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Allamakee co. Honor Roll
Men & Women who served in WWII

Surnames G-J


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Residence Notes
Gallagher, Francis J. Waukon US Army, 12th Armored Division. Fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Awarded a Purple Heart & Bronze Star. s/o Patrick H. & Mary C. Gallagher. Obituary.
Gallagher, Patrick M. Waukon US Army. He enlisted in 1940 and served for over 20 years. Obituary & photo
Galloway, Don Postville Entered service, 1942. Graduated from Postville HS.
Gantenbein, Delbert New Albin  
Gantenbein, Gordon New Albin  
Gass, LeRoy

Postville US Army, Sgt. Inducted into the army in May 1941.  Assigned to Antitank Company, 168th Infantry, 34th Division 5th Army.  He served in northern Ireland, Scotland, England and North Africa. A member of the 34th 'Red Bull' Infantry Division, he was taken prisoner in the battle of Faid Pass, North African war zone in February 17, 1943. He spent 27 months POW camps Stalag 7A (Moosburg), Stalag 3B (Furstenburg) and Stalag 3A (Luckenwalde).  Liberated by the Russians.  s/o Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. Gass.
Gaulthier, Arthur A. Waukon  
Gavin, Clair V. Lansing  
Gavin, Vernon J. Waukon  
Gavle, Orlan M. Decorah, Winneshiek co. Obituary
Gee, Richard John 'Dick' Lansing 1915-1981. U.S. Army, 177th Engineers, Transportation Corps; enlisted 5/2/1942 at Milwaukee. Served overseas 1942-1944. Buried Oak Hill, Lansing.
Gericke Lamont Frederick

Postville US Navy Seabee, he entered the service in 1943 and was stationed in Bermuda in a Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU). Graduated from Postville HS in 1942. Attended the University of Dubuque.


Geuder, Vernon M.

Vernon Geuder, WWII

Waukon 1923-2020. TBM pilot during the war. Died in Florida.


Photo is from the Waukon Standard.

Gilbert, Darrell C.

Waukon U.S. Navy Seabee. Served 2 years as a refrigeration man during WWII. Born in Winneshiek co. IA 1910, he died in 1985. Buried in 1920 Addition Oakland cemetery, Waukon.
Gilbertson, Kenneth G. Waterville  
Gilbertson, Gaylen H. Waterville  
Gilson, Eugene F. Postville  
Gilbertson, Harry Palvien Paint Creek twp. U.S. Army, District of Columbia, Tec 5; enlisted 12/28/1945 in the cavalry at Camp Gruber, Cookson Hills, Oklahoma; b. 04/07/1923, s/o Arthur B. & Cora (Fossum); died 01/16/1972, buried Old West Paint Creek cemetery
Gipp, Hazel Postville / Frankville, Winneshiek co. WAVE; served during WWII as a bookkeeper; graduated from Postville HS in 1927; d/o Herman & Johanna M. Gipp; married A.B. Roff in 1931 (divorced), married to Jack Foeller in 1967. She died in 1984.
Glaus, Leslie J. Lansing / Waukon US Navy. He was born 10/31/16; died 8/4/1991; buried in Cedar Memorial Cemetery, Cedar Rapids; s/o Charles and Minnie (Christensen) Glaus. ~contributed by Arthur Hagemeier, cousin of Leslie Glaus. Obituary
Gluck, Ralph L. Waukon US Army. Member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Obituary
Glynn, Edward A. Lansing  
Goede, Donald Waukon  
Gonyier, Edward S. Lansing  
Goodno, Julius S. Dorchester  
Gordanier, Howard Louis Postville US Navy, Gunner's Mate 2nd Class. Served in convoy duty in the Atlantic zone and participated in the Mediterranean operations aboard the USS Maddox. Gordanier was among those who survived when the Maddox was hit & sunk by German bombers. Obituary
Gordon, Eldo Postville  
Gordon, Grant I. Lansing WWII veteran (service branch unknown). s/o George & Belle (Tomte) Gordon. Obituary
Gordon, Virgil Postville US Army, Private. 1st Platoon, Co C, 52nd Inf. TRG. Accidentally drowned September 2,1945 at Fort Worth, Texas. Stationed at Camp Wolters, Texas. s/o Wallace & Annie Gordon, Postville. Obituary
Gorman, Fred W. Waukon   US Army. Obituary & photo
Grady, Cyril Ambrose Waukon / Wexford Served from 1941 to 1945 in New Guinea. Obituary
Grady, Daniel Waukon US Army. s/o John and Susan (O'Hara) Grady. Obituary
Grady, Sylvester J. Waukon  
Grahlma, Claude Clinton Waukon US Navy. He was born in Sumner, Iowa. Lived in Waukon for many years. Obituary
Gramlich, Daniel Emil Lansing U. S. Army Signal Corps. Stationed in Iran. s/o George & Romina Gramlich. Obituary
Gramlich, Irvin F. Lansing  
Grangaard, Walter H. Waterville  
Gray, Earl S. Postville Paratrooper. Obituary
Green, Glen I. Castalia US Navy, aboard the USS Reuben James DE-153. s/o Chester & Edna Green. Obituary
Green, Lloyd Wayne Frankville, Winneshiek co. US Army; Paratrooper. Enlisted Sept. 1942 in Calif. Died of injuries received in a truck accident England. s/o Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Green, RR Postville. Buried in the Postville cemetery; Obituary
Grieibel, Genevieve Waukon WAC; she served overseas, being discharged in 1945. Married WWII army veteran, (unkn) Oliphant.
Griffin, Robert W.

