The Gregory Family in Iowa

Contributed by Mary Lou (Guyette) Wardlaw

"From the years 1983 through 1987 I published the GREGORY NEWSLETTER, a non-profit publication for the exchange of GREGORY information. I am in the process of organizing my information by state. The Iowa information is a compilation of names submitted by subscribers and represents their research in the state of Iowa."

Date of Event Person & Parents if known Spouse and/or dates of census/cemetery Place Cemetery
1 Feb 1870 Gregory, Ann Eliza Horn, Thomas A. Marion Co.  
- Nov 1863(died) Gregory, Anna age 62y 3m 17d Marion Co. Gregory Cem
14 Jul 1849 Gregory, Beden Eaton, Mary Ann Van Buren Co.  
6 Apr 1850 Gregory, Bedon D. Eaton, Catherine J. Des Moines Co.  
2 Sep 1847 Gregory, Cyntha Hill, Abram Louisa Co.  
20 Oct 1906 (died) Gregory, David - , Marita, 1841/1900 Louisa Co. Morning Sun Cem.
1854 Gregory, David Humphreys, Mary E. (2) b Peoria IL d/James, Nancy (Bovans) Louisa Co. IA  
1839 Gregory, David b 12 Mar 1820 Morgan Co IN s/Wm, Lucy (Jones) Askew, Samantha (1st) d 1834 Louisa Co IA Morgan Co. IN  
3 Jul 1845 Gregory, Dennis Price,Sarah Louisa Co.  
13 Jul 1908 (died) Gregory, Dennis Concord Cem Louisa Co  
3 Jul 1845 Gregory, Dennis Price, Sarah Louisa Co.  
13 Nov 1847 Gregory, Eliza Draper d/Wm Bowden, Jonathan Louisa Co  
14 Sep 1897 Gregory, Fannie Thompson, Charles Marion Co.  
16 Dec 1895 (died) Gregory, Frank s/Dennis, Sarah Louisa Co. Morning Sun Cem.
23 Nov 1881 Gregory, Gilbert Manhardt, M. L. Marion Co.  
25 Feb 1885 died Gregory, Glenn s/Timothy Age 9 m Marion Co IA Carlisle Cem.
1963 (died) Gregory, Grover H. 1907-1963 WW2 Marion Co. Pleasant Hill Cem.
30 Jul 1871 Gregory, Hannah Hockett, Albert Marion Co.  
24 Mar 1876 died Gregory, Harriet d/Wm & R. Age 4 y 4 m 15 d Marion Co IA Price Cem.
20 Jun 1871 Gregory, Harriet M. d/James T. & Harriet McCarty, James Marion Co.  
7 Sep 1848 Gregory, Hiram Dickson, Martha Susan Louisa Co.  
1850 died Gregory, Huldah Ann b 1799   Marion Co IA Bellefountaine Cem.
2 Mar 1843 Gregory, Inglefield McMurry, Martha LeeCo IA.  
1857 (died) Gregory, James R. 1835-1857 Marion Co. Bellefountaine Cem.
17 Jul 1843 Gregory, James T. b 1824 IN Harriet Ridlen b 1826 IN d/Timothy Shelby Co IN  
28 Aug 1866 Gregory, Jane Price, William A. Marion Co.  
6 Nov 1849 Gregory, Jehiel Wright, Ann S. Van Buren Co.  
  Gregory, Jennie d/David, Mary Swan, George L. of Louisa Co IA    
30 Apr 1886 Gregory, Jessie d/Timothy Stroud, Worth m 27 Dec 1905 Marion Co 17 Jul 1843
20 Mar 1890 Gregory, John s/James T. Coffman, Flora F. Marion Co.  
20 Aug 1856 Gregory, John Rea, Julia Alma Marion Co.  
30 Jun 1964 Gregory, John C. 1880-1964 Marion Co. Price Cem.
20 Mar 1890 Gregory, John F. 1864/1926 Coffman, Flora F. 1871/1936 Marion Co. Graceland Cem.
28 Aug 1859 Gregory, John W. Ross, Ann Eliza Marion Co.  
1906(died) Gregory, Julia P. 1842-1906 Marion Co. Gregory Cem.
