The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part III  Section 2  Index 
 Part III Section 2 is the history section with townships and town histories.
Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society. 

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Maguire, M., Sec2 p16
Maher, John, Sec2 p11, p18
Maloney, Dan, Sec2 p11
Mandersheid, John, Sec2 p11
Marienau, W., Sec2 p8
Markle, Sam, Sec2 p10
Martin, N. C., Sec2 p13
Marx, Peter, Sec2 p12
Maulam, Wm., Sec2 p20
Maynard, Lee D., Sec2 p9
McArthur, A., Sec2 p11, p17
McArthurs, Alex, Sec2 p17
McBride, C. M. Dr., Sec2 p10, p11
McCarthey, Thomas Rev., Sec2 p12
McCarthy, Father, Sec2 p13
McCaughan, T. Dr., Sec2 p9
Ballachey, J. E. Dr., Sec2 p9
McClain, Celia, Sec2 p21
McClure, W. D., Sec2 p20
McCormac, Harve, Sec2 p9
McCormick, B. F., Sec2 p10
McCracken, C. L. Rev., Sec2 p11
McCrery, J. L., Sec2 p20
McCrery, R. R., Sec2 p20
McCullough, D. N., Sec2 p19
McDonald, A. C., Sec2 p20
McDonald, Hugh & William, Sec2 p18
McDonald, J. M., Sec2 p19
McDonald, James, Sec2 p18
McGuise, T. H., Sec2 p10
McIntyre, Hotel, Sec2 p21
McKee, H. H., Sec2 p1
McKeever, Mr., Sec2 p8
McKellar, Peter, Sec2 p11
McKeller, Peter, Sec2 p11, p17
McKenyon, David Burkett, Sec2 p9
McLaughin, John, Sec2 p19
McLaughin, S. R. Rev., Sec2 p11
McLean, Mr., Sec2 p15
McLean, N. P., Sec2 p11
McLean, Robert, Sec2 p11
McLean, Robert Mrs., Sec2 p11
McLean, W. J., Sec2 p11
McNally, Alice,John,Frank, Sec2 p19
McNally, E. T. Rev., Sec2 p18
McNally, Jno., Sec2 p19
McNally, M., Sec2 p19
McNally, Nelly, Michael,Andy Sec2 p19
McNary, Kitty Miss, Sec2 p14
Meis, Father, Sec2 p12
Meis, Rev., Sec2 p7
Menning, Sjoerd, Sec2 p6
Mensink, Henry M., Sec2 p18
Merrill, Web, Sec2 p16
Merrill, Webster, Sec2 p16
Meyer, August Rev, Sec2 p13
Meyer, John, Sec2 p8
Meynes, Herman, Sec2 p16
Michley, Sam Mr. & Mrs., Sec2 p14
Mieras, James, Sec2 p18
Miller, Fam, Sec2 p17
Miller, John, Sec2 p16
Miller, John Mrs., Sec2 p17
Miller, Wm., Sec2 p19
Miller, Wm. & Frank, Sec2 p17
Misch, Peter, Sec2 p13
Moeller, Conrad, Sec2 p15
Moeller, Conrad, Sec2 p16
Moeller, Hans, Sec2 p17
Moeller, Jacob, Sec2 p17
Moes, D., Sec2 p12
Moran, P. H., Sec2 p18
Moret, John, Sec2 p14
Moret, Mr., Sec2 p14
Moret, Wm., Sec2 p14
Morey, Julius, Sec2 p19
Morey, Marion, Sec2 p19
Morgan, Buss., Sec2 p21
Morgan, H. B., Sec2 p1
Morgan, William, Sec2 p19
Morgan, Wm., Sec2 p19
Morris, D. M., Sec2 p17
Morris, Jas. F., Sec2 p1
Morris, John Mrs., Sec2 p14
Morrison, John, Sec2 p9
Mos, C., Sec2 p17
Moss, J., Sec2 p17
Mouw, B., Sec2 p5
Mouw, H., Sec2 p5
Mouw, John, Sec2 p4
Muilenburg, H., Sec2 p1, p2
Muilenburg, S., Sec2 p7
Mulder, Mr., Sec2 p10
Mulhall, Bros., Sec2 p10, p11
Munson, Ole, Sec2 p12
Murphy, John, Sec2 p11
Murphy, John Mr. & Mrs., Sec2 p10
Murray, Bros., Sec2 p21
Murry, B. , Sec2 p16
Murry, John & Beman, Sec2 p16
Murry, Patrick, Sec2 p15, p16
Murry, Thomas, Sec2 p16
Muth, C. H., Sec2 p9
Muyskins, Mr., Sec2 p12


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