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Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE
Platted 1859

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.

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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Clayton co. Death Certificates (annotated CCDC) Family Search.org
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien

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Name Birth Death Comments
Calkins, Cynthia 1820 1892  
Calkins, William L. 1810 1875  
Calwell, Frank      
Campbell, Christiana 1865 1900  
Campbell, Orlanzo F.      
Cardin, Blanche M. nee Smock   10/08/1984 age 65y; w/o Victor J.
Cardin, Joyce Marie     infant d/o Victor & Blanche
Cardin, Miles Nels   04/07/1991 78y; h/o Harriet; s/o Nelson & Mable (Butterfield)
Cardin, Victor Joyce 07/01/1922 10/02/1993 h/o Blanche; s/o Nelson & Mable (Butterfield); US Army WWII
Carey, Lillian R.      
Carey, Russell E.      
Carlson, Albert W. 1846 05/02/1922  
Carlson, Anna Marie      
Carlson, Carl Vernon      
Carlson, George 09/03/1887 12/27/1916  
Carlson, George      
Carlson, Jonas Albert      
Carlson, Thomas      
Carmack, Sylvanus     Co C. 3rd IA Infantry
Carnicle, Bernard J.      
Carter, Gayle E.      
Casey, Karen L. nee Laird 08/29/1937 09/26/2006 1st h/Roger Haltom (divorced), 2nd h/Marvin Casey; d/o Glen & Hildred (Cox) Laird
Cason, Leon      
Cason, Lucille Agnes Edith      
Casselman, V. R. 1816 1885  
Castle, Joshua 1826 1870  
Castle, Matilda 1833 1898  
Castle, Paul 1849 1922  
Cauch, Alta Schriver      
Cembalisty, Debra Rae Riley      
Chapin, Art      
Chapin, Asahel 1846 1922  
Chapin, Edna N.      
Chapin, Florence      
Chapin, James Arthur      
Chapin, John Raymond 01/27/1896 08/17/1962 h/o Lena
Chapin, Lena Mae nee Bennett 10/30/1897 04/24/1988 w/o John R.; d/o Duncan & Leatha (Bowen)
Chapin, Leslie LeRoy 04/16/1916 06/23/1930  
Chapin, Margaret S.      
Chapin, Psahel      
Childs, Isora Mary      
Choate, Francis   1883  
Choate, Mrs. C. L. 1802 1882  
Christ, Julia      
Christ, Larence 1863 10/10/1934  
Christ, Lorenzo      
Christen, Ernst J.      
Church, Carinda Wynn or Corinda Waynne 1849 1918  
Church, Elizabeth      
Church, George W. 1830 09/16/1906  
Church, Gilbert 'Gill' 1872 11/15/1930 h/o Elizabeth; s/o Gilbert & Sarah
Church, Gilbert R. 1842 1880 Co. G 140th N. Y.
Church, Sarah nee Wynne 1851 09/01/1930 w/o Gilbert
Clark, Anthony R.      
Clark, E. P.   08/01/1878 Light Artillery
Clark, Edward E.      
Clark, Florence L.      
Clark, Gertrude Mae      
Clark, Harry H. 1876 1936  
Clark, Henry Harrison Dr. 1842 1925 Co. C 92nd IL Infantry
Clark, Jean      
Clark, Joel Peter      
Clark, John Wm.      
Clark, Judith Baugh 1849 1933  
Clark, Maude      
Clark, Ralph Russell 08/19/1892 11/18/1925  
Clark, Wm. Clarence 1883 1904  
Claudy, Daniel 1851 08/05/1914 h/o Malinda
Claudy, Malinda J. nee Davis 10/09/1859 01/14/1939 w/o Daniel
Claudy, Mary 11/03/1829 06/26/1902  
Claudy, Minnie B.      
Claudy, Wm. C.      
Clemens, Albert      
Clemens, Andrew 1857 05/12/1894  
Clemens, August 1854 11/11/1911  
Clemens, Emma S. 1854 05/02/1935  
Clemens, Harry C. 1895 1918 WWI; wounded at Chateau Thierry
Clemens, John 1824 07/09/1893  
Clemens, John H      
Clemens, John J. 1852 07/22/1888  
Clemens, Margaretha 1828 06/24/1912  
Clemens, Mary Hilmore 1870 1896  
Clemens, Oscar E. 1863 08/08/1890  
Clemens, Ruth Webb      
Clement, Abram 1853 02/1907  
Clement, Claude W. 1878 07/01/1913  
Clement, George A. 12/04/1891 03/09/1910  
Clement, Harriett 1856 03/17/1921  
Clement, Mary      
Cleveland, Jemina 1800 10/23/1879 lot 165
Cleveland, John 1814 1897 lot 92
Cleveland, Mary 1816 1896 lot 92
Cleveland, Wm. M. 1856 1917 lot 92
Clinton, Earnest     (Donald)
Clough, Charlotte      
Clough, Harvey      
Clough, Inza      
Clune, Frank      
Cobb, Henry H.   1886  
Coffman, Anna      
Coffman, Carl 09/22/1893 05/03/1917  
Coffman, Carrie      
Coffman, John B. 1860 1919  
Coffman, John B.      
