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Allamakee co. Honor Roll
Men & Women who served in WWII

Surnames U-Z


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Residence Notes
Uglum, Alfred H. Waterville One of the two men drawn first from the Allamakee draft service in March 1941.

"As I remember Alfred spent the WWII years at Fort Snelling in Minnesota. He lived in Minneapolis. Very talented. He made a violin out of walnut lumber that we had sawed at our farm. He worked for a research and development firm and when he retired from there he had his own consulting business helping people with their remodeling etc. He was a s/o Haftor Uglum, and nephew of my Dad's first wife, Emma Leiran Hagemeier." ~ contributed by Arthur Hagemeier (s/o Paul Hagemeier)
Uglum, Walter Melvin

Waukon US Army. Enlisted 06/16/1941 & discharged 11/18/1945. Died 05/18/1986 & is buried in the Czech National cemetery, Scott co. MN.

"Born 10/21/1913, he was the s/o Haftor Uglum and the foster s/o Paul Hagemeier. When Walter was old enough his brother, Milton, convinced him to join the Army. He was in the Army from the beginning of the war till the end. He served in the Pacific Theatre of operations and was a Staff Sergeant when he was discharged." ~ information & photo contributed by Arthur Hagemeier (s/o Paul Hagemeier)

Unterberger, Cletus Waterville US Army, Pvt, Medic, 168th Infantry, 34th Division aka Red Bull Division; captured at Faid Pass on Feb 17, 1943.  Held in 4 prison camps in Germany: Moosberg, Stalag 3B near Furstenberg, Luft 3 at Sagon and 7A.  Freed on April 29, 1945.  Died October 30, 1982.

~off-site on the Iowa in WWII, IAGenWeb Special Project - personal diary, photographs & scanned images (opens in a new window)

Valley, Earl R. Harpers Ferry s/o Walter & Elizabeth (Dolan) Valley. Obituary
Valley, Joseph M. Harpers Ferry  
Valley, Luverne J. Harpers Ferry  
VanGorder, Milton G. Waukon  
VanHorn, Donald H. Waukon  
VanHorn, Sophus Waukon  
VanWey / Van Wey, Carl C. Postville / Frankville, Winneshiek co. IA Captain. Served as a member of the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force and the Twelfth Air Force in Italy and the Mediterranean. Commended for "extreme efficiency" as a member of the signal battalion during the invasion of southern France.
Vaughn, Ira R. Waukon.  
Vaughn, Ival G. Waukon.  
Verdon, Cornelius Lansing Tech sergeant; seriously wounded in action at Luzon, 3/27/1945
Verdon, Floyd J. Lansing  
Verdon, Raphael A. Lansing  
Verdon, Walter F. Lansing  
Vichlach, Stephan F. New Albin / Waukon US Navy. Buried in Oakland cemetery. Obituary
Vickery, Charles W. Waukon  
Vickery, Dale R. Harpers Ferry  
Vickery, Ellwood M. Waukon  
Vohl, Amandus C. Waukon  
Vongroven, Lester J. Dorchester  
Vongroven, Silas O. Dorchester  
Wadsworth, John E. Waukon  
Wagner, Cletus 'Bud' Lansing US Army. Obituary
Wagner, Harlan C. Postville  
Wagner, Harold A. Harpers Ferry US Army; seriously wounded in Germany twice.
Wagner, Leo H. Lansing  
Wagner, Urban L.

Ft. Atkinson, Winneshiek co. US Army, he fought in battles from North Africa to Italy and Germany. Awarded 4 Bronze Stars. He moved to Waukon in 1956. Obituary & photos
Walby, Lester A. Postville  
Waldron, John Leroy Waukon US Army. Served from February 1941 until August 1943. He saw duty in French Morocco, Africa, with the 3rd Infantry, the most decorated American unit of the war. Obituary
Waldron, Vernon J. Waukon  
Waldron, William Kenneth

Waukon US Army, Tech Sgt. He was a scout for the 3rd Army, 90th Infantry Division, Co F, 357th Infantry Regiment in the Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe in the European theatres. Served as a cook/baker during the occupation of Germany.

