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Allamakee co. Honor Roll
Men & Women who served in WWII

Surnames D-F


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Dahlstrom, Alto E. Clayton co. / Waukon US Army, served from 1942-1945 in northern France & Rhineland. Awarded a Purple Heart, 2 Bronze stars & the Good Conduct Medal. He was born in Giard twp. Clayton co. but lived in Waukon for many years. Obituary
Damon, James R. Harpers Ferry U.S. Navy. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos E. Damon, Harpers Ferry
Damon, Victor M.

Harpers Ferry Private first class, USMCR. Killed in South Pacific November 20, 1943. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos E. Damon, Harpers Ferry

The photo was taken at Camp Elliott. Burial is in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Territory of Hawaii. He was only 20 years old when he died.

This letter was written to my great grandmother Nellie Daman (Mrs. Amos E. Daman) regarding the loss of her son Victor Daman. The name of the author has unfortunately been lost to time.  The message, however, is timeless..... bringing history alive for us all and to reflect on the kindness and compassion of neighbors. (click the letters to read) ~Additional info., photo & letter were contributed by Jody Howard, his grand-niece.


Danaher, Marcellian R. Dorcester  
Danaher, Thomas A. Waukon  
Darling, Douglas Ray 'Jake'

New Albin US Army. Sergeant, 101 Infantry, 26th Infantry Div. Reported Missing in Action on March 16, 1945 in the Ruhr Valley, Germany (see news clipping below). It wasn't until Sept. 29, 1949, that it was confirmed he'd been killed in action. He was first buried in the United States Military Cemetery near Liege, Belgium, in April 1950, his remains were reinterred in the New Albin cemetery. Obituary
Mrs. Clara Darling was in receipt of the following telegram from the War Department under the date of April 5th: "The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son, Sgt. Douglas R. Darling, has been missing in action in Germany since March 16, 1945. If further details or other information are received you will be notified." 'Jake,' better known to us, enlisted in the army Sept. 29, 1943 and has served overseas since April 5th, 1944, as an infantry replacement in the 26th Division of Gen. Patton's Third Army. He took his basic training at Camp Fannin, Texas, and was home in March, 1944 for a 9 days furlough. On his return he resumed his duties at Camp Meade, Md., and went from there overseas, first to England, then to France, and his last letter home was dated March 6th from Germany. ~undated newspaper clipping, contributed by Errin Wilker
Darling, Robert New Albin  
Dasher, Mary Lou Waukon US Medical Corps Nurse, Lieutenant. Stationed at several military hospitals in Texas treating combat-injured G.I.s from all theaters of war. Married Arthur Wiegand in 1946. Obituary & photo.
Davenport, Donald 'Don' Postville US Army, commissioned Lieutenant, 1943. Attended Radio School at Madison, WI. Stationed in England with a US Air Force group
Deal, Marlin J. Waukon  
DeBuhr, Calvin H. Waukon  
DeBuhr, Victor W. Waukon  
DeGarmo, Clifford Wesley Postville Captain, US Army. Obituary
Decker, Milo G. Postville  
Deeney, Bernard Waukon US Navy
Deeney, Delbert J. Waukon U.S. Navy, Motor Machinist's Mate. Buried St. Mary's Lycurgus
Deeney, Duane E. Waukon Sgt. US Army; served in the Pacific theatre
Deeney, Joseph Waukon  
Deeney, Vernon J. Waukon  
Dempsey, George W. Lansing  
Devitt, Harold Waukon Junction U.S. Army, served in Hawaii
Devitt, Martin Waukon Junction U.S. Coast Artillery, served 2 years in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Diersen, Marvin New Albin  
Doerring, Charles

