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Allamakee county Selective Service Records
1917 & 1918

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A very special thank-you to Constance Diamond, an IAGenWeb volunteer, who is photocopying
the microfilmed records and making them available for transcription

Surname First name Age Permanent Home Address Date of Birth Where born U.S. Citizen

NB=natural born
Race Marital Status Present Occupation & Place of employment or business Employers name Nearest Relative & Address "Description of Registrant Height/Build/Color eyes/Color hair" Has person lost arm, leg, hand, eye or is he obviously physically disqualified? Date of Registration Misc. exemptions claimed, prior military service, etc. Registrar
Ufer Hugo Waldemar 28 RFD #2 Luana, IA 12/28/1888 Binkyspring, Ostergtland, Sweden N - alien; citizen of Sweden W S farm laborer / Luana, IA J.H. McShane   medium/medium/gray/light brown no 06/05/1917   John H. Palmer
Uglum Haftor 40 Waukon, IA 03/23/1878 Y - Naturalized W   Plasterer self Archie Uglum; Route #4 Waukon, IA; son tall/slender/blue/black   09/12/1918   John M. Lee
Uhl Jesse John 34 RFD #2 Postville, IA 11/14/1883 Y - NB W M farmer / RFD #2 Postville self Cecil Uhl; RFD#2 Postville; wife medium/medium/gray/black   09/12/1918   Gilbert Sanders
Unseth Joseph Bernhard 42 Waterville, IA 11/11/1875 Y - NB W   Minister of Gospel / Waterville, IA East P.C. Congregation Alice Unseth; #1 Waterville, IA medium/medium/blue/dark no 09/12/1918   O.S. Hesla
Unterberger John Binslidiet 37 RFD #2 Postville, IA 05/24/1881 Y - NB W   farming/ RFD #2 Linton twp.   Elizabeth Gertrude Unterberger; RFD #2 Waterville, IA medium/medium/gray/brown no 09/12/1918   David C. Dana
Unterberger Leo Aloysius 28 Lansing, IA 06/12/1888 Linton twp. Allamakee co. IA Y - NB W S Clothing dealer / Lansing, IA self & 2 partners   tall/slender/blue/brown   06/05/1917 requested exemption for health, business obligations & partial support of father J.M. Dempsey
Urell Harry Joseph 19 Waukon, IA 01/25/1899 Y - NB W   Farming/ Union Prairie twp. Mrs. Catharine Urell Catharine Urell; #5 Waukon, IA; mother medium/medium/brown/black   09/12/1918   J.T. Baxter
Urell James John 26 Waukon, IA 08//08/1891 Waukon, IA Y - NB W M Merchant / Waukon, IA self   medium/medium/gray/black no 06/05/197   J.T. Hermanson
Vaage Carl Elias 21 R #2 Waterville, IA 07/23/1895 Paint Creek, IA Y - NB W S farm laborer / Allamakee co. C.O. Vaage (father)   short/slender/light blue/light no 06/05/1917 requested exemption as sole support of parents/ registrar noted "Is not soley dependant on him for support" H.A. Hendrickson
Valentine Marion Franklin 18 Lansing, IA 12/23/1899 Y - NB W   RR Laborer / Lansing, IA C.M. & St. P. RR Edw. Valentine; Lansing; father medium/slender/blue/light no 09/12/1918   H.H. Gilbertson
Valentine Perry Monroe 20 Lansing, IA 02/08/1898 Y - NB W   Laborer / Lansing, IA Robt Heafachmidt Dora Valentine; Lansing; mother short/slender/blue/light no 09/12/1918   J.H. Thompson
Valley Albert Louis 37 Lansing, IA 11/25/1880 Y - NB W M Button Cuffer / Lansing Lansing Button Co. Rosa Valley; Lansing, IA; wife short/slender/grayish/dark no 09/12/1918   J.H. Thompson
Valley Bernard Anthony 20 Harpers Ferry, IA 07/30/1898 Y - NB W   Farming / Harpers Ferry Cota Bros. Joseph Valley; Harpers Ferry tall/slender/brown/brown none 09/12/1918   B.G. Bassler, asst.