~the information & photo was shared by his daughter Jan Waldron Votroubek

Walleser, Wilfred E. Lansing US Army Occupation of Japan. s/o John J. & Anna Walleser. Obituary
Walsh, Earl C. Waukon US Army. Obituary
Walsh, Francis Lansing  
Walter, Lloyd D. Postville  
Walters, Leon M. Monona, Clayton co.  
Ward, Alice Josephine Waukon Army Nurse Corps, Captain. Served in France. Obituary
Warren, Thomas Atkin

Lansing / Postville US Army Air Force, 1340 AAF  BU unit.  Served in the Burma-India-China campaign 1942-1945. s/o Thomas & Mary Warren. Obituary

~photo & information contributed by Jan Miller

Waters, George Postville  
Waters, George T. Dorchester  
Waters, Guy R. Postville / Waukon  
Watson, Gene Orvis 'Whitey' Ainsworth, Washington co. IA / Waukon 1st Army, 37th Combat Engineers, Co. C. Served in South Wales. Buried Oakland cemetery, Waukon. Obituary & photo
Weber, Hamlin O. Dorchester  
Webster, A. Bruce Postville s/o Arthur C. & Glessner (Harris) Webster. Obituary
Webster, Beulla M. Waukon US Army. Daughter of Alfred & Anna Webster. Married name: Bogue. Obituary
Webster, Leslie J. Waukon  
Webster, Myrle B. Waukon  
Wegner, Harlan Charles Postville Corporal, U.S. Army, 34th Division. He was among the first contingent of American soldiers to be sent overseas. Taken ill when the division left England for the African invasion, he was left in the British Isles and later got to the European continent after the Normandy invasion. He died 5/7/1990 in Garden City, Wayne co. MI (online Michigan Death index); death notice in the Postville Herald 5/16/1990: "Word was received here by relatives of the death of Harlan C. Wegner on Saturday, May 5, 1990, in Redford, MI. He was a former resident of Postville and graduated from Postville Public School in 1932"
Wegner, Helen Marie Postville Ensign, WAVES, stationed in Washington, D.C. She was a graduate of Postville HS and attended Iowa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls. Married Lloyd Hunt. She was a sister of Harlan Wegner. Obituary
Weipert, Francis T. Lansing  
Weipert, Kenneth F. Lansing  
Weipert, Robert F. Lansing Died 1975, buried in the Waterville cemetery.
Welch, Kenneth L. Lansing  
Welch, Norbert R. Lansing  
Welsh, James L. Lansing  
Welsh, John New Albin  
Welsh, Matthew New Albin  
Welsh, Sylvester M. DR New Albin  
Westby, Kenneth Lycurgus/Waukon s/o Carl C. & Rachel Westby. Obituary
Whalen, Earl James New Albin Army Air Corps; enlisted in July 1942; graduated from flying school at Randolph Field, TX, July, 1943; flight instructor Hemet, CA; s/o Peter & Frances (Waters) Whalen. Obituary
Whalen, John G. Lansing  
Wheat, Roy H. DR Waukon  
White, Edward K. Waukon Served in both WWI & WWII. Died Aug. 1950, buried Mt. Olivet cem. Obituary
White, Edward T. Waukon  
White, James Robert Waukon  
White, Louis P. REV Lansing Chaplain; stationed in the New Guinea area
White, Milton J.

Postville / Jones co. IA US Army; s/o John W. & Clara O. (Bulman) White, he was born in Postville. The family moved to Wyoming, Jones co. IA between 1930 & 1940. After serving in WWII he lived in Marion, Linn co. Iowa. Obituary
White, Walter Postville s/o Elmer & Myrtle White. Obituary
Wickham, Leo Earl Postville US Army, Headquarters Co. 405 Infantry, BSM; served in Europe, Africa & the Middle East. s/o Frank & Jennie Wickham. Obituary. Gravestone photo
Wiedemann, Neil Waukon  
Wiedemann, Robert J. Waukon  
Wiemerslage, Earl R. Lansing  
Wilde, John A.

