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Allamakee co. Honor Roll
Men & Women who served in WWII

Surnames A-C


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Residence Notes
Abernethy, Curtis A.

Postville US Air Force, served as a bomber pilot in the European Theatre. Wounded in a mission over enemy territory. s/o Mr. and Mrs. Earl Abernethy

Postville - Curtis Abernethy, slightly wounded in action in the European theater on July 6, 1944, while piloting a Liberator bomber based in England ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Monday evening edition, July 31, 1944


Agnew, Dwight L. Waukon  
A'Hearn, Clement A. Waukon U.S. Navy, served in the South Pacific
A'Hearn, Gerald J. Waukon

Corporal. U.S. Army, enlisted in February 1942, assigned to an anti-tank division, saw action in France & Italy, was killed in action in Holland, October 1945. Obituary

A'Hearn, John M. Waukon U.S. Army, anti-tank division
Ahlstrom, John Andrew Waukon US Navy, Aviation Metalsmith first class. Served in the South Pacific, West and East coasts. Obituary
Ahlstrom, Roger Glen Waukon PFC SVC Co., 67th Tank BN. 1926-1958, buried Oakland cemetery
Aird, Alfred W. Harpers Ferry  
Albert, Thomas James Lansing U.S. Army Medical Corps, Army of Occupation in Japan at the end of WWII.
Obituary & photo
Albert, William George Lansing Marine Corps bomber pilot flying combat missions in the South Pacific and the Philippines; received the Distinguished Flying Cross and numerous Air Medals. Obituary & photo
Ammons, Harvey Postville US Army. Stationed at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin and other eastern camps. Discharged in April 1943. Removed to Osage, Iowa after leaving the service.
Amondson, Gladys Waukon US Nursing Corps, Lieut. Junior Grade; RN. Stationed at several US Naval hospitals during the war. Born in MN, she graduated from Waukon HS. Married John Montich. Obituary
Amundsen, Melvin Stanley Waukon Warrant officer. Son of Arthur Amundson.
Amundson, Kenneth G. Lansing US Navy. Obituary
Amundson, Marguerite Waukon Lieutenant, Nurse Corps, served in Australia. Daughter of Arthur Amundson.
Anderson, Carlyle J. Postville /rural Gunder, Clayton co. US Navy. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Christ Anderson, he graduated from Postville High School.
Anderson, Charles E. Waukon S-Sgt. US Army. Awarded Certificate of Merit for outstanding performance in the European theater of war.
Anderson, Earl Center twp. US Navy. Obituary
Anderson, Elver Postville /rural Gunder, Clayton co. US Navy, Aviation. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Christ Anderson, he graduated from Postville High School.
Anderson, Helmer S. Waukon  
Anderson, Herbert J. Waterville  
Anderson, Hilbert Emil Postville Staff Sgt., US Army, 91st Cavalry Reconnaissance, decorated for his participation in several campaigns. Son of Emil & Hilda Anderson, he was born in Oelwein, but lived in Postville for many years. Obituary.
Anderson, James M. Elon / Waukon US Navy and Army Air Corps. Obituary
Anderson John A. Dorchester  
Anderson, Lawrence Donald 'Bud' Waukon Ensign. After completing reserve officers courses at Northwestern University, in April 1941 he was called to duty aboard a transport ship The Anders, to sail from San Pedro, Calif., for Honolulu to join the officers of the battleship Arizona stationed in Pearl Harbor. He was among those killed at Pearl Harbor, aboard the USS Arizona, Dec. 7, 1941. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. August R. Anderson, Waukon. Obituary
Anderson, Lydia Anne Harpers Ferry U.S. Army Nurse, 1942 & 1943. Member and past commander of the Harpers Ferry American Legion Post 4722. Lived in Harpers Ferry 1985-2002. Obituary
Anderson, Paul D. Waukon US Army Air Corps. Among other places, he was stationed at Miami Naval Air Station in Florida, Torpedo Squadron 361, flying the TBF Avenger from the Naval Aircraft Carrier Croatan. Obituary & photo
Anderson, Ralph A. Waukon  
Anderson Vernon New Albin  
Arndt, Frank Waukon US Army. Obituary
Arndt, Walter New Albin  
Ashbacker, Nathan L. Lansing / French Creek US Army. Entered the service in April 1941.
Auer, Ralph Lansing US Army
Bakkum, Wm. (Chiropractor) Waukon X-ray technician in the 7th Naval Hospital, Okinawa
Bachtell, Robert Carithers