Waukon US Army Air Corps. ".. promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Army Air Corps, it was announced at headquarters of the Antilles Air Task Force at San Juan, Puerto Rico. Col. Griffin was graduated from West Point in 1937, where he was captain of the varsity baseball team his last year. He joined the present unit in September, 1940, and is now stationed at one of the tropical air bases guarding the vital approaches to the Caribbean area." ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, evening edition, Thursday, March 18, 1943 (also the photo)

He retired as a Colonel. Died 1987 & buried in Holy Hope cemetery, Tucson, AZ. Obituary
Grimstad, Norman A. Waukon US Navy. Born in Ossian, he attended school in Dorchester. s/o Edward & Tomina Grimstad. Obituary
Gross, Walter Lansing US Army, stationed in the Philippines & Japan. Born & raised Eldorado, IA. Retired to Lansing. Obituary
Grotegut, Calvin H. Waukon  
Gruhn, Edith Postville Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Army Nurse Corps, Sixth Service Command in 1945; stationed at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin; graduated from Postville HS in 1938 & nurses training at Wesley Memorial Hospital, Chicago. Married to Nicholas Clesi of Brooklyn, NY on Feb 1, 1947. Daughter of Fred W. & Elsa (Schaar/Schara) Gruhn of Postville. Buried in Postville cemetery. Obituary
Gruhn, Robert Postville US Army. Served in Germany. s/o Fred W. & Elsa (Schaar/Schara) Gruhn of Postville.
Gulsvig, Milton Postville  
Gundacker, John H. Waukon 1919-1978. Buried in Oakland cemetery.
Gunderson, Gordon A. Waterville US Army, Sergeant. Buried in Waterville cemetery.
Gunderson, Lyle Postville US Army, Sergeant. Served in the Philippine Islands. Graduated from Postville HS. s/o Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gunderson.
Guthneck, Gerald E. Harpers Ferry  
Haas, Joseph Ferdinand Lansing Served in Europe. s/o Ben & Elizabeth Haas. Obituary
Haas, Ronald Francis Waukon Sgt., US Army, 634th Ordinance Ammunition Company, New Guinea & Philippines. Obituary
Haefner, Earl W. Postville / Waukon / Castalia, Winneshiek co. US Army, Colonel. Stationed at Fort Crook, Nebr. where he was regimental commander of the First Provisional Regiment motor school. He had previously served in WWI as a mechanic for the army, and later served in the Korean war. Born in Froelich, Clayton co. he grew up in Castalia. He died February 4, 1980 and is buried in Castalia. Col. Haefner's son Earl Haefner JR also served in WWII.
Hagen, Howard Arthur Waterville US Army Air Corps; enlisted in 1945; retired from the Air Force in 1976 after a long career in the U.S. military nuclear weapons program; s/o Glen & Estelle (Bryson) Hagen; married Anita Meints; 11/17/1926-03/28/2011, buried Old West Paint Creek cemetery; Obituary & photo
Hagen, James B. Waterville US Army Air Corps, 2nd Lieutenant; enlisted 02/01/1943; s/o Glen & Estelle (Bryson) Hagen; 08/01/1923-09/23/1945, buried Old West Paint Creek cemetery
Hager, Reuben Frank Waukon US Army, rifleman, Co F, 475th Infantry. Served in India. Awarded a Purple Heart; s/o Albert & Anna Hager. Obituary & photo
Hahn, Arthur New Albin  
Hahn, Delbert New Albin  
Hahn, George A. Dorchester US Army infantry. Served in the Aleutian Islands. Obituary
Hahn, Raymond New Albin  
Hale, John Postville  
Hale, Richard A. 'Dick' Postville  
Hale, Stanley Postville  
Hall, John M. 'Red' Waukon US Army. s/o Charles M. and Mary Jane (Solon) Hall. Moved to Spokane, Washington after the war ended. Obituary
Hall, Kenneth Charles Waukon Tech Sgt, Army Air Corps, radio & radar operator on B-17 bombers in the American & Pacific Theatres. Awarded 5 Bronze Stars and other medals. s/o Charles & Mary Hall. Obituary & photo
Hall, Robert J. Waukon  
Halverson, Harry C. Postville Sergeant, served with the 34th "Red Bull" Division of the Fifth Army in Italy
Halverson, Harvey Millard Lansing US Navy, Radar Operator Second Class. Served 1943-1946 in the Pacific theatre. Obituary
Halverson, Morris A. Waterville  
Hamilton, Robert Waukon  
Hamm, Guy O'Neill Lansing/Waterville US Army. Obituary
Hamm, Lawrence G. Waterville Private first class. Residence, Waterville. Killed in action in France, September 14, 194?. Father, Jerry Hamm, Rossville, RFD, Waukon.
Hammel, Dean Postville  
Hammel, Eugene New Albin  
Hammel, L. New Albin  
Hammel, Richard A. New Albin / Waukon US Navy. He enlisted in October 1943 as an apprentice seaman. s/o Charles & May (LaTranch) Hammel. Obituary
Hammel, Robert Waukon US Army. s/o Charles & Mae (Latronch) Hammel. Obituary
Hammel, Virgil