Valley Charles William 28 Harpers Ferry, IA 09/22/1889 Harpers Ferry Y - NB W S automobile repairer / Harpers Ferry T.A. Oestena   medium/medium/brown/black no disabilities 06/05/1917   Thos. Kernan
Valley Edward John 24 Harpers Ferry, IA 06/11/1893 Harpers Ferry Y - NB W M fishing / Harpers Ferry Beardman Bros   medium/medium/blue/black   06/5/1917 is sole support for wife & 2 children Thos. Kernan
Valley Martin Gideon 22 Harpers Ferry, IA 03/11/1895 Harpers Ferry Y - NB W S laborer / Harpers Ferry     medium/medium/blue/brown withered limb 06/05/1917 sole support of parents Thos. Kernan
Valley Walter Joseph 30 Harpers Ferry, IA 07/14/1886 Harpers Ferry Y - NB W M fishing / Harpers Ferry Beardman Bros   medium/medium/blue/brown no 06/05/1917 sole support of wife & 2 children B.J. Finegan
Van Brocklin Clyde 23 Lansing, IA 04/18/1894 West Union, IA Y - NB W S Farmer / Lansing, IA self   medium/medium/blue/dark   06/05/1917 sole support of mother M.B. Yeoman
Van Brocklin Dwight Joseph 21 Lansing, IA 11/17/1895 Fayette co. IA Y - NB W M Farmer / Lansing, IA self   tall/medium/dark/dark brown   06/05/1917 requested exemption as sole support of wife & 2 babies J.W. Dempsey
Van Brocklin Harold Clarence 20 Lansing, IA 11/11/1897 Y - NB W   Farm laborer / Lansing, IA Mary Larson Mathias Van Brocklin; Lansing, IA; father short/medium/brown/brown no 09/12/1918   A.J. Fitscheu
Van Gorder Charlie Battin 34 RFD #2 Postville, IA 12/05/1883 Y - NB W   Farming / Postville, IA self Susan E. Van Gorder; RFD #2, Postville, Iowa medium/slender/blue/light brown no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Van Gorder Sankey George 40 No. 2, Postville, IA 01/29/1878 Y - NB W   Laborer / Waukon, IA John Hulse Susie E. Van Gorder; No. 2, Postville, IA medium/medium/blue/black no 09/12/1918   Maude Kelley
Van Gorder Sie 39 RFD #2 Postville, IA 08/18/1879 Y - NB W   Bridge work / Jefferson twp. Allamakee co. Susan Van Gorder; RFD #2, Postville, IA medium/medium/blue/dark no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Van Nice John H. 22 Waukon, IA 03/19/1895 Waukon, IA Y - NB W S Student     tall/medium/brown/black no 05/31/1917   Chas L. Berry, clerk dist. Court Johnson co.
Vance John Thair 19 Rt #3 Monona, Clayton co. IA 09/15/1899 Y - NB W   Farming / Fairview twp. John Vance John Vance; #3 Monona, Clayton co. short/stout/brown/dark   09/12/1918   John Kielty
Vance Robert A. 24 Monona, Iowa 10/08/1893 Ossian, IA Y - NB W S Line man / Elkader, IA Schmidt Bros.   medium/stout/blue/brown Disabled wrist 06/5/1917   John Kielty
Vassos Peter 45 199 5th St., Milwaukee, WI 05/15/1873 N - Alien; non-declarant; citizen of Greece W   Railroad laborer / Dubuque, IA CM & SP Sam'l Vassos; Pittsburg, PA [not sure of first name] medium/medium/brown/black no 09/12/1918 [Peter signed with an 'X'] B.G. Bassler, asst.