Postville Colonel, USAF, 12th Air Force, based in Italy. In April 1944, as a Lieutenant, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for meritorious and outstanding achievement while in the performance of hazardous combat duty. He completed more than fifty combat missions in Italy. He was later awarded a second Distinguished Flying Cross, and received 11 medals for his WWII service. Upon retirement in 1972, he was awarded the Legion of Merit. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Obituary
Bachtell, Charles Baker

Charles Bachtell

Postville Major, US Air Corps. Entered the service in 1941, among the first of Allamakee co. men to volunteer. Served with 155th Field Artillery, 36th Div. and the 306th Squadron, 142nd Troop Carrier group, 9th Command. He was discharged 12/31/1946. 03/27/1919-03/05/2002, buried in the Postville cemetery

~Reid Johnson contributed the photo from the Postville Herald, Wed., November 10, 1943

Back, Robert O. Missouri/Lansing US Navy, served in Guam. He was born in Missouri & retired to Lansing, living there until his death. Obituary & photo
Bakewell, John M. Lansing Army Air Corps. Obituary
Bailey, Evelyn Lansing Army Air Corps Nurse; Lieutenant; stationed at Sioux Falls, S.D.; d/o Walter
Ball, Leo R. Missouri/Postville US Navy for 3 years during WWII. He was born in Missouri & moved to Postville in 1951, living there until his death. Obituary
Baltz, Charlene Postville Nurses. Took nurses training at the University of Iowa and the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines. Married to Jack F. Morgan. Note: records are unclear in confirming that she enlisted in the service after graduating from nurses training, although her name appears on the Postville HS Alumni Service Roster.
Baltz, Eugene F.W. Postville Army Corps of Engineers before the war & in the Army for three years during World War II. Obituary
Baltz, Loyle Postville Entered service, 1942. Graduated from Postville HS.
Bangs, Wesley James Allamakee co./ Guttenberg, Clayton co. US Army. He was born in Allamakee county, s/o Fred and Janet (Cavars) Bangs. Obituary
Bareis, Arbe F. Postville US Navy
Barnholtz, Henry W.
aka Harry Kekos

Postville Staff sergeant. Killed in a train accident September 14, 1944. The photo appeared in the Sept. 27, 1944 issue of the Postville Herald, along with this brief description: "This picture was taken of Henry standing alongside of the gun he manned in the nose gunners' position of his B-24 Liberator which he flew on 37 missions from Italy to carry the fighting to the enemy in a number of Nazi-held countries."

Barr, Chester Raymond Jr. 'Chet' Forest Mills Waist gunner, 8th Army Air Force, 30 combat missions on B-17 Bombers 1944 to 1945. Obituary & photo
Barthell, Michael J. Waukon US Army, Tec-4; Stationed at Camp Crowder, Missouri. Buried Oakland cemetery, Waukon. Obituary & photo
Bassler, Claudette Mary

Harpers Ferry Lieutenant Colonel, Army Air Corps Nursing Service, Registered Nurse. Served in the South Pacific and Australia. Daughter of Dr. Benedict & Gertrude Bassler. Obituary & photo * Biography & photos

~The photo of Claudette was contributed by Renee Conley. Claudette was a first cousin to Renee's mother, Clementine Helen Bassler McNamer Koenigsfeld.

Baxter, Charles C. Waukon  
Baxter, James R. Waukon  
Baxter, Harold Waukon  
Beall, Carl E. Waukon U.S. Army
Beardmore, Donald Calvin New Albin U.S. Marine Corps. Obituary
Beardmore, Glenn Earl Dorchester 1922-1978. U.S. Naval Reserve, Aviation Cadet, V-6. Service #703-38-02. Enlisted 8/4/1943, discharged 5/4/1946. Buried Mt. Hope cemetery. Obituary
Beck, Theodore J. Lansing  
Becker, Clarence B.

New Albin U.S. Army. Brother of Roy Becker.

~Photo contributed by his daughter Rita Subrt

Becker Ezra New Albin  
Becker, John P. Lansing  
Becker, Henry James Lansing U.S. Navy, pharmacist's mate. Served in Guam. Obituary
Becker, Karl C. Waukon Son of Fred & Bertha Becker. Obituary
Becker, Roy New Albin U.S. Navy. Brother of Clarence B. Becker.
Beisker, George W. Waukon  
Bell, Melvin S. Waukon  
Benda, Lawrence Waterville US Army
Bente, Melvin R. Waterville  
Berg, Stanley Forest Mills US Army. Obituary
Bergeson, Charles M. Spring Grove, Minnesota  
Bergeson, Howard Orval Waterloo Ridge / Spring Grove, Minnesota US Navy. Enlisted in 1942, he was an electrical and radio technician. He saw duty on the USS Anteitam and also in Kodiak, Alaska. Obituary
Beucher, Alan J.

