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Allamakee county Selective Service Records
1917 & 1918

Surnames beginning with C (partial)

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A very special thank-you to Constance Diamond, an IAGenWeb volunteer, who is photocopying
the microfilmed records and making them available for transcription

Surname First name Age Permanent Home Address Date of Birth Where born U.S. Citizen

NB=natural born
Race Marital Status Present Occupation & Place of employment or business Employers name Nearest Relative & Address "Description of Registrant Height/Build/Color eyes/Color hair" Has person lost arm, leg, hand, eye or is he obviously physically disqualified? Date of Registration Misc. exemptions claimed, prior military service, etc. Registrar
Chamberlain Leon Everet 24 Rt 2, Luana, IA 09/16/1892
Franklin twp
Y - NB W M Farming self   medium/slender/dark brn/dark brn no 06/05/1917   John H. Palmer
Chambers Leo Joseph 20 Waukon, IA 03/1/1898 Y - NB W   Farmer at present unemployed William Stahl, Galena, Ill. short/medium/grey/black no 09/12/1918   S.R. Thompson
Chapin Roy E. 18 Waukon Jct., IA 4/9/1900 Y - NB W   Railroading / Waukon Jct C.M. & St P W.A. Chapin, Waukon Jct. IA medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   Thos. Kernan
Chapman Cecil Hancock 18 #3 Waukon, IA 10/06/1899 Y - NB W   Day laborer / Waukon Wm. Hullisherman [?] Mrs. Dora Meier, #3 Amery Polk, Wis. medium/stout/blue/light   09/12/1918   Henry Grangood [?]
Charland Raymond T. 22 Harpers Ferry, IA 06/27/1895 Minneapolis, Minn Y - NB W M Farming / Harpers Ferry home   tall/slender/brown/brown no 06/05/1917 sole support of wife E.L. Cahoon
Chase George C. 35 Waukon, IA 08/16/1883 Y - NB W M Yard Manager / Waukon Central Lumber & Cat. Co. Ethel Chase, wife, Waukon, Iowa short/stout/blue/brown   09/12/1918   John M. Lee
Chickaning Edwin Joseph 36 Waukon 07/01/1882 Y - NB W   Photography / Waukon myself Nelly Dunbon Chickaning, mother, Waukon medium/slender/gray/brown   09/12/1918   John M. Lee
Childe Charles L. 43 Waukon 05/07/1875 Y - NB W   Farmer / Waukon for self Mrs. Estella Keddes, Harmony, Minn. medium/medium/blue/gray no 09/09/1918   J.H. Kelly
Chopek Roy Lewis William 22 Waukon, IA 08/18/1895 Iowa City, Iowa Y - NB W S Window [illegible word] / Waukon Hale & Sons   short/stout/gray/brown   06/05/1917   J.H. Kelly
Christensen Ahlert James 19 Lansing, IA 06/23/1899 Y - NB W M Railroad Valuation work / 914 Karpen Bldg., Chicago, Ill W.A. Christian Mrs. A.J. Christensen, 1204 Montanna St., Chicago, Ill "tall/slender/blue/dk brown 5 ft. 10 inches/ 135 lbs"   09/08/1918   Gertrude K. Giffney, local Board for Columbia co. N.Y.
Christenson Carl Theodor 22 Rt #1 Waterville 11/25/1895 Paint Creek Y - NB W S Farming [illegible word] / Paint Creek twp Will Shultz   tall/medium/lt brown/lt brown blind in left eye 06/05/1917   K.T. Gronna
Christianson Ingvald Rudolph 18 #1 Waterville 02/02/1900 Y - NB W   Farm Hand / #1 Waterville C.T. Christianson C.T. Christianson, #1 Waterville medium/medium/gray/brown no 09/12/1918   O.S. Hesla
Christianson Albert Odin 21 Rt 1, Waterville 02/06/1896 Paint Creek twp. Y - NB W S Farm labor / Allamakee co. Anton Englbretson   medium/stout/lt blue/lt brown   06/05/1917   H.A. Hendrickson
Christianson Carl Adolph 40 Waterville 03/31/1878 Y - NB W M Farming / Center twp. himself Mrs. Carl Adolph Christianson, Waterville medium/medium/brown/dark no 09/12/1918   Lewis Drake
Christofferson Herman C.   Postville, IA 07/28/1886 Postville, IA Y - NB W S Painter / Postville working for self   medium/?/blue/light   06/05/1917   ? S. Tuttle
Christopherson Oscar H. 36 Waukon, IA 01/25/1882 Y - NB W   Farm laborer / RFD Galesmis, Houston, Minn Peter Rush Christ Christofferson, Decorah, IA medium/medium/blue/lt brown no 09/11/198   Chas. A. Donvie,secty local board, Houston co. Minn
Christopherson Ferdinand Oscar 44 Dorchester, IA 01/06/1874 Y - NB W   farming / Dorchester self Henry Dayton, Waukon medium/medium/blue/black   09/12/1918   James H. Cunningham