Vaughan Charles Joseph 37 RFD Waterville, IA 10/20/1880 Y - NB W   Farmer / Linton twp. self Laura Vaughan; RFD Waterville, IA short/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   E.L. Cahoon
Vaughan Harry H. 22 Monona, Iowa 08/28/1894 Aurora, Ill. Y - NB W S Farmer     short/medium/brown/brown   06/05/1917   John Kielty
Vaughan Ira Ray 19 Monona, Clayton co. IA 04/08/1899 Y - NB W   Laborer / McGregor, Clayton co. IA Mike Peters T--ble Vaughn; RFD #3, Monona, Clayton co. IA short/medium/brown/brown no 09/12/1918   E.L. Cahoon
Verdon John James 41 Lansing, IA 03/21/1877 Y - NB W M Laborer / Lansing, IA City of Lansing Eva Verdon; Lansing, IA; wife tall/mediiun/gray/dark no 09/12/1918   H.H. Gilbertson
Verdon Joseph 26 Lansing, IA 08/15/1891 Lansing, IA Y - NB W S Fishing / Lansing, IA self   medium/medium/blue/brown   09/12/1918   H.H. Gilbertson
Verdon Leo Lewis 34 Lansing, IA 11/03/1884 Y - NB W M Fisherman / Lansing, IA self Mathilda Verdon; Lansing, IA; wife tall/medium/brown/black no 09/12/1918   H.H. Gilbertson
Verdon Mark 19 Lansing, IA 01/28/1899 Y - NB W   Laborer / Luverne, MN Art Brownsley John Verdon; Lansing, IA medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   A.M. Dysart, court clerk, Luverne, Rock co. MN
Vertheim George William 20 New Albin, IA 03/18/1898 Y - NB W   Farm laborer / New Albin John Vertheim Sr. John Vertheim Sr.; New Albin, IA medium/medium/brown/brown no 09/12/1918   Ben Hartley
Vertheim Gustav John Hanes Fred 23 Waukon, IA 01/06/1894 New Albin, IA Y - NB W M Farmer / Waukon myself   medium/medium/gray/light brown no 06/05/1917 sole support of wife & 3 children [he claimed an exeption from the draft, but I can't read it] Henry Grang---
Vertheim Henry 35 Houston, MN 07/07/1883 Y-NB W   Farm laborer / New Albin John W. Meyer Bertha Vertheim; Houston, Minn. medium/medium/dk brown/dk brown no 09/12/1918   Ben Hartley
Vertheim John Ernest 21 RFD#1 New Albin, IA 01/27/1896 Union City twp. IA Y-NB W S Farming / New Albin self   medium/medium/brown/brown   06/05/1917   Ben Hartley
Vickery Frank 41 R#2 Waterville, IA 04/07/1877 Y-NB W   Farming / Waterville self Pearl Vickery; R#2 Waterville, IA medium/medium/blue/gray no 09/12/1918   H.A. Hendrickson
Vickery John 42 RFD #2 Monona, Allamakee 07/15/1876 Y-NB W M Farming / Monona, IA self Lydia Vickery; wife; RFD #2 Monona, IA short/stout/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Vickery Martin Sinclair 37 2 Postville, Allamakee co 09/28/1880 Y-NB W   Farmer / Postville, IA self Mrs. Millie Vickery; 2 Postville, IA medium/medium/brown/brown no 09/12/1918 [it looks like he signed with an X ] William Shepherd
Vickery Willard 32 RFD #2 Postville, IA 02/28/1886 Y-NB W M Farming / Postville, IA self Mela Vickery; wife; RFD #2 Postville, IA short/stout/blue/dk brown no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Vold Helmer Adolph 30 Rt #4 Waukon, IA 07/24/188? Paint Creek Iowa Y-NB W S Farming / Allamakee co. self   tall/medium/lt blue/dk brown   06/05/1917 sole support of mother & father H.A. Hendrickson
Volding Emmet Claudius 21 Waukon, IA 06/09/1895 Britt, IA Y-NB W S Farming / Waukon Tom Webster   medium/medium/blue/light no 06/05/1917 [he wrote something on the exeption line that is illegible] L.T. Hermanson
Volkert Herbert
21 Main street Lansing, IA 01/08/1897 Lansing, IA Y-NB W   not given / Lansing Jacob Ma--- George Volkert; RFD #2 Lansing, IA ?/?/lt blue/black   06/05/1918 fathers birthplace Lansing, IA J.J. [illegible]
