The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part III  Section 2  Index 
 Part III Section 2 is the history section with townships and town histories.
Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society. 

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Baack, Henry, Sec2 p9
Bader, S. R., Sec2 p19
Balkema, Albert, Sec2 p14
Barid, Stephen, Sec2 p16
Barnes, G. W. Rev., Sec2 p10
Bartels, P., Sec2 p17
Barth, Lewis, Sec2 p16
Bashford, Mr. & Mrs., Sec2 p14
Batcheler, Rev., Sec2 p9
Bauma, Mr., Sec2 p12
Beach, A. Mr., Sec2 p8
Beach , J. W., Sec2 p8
Beals, Dr., Sec2 p14
Beals, Dr. & Mrs., Sec2 p14
Beck, E., Sec2 p9
Beck, Mr., Sec2 p13
Becker, Henry F., Sec2 p9
Beckley, John, Sec2 p16
Beckley, Peter, Sec2 p16
Beckman, John, Henry, & G., Sec2 p15
Beckwith, J. C., Sec2 p9
Beeman, I. T., Sec2 p15
Beernink, H. W., Sec2 p5
Bell, Lucy, Sec2 p19
Bellesfield, Sam, Sec2 p10
Bellisfield, Boys, Sec2 p17
Bellisfield, Peter, Sec2 p17
Bellisfield, Samuel, Sec2 p17
Bennett, B. P., Sec2 p9
Bennett, J. S., Sec2 p10
Berg, Dominick, Sec2 p13
Berray, Mr., Sec2 p14
Berray, Sirlecta Miss, Sec2 p14
Berry, Edward, Sec2 p14
Best, Mr., Sec2 p21
Betten, A. J., Sec2 p2
Beukelman, Arie, Sec2 p2
Beukelman, Bros., Sec2 p2
Beukelman, Mr., Sec2 p2
Beukelman, Mrs., Sec2 p2
Beyer, E. J. Mrs., Sec2 p11
Biever, J., Sec2 p7
Biever, M., Sec2 p8
Biever, Mike, Sec2 p13
Bishop, L. H. Mr., Sec2 p14
Black, E. W., Sec2 p8
Black, Enoch & Harley, Sec2 p19
Black, Levi M., Sec2 p8, p9, p19
Blaesser, Mr., Sec2 p13
Blatherwick, H., Sec2 p17
Blatherwick, J. H., Sec2 p11
Blau, Matt, Sec2 p10, p11
Blodget, Mr., Sec2 p2
Bloemendaal, E. J. G., Sec2 p12
Bloemendal, J. G., Sec2 p7
Blood, Phenias H., Sec2 p10
Blunt, Robert, Sec2 p19
Bode, Henry Rev., Sec2 p5
Boer, H. K., Sec2 p18
Boerhave, Mr., Sec2 p13
Boersma, H., Sec2 p12
Boeve, L., Sec2 p12
Boeyink, John, Sec2 p1
Boggess, J. W., Sec2 p10
Bolks, A. J., Sec2 p15
Bolks, S. Rev., Sec2 p2, p5, p6, p7, p12, p18
Boone, Charlie, Sec2 p20
Bordorf, Ernest, Sec2 p17
Boterman, Mr., Sec2 p12
Bouma?, Mr., Sec2 p12
Bowers, B.A. Dr., Sec2 p13
Bracht, E. F., Sec2 p21
Brady, L. L. Miss, Sec2 p21
Brash, Minnie Miss, Sec2 p14
Brewer, Hotel, Sec2 p21
Brewington, William, Sec2 p10
Brewster, James Mrs., Sec2 p14
Brewster, John , Sec2 p14
Brewster, Louis, Sec2 p14
Brewster, Wm., Sec2 p14
Brink, Gerrit, Sec2 p18
Brink, S., Sec2 p12
Brink, William, Sec2 p18
Broekstra, M. E. Rev., Sec2 p17
Brogstad, John J. & Nels, Sec2 p17
Brown, J. H., Sec2 p19
Brown, Jack, Sec2 p17
Brown, Wm., Sec2 p16
Brueggemann, E. A., Sec2 p9
Brune, F. J. Rev., Sec2 p6
Buck, F. E., Sec2 p9
Buckley, Jas., Sec2 p15
Buckley, Miss, Sec2 p17
Buckley, Philip, Sec2 p16
Buckley, T., Sec2 p16
Budde, Joe, Sec2 p13
Buenger, F. S., Sec2 p9
Bunkers, Henry, Sec2 p13
Burdick, D., Sec2 p16
Burket, Uncle, Sec2 p20
Burkett, Charles, Emma, Ellis, Sec2 p19
Burnell, A. L., Sec2 p10
Burris, Mr., Sec2 p15
Bushby, Levi, Sec2 p19
Bussamas, J. H., Sec2 p13
Bussey, W. J., Sec2 p19
Buursma, A. Rev., Sec2 p12, p16


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