Clark John Francis 43 RR #2 Harpers Ferry 07/01/1875 Y - NB W   Farming / Rt 1 Sheldon [illegible word] Wis Gust Joster A.E. Dorman, Harpers Ferry tall/medium/blue/light brown no 09/11/1918 handwritten comment at bottom: No Gust Joster Sheldon, Wis. S.B. Gullickson
Clark Roy Melvin 29 Rt 2, Luana, IA 10/10/1887 Omaha, Neb Y - NB W M Farm laborer / Franklin twp. Obert Harris   tall/stout/gray/light brown no 06/05/1917 sole support wife & two children John H. Palmer
Clark Gordon L. 23 Postville, IA 08/18/1894 Franklin twp. Y - NB W M farming self   medium/stout/blue/light no 06/05/1917 sole support wife & child John H. Palmer
Clark [? Grout ] 27 Waukon, IA 05/05/1890 Waukon, IA Y - NB W M Barber / Waukon R.E. Dickson   tall/slender/gray/brown   06/05/1917 sole support wife & child / previously served 5 yrs. ING, rank of Corporal J.H. Kelly
Clark Harold Preston 19 Waukon, IA [mo & day illeg] 1898 Y - NB W   Clerk / Waukon Lee Bros. Co. Mrs. Hattie Clark, mother, Waukon tall/medium/black/light no 09/12/1918   J.H. Kelly
Clark Floyd Immer 34 RFD No 2, Postville, IA 01/11/1884 Y - NB W M Farmer / RFD No 2 Postville self Alice Clark, wife, RFD No. 2 Postville tall/medium/blue/red   09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Clark James Samuel 18 3 Monona, Clayton co. IA 01/28/1900 Y - NB W   Farming / Fairview twp. James Clark James Clark, 3 Monona, Clayton co. short/stout/blue/light   09/12/1918   John Kielty
Clarke William Burnett 34 Waukon, IA 07/10/1884 Y - NB W   Machinest & blacksmith / Waukon self Anna Curran Clarke, Waukon, IA medium/stout/blue/brown no 09/09/1918   J.H. Kelly
Clauson Ole Ingeman 29 Spring Grove, MN 05/07/1888 Waterloo twp. Y - NB W S farming / at home self   tall/slender/light blue/light no 06/05/1917   J.H. Larkin
Clauson John Edward 43 Spring Grove, MN 05/23/1875 Y - NB W   farmer self Kirsti Clauson, Spring Grove, Houston, MN tall/medium/brown/light no 09/12/1918   J.H. Larkin
Clauson Martin 26 Spring Grove, MN 07/20/1884 Y - NB W   farming / Waterloo twp. self Bertha Clauson, Spring Grove, MN tall/medium/blue/light no 09/12/1918   J.H. Larkin
Clough Lester Robin   Postville, IA 11/23/1887 Postville, IA Y - NB W M railroad / Moose Jaw, Sask., 113 Coteau ?PR Railway mother & wife [no names given], Moose Jaw, Sask. short/stout/blue/brown no 09/17/1918 card stamped with a notice to the local boards to address questions to the American Consul Regina Sask J.H. [illegible], American Consul, Regina, Sask
Clune John Joseph 40 Postville, IA 01/11/1878 Y - NB W   Clergyman / Postville Catholic church Thomas F. Clune, Norwalk, Fairfeld, [?Conn.] tall/stout/blue/gray no 09/12/1918   J.W. Campbell
Coates Arch Byron 39 RFD #2 Luana, IA 06/11/1879 Y - NB W M Farmer / Luana, IA self Lillie Mae Coates, wife, RFD #2 Luana tall/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Coates Larry Ernest 19 RFD #2 Luana, IA 02/07/1899 Y - NB W   farm laborer / Luana, IA A.B. Coates A.B. Coates, father, RFD #2 Luana short/stout/blue/light brn no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Cole Harry Dean 28 Postville, IA 11/13/1888 McGregor, IA Y - NB W M Dentistry / Postville, IA self   short/slender/blue/brown   06/05/1917 sole support wife & child Gilbert Sanders
Cole James William 45 Lansing, IA 06/07/1873 Y - citizen by fathers naturalization before his majority W M Clerk / Lansing, IA Nielander & Co. Isabell Cole, wife, Lansing, IA medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   A.J. Fitscheu
Cole Carl Arthur 18 Waterville, IA 11/01/1899 Y - NB W   telephone lineman / Waukon Standard Telephone co. A.J. Cole, Waterville, IA short/stout/brown/dk brown   09/12/1918   John M. Lee
Coleman Michael Thomas 28 Waukon, IA 12/21/1890 Y - NB W   Barber / [?Alberta, Canada] Mills & Laundres Anna S. Coleman, Lethbridge [?Alberta, Canada] medium/medium/blue/black   09/28/1918   F.B. Ross, deputy consular agent
