Bussey American Legion Post #505: World War I Veterans

The following information is from a book published by the Bussey American Legion Post No. 505 in 1947. Businesses and individuals from Bussey, Albia, Knoxville, Tracy, Attica, Hamilton and Lovilia, Iowa provided financial assistance. The Post dedicated the book as "a memorial to our buddies, who were killed in action."

(Note: Names in the book are not in alphabetical order; however, I have alphabetized them. Three of the veterans have photos and service record information in the last section of book, but here they have been placed first. KB)

Photo Walter Johnson Pvt. Walter Johnson, 90th Div Field Artillery

Entered service April 29, 1918. Overseas June 29, 1918, to England, France. Stationed at Chaumont, France, was in the Verdun, St. Michell Fronts. Injured in motorcycle accident, October 28, 1918. Sailed from France, February 18, 1919, arriving in New York, March 6, 1919. Decoration: Victory Medal. Discharged March 27, 1919.

RoyRJones Roy R. Jones

Enlisted in Wyoming National Guard May 28, 1917. Entered service August 10, 1917 at Ft. Russell Cheyenne, Wyoming. Overseas December 12, 1917 in France, served 18 months. Discharged at Ft. D. A. Russell Cheyenne, Wyoming, May 28, 1919.

Photo Garret Visser Pvt. Garret A. Visser, 64th Depot Brigade

Entered service August 1918. Discharged January 1919, Camp Dodge, Iowa.

photo Peter Visser Pvt. Peter W. Visser

Entered service July 30, 1918. Discharged December 26, 1918.

World War I Veterans

Alsop, John H.
Anspach, Loren

Ballard, Carl
Ballard, Harmon
Ballard, Ward
Bassett, A. J.
Batey, Valentine
Bath, Carl A.
Bath, Charles
Beach, Kenneth
Beebout, F. O.
Bennett, Cornom
Bowman, Mac
Brace, John
Brunt, Artur
Burkman, Richard
Burt, Francis
Bushman, C. W.
Bussey, Jesse R.

Calomme, Edward
Cameron, Virgil
Comer, Chester
Conway, Paul
Crane, Loren

Davis, Carol
Davis, Horace
Detter, Carl
Doud, Leland
Dreibelbeis, Robert

Earp, W. H.
Edinger, Henry

Fall, William
Fergus, Floyd
Fergus, John E.
Frye, Ira O.

Garrison, Walter
Gladson, Arthur
Godfrey, Arthur
Godfrey, Arzy Y.
Godfrey, Ed
Godfrey, Emmett
Godfrey, Theodore

Hall, Curtis
Hall, Thomas
Hammons, Dawson
Hasso, Joe
Haunstein, Glenn
Hill, Leo
Holbrook, Russell
Houser, Lester
Houser, Owen
Houser, Ross

Jensen, Carl
Johnson, Homer
Johnson, Marshall
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, William

Jones, Ralph
Jones, Roy
Jordon, Albert
Jordon, Rollo

King, Adolph *

LaFavre, Carl
Light, James
Long, William
Lyman, Floyd
Lyman, Harold

Maitre, John
Matisse, Steve
Matzas, George
Mays, Charles
McGee, Willis
McGruder, Ralph
McKenzie, Malcolm
Meade, C. O.
Metz, Lafe H.
Metz, Pierce
Moon, William
Moore, Unknown
Mowery, Russell

Nall, Robert

O’Connor, Fred

Pack, William
Parker, Alfred **
Parker, Ernest **
Parker, Miles **
Parker, William **

Redding, Glenn
Rhiner, Dewey
Richards, Odley
Rodgers, Claude
Roebuck, Harry E.


Schnack, Damon
Schnack, Theron
Scott, Paul
Shulze, Fred
Snelson, Ben
Snelson, Frank
Snelson, John
Sonnenburg, Rudolph
Spaur, Robert
Stull, Everett

Tucker, James W.

VanBenthuysen, Everett
VanBenthuysen, Orvel
Vanderlinden, John
Villont, Gustave
Villont, Ontween
Visser, Garret A.
Visser, Peter W.
Visser, Walter

Weber, Chester Lial
Whetzel, George
White, Walter
Whitten, Albert
Whitten, Clyde
Whitten, Henry
Wilkerson, Frank
Wilson, Walter

Ziegler, Ralph

* My great uncle
** My in-laws

Contributed by Karyl Bonnett, North Liberty, Iowa, with the permission of Oren Shobe, the present commander of Post #505 (January 2007).