Postville US Army. Second Lieutenant. Navigator, he trained at the Hondo, TX, Army Air Field navigation school, graduating Sept 18, 1944.
Beucher, Charles L. Postville US Army Air Corps, Instructor. Obituary
Big Soldier, Fred K. Waukon   
Bigelow, Kenneth J. Waukon Ensign. Died July 18, 1941, instructor at Jacksonville, Fla. Aunt, Ruth Bigelow, Waukon. Death notice
Bigelow, Thomas L. Waukon  
Bird, Clement W. Waukon U.S. Army Air Force; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, July 1944; served with the Eighth Air Force composite station in England; executive of a B-17 Flying Fortress group; was in one of the first U.S. bomber groups to arrive in England; awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf clusters; graduate of WHS & Waukon Junior College
Bird, James P. Waukon  
Bjerke, Arlen M. Lansing  
Bjerke, Ernest Milton Waterville U.S. Army Air Force, 1942 to 1946. Obit & photo
Bjorge, Joel L. New Albin  
Bjorndahl, Gunnar R. Waukon  
Black, William D. Waukon  
Blackmar, Ivan J. Waukon Navy Aeronautics Corps. Lieutenant. Received his commission at Chapel Hill, N.C.
Blake, John Dorchester One of the two men drawn first from the Allamakee draft service in March 1941.
Blocker, Maurice F. New Albin U.S. Navy. He saw action in the Aleutian Islands and South Pacific. Obituary
Bloxham, James E. Postville U.S. Army, 20th Infantry Division, Rifleman. Served in New Guinea & the Philippines. He earned the Bronze Service Arrowhead, American Defense Ribbon, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, Combat Infantryman's Badge and the Good Conduct Medal. Obituary
Bloxham, Charles W.

Postville  Staff sergeant, 20th Infantry 6th Division. Forest Mills, Iowa. Awarded the Purple Heart & Silver Star for gallantry in action. Killed in action in New Guinea, June 23, 1944. Buried at Fort William Mckinley, Manila, the Philippines. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Bloxham, RFD, Postville. Wife, Mrs. Charles Bloxham, Jefferson City, Mo.


Bloxham, Keith E. Franklin twp. TEC-5, US Army, Troop B, 8th Engineers Squadron. Fought in the battle of Luzon, Philippines, awarded the Bronze Star. Obituary
Boardman, Harold G. Lansing  
Boardman, Harry J. Harpers Ferry US Army. Obituary
Bockhouse, Ervin W.
Dorchester / Postville US Army. Drafted in April 1941. Wounded in action in Italy 05/28/1944. Buried in Dorchester Methodist cemetery
Boese, Leo James Postville US Navy, Signalman Third Class, assigned to the Asiatic Pacific and the Phillippine Liberation. He received the Victory Medal. Obituary
Boetz, Walter New Albin  
Bollman, Avery Wilson Volney / Luana US Army, Tech-4, served in Italy. Brother of Donald & Leo. He died in 2003 and is buried in St. Paul's cemetery, Waverly, Bremer co. IA
Bollman, Beacher Eli Ion / Harpers Ferry US Army, duty in Germany. Obituary
Bollman, Donald Volney / Luana US Army. Served as a medic in Europe. He died in 1979 and is buried in Smithfield cemetery. Obituary
Bollman, Leo E.

Tech Sgt Leo E. Bollman

Volney / Luana US Army Air Corps, Tech Sgt.; wounded in action over France, July 8, 1944, while flying as a radioman gunner in a Flying Fortress; he entered civilian pilot training in 1942, then enlisted in the Army Air Corps; was also a glider pilot.

From Roger Bollman, son of Leo: "Leo E. Bollman, Tech Sergeant, US Army Air Corps, trained as glider pilot and was awarded his glider wings. Ended up as a radioman/belly gunner on the B-17 Flying Fortress, the 'Black Sheep'. Leo was the recipient of the Purple Heart and a Bronze Battle Star. The color photo is his enlistment picture & below is Leo with his B-17 crew."

Leo Bollman and his B-17 crew

Crew of the B-17GE Flying Fortress the “Black Sheep”, 339th Bomb Squadron, 96th Bomb Group. Taken in May 1944 at the Snetterton Heath airfield southwest of London, England. Leo’s in the back row, 2nd from right.  

