Death Records

Below are records regarding those who died in Marion County, Iowa. Note that statewide registration started for deaths in January 1891 but general compliance occurred by 1924.

Marion county death records
This link specifically points to a list of names of those who died in Marion county, Iowa from 1904 to 1951. One can a first name and/or last name (and/or other details such as year of death or birth) to find your person. For each person, you can view the transcribed record and view the original death certificate. This page is a county-level version of the equivalent state-wide version for Iowa that covers all counties. A lot can be learned by reading all of the details of the certificate.
Marion county death certificate index
This link points to a pdf document of deaths in Marion county for the years 1917 to 1939. This came from State Historical Society of Iowa (scroll to bottom of the page). As the society expands their data, we will try to copy it here.
Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records
This page focuses on listing known websites that provide information related to death records for Iowa and the counties within Iowa. As new sites are found, they try to list them.
Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records
This site is the parent page for the Iowa page above and it lists a link for each state, some city pages and some other related links.
United States Social Security Death Index
This is a page at which is a free and excellent site for family history. This page lists records for those whose death was reported to the Social Security Administration beginning in 1962 and is current up February 28, 2014.