Lansing U.S. Air Force, Sergeant; he was killed January 14, 1945, when his plane was lost in flight between Morrison Field, Fla. and Trinidad

Reported Missing in Flight Overseas

A pall of gloom was cast over the city of Lansing late Saturday afternoon when it became known Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wilde had just received a telegram from the commanding officer of an army air base in Florida, stating that their son, Sgt. John A. Wilde, “was missing in an overseas flight.” That same afternoon two letters came from him postmarked New York mailed a day or two earlier. It is presumed that John’s group was flying to an overseas destination. He [was the ] lower ball turret-gunner on one of the large 4-motored bombers, and has been in the service since the middle of last March. In company with his brother Milton, who is with the Air Force in England, he visited home folks here for a week or more the early part of November, leaving for the east coast to join his flying group November 10th. Again on Monday the parents received a message stating that the search was being continued throughout a wide area. Yesterday the following message came to them: “Organized search has been abandoned for your son Sgt. John A. Wilde. An area of over 1000 miles was thoroughly searched outside the continental limits of the United States. Any further reports will be investigated.” Both his family and friends have much confidence that he, like in any others who have been missing in various parts of the world during this global war, will he found and such is the sincere hope of all in the case of Sgt. John Wilde.
~undated clipping, contributed by Errin Wilker

Wilde, Milton G. Lansing U.S. Air Force; served in England. s/o Alvin Wilde, Lansing
Wilder, Marc E. Lansing  
Wilhee, Robert P. Lansing  
Wilker, Arnold Christian Luana/Postville US Army, Field Artillery. Served in the Pacific Theatre. s/o Fred & Emma Wilker in Clayton co. Iowa, he farmed near Postville for many years. Obituary Gravestone photo
Williams, Frank Gates Postville Corporal, US Army. Served with the 7th Army and saw combat in southern France. He was present at the signing of the surrender papers for the German troops fighting on the French First and U.S. Seventh Army fronts.
Williams, Russell S. Lansing  
Williams, Raymond D. Waukon USNR, MOMM-1; 08/24/1904-11/10/1964. Gravestone photo
Willman, Lester Fritz Postville s/o Rudolph & Amelia Wilman. Obituary
Winge, Andrew L. Lansing  
Winge, Lawrance New Albin  
Wiltgen, Vivien Frank

Ossian, Fayette co. / Waukon US Navy, Chief Petty Officer on PT boats and as Chief Motor Machinist Mate.
Born in Ossian, he lived in Waukon for many years. Obituary

The photo, from his funeral brochure, was contributed by Connie Ellis

Winters, Lynn M. Waterville  
Withee, Earl W. Lansing US Army. Obituary
Withee, Ralph H. Lansing  
Wittlinger, John Waukon Merchant Marines
Woodmansee, Dale P. Rossville US Navy. Served in WWII and in the Korean conflict. Gravestone photo
Worm, Floyd E. Lansing  
Wullner, Ernest F. Postville s/o Ernst & Minna Wullner. Obituary
Yohe, Robert Russell SR 'Bob' Lansing (Gruber Ridge) US Army, Staff Sergeant. Served in Africa, Italy, Corsica & Sicily. Bob was born in Story co. Iowa on 5/19/1919. He married a Lansing girl, Alvina Protsman, and they lived on their farm on Gruber Ridge near Lansing until 1955 when they moved to Houston co. MN. He died 2/25/2005. Buried in Evergreen cemetery, Houston, MN. Alvina's obit
Young, Robert L. ? His name is on a bronze plaque containing "the names of Allamakee county's World War II dead" that was to be placed at the court house by the Waukon Commercial Club in 1948.
Zarwell, Floyd Edwin New Albin US Army. s/o Henry & Ella Zarwell. Obituary
Zarwell, Herbert Wesley 'Hub'

