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2 0 2 4 - July
Hartford High School graduates & school history
2 0 2 4 - June
10 years of Lacona High School graduates added: 1944-1945, 1947, 1950, 1952-1954, 1957-1959
2 0 2 4 - May
Warren County Marriages 1926
2 0 2 4 - April
Warren County Marriages 1925
2 0 2 4 - March
Southeast Warren High School - 1963 girls' state basketball photo
2 0 2 4 - February
Southeast Warren High School - graduates
2 0 2 4 - January
Liberty Center High School - graduates & school history
2 0 2 3
Warren County Marriages 1921 - 1922 - 1923 - 1924
1858-2016 List of Warren County Inventors updated from 1858-2022
4-H Hall of Fame Recipients from Warren County, 2002-2022
Updated cemetery listings for Hewitt Cemetery and Randolph Cemetery - listed by rows and in alphabetical order - with special thanks to Deborah Segebart
Warren County Businesses in 1918-1919, Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory
Photos of Restored Gravestones added to Lacey Cemetery (thanks to the fantastic Lacey Cemetery Restoration Project!)

100th Anniversary church history of the Linn Grove Methodist Church

187 obituaries added from Aug 2022 thru April 2023 to the Obituary Board
1878 Farmers Directory for Warren County
7 Overton Family Photos - plus a 3 generation charts
Monthly School Reports in Warren County 1887-1888 (including students & teachers)
Warren County Businesses in 1912-1913, Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory
Early Church Histories in Warren County
History of Norwalk Methodism
Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Membership 1895
Linn Grove Methodist Episcopal Directory 1895
Mexican War Veterans living in Warren County in 1886
Civil War Veterans living in Warren County, Iowa in 1886
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Simpson College Catalogue 1880-1881 (includes freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors)
Map of Warren County in 1935 showing railroads and Optometrists in Warren County
Starting Life in Warren County - from the autobiography of Wm. P. Nutting in 1855
Update to Warren County Inventors - added 114 patents from 2017-2021
680 obituaries added from Aug 2020 thru July 2022 to the Obituary Board
Birth Index 1909 - June 1921
Liberty Center Methodist Church 125th Anniversary Celebration
Photos of Beech (Grand View) School and Students
Ackworth Academy in newspaper accounts from 1871-1900
Warren County Businesses 1884-1885 from the Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory
Brush College school - heads of families & their children 1875-1913
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Early settlers of Warren County

Haydey and Morrissey family trees shared on this site by Marybeth Cramer, author of the book, Alice Catherine Hayday & Michael Patrick Morrissey

Links to the full text of 6 volumes of the Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1866