Postville US Army. Medical corps. Sergeant. Served in Germany and other European countries. Entered service, 1942 after graduation from Postville HS.
Hammell, Cletus Joseph New Albin US Army, Medic. s/o Fred & Mathilda Hammell. Obituary
Hammell, Donald J. Lansing  
Handke. Edward John Postville US Army, Pacific Theatre. Born in Clayton co. Iowa & lived for many years in Postville. Obituary & photo
Haney, Teddie Lansing  
Hangartner, Frank Postville  
Hangartner, Bernita Postville  
Hangartner, Laverne Postville  
Hansmeier, Robert L. Waukon Served in the Signal Corps unit assigned to Brig. Gen. Paul L. Williams IX Troop Carrier Command, Ninth Air Force, Allied Expeditionary Air Force. s/o Leonard Hansmeier
Hanson, Alfred Waukon Was stationed with the anti-aircraft coast artillery at Butner, S.C. prior to going overseas in Sept. 1944
Hanson, Arthur Conrad

Waukon Machinist's mate 1st class, United States Naval Reserve. Went down in the Liscombe Bay November 24, 1943, Gilbert Islands. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius A. Hanson, Route 4, Waukon.

Awarded a Purple Heart.

His name is engraved on the Tablets of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii.

~Obituary & Photo were contributed by David Hagemeier
~His name is inscribed on the gravestone of his parents in Oakland cemetery, Waukon

Hanson, Alfred L. Waukon  
Hanson, Harriet G. Waukon Navy Nurse Corps [note: Hanson may be married name]
Hanson, Leonard C. Waukon US Navy. Member and Past Commander of the Waukon American Legion Post, Past Allamakee County Commander, and Past Commander of the 4th District American Legion. Obituary
Hanson, Lester A. Monona, Clayton co.  
Hanson, LeRoy H. Monona, Clayton co.  
Hanson, Lyman S. Waukon  
Hanson, Ralph J. Lansing  
Hanson, Raymond V. Waterville S Sgt, 93rd mechanized cavalry recon squadron. Buried in East Paint Creek cemetery
Harrington, Robert E.

