Large Soldier Statue at Fontana (Hazleton) Cemetery


Lot of the Post Grand Army of the Republic was erected by G.W. Nelson, Post #63, 1897.


George B. Adams-No Information, A.D Allen- Co. F 1st Iowa Calvary, Emery S. Allen- Co. C 27th Iowa Infantry, John Aubrey- Co. C 1st Nebraska, William Aubrey- Co. G 6th Iowa Calvary, R.S. Bowers- Co. H 32nd Iowa Infantry, William Bunce- Co. E 5th Iowa Infantry, Mathias M. Burgo- Co. H 27th Iowa, John F. Dargand- 19th Regulars, James Dowling- Co. A 100th Illinois Infantry, Henry Finch- Co. K 25th Wisconsin, James O. Goff- Co. H 39th Illinois, A.R. Goss- Co. E 5th Iowa Infantry, Joseph Griton- Co. F 12th Iowa, George Harrington- Co. C 9th Iowa, William O. Hills- Co. C 9th Iowa, Unknown Holman- No Information, Frank Lawson-Co. G 9th Iowa, Gardiner Merrill- Co. G 1st Iowa Calvary, Theo Messinger- Co. F 46th Illinois Calvary, G.W. Nelson- Co. G 24th Iowa, G.W. Nelson- Co. G 24th Iowa, T.C. Nelson- Co. F 12th Iowa Infantry, James Rice- Co. E 5th Iowa, Samuel C. Sanders- Co. C 13th Wisconsin Infantry, William Schott- Co. H 6th Wisconsin, Ed D. Thomas- Co. I 35th Wisconsin, and Neri Woods- Co. A 38th Iowa Infantry.


In Memoriam to the Dead Buried in Unknown Graves

Nelson B. Clow- Co. F 34th Iowa Infantry, Chas. G. Curtis-Co. C 9th Iowa Infantry, John Delair- Co. M 8th Illinois Calvary, George Fish- Co. L 8th Illinois Calvary,  Frank Hatch- Co. H 17th Regiment Illinois Calvary, Morton Hayes- Co. F 1st Iowa Calvary, Martin V. Hitchings- Co. K 34th Iowa Infantry, J.J. Hitchings- Co. H 1st Iowa Calvary, S.W. Kelley- Co. G 141st Illinois Infantry, Jacob Kiefer- Co. F 48th Indiana 2nd Sgt, John M. King- Co. G 6th Iowa Calvary, Chas. Morey- Co. A 22nd Wisconsin-2nd Sgt, W.A. Nelson- Co. F 12th Iowa Infantry, E.R Prindle- Co. H. 16th Wisconsin Pvt., Peter Putman- Co. E 5th Iowa Infantry, J.B. Shackleford- Co. K 7th Illinois Calvary, Thomas Underwood- Co. I 5th Wisconsin Infantry, John Vargason- Co. C 9th Iowa Infantry, and Virgil H. Wright- Co. K 8th Iowa Calvary.


Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion

Chas. E Destival- 9th Iowa Calvary, Luther S. Fillmore- New York Artillery, Isaac MaChamer- Co. E 45th Illinois Infantry,  O.G. Morey- Co. H 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, E.B. Osmer- Co. E 37th Illinois Infantry/Co. 157th Illinois Infantry, N.C. Peck- Co. D 4th New York Infantry, Robert Swarts- Co. B 2nd Wisconsin Infantry, R.D. Williams- Co. C 12th Iowa Infantry, and Thomas Worman- Co. H 1st Colorado Calvary.


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