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Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE
Platted 1859

aerial view of Pleasant Grove cemetery - from Bing Maps
Aerial view of the cemetery - courtesy of Bing Maps

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.

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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Clayton co. Death Certificates (annotated CCDC), from Family Search.org
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien

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Name Birth Death Comments
Abbott, Ephraim J.      
Abbott, John D.      
Abbott, Mary Louise      
Abel, Harry 02/27/1907 10/03/1934 h/o Bernice; s/o August & Mamie (Moon); died of Scarlet fever; CCDC 
Abernathy, Curtis Alexander 04/17/1919 10/10/1993 h/o Jeanne; WWII veteran
Abernathy, Jeanne nee Fitzgerald 04/23/1924 05/13/1997 w/o Curtis; d/o William & Alma (Garrow) Fitzgerald
Adams, Fanny nee Dresdon 1878 1926 "Mother"; w/o George
Adams, George 1866 1934 h/o Fanny
Adams, Gordon Ralph 11/24/1922 11/23/1947 Co. A, 344 Engrs., WWII 
Adams, J.A.      
Adams, John Quincy 10/23/1833 04/??/1916 h/o Rosie
Adams, Kitt      
Adams, Rosie nee Hill 04/06/1845 1912 w/o John Q.
Adams, Truman 1906 1920  
Adney, Austin   03/31/1931 s/o John T. & Sarah
Adney, Elmer L. 1900 1927  
Adney, Herman 1885 1959 h/o Myrtle
Adney, John Alvin      
Adney, John S.      
Adney, John T. 1844 06/02/1922  
Adney, Josphine   1901  
Adney, Myrtle 1885 1970 w/o Herman
Adney, Opal      
Adney, Robert      
Adney, Sarah A. nee Oxberger 08/04/1842 or
03/29/1931 w/o John T.; d/o Christopher & Susan (Sturms) Oxberger; DOB on death cert & obit conflict
Adney, William H. 1864 02/17/1909  
Albeck, Alice nee Allard   04/18/1935 1st w/o Henry N.
Albeck, Alice M. nee Goddard     2nd w/o Henry N.
Albeck, Henry Nelson 10/18/1876 11/21/1956 1st w/Alice Allard, 2nd w/Alice Goddard
Albright, Charles 1870/1871 08/13/1930 source: Waukon Democrat 
Alderson, John R.      
Allard, Esther S.      
Allard, George H.   01/21/1950 age 68; died in Colorado Springs
Allard, Mae A.      
Allard, Margueritt      
Allard, Thomas 1844 07/29/1919  
Allard, Will B.   11/??/1963 78y; h/o Marguerite
Allard, Willis      
Allen, Jennie Margaret      
Allen, Wm. H.      
Ambrose, infant boy      
Ames, Juanita Ann nee Edwards 12/02/1942 01/17/1997 w/o Gary
Amis, Merlin Gene      
Amis, Vernon A.      
Amis, Virginia C.      
Anderson, Alice   12/08/1936 age 15y; d/o Jay & Lydia
Anderson, Betty Belle   12/08/1936 age 10y; d/o Jay & Lydia
Anderson, C. James      
Anderson, Dora M.   04/18/2003 83y
Anderson, Erwin   12/08/1936 age 6y; s/o Jay & Lydia
Anderson, Frank E. 1874 1900  
Anderson, Gustavus 1851 1932  
Anderson, Jay E. 1894 12/08/1936 h/o Lydia B.; Co. E & M, 384th Inf., 96th Div., WWI
Anderson, Lydia B. 1899 12/08/1936 w/o Jay E.
Anderson, Mary 1856 1913  
Anderson, Rachel 1843 1924  
Anderson, Richard   12/08/1936 age 2y; s/o Jay & Lydia
Anderson, Stanley   12/08/1936 age 4y; s/o Jay & Lydia
Ankeny, Samuel     Co. C 7th Wis. Inf
Atchinson, E.C.      
Atchinson, Katherine E.      
Atella, John H. 1840 1920 Co I 156th Ill. Inf.
Atoll, Ellen H. 1853 1926  
Atoll, John Henry      
Atoll, LaRene      
Atoll, Nelson J.      