Postville Colonel. West Point graduate. He reported for active duty in February 1943 and was first attached to a tank destroyer unit at Camp Hood, Texas. Later he transferred to the Army Air Corps and attended advanced pilot training at Foster Field, Victoria, TX , graduating March 12, 1944 as a Combat Fighter pilot. He was an expert aerial and ground gunnery pilot, flying pursuit aircraft. Served with Gen. Chennault in the Chinese-American Composite Wing, piloting a P-51 Mustang. This was the only American unit to work with the Chinese Air Forces, and they operated in north central China, sweeping the skies over inland China. He flew thirty missions over enemy territory before the war ended, earning the Air Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Presidential Unit Citation; two battle stars on his Asiatic ribbon, and other decorations.

s/o Cy & Nina Harrington. Obituary

Harris, Cy

Postville Musician First Class, US Navy, Eighth Fleet band; served in North Africa and in the Mediterranean. He entered the Navy in 1942 after graduating from Postville High School.
Harris, Leo Roger 'Dutch'

Postville US Navy. s/o Obert & Clara Harris. Obituary

A brother team in the U.S. Navy are Leo Roger "Dutch" Harris and George R. Harris, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Obert Harris of route 1, Postville. The lads were home on leave recently and had the [photo] taken. Both are Petty Officers. "Dutch" is a Machinists Mate Third Class stationed at New London, Conn., where he has been assigned following a long "hitch" at convoy duty in the Atlantic area. He saw service during and in the Aftrican invasion. George is an Aviation Machinists Mate Third Class and at present is in Officers Training Unit at Hutchinson, Kansas. ~Postville Herald, May 3, 1944, the photo on the left accompanied the news article

Harris, George Richard

see photo above

Postville US Navy. s/o Obert & Clara Harris. Obituary

*See photo & news article above - George is on the left and Dutch is on the right.

Harris, Paul E.

Postville / Castalia, Winneshiek co. US Army Air Corps. Entered the service in October 1942, commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in March 1944. Pilot of "Four Roses", a B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber. Served in Hawaii and in the European Theatre. Earned the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters for duty during a number of Eighth Air Force attacks on German targets. Graduate of Postville HS. s/o Martin E. & Avilla (Brainard) Harris. Married Marilyn Thoms/o Postville. Paul Harris served in the Air Force for 27 years, attaining the rank of Lt. Colonel. Obituary
Harris, Phil Hale Castalia, Winneshiek co. US Navy. Baker Second Class. s/o Martin & Arvilla Harris. Obituary
Harris, Robert William Postville / Rossville MP, US Army. Served in Japan. s/o Obert & Clara Harris. Obituary
Harris, Robert Ray Postville US Army, commissioned Captain in March 1943; duty with the Office of Emergency Management in Washington; s/o Warner & Rachel Harris. Obituary
Harris, Zana May Postville US Navy WAVE. Trained at the Naval Training School (W.R.), Bronx, New York, N.Y. Daughter of Lloyd 'Mike' & Grace (Sheggrud) Harris, and raised by her grandparents Warner & Rachel (Folsom) Harris; Postville high school graduate and attended Iowa State Teachers College then taught school. Married Earl B. Chamberlain in 1945.
Hart, James P. Waukon  
Hart, Malcolm J. Waukon  
Hartley, Milton Robert New Albin / Dubuque WWII vet (unknown service branch). Born in New Albin, s/o Sydney & Mabel (Olson) Hartley, he grew up in Dubuque. Obituary
Hartley, Peter William New Albin Quartermaster Chief Petty Officer, US Navy, served in the Pacific Theater. s/o Charles & Stacia Hartley. Obituary
Hartmann, Herbert H. Postville? US Army. Private 1st Class. Served in New Guinea, Moratai and Mindanao. Awarded the Presidential & Unit Citations, Victory medal, Southwest Pacific & Asiatic-Pacific ribbons w/arrowhead & 3 combat stars, and the Philippine Liberation ribbon.
Hartwig, Rudolph O. Postville  
Harvey, Milo Postville  
Hastings, Daniel C. Waterville PVT 456th AAA; buried in Waterville cemetery
Hastings, Wayne Waukon  
Hawkins, Edwin W. Waterville  
Hawkins, Lydia Anne nee Anderson Harpers Ferry U.S. Army Nurse, 1942 & 1943. See Lydia Anderson
Hawkins, Theodore Lansing  
Hayes, Martin J. Waukon  
Healy, Anamae Carol   WAVE
Healy, Helen J. Waukon  
Heckman, Leslie Postville  
Hefner, Leo W. Monona, Clayton co. PVT Co A. Repl BN, 3rd Armored Division; buried Smithfield cemetery
Hefty, Albert A. Lansing  
Hegeman, Donald W. Waukon US Navy. s/o William H. & Jeannette (Dougherty) Hegeman. Obituary
Hegeman, Mary Waukon WAVE. Enrolled in June 1930, she had been the chief clerk of the Waukon rationing board prior to enlisting.
Heiderscheit, Leonard Holy Cross, Dubuque co. / New Albin U.S. Army, 37th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division; served in the Aleutian Islands, Territory of Alaska
Heim, John Francis Harpers Ferry Sergeant, U.S. Army, 66th Regiment, 2nd Armored Division. Seriously wounded July 4, 1944, died July 5, 1944 of the wounds received in action in France. Also served in the African campaign; inducted into the Army 1/8/1941. Buried Plot A, Row 19, Grave 13 Normandy American cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France. Parents Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Heim, Harpers Ferry.