Herbert  W. Zarwell

New Albin "8th AAF Fighter Station, England: Helping support the huge air umbrella that protects the Allied invasion from attack by the Luftwaffe is T-Sgt. Herbert W. 'Hub' Zarwell of New Albin, Iowa. As a ground crewman at this P-38 Lightning fighter base he helped prepare the twin-engined, twin-boomed planes for their invasion support assignments. The planes had to be painted with special black and white identification stripes. Engines, guns, radio instruments and oxygen systems had to be in perfect condition for the big job. The landing troops and their naval escort had to have every possible protection against attack by the Luftwaffe. Crews worked late into the night getting the aircraft ready, and this base was one of the first prepared for the invasion job. At dusk on June 5 pilots from this field took off on patrol over the armada massing in the English Channel. They came back after dark, and the crews readied the planes for their next flight. Before dawn on D-Day crews who had only a few hours of sleep were called out again.While it was still dark they watched the planes take off and they kept the Lightnings in the air from dawn until after dark day after day. T-Sgt. Zarwell is a propeller specialist and airplane mechanic at this field, commanded by Lt. Col. Crowell, of Chicago, Ill. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zarwell, and his wife, Mrs. Herbert Zarwell live at New Albin. Sgt. Zarwell attended the New Albin high school, and as a civilian was employed as a mechanic at the Weymiller Service Station." ~newspaper clipping, hand-dated 1944, contributed by Errin Wilker; the photo is from a 1942 paper; note: mother's first name was Ella
Obituary. Gravestone photo
Zeimet, Bernard J. Lansing US Army. s/o John & Leonette Zeimet. Obituary
Zeimet, Thomas R. Lansing / New Albin US Navy, 1942 to 1967. Obituary & photo
Zezulka, Earl Frank Lansing US Army. Obituary
Zoll, Anna Mae RN Waukon 1922-2019. U.S. Army Nurse Corps assigned to Camp Gordon, GA. After WWII she remained in the Army Reserves, attaining a rank of Colonel. Died in Tomah, WI. Buried St. Mary's Catholic cemetery, Hanover. Obituary
Zoll, George Daniel Waukon 3/23/1924-4/27/1993. Son of Victor & Kathryn Zoll. U.S. Navy, enlisted 8/27/1942-4/22/1946; entered the navy reserve; called up 12/14/1950-1/25/1952. Was an instructor in a Naval Electrical School, Sampson, NY. Obituary. Buried in Mt. Olivet, Waukon. Gravestone. See photo below.
Zoll, Harold P. Waukon  
Zoll, Ralph John Waukon 12/16/1920-12/15/1979. Son of Victor & Kathryn Zoll. Chief Petty Officer. U.S. Navy, enlisted 2/18/1942 at Chicago, IL, released 12/18/1947. Stationed at Pearl Harbor, H.T.See photo below.
Zoll, Raymond J. 'Ray' Waukon 12/16/1920-9/19/1995. Son of Victor & Kathryn Zoll. U.S. Army, enlisted 11/4/1942. Served in England & France, wounded 1/3/1945 & again 1/23/1945. Dischg. 10/29/1945. Obituary. Buried St. Joseph's Catholic cem. New Albin. Gravestone
Zoll, William Victor 'Bill' Waukon 2/8/1919-7/16/1983. Son of Victor & Kathryn Zoll. U.S. Navy; enlisted at Chicago, 3/14/1941; served on U.S.S. Orizaba, Alantic convoy duty for 2 yrs., later was transferred to the Pacific serving on the U.S.S. Brontes & U.S.S. Deft. Obituary. Buried St. Mary's - Hanover cemetery, Gravestone. See photo below.

Brothers Bill, Ralph and George Zoll (from left) of the Waukon area were all home on leave from the Navy when this picture was taken in 1943. Other family members got together with them for a reunion in Waukon one day. Above, they post with their first cousin, Kay (Welsh) Moore of Lycurgus, in front of the S&D Cafe. A fourth brother [Raymond] was serving in the Army in Normandy at the time.
~Allamakee Journal, Lansing, IA, undated clipping ~contributed by Errin Wilker


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~The original 875 names on this list were published in the Allamakee Journal, Lansing, Iowa, September 15, 1943. The names were on Honor Roll Bulletin Board at Waukon.
~transcribed by Errin Wilker

Other sources used to compile this honor roll, in addition to the contributed information:
~information from news clippings, obituaries, photos & funeral memorials in a WWII scrapbook compiled by Nina Harris Swenson, g-grandmother of Sharyl Ferrall, Allamakee co. IAGenWeb coordinator
~State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Iowa, 1946
~information from obituaries posted to the Allamakee co. Obituary Board
~information sent by Allamakee co. contributors as credited with the entry

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