Coffman, Katherine E.      
Coffman, Louis W.      
Coffman, Sophia      
Cole, Anna Hannah      
Cole, Herbert L.      
Cole, Mary      
Cole, Minnie V      
Cole, Wm. Wallace 1865 1938  
Colgate, Anna E. 1821 1881  
Colgate, George M. 1819 1867  
Conant, Gordon 1828/1829 10/23/1873 Co. K 28th Wis. Infantry; WPA = incorrect surname Canant; he has a government-issued tombstone; his wife & children went back east after his death - info. & dates from Jay Wright
Cone, Fannie 1839 1926  
Cone, Gordon C. 1807 1882  
Cone, Wealthy 1799 1881  
Conklin, Warren      
Connell, Gerald F.      
Connell, Mrs. Gerald      
Connell, Hannah nee Smyth c1863 1938 w/o Michael
Connell, Josephine 1857 1925  
Connell, Michael 06/??/1857 01/28/1939 age 82y; h/o Hannah
Coobs, Alice Marie   1959 age 65y
Coobs, Henry      
Coobs, Henry Herman 05/03/1897 10/03/1981 h/o Lucinda; s/o Harm & Johanna (Peek) Coobs
Coobs, Herman J.      
Coobs, Lucinda A. 07/01/1899 06/08/1986 w/o Henry H.; d/o Walter & Evaline (Phelps) Shepard
Cook, Barbara Ann nee Fields 01/24/1931 11/17/2008 w/o Wm T.; d/o Ray & Winifred (Boyle) Fields
Cook, Della B.      
Cook, Floyd R. 04/25/1928 03/05/1949 s/o James; 3rd Regiment Transport Corps, Korea
Cook, James B.      
Cook, Nettie 1859 1902  
Cook, William T.   02/14/1993  
Coon, Charles Harvey 06/19/1888 11/05/1945 s/o John & Mary
Coon, Edwin 09/04/1899 11/05/1994 ssa Opal Grady
Coon, Frank Watson 08/24/1885 11/08/1940 h/o Nettie; s/o John & Mary
Coon, Gladys M.      
Coon, Nettie Marie nee Pearson     w/o Frank W.
Cordin, Mable B.      
Cords, Aquilla J.     s/o Charles J. & Bertha
Cords, Bertha H. nee Tieden   07/07/1940 age 74y; w/o Charles; d/o Fred
Cords, Charles J. 1865 1927 h/o Bertha
Cords, Edna M.      
Cords, Pearl G.   04/16/1989 d/o Charles J. & Bertha
Corlett, Agalia C.      
Corlett, John E.      
Corlett, John J. JR      
Cotant, Charity May      
Cotant, Clarence H.      
Cowles, Anna nee Huntting 12/23/1857 06/07/2014 w/o Charles; d/o W.F. Huntting
Cowles, Charles Wm. Sr. 1844 1903 h/o Anna
Cox, Charlotte E.      
Cox, George A.      
Cox, Richard      
Cronin, Daniel G.      
Cronin, Francis      
Cronin, Leona F.      
Cronin, Leroy      
Cronin, Lucy Julia      
Cropp, Anna E.      
Cropp, Elmer Delos 1874 1930  
Cross, Mary 1812 1890  
Crown, Frances 1896 1920  
Culver, Daniel W.     Co. F 9th IA Cavalry
Culver, Richard W.     Co H 12th IA Infantry
Cumley, Jacob 10/14/1823 04/26/1886 1st w/ Massie Inghram, 2nd w/ Martha Burgess; Co. C 3rd WI Infantry
Cumley, Massey nee Inghram   03/28/1868 Age 17y ?m 23d; 1st w/o Jacob
Cummings, James 1830   Co. C 49th Infantry
Curiel, Frances Marie      
Curiel, Frank      
Curiel, Hazel L.      
Curiel, John F.      
Curiel, Lynda Kay      
Curran, Elizabeth     infant
Curran, Jessie      
Curran, Mary     infant
Curtis, William P. 1853 1882  
Daeball, Betty Lou      
Dalrymple, Clifford      
Dames, Franklin E. 1861 1924  
Dames, Maria 1837 1925  
Dames, Mrs. F.E.      