John F. Heim, Normandy American cemetery, photographer Chris Heim 2017

The photo was contributed by Chris Heim of Pennsylvania, who photographed the gravestone while visiting the cemetery in Sept. 2017, he wrote: "... thought maybe one of his relatives would want to know another Heim spent a few moments thanking their father, brother and son. Maybe it could be shared for the genealogy of their brave John." Chris does not believe he has a family relationship with John Heim.


Hein, Harlan C. Postville US Army. Private. 36th Field Arty. Died of illness in January 1946. Obituary
Heins, Ernie Lloyd Postville / Luana, Clayton co. US Army. Obituary
Helgerson, Millard C. Postville  
Hellum, Merlin Postville  
Hendrickson, Edgar 'Crankshaft' Waukon US Navy. Obituary
Henderson, James W. Monona, Clayton co. Private. Killed in action in Germany, March 21, 1945. Father, Earl Henderson, RFD, Monona
Hennigaard, Leander Waterville US Army. Earned a Purple Heart. Obituary
Henry, Clarence G. SR Waukon US Army, served in both WWII and Korea. Obituary
Henry, Reuben C. Waukon  
Hermanson, Earl Sylvester Waterville Staff sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces, 499th Bomber Squadron, 345th Bomber Group. Killed in action in Philippines, November 12, 1944. Buried in Plot F, Row 10, Grave 18, Manila American cemetery, Manila, Philippines. s/o Sever & Cecelia Hermanson.
Hermanson, Raymond E. Waterville  
Hermanson, Roy T. Waukon  
Hermeier, Oliver E. Ludlow twp / Waukon US Navy. Obituary
Herrig, Joseph P. DDS New Albin "On last Wednesday, Dr. J.P. Herrig received a telegram from the War Department at Washington, D.C., informing him that he was being sent a commission as 1st Lieutenant in the army and to report for further orders on September 10th at the seventh army headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska. This news came rather suddenly to the doctor who had volunteered his services to the army some time ago but had never heard anything further from it until last week. He will be rushed with dental work and business making preparations to leave upon such short a notice, and New Albin and vicinity are loathe to part with him after these years of expert service. He will store his equipment with his home folks, at Ionia, Minn., and his wife and new baby will make their home temporarily with her folks in Albert Lea, until he has been assigned a permanent place of duty. 'Doc's' many New Albin friends wish him the best of luck." ~undated newspaper clipping, contributed by Errin Wilker
After the war Dr. Herrig established his practice in Algona, IA and then Bellevue, IA. His gravestone in St. Josephs Catholic cemetery, Bellevue, Jackson co. IA, has Prisoner of War engraved. Gravestone photo. Obituary
Hexom, Arnold H. Waukon US Army from 1942-1945 in the China, Burma & India theater. He was assigned to a unit that had mules and horses to haul supplies in the jungle and mountains. ~information contributed by Arthur Hagemeier
Obituary & photo 1944 news article
Higgins Angela A. New Albin Married name Davin
Higgins, Raymond B. New Albin US Army, served from 1942-1946, including 28 months in the southwest Pacific. Buried Gethsemane cemetery. Obituary
Hill, Harlan O. Waterville  
Hill, Howard Irvin Lansing / Postville / Waukon US Army, saw action in Germany and France. Born in Decorah, Winneshiek co., he lived in Allamakee co. for many years. Buried in Oakland cemetery. Obituary
Hill, Louis Hill Jr.

Postville US Coast Guard, Ensign. Saw duty in the European Theater participating in the invasions of Sicily and Salerno aboard a Coast Guard-manned LCI. Also engaged in amphibious operations in the Pacific Theater aboard a Coast Guard-manned LST. Obituary
Hilleshiem, Arthur J. Waterville Sgt, 403rd Bomb Squad, AAF. Buried in Waterville cemetery.
Hills, Evelyn

Postville US Navy WAVE. Serving from May 1944-March 1946, she was stationed in Washington, D.C. and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hills, she graduated from Postville HS in 1939. Married Robert Johnson. Obituary
Hilmer, Edwin L.

