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Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE
Platted 1859

Soldiers Memorial, Pleasant Grove cemetery

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.

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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien

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Name Birth Death Comments
Eagan, Arthur O.      
Eagan, Clara      
Echer, Mary E.      
Ecker, C.E.      
Ecker, Charles F. 1867 11/18/1910  
Ecker, John     Lieutenant, Co K 2nd IA Infantry
Ecker, Mary G.      
Ecker, Mrs. John 1844 1918  
Eddings, Geraldine      
Eddings, Lloyd F.      
Eddins, John G.      
Edgar, ??     "Mother"
Edgar, Birdie nee Fisher 05/06/1880 12/06/1958 w/o Fred
Edgar, Clara      
Edgar, Clinton Guy 08/23/1886 08/15/1942 Sgt., HQ school, Camp Grant, IL, WWI
Edgar, Fred W. 09/26/1879 09/06/1926 h/o Berdie
Edgar, Jay Lee      
Edgar, Lottie      
Edgar, Malinda      
Edgar, Nellie      
Edgar, Sidney      
Edgar, Robert E.   02/27/1950 age 72
Edgar,Thomas 1844 02/23/1899 Co. E 3rd OH Infantry
Edgley, Levi c1844 01/25/1881 Co I 23rd Wis. Inf.
Edwards, Marlyn 02/20/1919 10/07/1962 h/o Geraldine Kleinow
Eggen, Mari Louise nee Abel 09/28/1962 04/10/1992 w/o Paul; d/o Harry & Marlene (Welch) Abel
Ehlet, Henry     Veteran marker
Eichendorf, Amelia      
Eichendorf, Harry G.      
Eichendorf, John 1863 1929  
Eichendorf, Margaret      
Eichendorf, Marie      
Eichendorf, Ruth M.      
Eichendorf, Ruth Meta      
Eichendorf, Walter B.      
Eichendorf, Wwalter L.      
Eilers, Myrtle Iona      
Eilers, Serenus H.      
Ellenbolt, Clara M.      
Ellenbolt, Clark 1810 1895  
Ellenbolt, George R.      
Ellenbolt, Henry 1874 1910  
Ellenbolt, Jerald Lee 'Jerry'   06/06/1951 age 14; s/o George
Ellenbolt, Laura 1873 1894  
Ellenbolt, Mabel Lavern      
Ellenbolt, Marie      
Ellenbolt, Martha 1875 1932  
Ellenbolt, Mary 1843 1920  
Ellenbolt, Stewart      
Ellis, David Lynn      
Ellis, Joseph W.     Co H 7th IA Cav.
Ellis, Marilyn      
Ellis, S. S.     Co A 1st ME Cav.
Ellsworth, Marvin 1828 01/27/1912  
Ellsworth, Tonny 1837 04/16/1871  
Elwell, Mary Francis      
Elwell, William H.C.      
Ennis, ?      
Eno, Charles Lewis      
Eno, George      
Eno, Lewis / Louis 05/10/1827 12/18/1915 h/o Eliza A. Edgley; Co. B 21st IA Infantry
Erb, Elmer F. 08/30/1916 05/31/1989 h/o Arlene Larson; s/o Karl & Elizabeth (Lembke)
Erbe, Adam 02/03/1859 02/10/1940 1st wife Dorothea, 2nd Bertha; s/o George & Martha (Brandt)
Erbe, Amelia      
Erbe, Bertha F. nee Schwikert 1867 08/06/1919 2nd w/o Adam; d/o J.B. & Augusta (Klamp)
Erbe, Dorothea 'Dora' nee Nading / Nüting 1861 06/21/1908 1st w/o Adam; d/o Fred & unkn. (Hoffman)
Erbe, Ethel May      
Erbe, Frederick George 02/07/1886 06/26/1902 s/o Adam & Dora
Erbe, Henry 1857 1925  
Erbe, Thomas      
Erbe, William George      
Ertz, Edythe F.      
Eull, Joseph      
Eull, Marie 1859 1936  
Eull, Mary G. 1836 1907  
Eull, Peter      
Eull, Simon 11/03/1833 04/05/1897 Co. A, 3rd Reg. Wis. Inf.
Everhart, Infant      
Everhart, Ira      
Faber, Daisy nee Gobin 07/11/1909 06/12/1931 1st w/o Ernest Jr.; b. WI; died complications of childbirth; CCDC
Faber, Elsie Ida      
Faber, Emma nee Bock 1883 1919 w/o Ernest (divorced 1914)
Faber, Ernest     h/o Emma
Faber, Ernest F. Jr. 10/26/1900 07/24/1948 h/o 1st Daisy, 2nd Helen J.; s/o Ernest & Emma
Faber, Helen Jane     2nd w/o Ernest Jr.
Fairbairn, Selina 1864 1876  
Farnum, Jennie A.      
Farnum, Lewis 1848 1928  
