriculum Winthrop Congregational Church 1920
Hazleton City Park Winthrop School 1908
1928 Jesup High School Boys Basketball Winthrop Station 1915

1929 Jesup High School Boys Basketball

Winthrop 8th Grade Class
Lamont School Winthrop Teachers
Lamont Methodist Church Ryan-James Bernard Drug Store
Baptist Youth Fellowship 1945 1912 Hood Family Photo
Buffalo River 1908 1911 Stevenson Family Photo
Calvin Seasholtz  


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