Leo died in 2008 and is buried in Smithfield cemetery

Boltz, Elmer New Albin  
Boltz, Sylvia Lansing / New Albin Ensign; was noted to be in "the service" at the time of her marriage to Robert F. Tucker; d/o Peter Boltz of Lansing
Borter, Ralph Arthur Waukon / Postville/ Monona, Clayton co. US Army, awarded several medals for overseas service. Cremains buried in Oakland cemetery. Obituary
Bowen, Albert S. Waukon  
Brady, George F. Waukon  
Braham, Paul A. Rudd, Floyd co. Iowa / Postville US Army, served from 1932-1946 in an engineering unit throughout Europe. He participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Attained the rank of captain. Born in Rudd, Iowa, he lived and worked in Postville for over 30 years. Obituary
Brainard, Adelbert L. Luana area US Army Signal Corps; Tech-5, served from 1942-1945. Served in the South Pacific. Earned 6 bronze stars. Obituary
Brainard, Charles Gordon Waukon / Postville US Army. Served at the European front. Obituary
Brainard, Milo Kreston Luana area US Army. Obituary
Brainard, Ray Oscar Postville US Navy. Served in the Pacific Theatre. Obituary
Brainard, Perry A. Postville  
Brandos Robert V. Harpers Ferry US Army. Son of Edward & Margaret Brainard. Obituary
Brandos Rovert Waukon  
Brandt, Clarence 'Ernie'

Postville US Army. Corporal. Stationed in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands from October 1942 until discharge (after Sept 1944). Graduated from Postville HS, entered the service from Preston, Minn.
Brandt, Harold A. Waukon Junction  
Brandt, John Postville US Navy. Attended the naval radio training school at Madison, Wis., 1944. Served in the Pacific aboard the U.S.S. Montrose
Brandt, Kenneth W. 'Cod' Waukon US Army. He served as a tank commander in the European Theater. Obituary & photo
Brandt, Lloyd Edward Waukon 1st Sergt. USNR. Gravestone photo
Brandt, Willis Durwin Waukon US Navy. Iowa BM2 USNR. Son of Edward& Leona Brandt. Gravestone photo. Obituary
Brannan, Joseph M. Harpers Ferry  
Bratland, Alton Spring Grove, Minn. US Army, stationed in New Guinea. Son of Albert & Hannah Bratland. Obituary
Bray, Everett M. Lansing  
Bray, George E. Waukon  
Bray, Harlan L. Postville US Army. Private. Son of Lawrence & Lillian Bray. Obituary. Gravestone photo
Bray, Lloyd L. Postville. US Navy. Gravestone photo
Bray, Raymond W.

Postville Pfc, served throughout the operations in France, was taken prisoner in Germany on February 7, 194?, was a POW until April 1945. Son of John L. & Ruth A. Bray. Obituary
Brazell, Maurice J. Harpers Ferry  
Breeser, Fred F. New Albin US Army, Corporal. Fred died in May 1969.
Letter home and news clippings contributed by Errin Wilker:
Cpl.  Fred F. Breeser arrived from the East Coast last Wednesday as is spending a 21 day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Breeser, sister Miss Ethel and brothers Walter, Robert and Edward, after spending 33 months overseas in the European theater of operations. "Fritzie" has been a gunner and squad leader in a mortar section with 168th Infantry Regiment of the 34th "Red Bull" Division. He returns as a veteran of the Tunisan and Italian campaigns from the original landing at Algiers through the breaking of the Gothic line. He wears four battle stars on his European theater ribbon and combat infantry badge. He also has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in the right arm and hand at Anzio, and he is entitled to wear the unit badge as a member of the 1st batallion. He was inducted into the U.S. Army May 18, 1941 and received his training at Camp Caliborne, La., before being sent overseas. Cpt. Breeser is receiving a most cordial welcome home from his many New Albin relatives and friends, but "Fritzie" is just about the most pleasant soldier you could meet to be once more back with home folks and friends, all of whom have just reason to feel proud of him. ~ca1944
Cpl. Fred Breeser returned home last Tuesday evening. "Fritzie" recently received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Aug. 13th, having 106 points to his credit. ~dated 1945
Bresnahan, Lawrence J. Waukon  
Bresnahan, Reber Waukon  
Brewer, Lavern Postville US Army. Son of Harold & Claire Brewer. Obituary
Briar, Elmer L. Waukon  
Brink, William R. Waukon  
Britt, Albert J. or Arnold Jr. Dorchester / Waukon US Army. Drafted in April 1941; listed as MIA in Africa Feb. 1943; Italian prisoner of war until May 28, 1945. Adopted s/o Arnold Britt of Waukon. Photo Note: newspaper articles give either Albert J. or Arnold Jr.
Brooks, Keith Postville Wounded in Europe, received a Purple Heart
Brown, Harold Postville U.S. Navy, Petty Officer; served aboard a destroyer which landed Marines on the Solomon Islands in 1942 during the first offensive amphibious expedition of the war. His ship was one of a group known as "The Unholy Four"
Bublitz, Albert Leslie Lansing US Army. Obit & photo
Bublitz, Merlin W. Lansing  
Bublitz, Vern Waukon  
Buddenberg, Roland or Rodney Post twp. US Army Air Force; Sergeant, engineer gunner on the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress. Awarded the Oak Leaf Cluster to his air medal for "courage, coolness and skill" and "outstanding performance of duty" during a number of Eighth Air Force attacks on German miliary and industrial targets. Also did service in Burma. Attended Kingman Field gunnery school, September 1944. Was a member of the 486th bomb group of the Third Air Division. Graduated from Postville HS. Note: first name needs to be confirmed.
Buege, Wilford Waukon  
Bulman, Duwayne E.