Daniels, Charles Edwin 1830 1919  
Daniels, Elizabeth Paine 1837 1897  
Daniels, James   09/16/2007 age 65y; h/o Ruthann
Darrow, Mary H. 1865 03/08/1910  
Daubenberg, Gertrude      
Daubenberger, Audelia 1842 05/26/1919  
Daubenberger, Emma V. 1872 11/26/1915  
Daubenberger, Frank 1863 12/27/1935  
Daubenberger, John      
Daubenberger, John P.      
Daubenberger, Margaret      
Daubenberger, Margaret E.      
Daubenberger, Vincent M. 1833 04/11/1891  
Daubenberger, William F.      
DaVelaar, John W.      
Davies, Adam Henderson      
Davies, Andrew     infant
Davies, Daniel D. 1843 1932 Co. A 2nd bat. U.S. 16th Infantry
Davies, Earl E. 1899 1968 h/o Elsie
Davies, Elizabeth 1839 1901  
Davies, Elma 1873 1933  
Davies, Elsie C. nee Reinhardt 1904 1989 w/o Earl E.
Davies, Elsie Ellen nee McMillan 1898 1987 w/o Will W.
Davies, Eugenia      
Davies, Francis Ione      
Davies, Frank F. Jr.      
Davies, Frank I.      
Davies, Harry T.      
Davies, Helena Katherine      
Davies, James A. 1849 1932 h/o Mary
Davies, Lena 1863 1927  
Davies, Leslie E. 1895 1969 h/o Lucetta L.; Veteran
Davies, Louise      
Davies, Lucetta L. nee Noeding 1905 1995 w/o Leslie E.
Davies, Marvin Harold      
Davies, Mary Elizabeth nee Moore 09/23/1854 11/2?/1930 w/o James
Davies, Mary E.      
Davies, Mary Jane      
Davies, Norman 1909 1935  
Davies, Scott Charles 09/29/1958 09/18/1977  
Davies, Thomas M.      
Davies, Walter      
Davies, Will W. 1893 1971 h/o Elsie E.
Davis, Anita Caroline      
Davis, Charles Francis      
Davis, Charles L. 1848 1879  
Davis, Clarince      
Davis, Daniel      
Davis, Elizabeth 1881 1924  
Davis, Hendrika      
Davis, Infant      
Davis, James G.      
Davis, Jane 1827 1906  
Davis, John L. 1826 1873  
Davis, Lilly Belle      
Davis, Louise 1849 10/23/1934  
Davis, Susan      
Davis, Thomas 1842 1927 Co. B 4th IA Infantry
Day, James E.     Co. F 1st Mich. Cavalry
Day, Millie A. 1842 1909  
Day, Willie      
Debes, Adam      
Debes, Mary 1858 1936  
DeHaven, Earle Monroe 07/08/1890 06/07/1940 s/o James & Eolah
DeHaven, Eolah nee Hill   01/11/1932 age 76y; w/o James
DeHaven, James D. 1842 08/19/1932 lot 15; h/o Eolah; Co. L, 6th IA Cav.
DeLapp, Clyde Allen 1876 1910  
DeLapp, Gertrude      
DeLapp, Kenneth E. 1906 1924  
Delchooke, Margaret E.      
Delphy, Harvey      
Delphy, Milton O..      
Delphy, Minnie L.      
Denning, Beulah      
Denning, Dennis L. 06/13/1932 10/19/2008 h/o Arlys Pagel; s/o Robert J. & Inez M. (Hessel) Denning; US Army Veteran
Denning, Leonard Lee      
Denning, Margaret Anne 1917 1933  
Denning, R.J.      
Denning, Raymond Lee      
Dennis, C.A. Jr.      
Dennis, Clinton Jr.      
Dennis, Junell      
Denson, Linda M.      
Derrick, Barbara B.      
Derrick, Fred Dwight      
Deyo, Delores      
Deyo, William      
Dickens, Blanche nee Ohnesorge   09/14/1965 76y; w/o Clayton
Dickens, Clayton     h/o Blanche
Dickens, Clayton Henry      
Dickens, Edward     no dates or marker, veteran
Dickens, Harvey LeRoy 10/07/1923 05/12/1997 h/o Patricia M. Harry; s/o Clayton & Blanche; veteran
Dickey, Barbara A.      
Dickey, Emma      
Dickey, Gerald      
Dickey, Katherine E.   12/10/1984 79y
Dickey, William R.      
Diem, Catharine 1832 10/01/1912  
Dietzuis, Mary 1827 1882  
Dixon, Barbara      
Dohse, Richard Paul 01/08/1948 01/26/2009 h/o Diane Hedeman; s/o Carl & Frances (Goite) Dohse
Dohse,Wayne Gene     s/o Carl & Frances (Goite) Dohse
Donahue, Amelia K.      