Faust, Florence M.      
Ferguson, Fred W.      
Ferguson, Olga      
Ferris, A. Ray      
Ferris, Arthur Dale      
Ferris, Clara A. 1882 1902  
Ferris, Clyde E.      
Ferris, Edwin Chancy 1857 1936 h/o Lizzie
Ferris, Ina Marie      
Ferris, Isabelle Alaine      
Ferris, Lizzie Belle nee Fields 1861 1934 w/o Edwin C.; d/o David & Mary (Clapp) Fields
Ferris, Virgil Carlyle 1903 1919  
Fessman, Amalia 07/08/1875 04/19/1943 d/o Charles
Fessman, Charles 1841 1930  
Fessman, Herman     s/o Charles
Fessman, Kathinka     d/o Charles
Fessman, Louisa 1840 1898  
Fessman, Mollie      
Fette, Christian 1850 1931  
Fette, Franklin Charles      
Fette, Helen Campbell      
Fette, Leona      
Fette, Mrs. Christian      
Fields, Anna      
Fields, Blanche Ardis      
Fields, Charles Edgar      
Fields, David 1834 1914 lot 35, bk 4; h/o Mary
Fields, Harold Robert      
Fields, Linda Kay      
Fields, Lucinnda      
Fields, Mary 1838 1898 lot 35, bk 4; w/o David
Fields, Raymond Henry      
Fields, Rose Myrtle 1878 1909 lot 35, bk 4; d/o David & Mary (Clapp) Fields
Fields, Rufus David      
Fields, Thomas Henry 12/21/1895 11/04/1917 lot 3, bk 27
Fields, William Henry 1872 1937 lot 26, bk 20
Fields, Winifred Mae      
Fisch, Lee      
Fischer, Fredericka 08/08/1834 02/25/1897 lot 17; w/o John
Fischer, John 03/04/1833 12/10/1903 lot 17; h/o Fredericka
Fischer, Louise 1866 04/04/1893 lot 17
Fisher, Aaaddie J.      
Fisher, Edward L.      
Fisher, Josephine Scott 1863 1923  
Flack, Bill Dunning      
Flack, J. N. 1817 02/22/1911  
Flack, Nancy 1826 08/19/1899  
Flanders, Henry H.      
Flanders, Henry M. 1847 1913  
Flanders, Mary Jane 1845 1933  
Flanders, Nellie F.      
Flemming, John 1836 05/28/1887  
Flemming, Sara D. 1846 02/23/1883  
Forbes, Elizabeth Scott      
Forbes, Walter T.      
Ford, Ivan      
Ford, Pearl L.      
Fortcamp, Barney M.      
Fortcamp, Edith      
Fortcamp, Henry Harry      
Fortier, Glenn Thomas      
Fortier, Mark Edward      
Foster, Collins H.     Co. F, 3rd IA Inf.
Foster, Leon 1870 1897  
Foster, Margretta / Margaret 1849 1923  
Fox, Benjamin 1822 04/17/1887  
Fox, Christian F.   11/17/1886 82y; h/o Odelia
Fox, Odelia   12/15/1888 80y; w/o Christian F.
Fox, Silas   08/09/1944 age 89y
Fraine, Ethel Libby      
Francis, Charles      
Francis, George A. REV      
Frandford, Peter 1855 1897  
Franke, Carl C.      
Franklin, Beatrice Boggs      
Franklin, Peter A.      
Franks, Ella A.      
Franz, Alvin Vincent 06/05/1920 01/08/1996 h/o Charlotte Davies; s/o Albert & Marie (Larson) Franz; US Army Air Force WWII veteran
Franz, Augusta      
Franz, George Jake      
Fraser, Anna Amelia Sherwood 1842 1933  
Fraser, Donald Daniel 1834 1887  
Freeman, Abbie Claire      
Freeman, Adelia 1833 1903  
Freeman, Bradford 1831 1904  
Freeman, Clara      
Freeman, George B.   03/29/1940 h/o Kate; Capt., Mississippi river ferry for 40 yrs.
Freeman, Kate nee Allen   02/28/1946 age 92y; w/o George
Freeman, Merle C.      
Freeman, Percey Roy      
Freeman, Shirley J. 12/26/1926 06/04/2006 w/o Merle; d/o Ralph & Ruby Corlett
Freese, John Jr.      
Freese, Mary J.      
Frese, G. Henry 1841 1895  
Frese, Henry 1875 1908  
Frese, John C. 1879 1931  
Frese, Margaret 1874 1902  
Frese, Mary 1849 1922  
Frese, mary 1863 1903  
Freyhage, Mary E.      
Fritz, Archie C.      
Fritz, Esther Wilhemina      
Fritz, John 1857 1935  
Fritz, Sylvia      
Frrese, George Henry      
Fryklund, Ethel May      
Fuller, Clarence      
Fuller, Marge C.      


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