Postville Pfc. US Army. He entered the Army in the spring of 1941. A member of the 34th 'Red Bull' Infantry Division, he was taken prisoner in the battle of Faid and Kasserine Pass, North African war zone on February 16,  1943.  Imprisoned in Stalag 7A, 5B, 2B and Lauenburg Kommando.   Participated in a forced march with about 160 Americans for 670 miles.  He escaped near the Elbe River and hid in a farm  house until the American front advanced to it.  Liberated on April 13, 1945 after being  a POW for 26 months.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Bulman.
DuWayne Bulman Writes From Nazi Prison Camp.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bulman received a mailing card Thursday for their son, DuWayne, confirming the report that he is a prisoner of war in a German prison camp. Following is DuWayne's message to his parents, dated March 14, 1943 (he had been reported missing in action since February 17):
"I am O.K. Don't worry. See the Red Cross about sending packages. Please send all cigarettes and chocolate you can and other foods; also blades and such things. Have lost everything. Please get packages on their way - can sure use things. Keep the packages coming often. Tell all hello for me. Roy is O.K. too. LOVE, DuWayne." ~Postville Herald, Wednesday, May 12, 1943 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson
News article & photo - Obituary - Gravestone (Ames Municipal cemetery, Ames, IA)
Bulman, Howard W. Postville US Army. One of the first Postville area men to be inducted, saw service on the Alaska highway with an engineer unit before going to Europe. He removed to Newton, IA after the war. Died 10/23/1987 & is buried in the Newton Memorial cemetery, gravestone
Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Bulman are in receipt of the following citation of the Bronze Star Medal awarded their son, who is in the European theater: "Sergeant Howard W. Bulman, Corps of Engineers, 35th Engineer Combat Battalion, United States army: For meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy, from 21 December to 26 December, 1944, in Belgium." ~Postville Herald, Wednesday, May 16, 1945 ~contributed by S. Ferrall
Bulman, Neil E. Postville US Army Air Force. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Bulman. Obituary
Bulman, Roland A. English Bench US Army. Son of Joseph G. & Bina (Lavelle) Bulman. Obituary
Bulman, Ronald Postville  
Bunge, Herman New Albin  
Buntrock, Arno W. Waukon  
Buntrock, Wilma Waukon  
Burdick, Edward L. Postville Veteran of WWI and WWII. Obituary
Burgess, Clyde W. Lansing  
Burke, Hail R. Lansing  
Burke, John J. Dorchester  
Burke, Michael P. Dorchester  
Burke, Thomas J. Lansing  
Burke, William H. Lansing  
Burling, Robert Hale Postville US Army, Sergeant. Stationed in Iran. Obituary
Burmester, Elmer H. Postville Army Air Corps, in England, Africa and Italy, from 1942-1945. Obituary
Burnham, Earl Waukon Private. Killed in action in Germany, Nov. 21, 1941. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Burnham, Waukon
Burnham, Charles H. Waukon  
Burrows, Nathan P. 'Duke' Waukon US Army. He was born in Waukon, s/o Paul & Bertha Burrows. Obituary
Burt Walter R. Waukon  
Bush, John E. Postville  
Byrnes, Mark Waukon US Army, he served until 1943, seeing some of his duty in Alaska. Obituary
Byrnes, Michael J. Waukon US Navy. Death notice
Byrnes, Patrick C. Dorchester US Marine Corps from 1942 to 1946. Obituary
Byrnes, Lawrence W. Dorchester  
Byrnes, Thomas Rueben Waukon US Army, 20th infantry. Awarded two bronze stars. Son of Ben & Kathryn Byrnes. Obituary
Cahalan, Gerald E. Harpers Ferry  
Cahalan, Joseph D. Harpers Ferry  
Cahalan, Leo James 'Jim' Postville US Navy. Obituary
Cahalan, Paul Postville US Army Air Force. Radar operator. After the war he took a job with the government as a purchasing agent & lived in Huntsville, Alabama.
Cain, Milford Postville  
Campbell, James Robert 'Jim' Waukon US Navy. Son of Leonard and Hazel (Riley) Campbell. Obituary
Campbell, Michael J. Waukon US Army. Son of Leonard and Hazel (Riley) Campbell. Obituary
Campbell, William Charles Waukon TEC-5 US Army. Obituary
Carlton, Martin E. Waukon  
Carlton, Kenneth H. Waukon  
Carney, Theo. A. Waukon   
Carpenter, Rogert J. Dorchester  
Carpenter, Ivan W. Waukon US Army; served in the European theatre; suffered a fractured leg in the invasion of France
Carroll, Edmund W. New Albin US Army. He served for three years in the European Theater and received three Bronze medals and a Purple Heart. Obituary
Carter, Roy Monona  
Carter, Lester L. Monona / Waukon / Lansing Served from January 1943 to November 1945. Obituary
Casey, John L. Lansing 1914-1950; Master Sgt., 186th QM Depot co., Michigan. Buried Gethsemane cemetery. Obituary
Casey, Kenneth Edmund