1975 (died) Gregory, L. Lynn 1916-1975 AF Sgt WW2 Marion Co. Price Cem.
16 May 1882 Gregory, Lara A. Wilson, James, Jr. Marion Co.  
1 Jul 1885 Gregory, Lillie Mae d/James T. & Harriet Butterfield, George L. Marion Co.  
17 Feb 1897 Gregory, Lucetta Adams, Aaron Marion Co.  
- Dec 1875 (died) Gregory, Martha age 63y 9m 9d Marion Co Price Cem.
1 Oct 1865 Gregory, Martha Jane Kincaid, William Marion Co.  
2 May 1850 Gregory, Mary Flathers, Thomas Clinton Co.  
1850 Gregory, Mary Ann 1799-1850 Marion Co. Bellefountaine Cem.
21 Mar 1858 Gregory, Mary Ann Wilcutt, Charles D. Marion Co.  
5 Oct 1864 Gregory, Mary E. Demerest, B. F. Marion Co.  
25 J1n 1866 Gregory, Mary E. McVey, Jacob Marion Co.  
27 Oct 1857 died Gregory, Mary J. d/FM, MJ Age 28 days Marion Co IA Columbia Cem.
2 Feb 1855 (died) Gregory, Matilda A. d/Dennis, Sarah Louisa Co. Concord Cem.
22 Mar 1857 Gregory, Melissa d/Thos Choley, John W. Marion Co.  
5 Apr 1863 Gregory, Nancy Jane d/James T. & Harriet Devore, William (1st) Marion Co.  
30 Dec 1914 Gregory, Nancy Jane Hodges, M. J. (2nd) Marion Co.  
1892 (died) Gregory, Nathan 1810-1892 Marion Co. Bellefountaine Cem.
23 Mar 1842 Gregory, Nathan b Knox Co KY Gleason, Mary 1820/1909 Marion Co. Bellefountaine Cem.
4 Oct 1847 Gregory, Numidia Almond, Zelinda Henry Co.  
13 Dec 1844 Gregory, Robert Williams, Cyntha Louisa Co.  
11 Jun 1896 born Gregory, Ruth d/Timothy Douglass, Murl P. m 16 Mar 1927 Des Moines IA Marion Co  
29 Mar 1883 Gregory, Sarah d/Timothy   Marion Co  
30 May 1861 Gregory, Sarah b 11 Aug 1844/16 Aug 1920 d/James T. Manhardt, Frederick Marion Co. Graceland Cem.
1943 (died) Gregory, Sarah A. 1861-1943 Marion Co. Breckenridge Cem.
2 Jan 1848 (died) Gregory, Sarah d/Nathan. age 5y 8d Marion Co. Gregory Cem.
16 Jul 1910 (died) Gregory, Sarah E. 14 Jan 1835/16 Jul 1910 LaFaver, J. W. Marion Co. Columbia Cem.
10 Jul 1849 (died) Gregory, Thomas Adm/Estat3 John Randal, Bk A p 270 Marion Co  
1 Aug 1849 (died) Gregory, Thomas age 45y 5m Marion Co. Gregory Cem.
1918 (died) Gregory, Timothy R. s/James, Harriet 6 Dec1853-14 Apr 1918 Marion Co. Breckenridge Cem.
13 Oct 1881 Gregory, Timothy R. Rose, Sarah Sophia d/Richard Marion Co.  
1852 died Gregory, Wiley b 1851   Marion Co IA Bellefountaine Cem.
- Sep 1858 died Gregory, William   Louisa Co IA Concord Cem.
1 Jan 1943 died Gregory, William b 29 Apr 1943   Marion Co IA Graceland Cem.
22 Feb 1866 (died) Gregory, William D. age 73y Marion Co. Swan Cem.
31 Aug 1871 (died) Gregory, William T. age 62y 6d Marion Co. Gregory Cem.
22 May 1865 Gregory, William T. Bellamy, Elizabeth Marion Co.  
2 Dec 1896 Gregory, Worth s/James T. Whaley, Sylvaia Marion Co.  
- LaFaver, J. W. 6 Aug 1834/7 Jul 1923 Marion Co IA Columbia Cem.
11 Mar 1847 Macon, Lucy (Gregory) Ervin, Nathaniel Des Moines Co.  
20 Mar 1906 died Manhardt, Frederick b 16 Apr 1827   Marion Co IA Graceland Cem.

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