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Allamakee county Selective Service Records
1917 & 1918

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A very special thank-you to Constance Diamond, an IAGenWeb volunteer, who is photocopying
the microfilmed records and making them available for transcription

Surname First name Age Permanent Home Address Date of Birth Where born U.S. Citizen

NB=natural born
Race Marital Status Present Occupation & Place of employment or business Employers name Nearest Relative & Address "Description of Registrant Height/Build/Color eyes/Color hair" Has person lost arm, leg, hand, eye or is he obviously physically disqualified? Date of Registration Misc. exemptions claimed, prior military service, etc. Registrar
Abernethy Earl A. 27 Postville, IA 02/20/1890 Postville, IA Y - NB W M grocery clerk / Postville, IA Geo. J. Meier   short/slender/blue/brown no 06/05/1917   Geo. S. Tuttle
Ames Austin Davis 20 RFD #2 Luana, Allamakee co. 01/26/1898 Y - NB W   Farm laborer / RFD Luana A.C. Ames A.C. Ames; RFD #2, Luana; father short/slender/blue/dark brown no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Anderson Samuel Charles 45 Waterville, IA 03/02/1873 Y - NB W M general farmer / Waterville self Ida C. Anderson; Waterville; wife tall/stout/blue/light brown no 09/07/1918 card stamped Local Board County of Steele North Dakota / also local Allamakee co. stamp T.J. Glasscock
Anderson Peter Andrew Garlnilius 25 Waukon, IA 07/22/1891 Decorah, IA Y - NB W M laborer at cement work / Waukon Peter Wangen   short/stout/blue/brown no 06/05/1917 sole support of wife & child J.T. Baxter
Anderson Peter Alvin 21 Waukon, IA 08/09/1897
Waukon, IA
Y - NB W   Waukon, IA Michael Anderson Michael Anderson; Waukon medium/medium/blue/brown   08/24/1918 father b. Norway J.H. Kelly
Andrews James William 40 Lansing, IA 01/23/1878 Y - NB W M Prop. Restaurant / Lansing self Rosalia Katherine Andrews; Lansing; wife medium/stout/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   A.J. Fitscheu
Appel Wilhelm Henry A. 28 RFD #3 Monona, IA 05/24/1889 Germany Y - Nat W M Farmer /RFD Monona self   medium/slender/blue/brown no 06/05/1917 requested exemption for sole support of wife & child E.L. Cahoon
Armstrong John Lawrence 45 Postville, IA 04/16/1873 Y - Nat W   Farm laborer / R#3 Postille Frank Sebastian Eliza McGhee; Lansing, IA medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   William Shepherd
Arnold John S. 35 Waukon, IA 11/07/1882 Y - NB W   Carpenter / Waukon, IA self Mrs. Bertha F. Arnold; Waukon tall/medium/gray/brown no 09/12/1918   Mary J. Kelly
Arnold Ivy Droe 30 Waukon, IA 01/24/1888 Postville, IA Y - NB W M Electrician / Waukon, IA Dennis Cota   tall/medium/gray brown/dark black no 08/28/1918 served 5 y 10 mo. IA Nat Guards, private raised to 1st Seargant/ requested exemption for sole support of wife & 2 children J.H. Kelly
Arnold Arntus 33 RFD #3 Postville,IA 08/30/1885 N - Alien; declarant; citizen Switzerland W   Farmer / RFD #3 Postville self Josephine Arnold; RFD #3 Postville, IA short/medium/blue/brown   09/12/1918   Gilbert Sanders
Aschom Helmer Edwin 35 Lansing, IA 08/29/1883 Y - NB W M Barber self Anna Aschom; Lansing; wife tall/slender/blue/light no 09/12/1918   J.H. Thompson
Aschom George Cornelius 21 Lansing, IA 02/04/1896 Lansing, IA Y - NB W S Clerk & Musician / Lansing G. Kerndt Bros.   medium/mediium/blue/dark   06/05/1917   M.B. Yeoman
Ashbacker Uroan Jacob 19 RFD #1, Church, IA 04/25/1899 Y - NB W   Farming / RFD #1 Church, IA John Ashbacker John Ashbacker; RFD #1 Church tall/slender/brown/black   09/12/1918   Andrew Laughlin
Ashim Nels John C. 40 RFD #4 Waukon, IA 07/28/1878 Y - NB W   Carpenter / R#4 Waukon, IA   Carrie Ashim; RFD #4, Waukon medium/medium/gray/dark no 09/12/1918   H.A. Hendrickson
Ask Carl Hjalmar 43 Harpers Ferry, IA 10/06/1874 Y - NB W   Farmer / Harpers Ferry, IA self Johainne Ask; Harpers Ferry; mother tall/slender/blue/light no 09/12/1918   A.J. Fitscheu
Attall John Hartley 41 Waukon Jct., IA 11/30/1876 Y - NB W   RR Brakeman / Waukon branch C.M. & St. P Mrs. Bertha Attall; Waukon Jct., IA medium/stout/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   Thos. Kernan
Aufinson Marcus 20 Harpers Ferry, IA 12/11/1897 Y - NB W   Farmer / Harpers Ferry, IA Ingbret Aufinson Ingbret Aufinson; Harpers Ferry medium/medium;blue/dark no 09/12/1918   T.A. Oestens
Aufinson George 45 R#2 Waterville, IA 03/12/1873 Y - NB W   Farming / R#2 Waterville   Julia Arneson; R#1 Waterville medium/medium/blue/black no 09/18/1918   H.A. Hendrickson
Augedahl Adolph Maurice 27 Spring Grove, MN 02/15/1890
Spring Grove
Y - NB W M Cream Hauler / Quandall, IA Arctic Springs Creamery Co.   medium/slender/blue/dark brown no 06/05/1917 requested exemption for sole support of wife & child illegible
Aurl Alvin 26 Waukon, IA 05/06/1891 Waukon, IA Y - NB W S Farm laborer / Waukon Arne Halino   tall/slender/blue/light brown   06/05/1917   J.H. Kelly
Ause Hafter A. 36 RFD #4 Waukon, IA 09/15/1882 Y - NB W M Farmer / RFD #4 Waukon A.H. Ause Amelia Caroline Ause; RFD #4 Waukon; wife medium/medium/blue/lt brown no 09/12/1918   S.R. Thompson
Auswald Christian Hansen 30 Waukon, IA 11/19/1887
N -Alien, Citizen Norway W S Farm laborer / Union Prairie twp. Joseph Johnson   medium/medium/blue/black no 06/05/1917   J.T. Baxter


- source: FHL microfilm #1642847

- transcription notes:
1) I've made every attempt to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are certain to exist due to the difficulty in reading some of the pages
2) Researchers should use this transcription as a guide and obtain the original records to verify the information
3) The transcriber has arranged the information contained on the SS Registration Cards into columns, the original data does not appear in columns and the questions asked occasionally differ from one card to another
4) This is an on-going transcription project - additional records will be added on a regular basis, so please check back from time to time!

- transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb

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