Luana Clayton co. T. Sgt., crew member of a B-24 Liberator bomber.  Shot down April 2, 1944.  Held in POW camp Luft III and Stalag 17B in Germany until May 3, 1945.  He died on June 8, 1947. Obituary * More about Charles Doerring on the Clayton co. IAGenWeb
Donahue, Gerald New Albin  
Donahue, James J. Waukon  
Donahue, John C. Waukon  
Donaldson, Wayne LeVern Fayette / Lansing / Postville US Army Air Corps, serving from 1940-45. He was an airplane mechanic and spent part of his active duty in Kun Ming, China. Born in Fayette county, Iowa, he lived for many years in Lansing & Postville. Obituary
Dougherty, James F. Waukon  
Dougherty, Jean Waukon  
Dresselhaus, Carl W. New Albin U.S. Army Air Force; Staff sergeant, 15th AAF, 460th heavy bombardment group; served in Germany, Northern Italy & the Balkans; enlisted 02/18/1943, reeived special army training at Sioux Falls Radio School & the Yuma Aerial Gunnery school; New Albin HS graduate with class of 1934, also attended Iowa State Teachers college.
Dresser, Fred F. New Albin  
Drew, Lawrence D. Waukon  
Drew, Francis J. Waukon Junction  
Duffy, Joseph Leslie Dorchester US Army. Son of William & Loretta Duffy. Obituary
Duffy, William C. JR Waukon US Army, Tec 5. Son of William & Loretta Duffy. Gravestone photo. Obituary
Duncan, Edward Lansing  
Dundee, Alfred Postville  
Dundee, Cecil Jefferson twp. Son of Henry & Ella Dundee. Obituary
Dundee, LeLand Waukon U.S. Army Air Forces, S-Sgt. Buried in Oakland cemetery
Dundee, Roland Lee Postville/Waukon US Army. Son of John H. & Clara B. Dundee. Obituary
Dunlevy, Jerry J. Lansing  
Dunlevy, Thomas M. Lansing  
Dunn, Arthur New Albin  
Duvel, Milton Fred Waukon US Marine Corp, Corporal. Served from 1943-1945 and saw active duty in the South Pacific at Okinawa and Ryukyu Islands. Obituary
Dwyer, William D. Waukon  
Dyke, Melvin W. Postville US Army, Pvt 1st Class. Served in the Alaska campaigns, in several Pacific island invasions and then was stationed in Hawaii. Son of Mr. & Mrs. John Dyke.
Easley, Donald E. Harpers Ferry  
Easley, Earnest Lansing  
Eaton, Robert K. Waukon  
Ebner, Charles Waukon Army Air Corps; stationed in Orlando, Fla. 1942/3
Echard, Kenneth L. Waukon  
Eckert, John JR Waukon  
Eischeid, Victor W. New Albin  
Elbner, Jonathan C. Lansing  
Ellefson, R. Truman Waterville US Navy, Radar 3rd Classman. Son of Roy & Alice Ellefson. Obituary
Ellefson, Verdun E. Waterville  
Ellingson, Carl J. Waukon US Army. Served in Africa. Wounded in the Mediterranian theater, 1944. Obituary
Ellingson, Clifford Waterville  
Ellingson, Kermit Waukon Seaman 2-c. US Navy. Served aboard the USS Memphis, a troop transport. Son of Kenneth Ellingson. Obituary
Ellingson, Nathan C. Waukon  
Ellingson, Orren O. Waukon  
Ellingson, Tilford Odell Waterloo twp. US Army, Tech-5. Buried in Waterloo Ridge cemetery
Ellis, Lloyd G. 'Curly' Postville US Navy. Gunners Mate. His ship was one of the group known as the 'Unholy Four'. Son of John P. & Carrie J. Ellis. Obituary
Ellis, Lyle Edward Postville US Army. Son of Clifford & Dorothy Ellis. Obituary & photo
Ellis, Murry P. Postville  
Elsheimer, Arlyn V. Waukon  
Enyart, Leo Carlton Postville US Army. Obituary
Enyart, Russell C. Waukon  
Erickson, Earl Waukon  
Erickson, Ellsworth L. Waukon  
Erickson, Merlin T. Waukon  
Erickson, Roland Millard

Postville Seaman first class, USNR. Died January 7, 1945, aboard the USS California. Mother, Mrs. Olive Gulsvig, Postville. Father, Peter Erickson. Burial is in Postville cemetery. ~Additional info. & the photo was contributed by C. Boyers, his grand-niece.

Gravestone photo

Erickson, Vernon E. Waukon US Marines, Platoon Sergeant. Served in campaigns on Bougainville, Guam and Iwo Jima.
Estep, Ray Waukon US Army. Obituary
Evans, Chester Postville  
Evans, Earl A. Rossville Paratrooper. Son of Carl & Leta Evans. Obituary
Evans, Harold Durant Waukon US Army, 734th Ordnance Company, 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division in Northern Africa and Italy. Obituary
Evans, Harris J. Postville  
Evans, Kenneth L. Postville / Waukon US Navy. Pacific Theatre. Recipient of the Purple Heart. Obituary
Evans, Otto Waukon  
Evenmoe, Carl E. Spring Grove, Minnesota U.S. Army. Corporal. Buried in the Waterloo Ridge cemetery
Ewing, Arthur W. Postvllle  
Ewing, Arvid M. New ALbin  
Ewing, James Edward 'Jim' Forest Mills U.S. Army. Buried Postville cemetery. Obituary & photo
Ewing, Kenneth Milton Forest Mills Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army. Also served during the Korean war. Buried Oakland cemetery. Obituary & photo
Ewing, Melvin J. Waukon  
Faegre, James L. Waukon  
Farnham, Milton R. Waukon  
Feldstein, Bernard B. Waukon  
Feldstein, William Waukon  
Ferguson, Mathew Armstrong Waukon U.S. Navy, enlisting in 1941; he flew PBY's and PBY-3A's. Buried Oakland cemetery. Obituary & photo
Ferring, Frank L. Lansing  
Feuerhelm, Carl L. Harpers Ferry US Navy. Obituary
Feuerhelm, John H. Lansing  
Fichtel, Dale NaNais Postville US Navy. He was born in Westgate, Iowa and lived in Postville for many years. Obituary
Fink, Delbert F. New Albin s/o John Fink
Fink, Laverne A.