1870 Census for Warren County converted from USGenWeb to Warren County IAGenWeb
Real postcard photo of Indianola High School - donated by Karen Hanley
1935 Divorce Records Index - transcribed by Lynn McCleary
Transferred 1,109 biographies from 7 sources into one source, the Bios Board
Biographical data on the departed in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - surnames N - Z
Biographical data on the departed in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery - surnames A - M
1860 Census for Warren County converted from USGenWeb to Warren County IAGenWeb
1850 Census for Warren County moved from USGenWeb to Warren County IAGenWeb
Updated Probate Index 1853-1917 & 1920-1967
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery burials updated to 2020 with PARENT'S names (special thanks to Dolly Flinn)
Calvary Cemetery burials updated to 2020 with more complete birth & death dates (not just yrs.)
2 0 2 0
Newbern Cemetery burials updated to 2020 with more complete birth & death dates (not just yrs.)
National Register of Historic Places & their photos in Warren County
Hendrickson Cemetery burials updated with more complete birth & death dates (not just yrs.)
Belmont Cemetery burials updated through 2019
Webb Cemetery burials updated through 2019
580 obituaries added from Dec 2019 thru July 2020 to the Obituary Board
1865 Warren County: Post Offices, Population, Business Directory & History from Iowa's first State Gazetteer.
New Virginia High School graduates for 1916-1922, 1945, 1948-1949, 1953, 1956-1961
Norwalk Cemetery burials updated through 2019
1918 Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory for Warren County
More postcards added: old courthouse, north side of square, and Woods Motel
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Warren County 1856
Map added to the history of Peck Cemetery showing Warren County's 1st Poor Farm nearby
Warren County's Two Poor Farms - including deed and list of paupers
Index to Death Records 1904-1905 (added to 1906-1920 Index)
Indianola Seminary (Simpson College) classmates of 1864
Ackworth Cemetery burials updated through 2019
Added a surname index to gravestone photos of 50 cemeteries in Warren County
2 0 1 9
Index to Bussanmas Funeral Home Records, Jan 1, 1919 - Oct 26, 1923
200 obituaries added from Feb 2019 thru Nov 2019 to the Obituary Board
32 Postcards of Warren County added
Lake Ahquabi State Park & Camp Allerton
Photos of Newspaper account of first Warren County soldier to die in WWII - Howard McClintic
Early Physicians of Warren County
12 Postcards with photos of Warren County added
Index of Will Records, Vol. A-D, 1865-1902
George Washington Carver (1864-1943) - the Plant Doctor
337 obituaries added from Apr 2018 thru Jan 2019 to the Obituary Board
2 0 1 8
Simpson College Outstanding Alumni - 1931
Postmasters of Warren County
Caricatures of Ten Indianola Business Men - 1918
High School students taking the Normal Training Course - Warren County 1913-1934
Simpson's Loyal Sons & Daughters (Simpson College students in WWII) - from which 143 photos were also linked to the Photos people section on this website
Coal Mining history & Coal Mining Fatalities in Warren County
116 Warren County obituaries added from Oct 2017 thru Mar 2018 to the Obituary Board
War of 1812 Soldiers & their widows who later lived in Warren County
Korean War & Vietnam War Casualties from Warren County
Underground Railroad in Warren County
Class photo of Lacona School 1904-1905, plus a few years of Lacona High School Graduates
Martensdale High School graduates 1923-1929, plus class photos from 1929-1939 (with 143 new photos of these graduates added to the Photo Gallery)
The Martensdale Story - found in the Martin's Tale yearbook of 1929
Simpson College graduates 1931-1950 - plus listed alphabetically 1870-1950
2 0 1 7
Warren County Births July 1904 - June 1906
Golden Ring babies born in 1906
25 Photos of Warren County Officials from 1896-1909 added to the Photo Collection of People:
Nora Barns, Walter Beam, John Condit, Joseph Cottingham, Harry Dale, Richard Elson, Jessie Fenner, William Funk, Archibald Gilliland, Henry Hayden, Leander Hiatt, Sadie Hiatt, Lewis Hodson, Samuel Holladay, Martin Hooper, Joe Huffman, Grant Kimer, Samuel McElroy, Sadie McGee, Marion Morrison, Aaron Proudfoot, Charles Scanland, Charles Shaw, Taylor Sinnard, William Wilson
Century Farms of Warren County, Iowa
227 Warren County obituaries added from July thru Sept 2017 to the Obituary Board
Topical Index to Newsletters of the Warren County Genealogical Society 1980-2017 (and where to access copies of articles online)
Twelve Pioneer Sketches written in 1885 in the Advocate Tribune newspaper
Mills of Warren County, Iowa ... and the people who owned and managed them
300 Warren County obituaries added from May 2016 thru June 2017 to the Obituary Board
Letters that World War I soldiers sent home to their families in Warren County
Warren County Inventors updated through 2016
Index to Warren County Deaths 1906 - 1920
Warren County World War I Veterans
Photos added for the list of men from Warren County who died during World War I
Added links of online newspapers to the list of Warren County Archived Newspapers
Photos added for the list of men from Warren County who died during World War II
544 Biographies from an 1879 History of Warren County, Iowa ---where initials were replaced by first names (after searching census & marriage records)
54 Biographies added to the Warren County Biography Board, copied from Warren County newspapers now online thanks to the Warren County Historical Society
2 0 1 6
Who is in Charge of Warren County Cemeteries
Mortality Schedules for Warren County - i.e. people who died between June 1849-May 1850, June 1859-May 1860, June 1869-May 1870, and June 1879-May 1880
Warren County Men who voted in the 1840 Presidential Election
1905 Iowa Census Directory of Warren County towns and townships, (as well as an explanation of How to identify family members in the 1905 census)
An Alphabetical index to the 1905 Census Directory of Warren County, Iowa
126 Biographical Sketches of Warren County residents from the book, Memorial & Biographical Record of Iowa, 1896
Index to Warren County Divorces 1904-1960
Towns listings were updated in an effort to include the section and township for each town, as well as a link to a map showing the town's location.
Index to Warren County Deaths 1880 - 1903
History of Township formation in Warren County - including the Strip
Maps of Warren County from 1850, 1855, 1864, 1873 and 1878
470 Warren County obituaries added since July 2015 to the Obituary Board from Overton Funeral Home's website
Indianola High School Graduates 1876 - 1940 (missing 1908 & 1934)
Martensdale High School Graduates, plus a picture of Martensdale's 1941 Baseball team & Martensdale's 1924 Girls Basketball team
Who was Who in Lacey Cemetery - brief biographies of 23 people buried there
2 0 1 5