Austin, Cynthia 1835 1904  
Austin, Warren 1836 1902  
Ayers, LaVern Junior 05/25/1926 10/14/2007 h/o Lorraine; s/o Lyle & Minnie (Follman) Ayers
Ayers, Robert Allan 'Deputy' 04/04/1964 07/05/1986 s/o Robt. A. & Lorraine (Brainard) Ayers
Bachtell, Alvina E. 1923 10/17/2008 w/o Walter
Bachtell, Charles A. 02/15/1869 06/14/1925 h/o Martha
Bachtell, Charles K.      
Bachtell, Fred H. 1901 12/??/1981 h/o Jessie
Bachtell, Jessie May 1901 1990 w/o Fred H.
Bachtell, Martha nee Smith 07/18/1874 09/17/1962 w/o Charles A.
Bachtell, Walter D. 1905 1979 h/o Alvina E.
Backett, Oscar V.      
Bacon, Harold Pape      
Bacon, Laura A.      
Bailey, Anna R. nee Eno 1869 1918 w/o Oliver H.
Bailey, Charles 1901 1901 s/o O.H. & A.R.
Bailey, Jasper 1902 1902 s/o O.H. & A.R.
Bailey, Oliver H.     h/o Anna R.
Baird, Charles A.      
Baird, David S.      
Baird, Delia 1854 01/21/1878  
Baird, Emma St. John 1847 07/29/1882  
Baird, John 1849 12/24/1904  
Baird, Kathryn Agnes      
Baird, Mary A. 1856 1908  
Baker, Leslie O.      
Baker, Samantha Lee Ann      
Balcer, Iva nee Vaughn 04/21/1899 01/06/1939 w/o Ludwig; d/o Jess
Balcer, Ludwig F.      
Baldwin, female infant      
Baldwin, Mary Gale      
Baldwin, Mary Louisa      
Baldwin, Philip Eugene      
Balser, Iva May      
Bank, Rudolph F.   12/??/1981 age 68y
Barber, Ellen      
Barker, Brenda Alberta      
Barker, Cheryl Ann nee Prouty 11/11/1958 09/24/1982  
Barker, Donald R.      
Barker, Florence I.      
Barker, Harrison W.      
Barnet, Edna E.      
Barnet, Lewis      
Barnhart, Adelia F.      
Barnhart, Beatrice A.      
Barnhart, Henry M. 1854 1887  
Barnhart, Stanley      
Barnhouse, Allen 1879 1954  
Barr, Andrew James      
Barr, Evelyn A.      
Barr, Hannah      
Barr, hazel Katherine      
Barr, Katherine Anderson      
Barr, Robert Bruce      
Barr, Thomas D.      
Barron, Chas. 1836 1910  
Barron, Hannah S.      
Barton, Emma A.      
Barton, John      
Barton, Olivia Holly 1917 08/15/2010  
Bass, Anna Moore 1828 1882  
Bass, Emma Eilson 1853 1897  
Bass, George 1850 1900  
Bass, George L.   1902  
Bass, Tom J. 1866 1887  
Baugh, Downing (Judge) 1798 1888  
Baugh, Sophronia 1810 1907  
Bean, Eloise Rice      
Beaver, Matilda Castle   03/1?/1899 w/o unkn Castle & unkn Beaver; Obit: died in Minneapolis, MN at home of her dau. Eliza Welsenberger; a son Ed Castle of Grundy Center, IA
Becker, Augusta E.      
Becker, Catherine / Katherine W. 12/19/1842 01/25/1916 w/o Louis
Becker, Fred Louis 1823 12/05/1894 h/o Catherine
Becker, Fred L. 04/08/1875 06/30/1966 h/o Leonora
Becker, Irvin L. 12/22/1907 08/15/1987 h/o Johanna Hartke; s/o Fred L. & Lenora (Hagensick) Becker
Becker, Lenore nee Hagensick   01/??/1948 w/o Fred L.
Becker, Marie 1906 2006  
Becker, William   10/12/1945 Age 73y
Becket, Victor      
Beckett, Bruce Oscar 09/06/1940 09/08/1940 1 day old; s/o Oscar & Berniece (Faber)
Beckett, Leona W.      