Lansing / New Albin Staff sergeant, US Army Air Corps. He served in the China-Burma-India theater. Radio gunner on a B-29 bomber, he was killed in action, in China, December 7, 1944. Son of Leo and Lydia Fink, he was born 11/21/1921 in New Albin
Among the first of the bodies of the Iowa World War II dead returned aboard the Army ship, Honda Knot. The ship carried 3,012 caskets and 16 urns when she returned. On the vessel with next-of-kin was S/Sgt. Lavern A. Fink, Leo L. Fink, Lansing. ~Oelwein Daily Register, October 10, 1947 -contributed by S. Ferrall
Obituary & photo contributed by Errin Wilker
Fink, Leslie C. Lansing or New Albin Merchant Marine
Fischer, Kenneth Postville Private Kenneth Fischer, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer, of Janesville, Wis., former Postville residents, has been awarded the World War II victory medal for his wartime service with the armed forces. He is now stationed at the First Field Command of the American Graves Registration command in the U. S. occupation zone of Germany. The award was made in Paris. Kenneth, who attended the Postville schools before the family moved to Janesville, Wis., is a grandson of Fred Dreier. ~Postville Herald, March 1948 - contributed by Mary Durr
Fischer, Martin Christ Castalia / Postville US Navy, Machinists Mate First Class in the Amphibious force in the South Pacific theater. Obituary
Fischer, Ralph Postville Killed in action on Bougainville, in the southwest Pacific area, on November 8, 1943; son of Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer, of Janesville, Wis., former Postville residents, grandson of Fred Dreier of Postville.
Fischer, Venita Postville US Air WAC; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer, of Janesville, Wis., former Postville residents, she graduated from Janesville HS, granddaughter of Fred Dreier of Postville.
Fish, Leo M. Lansing  
Fitz, Charles A. Des Moines / Lansing US Army. Retired to Lansing. Obituary
Fitzgerald, John T. New Albin  
Fitzpatrick, John Lansing  
Flack, Manford H. Harpers Ferry  
Florin, Ervin J. REV New Albin  
Foels, Leo Frederick Adolph Postville US Army. Served in the Philippines. Son of Arthur & Elizabeth Foels. Buried in the Postville Cemetery; Obituary
Folsom, Donald Lee Postville US Army Military Police Battalion. Served 17 months in the Panama canal zone. Son of Richard & Mabel Folsom. Obituary & photo
Folsom, John Francis Postville/Waukon US Navy. Served in the Pacific Theater of war on various ships (more details are in his obit). Obit & photo
Folsom, Lester C. Waukon US Navy. Served in the South Pacific with the Second Marine Division. Obituary
Folsom, Wayne G. 'Bud' Postville US Army Air Corps, aircraft mechanic and flight engineer. Served in combat participating in campaigns in Tunisia, Sicily, and Naples-Foggia. He was discharged in 1945, but reenlisted. In November, 1947, he was crew chief on a C-53 transport aircraft that crashed in the Alps. He was severly injured, but rescued after several days. Obituary
Ford, Earl A. Waukon  
Forde, Beverly C. Waukon Junction  
Forde, Wayne A. Waukon US Navy. Death notice
Fredendall, Donald JR Waterville  
Fredendall, Lester Waterville  
Fredendall, Verdon H. Waterville  
Fredrickson, James D. Lanslng  
French, Ralph Lee Postville US Navy. Son of Roy Lee French & Florence (Baldwin) French. Obituary
French, Robert W. Postville US Navy. Was aboard the USS New Orleans in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked; also saw action in the Coral Sea and at Midway Island
Fritz, Charles J. Waukon US Navy for 25 years, serving in WWII & Korea. Son of Herbert & Marie Fritz. Obituary


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~The original 875 names on this list were published in the Allamakee Journal, Lansing, Iowa, September 15, 1943. The names were on Honor Roll Bulletin Board at Waukon. ~transcribed by Errin Wilker

Other sources used to compile this honor roll, in addition to the contributed information:
~information from news clippings, obituaries, photos & funeral memorials in a WWII scrapbook compiled by Nina Harris Swenson, g-grandmother of Sharyl Ferrall, Allamakee co. IAGenWeb coordinator
~Postville High School Alumni Service Roster, published by the Postville Herald, May 1945
~State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Iowa, 1946
~information from obituaries posted to the Allamakee co. Obituary Board
~information sent by Allamakee co. contributors as credited with the entry

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