Postville US Second Marine Corps, First Gunnery Sergeant. Fought in the Tarawa and Saipan invasions. He was wounded in action in the Gilbert Island engagement with the Japanese. Awarded the Silver Star by Admiral Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Naval Operations "for meritorious conduct and devotion to duty while serving with an amphibian tractor battalion of the Second Marines. As amphibian tractor platoon of the initial landing, Hilmer continued to operate his tractor after his crew members had been wounded. He made several trips to the beach and front lines under heavy machine gun fire and anti-boat gun fire, landing troops and supplies and evacuating casualties. The tractor, having been rendered unseaworthy by enemy gun fire and it being apparent that it would sin, Hilmer quickly effected repairs and continued to transport troops and supplies to the beach until the island was secured. His conduct was in keeping with the highest traditions of the US Naval Service." He later was awarded the purple heart for shrapnel wounds suffered in the same engagement.
Hilmer, Eldo Postville Entered service, 1942. Graduated from Postville HS.
Hilmer, Martin M. Postville  
Hilmer, Wayne Postville  
Hinman, Rex J. Postville  
Hinrichs, Merrill G. Lansing  
Hintz, Robert H. (Dr) Lansing  
Hirth, Ernest L. Lansing  
Hirth, Henbert Lansing  
Hirth, Kermit Lansing  
Hitner, Robert John Waukon US Army. He was born in Ada, Minnesota to John and Susan (Keppler) Hitner and lived in Waukon for many years. Obituary
Hoerer, Theodore

Lansing U.S. Army Air Corps; Tech-Sergeant; served in Africa, Pantelleria, Sicily and Italy.

Letter home, 1944

~photo is from Allamakee Journal, Dec. 1944, contributed by Errin Wilker

Hofer, Eileen Leona Postville Second Lieutenant, US Army Nurse Corps. Daughter of Mrs. Louise Hofer of Postville. Graduated from Sherman Hospital of Nursing, Elgin, Ill.
Hofer, William Russell

Postville US Navy; Gunners Mate First Class, served aboard a submarine in the Pacific Ocean; after the war he re-enlisted, retiring from the Navy in 1960 as an electonics technician; s/o Mrs. Louise Hofer of Postville; he died in 1968 & is buried in Tulocay cemetery, Napa, CA


~photo is from Postville Herald, Wednesday, October 11,1944 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Hofer, Clifford G. Postville US Army. s/o Mrs. Louise Hofer of Postville.
Hogan, Charles Lansing  
Hogan, Leonard P.   PVT 26 AAF Base HQ & AB SQ; Buried in West Ridge cemetery; Gravestone photo
Hogan, Paul W. (Dr) Waukon  
Homewood, LeRoy Waukon/Volga US Navy. s/o William & Eva Homewood, he lived in Waukon at the time of his death. Obituary
Hoofnagle, Dale Ralph Waukon/Waterloo, Black Hawk co. US Navy. He retired to Waukon in the early 1990's. Obituary & photo
Hosch, Donald New Albin  
Hosch, Leon Harold

New Albin U.S. Navy

Biography by Maury Gallagher - contributed by Errin Wilker

Obituary & another photo

Hosch, Orval A. New Albin  
Houlihan, Donus Vincent Waukon born January 13, 1911 Harpers Ferry, Iowa; s/o Vincent Francis and Mary (Hinchon) Houlihan; died December 2006 Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada; burial National Field of Honour/Champd’ Honneur National; Pointe-Claire, Montreal Region, Quebec, Canada (source: Connie Ellis)
Houlihan, Victor Maurice Casimir Harpers Ferry US Army Air Forces, Master Sergeant; 529th Bomber Squadron, 380th Bomber Group; died 04/10/1945; buried plot H, row 11, grave 97, Manila American cemetery, Manila, Philippines.
Additional info. added by Connie Ellis: "born May 3, 1906
s/o Patrick Joseph and Mary (Koski) Houlihan of Harpers Ferry, Iowa. He was listed as married but I have not found any information in regard to the name of his wife. (She might not have been an Allamakee County girl) because based on census records, Victor had been in the service as early as 1930 when he appears at Bexar, Texas as one of the soldiers, age 23, at Randolph Field. By the time of his death in 1945 he lacked one month of turning 39 years of age."
Howard, Truman H. Waukon  
Howe, Donald L. Waukon US Army. s/o Edward and Grace (O'Donnell) Howe. Obituary
Howe, Walter Waukon  
Howes, Donald F. Waukon  
Howes, John C. Waukon US Navy. s/o Frank & Jesse (Scott) Howes. Obituary
Howes, Leo J. Waukon Junction  
Huebner, Dwayne H.