New Albin U.S. Navy, Ship's Cook, Petty Officer Second Class. Killed in action August 9, 1942, in Battle of Savo Island, aboard the USS Astoria. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #5603 was organized in New Albin and named for Kenneth Casey.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike H. Casey, of New Albin, received the Purple Heart Medal awarded posthumously, to their son Kenneth Edmund Casey, S. C. 2-c who died of wounds received in action on Savo Island, Guadacanal, Aug. 9th, 1942. He was attached to the Cruiser Astoria and had enlisted in the Navy Dec. 29th, 1939. Accompanying the award was a certificate which read as follows - The United States of America To All Who Shall See These Presents Greetings: This is to certify the President of the United States of America Pursuant to Authority Vested in Him by Congress has awarded the Purple Heart, established by General George Washington, at Newburg, NY, August 7, 1872, to Kenneth Edmund Casey; S. C. 2-c for military merit and wounds received in action resulting in his death August 9th, 1942. Given under my hand in the City of Washington, D.C. -FRANK KNOX, Secretary of the Navy ~purple heart commendation from an undated New Albin News clipping - contributed by Errin Wilker

~the bottom photo (left) ca1942, was contributed by Errin Wilker


Casey, William E. 'Billy' New Albin U.S. Navy, Boatswain First Class; was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese. s/o Mike Casey, New Albin
Cassidy, Florence Lansing Army Nurse Corps; in her father's obit (Richard Cassidy), 1943, she is named as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy, Washington state
Cassidy, James Jr. Waukon U.S. Navy
Cassidy, Richard 'Dick' LaFayette twp. U.S. Army infantry; MIA 1944
Castle, Vernon H. Lansing  
Caughlin, Harold New Albin  
Caughlin, John New Albin  
Caughlin, Joseph W. New Albin  
Cavanaugh, Mary Elizabeth 'Betty' Harpers Ferry/ Waukon U.S. Navy, WAVE. Daughter of Thomas & Alberta (Melavin) Cavanaugh. Married Mr. Forler, then Robert Ohm. Obituary & photo.
Cavanaugh, Mary Irene Harpers Ferry / Dubuque U.S. Navy, WAVE, two tours of duty. Served in Farrugut, Idaho supporting a German POW camp at the base at that place; then at Treasure Island, Calif. when the war ended. Daughter of Thomas & Alberta (Melavin) Cavanaugh. Married Raymond C. O'Brien, who was also a WWII veteran. Obituary
Cavanaugh, Paul Harpers Ferry/ Waukon Army Air Corps. Son of Thomas & Alberta Cavanaugh. Obituary & photo.
Cavers, William M. Lansing  
Chamberlain, Earl B.

Corporal Earl chamberlain

Luana US Marines. Corporal. Participated in campaigns on Bougainville and Guam. His wife, Zana May, also served during WWI (see Zana May Harris).

~ photo is from the Postville Herald, Wed., August 29, 1945, contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Chamberlain, Harlan B.