Voll Harry Laurence 26 Dorchester, IA 11/10/1891 Dorchester, IA Y-NB W S Farm laborer / Brora Sask. Canada J.H. Pierce   medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/21/1917 served 3 yrs. as a private ING J.H. Johnson, American Consul
Vonderohe Emil Henry 26 New Albin, IA 11/??/1890 New Albin Y-NB W S Painter / -arrick, IA self   medium/slender/gray/light no 05/31/1917   [illegible sig] Woodbury, IA
Vonderohe Henry Eddie 21 New Albin, IA 08/05/1897 New Albin, IA Y-NB W   not given / New Albin Henry Vonderohe Henry Vonderohe; New Albin, IA ?/?/gray/light   08/24/1918 fathers birthplace Luxenburg, Hanover Germany J.H. Kelly
Vongroven Lewis Olson 45 RFD #3 Dorchester, IA 04/10/1873 Y - citizen by fathers naturalization before his majority W   farming / Dorchester Mrs. O. Vongraven Mrs. O. Vongraven; RFD #3 Dorchester medium/medium/lt gray/light no - noticable defect right eye 09/12/1918   Lerby C. Coppersmith
Waalk Guy Arthur 21 Route #2 Monona, IA 01/15/1896 Luana, IA Y-NB W M farmer / Monona self wife [name not given] medium/medium/lt blue/dk brown no 06/05/1917   John H. Palmer
Wacker George John                            
Yearous Clifton 35 RFD Monona, Clayton co., IA 02/21/1883 Y - NB W   farming / RFD #3 Linton twp., Allamakee co. self Louise Emma Yearous; RFD Monona, Clayton co. medium/medium/blue/black no 09/12/1918   David C. Dana
Yeoman Mitchell Bryce 41 Lansing, IA 10/11/1877 Y - NB W M Dentist / Lansing, IA self Nora Yeoman; Lansing, IA; wife tall/slender/blue/black no 09/12/1918   J.H. Thompson
Yeoman Mark Mitchel 18 New Albin, IA 10/16/1899 Y - NB W   out of work   J.W. Yeoman; New Albin; father medium/slender/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   Gustavs H. Welper
Yeoman Floyd William 22 New Albin, IA 04/29/1895 New Albin Y - NB W S Carpenter / New Albin, IA J.W. Yeoman   tall/slender/light blue/light brown no 06/05/1917   A.Z. Freiburg
Yeoman Charles Edgar 37 RFD #1, New Albin, IA 12/31/1881 Y - NB W   none, not able, stays with parents   Mr. & Mrs. M.M. Yeoman; RFD #1, New Albin; parents medium/slender/blue/dark brown idiot, foolish, simple minded, no good 09/12/1918   Michael Moore
Young Robert Wesley 41 North McGregor, Clayton, IA 07/18/1877 Y- NB W   Railroad work / Fairview twp. C.M. & St. Paul Ada Bell Young; N. McGregor, IA medium/medium/blue/brown   09/12/1918   John Kelly
Young Richard David 18 RFD #3 Lansing, IA 04/28/1900 Y - NB W   Farming / Perth, Towner co. N. Dak. Warren Young Nancy Young; RFD#3, Lansing, IA tall/medium/blue/light no 09/06/1918 note by registrar: local board Towner N. Dak James Taylor
Young Elmer B. 41 Waukon, IA 01/28/1877 Y - NB W M Farm Laborer / Ludlow twp. Albert Steffen Ella Young; Waukon, IA; wife medium/medium/brown/black   09/12/1918   John M. Lee
Young Clarence M. 26 Lansing, IA 04/04/1891 Y - NB W M Farmer / Lansing, IA myself   tall/medium/gray/black/slightly bald no 06/05/1917 requested exemption for occupation & sole support of wife Timothy H. Fitzgerald
Young Arthur C. 21 Lansing, IA 08/24/1895 Y - NB W S Farmer / Lansing, IA myself   medium/medium/brown/brown no 06/05/1917 requested exemption for: "only 2 working farm, short of help" Timothy H. Fitzgerald
Zazulka Frank Micheal 33 RFD Church, IA 03/28/1885 Y- Nat W   Farmer / RFD Church, IA myself Mrs. Emelie Zazulka; RFD Church, IA tall/medium/blue/light   09/12/1918   Andrew Laughlin