Postville US Army Air Force. Sergeant. Graduated from the Army Air Force Flexible Gunnery School. He was a member of a combat crew of an AAF bomber. Killed in action in Europe March 7, 1945. s/o Henry T. & Senta A. Huebner, Postville.
Huebner, Eugene Paul Postville US Navy. Obituary
Huey, Robert B. Waukon  
Huffey, Vernon L. (Rev) Postville/Waterville Colonel, Chaplain, US Army. s/o Walter A. & Tilda B. Huffey. Obituary
Huffman, Donald F. Monona, Clayton co.  
Huffman, John L. Waukon  
Huffman, Raymond J. Waukon  
Huffman, William Rossville / Waterville / Waukon Washington State National Guard from 1937 to 1940, then from 1941 to 1945 in the US Army serving in France, Germany, and the Aleutian Islands. Obituary
Humphrey, Donald

Postville US Army Air Force. Major. Reported MIA January 11, 1945 in the India-Berma area. Enlisted in 1941. Pilot of "Postville Express", a B-29 Superfortress, the first to drop bombs on Japan's mainland. s/o Mr. and Mrs. James T. Humphrey, Postville, he graduated from Postville HS and State Univ. of Iowa at Iowa City.

More about the 'Postville Express'

Humphrey, Howard C.

Postville US Army Air Corps, 2nd Lieutenant, KIA

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Humphrey last week received a letter from the War Department notifying them of the new location of the burial place of their son, Lt. Howard C. Humphrey, who lost his life while on an air mission over Germany March 23, 1944. He was at his station as Navigator on a B-17 when he and his crew were shot down. According to the War Department's letter, Howard's remains were first interred in a temporary cemetery near the place where he met death, presumably at Duesseldorf, Germany. "They were recently interred in the U. S. Military Cemetery Neuville-en-Condroz, plot C, row 7, grave 170, located nine miles south of Liege, Belgium," the communication says. Another fact brought out in the letter is, "the War Department has now been authorized to comply, at Government expense, with the feasible wishes of the next of kin regarding final interment, here or abroad, of the remains of your loved one. At a later date this office will without any action on your part, provide the next of kin with full information and solicit his (clipping ends).
~Postville Herald clipping, from Dorothy Schave's obituary collection, contributed by Mary Durr


Hunt, Robert S. Postville Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, Atlantic & Pacific Theaters. Obituary
Hupfer, James H. Monona, Clayton co.  
Hurm, John Lansing  
Hush, James M. Waukon  
Imhoff, Edmond I. New Albin  
Imhoff, Lawrence J. New Albin US Navy. Obituary
Imhoff, Robert E. New Albin  
Imhoff, Vincent New Albin  
Inger, Aaron Waterville US Army Air Corps. Obituary
Inger, Wilbur H. Harpers Ferry  
Inman, John L. New Albin  
Intlekofer, Francis L. Waukon US Naval Air Corps Reserve, Ensign; enlisted Dec. 1942 & inducted April 1943; graduated as a Naval Aviator with the class of October 18th, 1944,at Rodd Field, Corpus Christi, TX; commissioned an Ensign; completed advanced training/instructors course in naval aviation
Intlekofer, Charles F. Waukon US Navy officer, he served in Newfoundland and the South Pacific. s/o Mabel & Fridolin Intlekofer. Obituary
Intlekofer, James Waukon  
Intlekofer, Rose Mary New Albin see Rose Mary Smerud
Irons, Benjamin Francis

