The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part III  Section 2  Index 
 Part III Section 2 is the history section with townships and town histories.
Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society. 

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Galbraith, D. C., Sec2 p10, p11
Galles, Peter, Sec2 p13
Galman, J. J. Dr., Sec2 p12
Gardiner, D. O., Sec2 p16
Gardner, Joel, Sec2 p11
Gardner, Robert, Sec2 p12
Garrigan, Bishop Rev., Sec2 p13
Gaul, J & P., Sec2 p7
Gehlen, Peter, Sec2 p13
Gehlen, Theo., Sec2 p7, p8, p12
Gehlen, Theo., Sec2 p13
Geling, John H. Rev., Sec2 p12
Gentry, Jack, Sec2 p16
Gerla, Mr., Sec2 p11
Gerlach, Mr., Sec2 p13
Gerleman, J. A. Rev., Sec2 p13
Gerrits, Henry, Sec2 p18
Gerst, Gregory, Sec2 p12
Gerst, Gregory Mrs., Sec2 p12
Gerst, J. & G., Sec2 p7, p13
Gerst, John, Sec2 p12
Gerst, Peter, Sec2 p12
Gertson, Ole, Sec2 p17
Geurink, Mr., Sec2 p12
Gibson, Sarah & W. H., Sec2 p19
Gilbert, Levi P., Sec2 p11
Gilbert, Mr., Sec2 p10
Gillman, E. H. Rev., Sec2 p17
Gillmann, W. E., Sec2 p17
Ginbach, P. & N., Sec2 p13
Ginther, J. Mr. & Mrs., Sec2 p14
Glenn, Michael, Sec2 p9
Gleysteen, D., Sec2 p7, p8
Gleysteen, D. Mr. & Mrs., Sec2 p7
Gleysteen, Dr., Sec2 p6
Goebel, H & P., Sec2 p7, p13
Goebel, Henry, Sec2 p6
Goepel, Casper, Sec2 p13
Goergen, Mr., Sec2 p13
Grady, M. M. Rev., Sec2 p18
Graff, N. H., Sec2 p13
Graff, Theo. , Sec2 p13
Graham, W. J. Rev., Sec2 p11
Granger, B. F., Sec2 p9
Granger, T. E. Mrs., Sec2 p20
Greatrax, J. W., Sec2 p2
Greattrax, Alvin & Henry, Sec2 p14
Greattrax, Mr., Sec2 p14
Greattrax, Wm., Sec2 p14
Griffin, James, Sec2 p10
Griggs, J. W., Sec2 p12
Grossenberg, Minnie Miss, Sec2 p10
Grotenhuis, Ed., Sec2 p12


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