Luana / Postville US Army Air Corps; commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Nov. 1944. s/o Leon Chamberlain
Chapin, Donald Harpers Ferry  
Chevalier, Marvin Strawberry Point, Clayton co. / Postville 1st Lieutenant, US Army, 112th Infantry, 28th Infantry Division. Captured by the Germans, November 7, 1944 while acting as a forward observer for his unit.   He & other American captives were marched back behind the lines, dodging US artillery, then taken by trucks to a POW camp at Limburg, Germany.   About Dec 1st  he was taken by boxcar to Oflag 64 at Schubin, Poland where he found himself with many Iowans from the Iowa National Guard who had been captured in North Africa.   Liberated April 7, 1945.  President & CEO of the Citizens State Bank in Postville for many years. Obituary * Photo
Christ, Willard J. Harpers Ferry 1st Lieutenant; navigator on a B-29; flew 15 missions over the Japanese mainland; took part in a raid on the Nippon oil refinery at Akita, on northern Honshu.
Christ, Robert E. Harpers Ferry His name is on a bronze plaque containing "the names of Allamakee county's World War II dead" that was to be placed at the court house by the Waukon Commercial Club in 1948.
Christofferson, Harold Postville Private, US Army. Stationed in France & Germany. Obituary
Christopherson, LaVern Decorah, Winneshiek co.   
Clancy, George W. Lansing  
Clark, Donald Riss Minnesota/ Postville US Army. Member of The Golden Acorn, 87th Division; wounded in Germany & was present at the Battle of the Bulge. Born in Minnesota, he lived in Postville for 40 years. Obituary
Clark, Lloyd Postville  
Clark, Robert Lansing US Navy WWII. Also served in Korean War.
Clauson, Carlton M. Spring Grove, Minnesota  
Clesi, Edith nee Gruhn   see Edith Gruhn
Cole, Harry Shafer Postville  
Cole, Margaret M.

Postville Ensign, Navy Nurse Corps. Was stationed at the US Naval Hospital at Sampson, NY, and also served in the West Indies. Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Harry D. Cole of Postville, she graduated from Postville HS and St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital nursing school in Dubuque.
Cole, Roy E. Lansing  
Cole, Shafer Postville US Navy, Machinist' Mate, 1st Class. Stationed in the southwest Pacific, 2 years in the New Hebrides Islands. s/o Dr. & Mrs. H.D. Shafer of Postville.
Cole, William

Postville US Army, Sergeant. Member of the 34th Division, Headquarters Co., 168th Infantry. He went overseas in 1942, serving in Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy and North Africa. During the battle of Faid and Kasserine Pass (North Africa), he helped to lay the communication wires up to the front. s/o Dr. & Mrs. H.D. Shafer.
Collins, Edmund New Albin  
Collins, James Stafford Waukon US Army Air Corps, 1st Lieutenant. Served from 1941 to 1946, first in field artillery and then in OSC in chemical warfare. Obituary
Collins, John New Albin  
Collins, Quentin Joseph Waukon Army Air Corps, served from 1941 to 1947, and completed air
crew training at Texas A&M. Earned the following decorations and citations: American Defense Service Medal, American Theater Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, WWII Victory and one Service Stripe. Obituary & photo
Collins, Thomas A. Waukon Private first class. Killed in action in France, January 9, 1945. Mother, Mrs. James Collins, Waukon. Obituary
Collins, William P. 'Billy'

Postville US Army. Entered the service early in the war. Stationed in North Africa.
Colsch, Edward Leo New Albin Tec-4, U.S. Army. Served in Iwo Jima and Saipan. Awarded a purple heart. Died 05/18/1997. Buried in Sand Cove cemetery. Funeral card, obituary & photo
Colsch, John W.