Beckett, Olive M. 1908 1930  
Beckett, Oscar Gottlieb Verni 'Buzz' 03/24/1910 01/31/1978 h/o Frances; s/o Victor & Leona (Keehner)
Beckwith, Hattie      
Beckwith, Lester B.      
Beckwith, Maurice      
Beckwith, Salinda A.   07/02/1868 28y; w/o Truman
Bell, Agnes 1842 09/30/1921  
Bell, Annie G. 1857 1893  
Bell, Barbara Annette      
Bell, Colin F. 1823 1905  
Bell, Elizabeth 1876 1924  
Bell, Emma F.   02/10/1959 age 84; died in Lodoga, Indiana
Bell, Fred G.      
Bell, Fred G. Jr.      
Bell, Henry 1841 07/16/1912  
Bell, Jesse E.      
Bell, Lucy L. 1838 1906  
Bender, Arnold      
Bender, Genevieve, E.      
Benjamin, Dayton G. 1861 05/30/1934  
Benjamin, Emma      
Bennett, Letha      
Benson, John G.      
Benton, Anna Marie nee Buck 06/11/1834 03/26/1894 w/o Willard
Benton, Elmer 1861 1926 s/o Willard & Anna
Benton, Willard A. 12/03/1829 09/09/1905 h/o Anna; Capt., Co. G, 21st IA Inf.
Bergemeyer, Embert      
Bergemeyer, Sarah      
Bergman, Augusta C.      
Bergman, Carl F.      
Bergman, Charlotte A.      
Bergman, Clara M.      
Bergman, Cora      
Bergman, Dorothea A.      
Bergman, Edward L.      
Bergman, Elizabeth      
Bergman, Ernest A.      
Bergman, Frank 1861 1922  
Bergman, Fred F. 09/23/1887 12/03/1948 Pvt., U.S. Army, Postal Dept., WWI
Bergman, Frederick 1837 05/21/1910  
Bergman, Frederik, H. 1858 05/11/1875  
Bergman, Grace K.      
Bergman, Henry 1863 1905  
Bergman, Katherine M.      
Bergman, Mae      
Bergman, Margaretha 1841 08/15/1894  
Bergman, Marie      
Bergman, Marie Emma      
Bergman, Marion K. 1891 1920  
Bergman, Wm. 1879 1931  
Bertsinger, Edward      
Bertsinger, J.     Co. A 41st Wis. Inf.
Beutler, Alfred      
Beutler, Amelia      
Beutler, Militta O.      
Bickel, Anna K. 07/15/1895 08/03/1896  
Bickel, Dori E. nee Elwell 1888 1983 w/o LeRoy P.
Bickel, Ethel Clark      
Bickel, Fanny 1856 1882  
Bickel, Henrietta M. 02/09/1892 07/30/1896  
Bickel, Herbert E. 1917 1975 h/o Ruth E.; veteran
Bickel, John D. 1854 03/??/1928 h/o Mary Anna
Bickel, John F. 12/04/1881 08/15/1896  
Bickel, John P. 1919 2003 h/o Ruth A. Andresen; veteran
Bickel, K.D.      
Bickel, LeRoy Phillip 08/19/1886 11/03/1940 h/o Dori; s/o John D. & Mary
Bickel, Mary Anna nee Hanson 11/23/1855 02/21/1939 w/o John D.; d/o Hans & Anna (Lee); CCDC
Bickel, Milton V. 1877 1932 h/o Miriam
Bickel, Miriam nee Woodruff 1885 1974 w/o Milton V.
Bickel, Ruth E. 1917 2003 w/o Herbert
Bickel, Willis F. 1879 04/25/1931 World War I veteran
Bicknell, Charles 1825 1902  
Bicknell, Martha 1827 1907  
Bidwell, Jennie      
Billard, Maria A.      
Billings, Augusta M. nee Chapman     w/o Montgomery F.
Billings, Montgomery Fisher 08/091843 06/21/1903 h/o Augusta; Co. F 11th Wis. Inf.
Blackburn, Frank      
Blackburn, J. R. 1826 1901  
Blackburn, Marie E. 1908 1978 w/o Ralph
Blackburn, Marie nee Seitz 1857 1920 w/o Riley
Blackburn, Ralph JR 1906 2003 h/o Marie E.
