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Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE

Soldiers Memorial, Pleasant Grove cemetery

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.


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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien

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Name Birth Death Comments
Lacy, Jasper     lot 1
Lacy, John     lot 23
Lager, Billy 1926 1926  
Lager, Helen      
Lager, William John      
Lamb, Mary   11/18/1880 lot 22; aged 84y; ssa William, Mary & Hiram Moncrief
Lang, Amelia D. 1869 1930 lot 46
Lang, Betty L.      
Lang, Dora 1832 1907 lot 48
Lang, Ernie R. 11/09/1894 04/01/1971 h/o Isabella; s/o Heinrich & Emilie (Reinhold); WWI veteran
Lang, Frederick Edward 1831 1905 lot 48
Lang, Henry John      
Lang, Isabella nee Coffman   05/19/1966 w/o Ernie R.
Lang, Robert W.      
Lang, William H.      
Lange, ??     infant
Lange, Charles Bernard 'Chuck'   1968 h/o Mary L.
Lange, David Allen   1957 s/o Chuck & Mary
Lange, Debra Sue     baby
Lange, Denise Dianne      
Lange, Dennis Dean   1969 s/o Chuck & Mary
Lange, Leslie L.   09/03/1971 age 50y; h/o Ramona
Lange, Louis      
Lange, Luella M.      
Lange, Mary Leona nee Metzger 06/14/1914 04/07/2009 w/o Charles B.; d/o Harry & Sylvia (Petrick)
Langley, Clement D. 1868 1935 lot 73
Langley, Lela A.      
Langlie, Elmer L.      
Langlie, Louise M.      
Langlie, Walter F.      
Langworthy, Josephine      
Lansing, Gilbert L.      
Larabee, Emma H. 1866 1890 lot 66
Larkin, Martha J.      
Larkin, Thomas J. 1843 08/04/1909 Co. D. 21st IA Inf.
Larson, A.C. Sr.      
Larson, Adolph C.      
Larson, Adolph C. Jr.      
Larson, Arnold Leonard      
Larson, Ed      
Larson, Lulu      
Larson, Marian      
Larson, Raymond A.      
Larson, Violet L.      
Laufer, Michael Lee      
Leach, Anna C.      
Leach, Frederick W.      
Lee, Hans 1839 1923 lot 49
Lee, Patrene 1845 1920 lot 49; w/o Hans
Leisure, Daniel      
Lenth, Lester Henry 12/23/1894 06/22/1959 U.S. Army, Co. G, 351st Inf., 88th Div., WWI
Lenth, Margaret L.      
Lepper, Rose      
LeRoy, Charles H.      
Lettington, Leo William   07/07/1982 h/o Margaret
Lettington, LeRoy     s/o Leo & Margaret
Lettington, Margaret M. nee Montgomery 09/10/1912 09/29/1990 w/o Leo; d/o George & Anna (Holly)
Lewis, Andrew E.      
Lewis, Anna E.      
Lewis, Charles I. 1857 11/04/1926  
Lewis, Clara P. 1861 01/03/1929 lot 9
Lewis, Dorathea Angeline   08/??/1910 d/o Ralph
Lewis, Ernest F.      
Lewis, Frank G. 1856 1887 lot 7
Lewis, George P. 1833 1887 lot 7
Lewis, Jennie Maud 1865 03/25/1891 lot 7
Lewis, M. (Mrs.)      
Lewis, Mike      
Lewis, Ralph      
Light, Donald      
Limbeck, Hattie Mae      
Lindemann, Anita      
Lindemann, Anita W.      
Lindemann, Anna R.      
Lindemann, Frederick      
Lindemann, Lydia      
Lindemann, William Sr.      
Lindner, Sstephen J.      
Lindner, Stephen J. Sr.      
Livingston, Amelia      
Livingston, Charles E.      
Loetz, Grace      
Loetz, Martha H.      
Loetz, Martha H.      
Loetz, Theodore      
Lohse, Herman T. 1866 1929 lot 24
Lone, Dorothy B.      
Loney, Charley      
Long, Albert Stoneman      
Long, Charles Edward   01/21/1939 age 6y; s/o Charles
Long, Marjorie R.      
Long, Norman R.      
Long, Robert Wayne   01/21/1939 age 3y; s/o Charles
Long, Sylvia      
Long, William Henry   01/21/1939 age 1y; s/o Charles
Longley, Carolyn K.      
Longworth, John 1812 1895 lot 7
Longworth, Mary 1830 1874 lot 7
Loudermilk, Margaret Anne nee Luce   02/25/2003 67y
Love, Charley M. 08/27/1923 05/20/2013 h/o Dorothy; s/o Harry & Grave (Oliver)
Love, Dorothy nee Arneson   04/01/1981 w/o Charley
Love, Harry W.      
Love, Jacob      
Lubki, John      
Luce, ??     infant
Luce, ?? (Mr.)      
Luce, Clarence A. 1847 1925 lot 18
Luce, Floyd H.     h/o Mary
Luce, Harriet      
Luce, Harvey Lincoln 1860 01/10/1927 lot 4
Luce, Margaret Ann nee Blackwell   05/16/1998 94y
Luce, Martha Louise      
Luce, Mary G. nee Gallagher 06/24/1863 04/10/1940 w/o T.B.; d/o Wm & unkn.; ACDC
Luce, Ruth      
Luce, Walter Gordon      
Lund, Doris May nee Harris 06/27/1919 06/07/2001 w/o Carl; d/o Wm & Sarah E. (Simpson)
Luster, Donald Clarence      
Luster, Earl L.      
Luster, Marie Pearl      
Luster, Robert L.      
Luthe, Catherine M. 1833 1923 lot 19 1/2
Luthe, Henry 1822 1899 lot 19 1/2
Lykke, Carl C. 1822 03/21/1896 lot 34
Lyster, Lillian L. nee Schultz 06/01/1892 11/02/1892 1st h/ Fred Bruckner, 2nd h/ Roy Lyster; d/o Albert & Johanna (Becker)
Lyster, Roy E.   1964 2nd h/o Lillian
Lyster, William H.      


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