New Albin U.S. Navy and 1st Lieutenant. Army Air Corps, 391st Army Airfield Bombardment Group.
"Dodge City Army Air Field, Kas., May 29--A group of specially selected pilots began this week a short intensive indoctrination course at Dodge City Army Air Filed, Kas., the nations second and newest B-26 Marauder pilot training school. These hand-picked officers, all with considerable flying experience, will study, in ground school and in the air, avanced and highly specialized phases of operation of the Marauder, twin-engine flying powerhouse now helping to smash the Axis on many fronts. Included in this group is Lt. John W. Colsch, New Albin, Ia., son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Colsch. Lt. Colsch was formerly an aviation mechanic and engineer. He attended Columbia College, Dubuque, and also the Curtis Wright Tech., Glendale, Calif. He won his wings at Stockton Army Air Field on March 16, 1942. He had previously served as a pilot at Las Vegas Army Air Field, Nev." ~undated newspaper clipping, contributed by Errin Wilker
Colsch first enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1936 and served 4 years, being discharged in September 1940. After attending aeronautical engineering school, he entered the U.S. Army Air Corps and trained in combat flying. It was on his 65th and final mission as the pilot of a B-26 Marauder bomber, that Lt. Colsch and five crew members, were shot down over Cherisy, France, August 13, 1944.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Colsch of New Albin, he was born April 28, 1918. His body was returned to the United States in August 1949, and was buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, New Albin. Gravestone photo. Obituaries & photos (these obits include other news articles that contain extensive information)
Colsch, Lawrence N. Waukon  
Colsch, Robert C. New Albin US Navy. He served in Japan. Obituary & photo
Connor, George T. Waukon  
Connor, William F. Waukon  
Cook, Neil Albert Forest Mills Served in France. Born in Lawler, Chickasaw co. Iowa, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Cook, the family removed to Washington in 1910. Obituary
Coon, Clarence Lansing Served in France. Son of Clarence & Mary Keenan Coon.
Coon, Claude Lansing Served in the African campaign. Son of Clarence & Mary Keenan Coon.
Coon, Francis E. Lansing / LaCrosse, WI US Army, served with the 309th Infantry. Killed in action Feb. 19, 1945 at Schmidt, Germany. Originally buried in Eupen, Belgium; his body was returned to the US and reburied at Manti, Utah. Son of Clarence & Mary Keenan Coon, husband of Wanda Bradfield. Obituary
Cooper, Wilson H.

Lansing "Machinist's Mate Third Class Wilson H. Cooper, 32, U.S. Navy, son of Mrs. Stewart Cooper of Lansing, Ia., was presented the Purple Heart last week at the U.S. Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill., by Captain Frederick Ceres, MC-USN, for wounds received at Leyte. He entered the Navy on April 28, 1942, and during the 16 months he has served at sea or overseas, he has seen action in Casablanca, Morotai and Leyte. He was aboard the destroyer escort Eversole in the Southwest Pacific when it was torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine last October 29th and of the 210 men aboard 136 survived. It was on this ship that Ray Jambois, Genoa, Wis., youth, and former popular Lansing High School student lost his life. Wilson was knocked unconscious by the blast and remembers being the last to leave the ship, jumping into the ocean without a lifebelt. He received a broken back and a piece of shrapnel is still in his hip. The Jap submarine surfaced and then threw hand bombs or grenades at the American survivors struggling in the water and only a very black night saved a great number from losing their lives while in the water, although many were killed this way. There were seven men to receive broken backs in this shipwreck and three got broken necks and a curious part of it was that all to date have been saved. After being in the water four or five hours he was rescued and taken to a Southwest Pacific base hospital where he was confined six weeks before coming to Oakland, Calif., for a couple of weeks and then to the Great Lakes Hospital where he has been the past eleven weeks. We are glad to report that his cast has been reduced to a brace and he is getting along pretty well now being bale to do light work around the hospital. Wilson has spent a couple of weekends with home folks since being in the Great Lakes. He wears the American Theater, Asiatic-Pacific and European-African ribbons, as well as the Purple Heart and two Invasion Stars for Philippine Island battle engagements." ~New Albin newspaper clipping with photo, contributed by Errin Wilker.
Obituary Gravestone photo
Corrigan, Charles J. Harpers Ferry US Army. Obituary
Cota, Donald L. Harpers Ferry Served during both WWII and Korea. Obituary
Cota, Leo G. Harpers Ferry  
Courtney, Charles J. Harper's Ferry  
Cox, Carl E. Postville  
Coyne, Harry W. Lansing  
Crawford, Leonard Cleone Postville / Frankville US Army. Entered the service in October 1941 and served as a sergeant in the military police until he was honorably discharged in 1945. Obituary
Crawford Thomas Postville  
Crowe, Roy J. Lansing  
Crowley, John New Albin  
Crowley, Leonard M. New Albin US Army. Son of James & Bridget (Thornton) Crowley. Obituary

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~The original 875 names on this list were published in the Allamakee Journal, Lansing, Iowa, September 15, 1943. The names were on Honor Roll Bulletin Board at Waukon.
~transcribed by Errin Wilker

Other sources used to compile this honor roll, in addition to the contributed information:
~information from news clippings, obituaries, photos & funeral memorials in a WWII scrapbook compiled by Nina Harris Swenson, g-grandmother of Sharyl Ferrall, Allamakee co. IAGenWeb coordinator
~Postville High School Alumni Service Roster, published by the Postville Herald, May 1945
~State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Iowa, 1946
~information from obituaries posted to the Allamakee co. Obituary Board
~information sent by Allamakee co. contributors as credited with the entry

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