New Albin US Navy, Seabee 103rd Construction Battalion, served in the Caroline Islands and Guam. Obituary.
Irons John D. New Albin  
Irons, Wayne M. New Albin  
Ivens, Milton H. (Dr) Waukon  
Iverson, Merton A. Dorchester  
Iverson, Ordell C. Waterville  
Jacobson, Carlton Selmer Waterville Tech Sgt. US Navy, he served in the Army Air Force in India and Burma. He was awarded two bronze stars. Obituary & photo
Jacobson, Arden F. Waterville  
Jahnke, Donald E. Postville  
Jambois, Raymond A. 'Ray' Lansing / Genoa, WI U.S. Navy, Fireman, 1st Class; entered service from Genoa, WI; KIA aboard the destroyer escort Eversole in the Southwest Pacific when it was torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine 10/29/1944; purple heart; buried at sea, his name appears on the Tablets of the Missing at the Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines; attended Lansing High School
Jenkins, John C. Waukon U.S. Navy; served in the South Pacific
Jenkins, Ralph W. Waukon U.S. Navy; in Sept 1944 was stationed in San Diego, CA
Jensen, Lief Waterville  
Johnson, Darrel Burton New Albin Lt., USNR. Wife, Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Johnson, New Albin.
Johnson, Donald Waterville  
Johnson, Earl Eugene Postville US Army. Fought in the Battle of the Bulge. s/o William & Margaretha Cox. Adopted s/o Nicolai & Alma Johnson. Born in Page co., Iowa, he farmed near Postville for many years. Obituary
Johnson, Edna Beatrice Castalia / Postville US Army Nurse. Born in Fayette co. IA, the daughter of Stena (Anderson) and Henry H. Johnson. Married to Walter Dummermuth. Administrator of the Postville Community Hospital from 1945 until 1980. Obituary
Johnson, Emmet E. Lansing  
Johnson, Harrison C. Forest Mills US Navy, WT3, served on the USS Stanley in the South Pacific. Parents L.R.V. & Ruth Johnson. Obituary. Buried Smithfield cemetery.
Johnson, Howard S. Waukon  
Johnson, John H. Waterville  
Johnson, John F. Waterville  
Johnson, Lloyd A. Waterville US Army; 05/12/1921-04/26/1975, buried Old West Paint Creek cemetery
Johnson, Louis E. Lansing/Manchester, Delaware co Served served in Europe. Awarded a purple heart. Obituary
Johnson, Marlin Howard Paint Creek twp 08/16/1916-12/19/1981, buried Old West Paint Creek cemetery
Johnson, Maizie Marlys Waukon WAVE
Johnson, Melvin H. Waukon  
Johnson, Russell G.W.

Postville Tech. sergeant, USMC. Killed in action at Saipan June 18, 1944. Mother (Anna) and step-father Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leppert, RFD Rt 2, Box 65, Postville.

"In addition to his mother and step-father, Ralph Leppert, Russell was survived by his brother, Andrew Delver Erling Johnson, sister-in-law Rhoda June (Pederson) Johnson and one nephew, Rodney Tyrone Johnson. I and my younger brother had not yet been born. Russell’s body was returned to the United States and he is buried with his mother and step-father in the Leppert family plot at Smithfield Cemetery."
~info. & photo contributed by Reid Russell Johnson


Johnson Victor C. Lansing  
Johnson, Walter New Albin  
Jones, Charles E. Postville Served in the South Pacific. s/o Edward & Margaret Jones. Obituary
Jones, Lester G. Dorchester  
Jones, Harry Joseph Harpers Ferry US Army, Sergeant; 66th Regiment, 2nd Armored Division. Killed in action in Sicily July 12, 1943. Buried in plot E, row 7, grave 15, Sicily-Rome American cemetery, Nettuno, Italy. Awarded a Purple Heart. Father, George Jones, RFD, Harpers Ferry
Jones, Leo Clare Harpers Ferry U.S. Navy, served in South Pacific. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery, McGregor, Clayton co. IA. Obituary
Jones, Leslie James Postville US Army in Europe and Africa. Awarded Silver & Bronze stars. s/o Edward & Margaret Jones. Obituary
Jordan, Marie New Albin  
Joy, Walter l. Waukon US Army, First Calvary division. Obituary
Joy, William J. Waukon US Army. Sergeant. Served in Germany during WWII. Also a veteran of the Korean war.

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~The original 875 names on this list were published in the Allamakee Journal, Lansing, Iowa, September 15, 1943. The names were on Honor Roll Bulletin Board at Waukon.
~transcribed by Errin Wilker

Other sources used to compile this honor roll, in addition to the contributed information:
~information from news clippings, obituaries, photos & funeral memorials in a WWII scrapbook compiled by Nina Harris Swenson, g-grandmother of Sharyl Ferrall, Allamakee co. IAGenWeb coordinator
~Postville High School Alumni Service Roster, published by the Postville Herald, May 1945
~State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from Iowa, 1946
~American Battle Monuments Commission website
~information from obituaries posted to the Allamakee co. Obituary Board
~information sent by Allamakee co. contributors as credited with the entry

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