Blackburn, Riley D. 1856 1916 h/o Marie
Blackburn, S. 1828 1909  
Blackburn, Winifred 1883 1975  
Blackman, Dorothy      
Blackwell, Marie      
Blackwell, Nellie M. nee Hulsa/Hulse 04/30/1873 01/22/1940 w/o Ralph; d/o Squire Hulca & Margaret Gariu; ACDR & ACDC
Blackwell, Orton David 02/16/1908 12/13/1996 s/o Ralph & Nellie; d. Waukon; Thornburg Funeral home; ACDR
Blackwell, Ralph Edward JR   11/13/2003 97y
Bland, Kevin Scott      
Blazell, Richard      
Blietz, Hugo K.      
Blizzard, Logan 1879 1958 h/o Maude
Blizzard, Maude H. 1881 1934 w/o Logan
Bloedel, Bonnie Bell 1876 1918  
Bloedel, Christian 1826 1901  
Bloedel, Sophia 1829 11/03/1916  
Bloon, Mary Anne      
Bock, Winifred Hazel Gibbs nee Russow 12/21/1904 06/17/1967 1st husb. Frank Gibbs (see Gibbs); 2nd husb. John Bock (d. 10/31/1956); d/o Michael O. & Winifred (Rollins)
Boggs, Helen L.      
Boggs, Jane      
Boggs, Robert Howard      
Boggs, Robert W.      
Boland, Cyril B.      
Boland, Raymond J.      
Bond, Emma L.      
Bonee, Raymond R.      
Borden, Roger H.      
Bothmer, Clyde H.      
Bothmer, Clyde Jr.      
Bothmer, Gladys J.      
Bovee, Arthur C.      
Bovee, Florence      
Bovee, Juliene Kay nee Lansing 10/20/1944 11/29/2007 w/o Glen
Bovee, Raymond   11/17/1984 84y
Boven Harrison E.      
Bowen, Addie 1848 1882  
Bowen, Charles H.      
Bowen, Esther      
Bowen, Henry 1843 1911  
Bowen, Liberty 1817 01/10/1894  
Bowen, Mother 1845 1910 "Mother"
Bowen, Royal Frank 1856 09/21/1908  
Bowers, Barzilla Pierson 11/20/1834 06/15/1917 Died in Spokane, WA; 11th VT Vol., Civil War veteran
Bowers, May 1872 1900  
Boyce, infant      
Boyle, Alonzo C.   ca1936 long-time McGregor resident; died in Spokane, WA, ashes buried Pleasant Grove, Oct 1938
Boyle, Anna      
Boyle, Carrie Mae      
Boyle, Ella     no dates
Boyle, Emma     no dates
Boyle, Frank T.      
Boyle, Gayle Abbie      
Boyle, Henry      
Boyle, Honora 1827 1895  
Boyle, Isabelle R.      
Boyle, John W.     no dates
Boyle, Kenneth J.      
Boyle, Martin 1826 1884 Co. B 83rd PA Inf. and 11th PA Cav.
Boyle, Mary 1798 1868  
Boyle, Ramon Robert 'Bobby' 02/07/1931 01/01/1950 s/o Elliot
Boyle, Robert      
Boyle, William     no dates
Boyle, William Eugene 'Billy' 08/02/1932 02/12/1934  
Boynton, Calvin S.   1891  
Bradford, Violet      
Bradley, David D.      
Bradley, David F      
Bradley, Ida      
Bradley, Sarah Ann 1860 05/06/1899  
Brandeberry, Jason 1825 1881  
Brandelbury, Elias     Co. C 128th OH Inf.
Branhard, Lena May      
Brechler, George E.   06/11/1985 89y; h/o Mabel
Brechler, Sylvia C. nee Kohl 10/10/1900 02/03/1953 w/o George
Breckler, Elizabeth 1857 1930  
Breckler, Elizabeth      
Breckler, Frank P. 1891 1936  
Breckler, George E.      
Breckler, Hattie M.      
Breckler, John C.      