Some History and Photos of Hot Air Ballooning in Warren County

325 Warren County obituaries added to the Obituary Board since April, submitted by Marilyn Holmes, Pat K., Karon King, and a volunteer transcriber
Updated Wallace Cemetery burial listing, plus 640 gravestone photos added to the Gravestone Photo Project for Wallace Cemetery.
Transcribed Old Age Pension Tax List for Warren County 1935 & 1936 (except for Allen Township, fininished in 2014)
533 Warren County obituaries added to the Obituary Board from Overton Funeral Home website and Pierschbacher Funeral Home website with their permission
Update of inventors in Warren County receiving patents from 1858 through 2014
St Mary's Parochial School at Rosemount, Iowa; a list of the students who attended and teachers who taught there between 1907 - 1966
Carlisle High School Graduates 1896 - 1962
Norwalk High School Graduate 1938 - 1951
Index of Warren County Marriages 1900 - 1920
2 0 1 4
135 People who provided land for schools in Warren County - PLUS 74 of their transcribed Deeds for School Property from 1858 to 1882
1902 Maps of school locations for all Warren County, Iowa townships
1892 Farmers Directory transcribed for Warren County, Iowa
Transcribed Old Age Pension Tax Lists, 1935 and 1936, for Carlisle and Allen Township
Index to the 1925 Iowa Census for Warren County with an explanation of it's peculiar format
Who was Who in Shupe Cemetery - obituaries and biographies for the 46 people buried there
Warren County Tax List transcribed for 1865
Spring Hill High School Graduates 1919 - 1959, plus, photos of their basketball team for 1930 & 1931
Over 11,000 birth dates added to the Indianola IOOF Cemetery burial records
Index to 1,736 funeral home records from the Orr Funeral Home, Indianola, Iowa, covering 1904 to 1946
1852 Iowa Special Census - transcribed for Union and Washington Townships in Warren County
2 0 1 3
Warren County soldiers who served in Iowa regiments during the Spanish American War
Naturalization records in Warren County: First Papers 1865-1906, Declaration of Intention 1907-1925, Petition for Naturalization 1908-1925
Index to 4,406 funeral home records from the Peterson-Richardson Funeral Home, Carlisle, Iowa, covering 1876 to 1995
Township maps added showing the location of the cemeteries in each township, along with addresses for each cemetery
1,757 Obituaries added in 2013....thanks to volunteer, Don Boucher.
Burial listings for Indian Valley Cemetery, Hewitt Cemetery, Liberty Center Cemetery, Cochran Cemetery, Milo IOOF Cemetery, Palmyra Cemetery, Belmont Cemetery, Linn Grove Cemetery, Hartford Cemetery, Ackworth Cemetery, and Carlisle Cemetery
List of Indianola High School Graduates from 1915 through 1926 [updated from 1876-1940 in 2016]
Officials of Warren County including Representative and Senators serving Warren County
242 biographies from the History of Warren County, Iowa, by Gerard Schultz & Don L. Berry, 1953
2 0 1 2
Index of Warren County Marriages 1849-1899
Index of Personal War Sketches from Civil War soldiers
Warren County Casualty List from World War I
Archived Warren County Newspapers (1855-present) and their locations
Warren County Businesses in 1910 Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory
Indianola High School Attendance Book Sept 6, 1915 - Jan 14, 1916
Index of Coroner's Reports 1927-1935
Index of Warren County Marriages 1974-1975
Index of nearly 35,000 Obituaries from 1850-2010!
Index of 1,000 Handwritten Obituaries from 1870-1969
Index of 4,903 items found in Warren County Scrapbooks
Index of Warren County Family Histories
Index of Warren County Transcribed Bible Records
Index to Biographical Sketches from the Memorial & Biographical Record of Iowa 1896
Burial listings for the following cemeteries: Calvary, Hickory Grove, New Virginia, North River, Norwalk, St John's, St Mary's
High School graduation classes: Indianola 1918 (with pictures in the Photo Gallery), Milo 1887-1959
List of 144 Warren County Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883
New PHOTO GALLERY section with: 294 People, 10 Homes, and 9 Businesses from Warren County, Iowa
343 biographies from History of Warren County Iowa from Its Earliest Settlement to 1908 by W C Martin
2 0 1 1
Simpson College Graduates from 1870-1930
1870 Federal Census for Warren County has been transcribed & indexed as a USGenWeb Census Project
Burial listings for the following cemeteries: Black, Dillman, Hammondsburg, Hendrickson, Highland, IOOF Indianola (with maps), Lacona St Marys, Motor, Mount Tabor, Newbern, Plainville, Pleasant Ridge, Randolph, Rosemount, Shaver, Smith and Webb, Willis

