Bailey Family Photos

Photos of Unknown Relatives

Dianne [LAST NAME?] wrote

These pictures belonged to my great uncle Jim Bailey. He collected them in Marion and Madison Counties while on a genealogy trip in the late 1960's or early 1970's. He did not put any names on the pictures or dates that they were taken or whom he received them from. All he wrote on them was my ancestors from Iowa.

My grandfather was Ray Bailey, born in KS in 1893. His father was John Henry Bailey, who was born in Marion County, Iowa in 1862. John's parents were not married to each other.

His mother was Marietta Edinger and lived in Marysville, Marion County with her parents John Edinger and Martha Russell Edinger.

John's father was Calvin George Bailey, and he lived in Madison County, Iowa next door to Martha Edinger's parents. Her father's name was Alexander Russell. Calvin, the son of James and Margaret Bailey, was killed in 1863 in the Civil War. He also had four brothers living in Iowa.

The Edingers, Russells and Baileys all came to Iowa from Guilford County, NC and all lived in the same area in Indiana before moving to Iowa. Most of the Baileys left Iowa for Oregon in the late 1860's.

My great grandfather John Henry Bailey, born April 11, 1862 in Marysville. My great grandmother Edith Lawrence Bailey, born November 28, 1865 in Iowa. She died November 28, 1893 in Springvale, Pratt County, KS. Seated on the left is my great great grandmother Marietta (aka Mary) Edinger. The lady standing is her daughter Anne Edinger Rinehart, and the lady on the right is Anne's mother in law. The two boys are Mary's great grandsons Jennings and Chester Haney.

The following pictures appear to have been taken in the late 1800's or very early 1900's and I hope someone can help me put names to the following faces.

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