Breckler, Louis      
Breckler, Mida      
Breckler, Peter      
Breckler, Peter C. 1854 1920  
Breckler, Sylvia      
Brewer, Rose 1894 1923  
Brietbach, Neil   1982 s/o Norbert & Norma
Breitbach, Norbert   12/31/2004 h/o Norma
Breitbach, Norma Jean nee Hessel 08/18/1920 02/20/2010 w/o Norbert; d/o Fred & Josephine (Howard) Hessel
Broderick, Bridget M.      
Bromley, Adelaide 1842 1923 "Mother"; w/o Martin
Bromley, Martin L. 02/12/1842 05/05/1901 "Father"; h/o Adelaide; Co K 16th N.Y.
Bromley, Mack 1870 1916  
Brooks, Alice M. nee Clark     2nd w/o Charles
Brooks, Charles F. 02/17/1931 03/03/2017 h/o Joanne; s/o Robert & Ruth
Brooks, Charles M. 'Charley' 05/03/1873 1952 h/o 1st Jennie, 2nd Alice; s/o Henry & Rebecca
Brooks, Henry P. 12/11/1829 04/30/1909 h/o Rebecca; Co. K, 1st IA Cav.
Brooks, Ida Ann 11/05/1872 1957 d/o Henry & Rebecca
Brooks, Jennie Maud nee Presho 1878 04/17/1905 lot 5; 1st w/o Charles; d/o John & Celina
Brooks, Joanne S. nee Loetz 01/03/1931 02/24/2013 w/o Charles F.; d/o John A. & Martha (Reinhardt)
Brooks, Rebecca Ann nee Wanzer 1842 1918 w/o Henry; d/o Allen
Brooks, Robert R. 1903 1994 h/o Ruth R.; s/o Charles & Jennie
Brooks, Ruth R. nee Phillips 1905 1987 w/o Robert
Brown, Bertha 1830 1895  
Brown, Charles A.     Co D 5th Wis. Inf.
Brown, Donald L.      
Brown, Mathias Joseph JR 1857 1877 or 1878  
Brown, Mathias Joseph SR 1813 06/03/1885 Mexican war veteran
Brown, Mamie / Mary nee Dickens 1859 01/??1932 died in Yankton, S.D.
Brown, Robert P.   03/30/1864 Co. I, 12th IA Inf.
Bruchner, Fred 1889 1935  
Bruckner, Bert E.      
Bruckner, Dorothy      
Bruckner, Fred   03/18/1937 1st h/o Lillian Schultz (see Lillian Lyster)
Bruckner, Gladis      
Bruckner, Mary Jane      
Buchart, Daryl Dean      
Buck, ?? 1832 01/17/1907 "Mother"
Buck, Almeeda 1807 03/14/1899 "Grandma"; mother of O.C. & O.M. Buck
Buck, C. L. 1858 1909  
Buck, Carrie M.      
Buck, Jennie      
Buck, Oliver      
Buck, Orville C.   08/24/1899  
Buck, Orville M. 05/26/1836 04/01/1922 Co. F, 7th IA Cav.; his Civil War Pension gives death place as Sioux Falls, SD ~from Linda Linn
Burhans, LuVerne C.      
Burkart, Leonard P.      
Burlingame, H. W. 1820 1887  
Burns, Elizabeth      
Burns, John 1860 1932 "Father"
Burroughs, Esther Freda Meta nee Meana 10/17/1917 04/08/2004 w/o Kenneth; d/o George & Ida (Reinhardt) Meana
Burroughs, Kenneth Alvin 11/17/1915 09/15/2004 h/o Esther; s/o John & Mary (Olmsted) Burroughs
Burrows, Sarah E. 06/09/1844 or 1846 10/27/1898 or 1899 "Mother of O.H. Bailey"; 1st h/Wm Bailey; 2nd h/George A. Burrows; dates on gravestone conflict w/those in obit
Bush, Charlotte      
Bush, Gertrude, E.      
Bush, Martin R.   08/17/1990 age 93
Butler, Lawrence A. 03/13/1889 05/09/1938 h/o Mildred; s/o Andrew & Sophia (Stevens); Corp., HQ troop, 1st Army, WWI; CCDC
Byers, Troy R      


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