Collins William Joseph 38 Waukon, IA 05/20/1880 [or 5/28/80] Y - NB W   Grocer / Waukon, IA J.M. Collins J.M. Collins, Waukon, IA medium/medium/lt brn/dk brn 4 crippled toes 09/12/1918   J.H. Kelly
Collins William Leo 24 Lansing, IA 08/10/1893 Waukon Y - NB W S Automobile business / Lansing self   medium/medium/blue/brown   06/05/1917 financial obligations M.B. Yeoman
Collins William Otto 32 Harpers Ferry, IA 10/24/1885 Y - NB W   Farming / Harpers Ferry M.F. Collins M.F. Collins, Harpers Ferry medium/medium/blue/black no 09/12/1918   Thos. Kernan
Collins Michael L. 40 Waukon, IA 03/25/1878 Y - NB W   Clerk / Waukon J.M. Collins J.M. Collins, Waukon, IA medium/medium/grey/dk brn no 09/12/1918   J.H. Kelly
Collins Timothy Joseph 29 Harpers Ferry, IA 01/23/1888 Harpers Ferry Y - NB W S Farmer / Harpers Ferry, IA Father   tall/stout/blue/brown no 06/05/1917   Michael D. Kelly
Collins William Francis 37 Waukon, IA 07/30/1881 Y - NB W M Farmer / Union Prairie twp   Ceclia Collins, wife, 2 Waukon, IA medium/slender/blue/black   09/12/1918   J.T. Baxter
Collins Joseph H. 39 R2 Dorchester 12/18/1879 Y - NB W M farming / Dorchester self Mrs. Joseph H. Collins, R2 Dorchester medium/medium/dark/black   09/12/1918   J.H. Cunningham
Collins Leo Joseph 19 Harpers Ferry, IA 12/18/1898 Y - NB W   Farming / Harpers Ferry M.F. Collins M.F. Collins, Harpers Ferry medium/medium/blue/black no 09/12/1918   Thos. Kernan
Collins Marcian Joseph 19 Harpers Ferry, IA 03/23/1899 Y - NB W   Rail Road work / Harpers Ferry CM & SP W.H. Collins, Harpers Ferry medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   B.G. Bassler
Collins Delos 22 Lansing, IA 07/21/1895 Tevarra, WI Y - NB W S Button Cutter / Lansing Lansing Button Co.   medium/slender/blue/light   06/05/1917   H.H. Gilbertson
Collins Francis Allen 20 New Albin, IA 12/05/1898 Y - NB W   Brakeman / Dubuque Div. CM & SP Anna Collins, mother, New Albin medium/mediium/blue/black no 09/12/1918   D.E. Lakey
Collins John B. 42 Waukon, IA 03/22/1877 Y - NB W M Grocer / Waukon, IA J.M. Collins Mrs. J.B. Collins, Waukon, IA medium/medium/gray/brown no 09/12/1918   J.H. Kelly
Colsch Charles 43 Waukon, IA 11/06/1875 Y - NB W   Clerk / Waukon LuBros Co.[?] Mrs. Mabel Colsch, Waukon medium/medium/blue/brown no 09/12/1918   J.H. Kelly
Colsch Leo Hiller 27 New Albin, IA 09/02/1889 New Albin Y - NB W M Farming / New Albin self   tall/medium/brown/black no 06/05/1917 "requested exemption for sole support of wife & 3 children" ?, Greiberg
Colsch Nicholus 21 Waukon, IA 05/02/1896 New Albin Y - NB W S Farm laborer / Union Prairie twp. Joseph Henry   medium/stout/brown/black no 06/05/1917   J.T. Baxter
Colvin Edward 28 Waukon, IA 03/30/1889 Manchester, IA Y - NB W S Builder / Waukon self-employed   medium/stout/black/brown [there is a note here, but it is illegible] 06/05/1917   Charley A. Palmer
Colvin Frank 43 RFD #2 Postville, IA 09/23/1875 Y - NB W M Farming / RFD #2 Postville self Sophia Colvin, wife, RFD #2 Postville tall/medium/blue/light brown no 09/12/1918   John H. Palmer
Comstock Frank Chapin 39 Postville, IA 01/28/1879 Y - NB W   [cut off photocopy] [cut off photocopy]   medium/medium/brown/?gray   09/12/1918   Gilbert Sanders

there are additional 'C' surnames to be transcribed

- source: FHL microfilm #1642847

- transcription notes:
1) I've made every attempt to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are certain to exist due to the difficulty in reading some of the pages
2) Researchers should use this transcription as a guide and obtain the original records to verify the information
3) The transcriber has arranged the information contained on the SS Registration Cards into columns, the original data does not appear in columns and the questions asked occasionally differ from one card to another
4) This is an on-going transcription project - additional records will be added in the future, so please check back from time to time!

- transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb

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