2 0 1 0

Warren County World War I Draft Card Registrants
Civil War Soldier's Bibliographic File transcribed from a GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Card File
List of Warren County Original Land Owners, along with a map showing congressional districts.
Warren County Probate Index and Warren County Index to Wills
Civil War Soldier's Enlistment Records from Warren County
An 1879 Warren County Directory Index L-Z was added and a Richland Township listing with biographies.
List of Newspaper Titles from Warren County to the present (updated in 2012 to include locations)
Samples and List of Warren County Inventors 1858 - 2009!
Burial listings for the following cemeteries: Christian Neck, Lacey, Middle River, Murray, Peck, Sandyville, Scotch Ridge, and Shupe
1885 Iowa Census Index forWarren County has been added (other than the town of Carlisle and Linn Township which are missing from the census)
2 0 0 9
New Surnames added to the Registry! added 06/09
Two new postcards!  R.I. Depot, Indianola (circa 1921) and Simpson College, Indianola added 04/14/09
Link to the Warren County Historical Society added to the Societies added 03/28/09
Link to the Warren County Obits Collection of the Warren County Historical Society added to the Obituaries Folder added 03/28/09
Otter Township Tax List 1876 added 02/04/09
Updated Motor School Board page updated 01/03/09 New! Motor School 8th Grade Exams added 01/03/09
1855 Tax List added 01/03/09

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Brush College History added 12/17/2008
Have you checked out the Surname Registry lately?  New ones being added.  Have you added yours? Someone else may be researching the same name!
1896 Warren County Residents added 11/22/2008 North Lincoln School History added 11/22/08
-List of Warren County newspapers before 1896. Advertisers in 1896 Warren Co. Directory
-List of Warren County Rural Schools that were in operation in 1902


North Lincoln
Social Plains

Ackworth Academy 

-Warren County obituaries can be searched on the Iowa GenWeb Board.  

2006 - 2007

-Biography of Rebecca Hall Maybury
-James Hall (father of James Byron Hall)
-James Byron Hall - Biographies from John Hall and His Descendents 1753-1987 by Thomas B. and Ruth Hall Hammer
WWII Casualties of Warren County - Transcribed from the book Buck-eye Prairie and Three Rivers Country Folk by Clyde F. Wright