Donahue, Daniel 1864 09/24/1936  
Donahue, E. Mabel      
Donahue, Ernest Leo 08/31/1918 07/18/1925  
Donahue, Ernest M.      
Donaldson, Carol Peterson 1873 11/30/1935  
Dornbach, Clara M. 1830 1922  
Dornbach, Donald Wayne 01/22/1915 03/22/1917  
Dornbach, Emma      
Dornbach, Frank      
Dornbach, Frank E. SR   04/23/1935 HQ troop, 15th Cav. Div., WWI
Dornbach, Gladys A.      
Dornbach, John 1827 1897  
Dornbach, William E.      
Douglass, Edmund 07/09/1820 02/03/1918 h/o Harriet
Douglass, Elizabeth nee Hamilton 04/25/1787 09/17/1864 w/o Gilbert (died in Illinois); buried in Reuben Noble plot
Douglass, Ervie 02/17/1887 12/31/1979 92y; s/o George & Juliette
Douglass, George S. 12/20/1840 03/23/1930 h/o Juliette; s/o Elizabeth & Gilbert; Co. H 12th IA Infantry
Douglass, Harriet nee Curtis   02/18/1897 w/o Edmund
Douglass, Homer 06/01/1876 05/15/1969 s/o George & Juliette
Douglass, Juliette nee Watts 02/23/1848 08/27/1933 w/o George S.
Downey, Carl F. 1844 1923  
Downey, John 1870 1917  
Downey, John F. 1870 03/10/1917  
Downey, John W.      
Downing, Donald Rooy Jr.      
Downing, Irene L.      
Downing, Jacob Leonard      
Downing, Mrs. J.L.      
Downing, Ora May      
Downing, Walter R.      
Drahn, Dennis Kim 'Hippie' 05/28/1955 10/21/2007 s/o Roger & Virginia (Denning) Drahn
Drake, Catherine 1838 1875  
Drallmeier, Carleton L. 'Dauby' 04/05/1914 02/20/1982 h/o Dorothy; s/o Henry F. & Emma M. (Haltmeyer) Drallmeier
Drallmeier, Henry      
Drallmeier, Keith      
Drallmeier, Ralph E.      
Drallmeier, Victor 1902 1922  
Drallmeyer, Ione      
Dresden, Doris      
Dresden, Edna Florence      
Dresden, Eli      
Dresden, Eloise 1893 1918  
Dresden, Raymond      
Drown, Charles A.   05/04/1920 WPA = Drauns; his death notice states "last survivor of the Civil War resident in North McGregor; Co D 5th Wis. Inf.
Drowns, Infant      
Drowns, Mary E. Allen      
Drumb, Christine K.      
Drumb, Olive 11/04/1906 09/01/1921  
Drumb, Victor      
Drummond, David 1822 02/04/1898 1st w/ Margaret Stevens, 2nd w/Abbie Bailey; Co. B 21st IA Infantry
Drummond, Margaret nee Stevens 1825 1864  
Dryer, Raymond J. 07/01/1910 04/12/1985 h/o Velva; s/o William & Willimena (Bankie) Dryer
Dryer, Velva R. nee Barker 11/22/1915 11/11/2011 w/o Raymond
Duball, Harold W. SR   03/13/1979 h/o Lena E.
Duball, Lena Elizabeth nee Meskimen 07/09/1918 01/26/2000 w/o Harold; d/o Gephard & Reva (Gilson) Meskimen
Duball, Patricia Lee     d/o Harold & Lena
Duball, Raymond      
Duerr, Augusta 1843 1927  
Duerr, Charles      
Duerr, John Sr. 1834 1889  
Duerr, Mamie Ellen nee Russow     2nd w/o John? See below - Durr
Duerr, Washington 1869 1907  
Duerr, William 1871 1905  
Dull, Hazel H.      
Dull, Ross E.      
Dunaway, Madeline Clark      
Dunaway, Maude Clark 1879 1916  
Dunaway, William Clark      
Dunning, John M.      
Dunning, Morand      
Durr, George Otto      
Durr, John 08/04/1860 10/1?/1930 1st w/Susan Schmidt (d. 07/05/1892), 2nd w/Mame Russow
Durr, Margaret Rosena 1890 1935  
Durst, J. H. 1829 1866  
Durst, Jacob 1805 1874  
Dyer, Harry S.      
Dyke, Dayton A.      
Dyke, John L.      
Dyke, Melvin W.      
Dyke, Troy James      
Dykeman, Erma D.      
Dykeman, Margin Renfro      
Dymond, Rebecca      


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