Zeimet William 20 Lansing, IA 09/10/1898 Y - NB W   Farmer / Lansing, IA Wm. Scholtes John Zeimet; Lansing; father medium/medium/blue/dark no 09/12/1918   H.H. Gilbertson
Zeimet John Michael 22 Lansing, IA 07/16/1894 Lansing Y - NB W S Farmer / Lansing, IA self   tall/medium/blue/brown   06/05/1917   J.W. Dempsey
Zeimet George 22 Lansing, IA 12/21/1895 Lansing Y - NB W S Farmer / Lansing, IA J.M. Zeimet   tall/medium/blue/dark   06/05/1917   M.B. Yeoman
Zerbis Jaske 38 Lansing, IA 02/28/1880 Y - NB W M Button Cuffer / Lansing Lansing Button Co. Maud Zerbis; Lansing; wife medium/slender/blue/red lost right eye 09/12/1918   J.H. Thompson
Ziemann Louis S. 41 Waukon, IA 05/11/1877 Y - NB W M Laborer / Waukon, IA D.D. Murphy Mary Catherine Ziemann; Waukon; wife tall/medium/blue/black no 09/12/1918   S.R. Thompson
Ziemann Charles Nick 42 North McGregor, Clayton, IA 09/29/1875 Y - NB W   Farm laborer / R2 Waukon James Delaney Mrs. Thomas Walsh; N. McGregor, IA short/stout/blue/brown   09/12/1918   J.H. Cunningham
Zimmerman William Fred 41 Church, IA 05/21/1877 Y - NB W   Farming / Church, IA myself Mrs. William Zimmerman; Church medium/medium/blue gray/light no 09/12/1918   Bernhard Roese, asst.
Zimmerman Fred Christian 32 Church, IA 10/18/1885 Y - NB W   Farming / Center twp. himself Mrs. Caroline Zimmerman; Church medium/medium/blue/dark no 09/12/1918   Lewis Drake
Zimmerman Charles George 39 Church, IA 04/23/1879 Y - NB W M Farming / Church, IA self Amelia Zimmerman; Church; wife medium/medium/gray/brown no 09/12/1918   A.J. Fitscheu
Zoll William Joseph 26 Waukon, IA 11/03/1890 Waukon, IA Y - NB W S Farming / Waukon Wm. Zoll   medium/medium/brown/dark lost one eye 06/05/1917 exemption for "physical causes" D.D. Ronan
Zoll Victor 29 Waukon, IA 10/28/1887 Y - NB W M Blacksmith / Waukon self   medium/medium/blue/black crippled in hand & foot 06/05/1917 served 6 mo. IA Nat. Guard Infantry, rank Private /requested exemption for crippled hand & foot & sole support of wife J.H. Kelly
Zoll Joseph James 33 RFD #2 Waukon, IA 07/25/1885 Y - NB W   Farmer myself Joseph Zoll; RFD #2 Waukon medium/medium/brown/black   09/12/1918   Andrew Laughlin
Zoll Francis Joseph 20 RFD Waukon, IA 07/28/1898 Y - NB W   Farming / 2 RFD Waukon William Zoll William Zoll; RFD #2 Waukon medium/medium/gray/black   09/12/1918   Andrew Laughlin
Zoll Emmet 25 Lansing, IA 11/30/1892 French Creek twp. Y - NB W S Garage & Auto Dealer / Lansing self & partner   medium/medium/blue/brown   06/05/1917   J.W. Dempsey
Zwolanck Otto 34 Montfort, Grant, WI 01/06/1884 Y - NB W   Auto Mechanic / Lansing F.J. Spinner John Zwolanck, brother; Muscola, Grant, WI medium/medium/blue/dark no 09/12/1918   J.H. Thompson


- source: FHL microfilm #1642847

- transcription notes:
1) I've made every attempt to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are certain to exist due to the difficulty in reading some of the pages
2) Researchers should use this transcription as a guide and obtain the original records to verify the information
3) The transcriber has arranged the information contained on the SS Registration Cards into columns, the original data does not appear in columns and the questions asked occasionally differ from one card to another
4) This is an on-going transcription project - additional records will be added in the future, so please check back from time to time!

- transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb

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