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Miss Lydia G. Adler Date of death: 17 May 1977....from her obituary: "Miss Adler was born Dec. 2, 1888, on a farm near LeMars. She was a graduate of LeMars High School and taught in rural school near LeMars for several years."
Mary Adney.....later became Mrs. Henry Gunther Mrs. Gunther 100th Event Open House
Eva Alfred.......later became Mrs. James Dempster LeMars Sentinel, March 6, 1899
     Stanton--Eva Alfred completed the winter term of school in sub-district No. 1 on Friday last.  She has taught the full school year in that district and has given good satisfaction.
L.M. Black.....obituary posted to the Sioux Co. IA GenWeb site Ireton Ledger, Jan. 24, 1924
     ....Six years after the close of the war, in 1871, he came west and located on a homestead in Sioux County southwest of Ireton and during the period of proving up on his claim taught school at Seney the only school for many miles around and a long distance from his homestead.

Miss Bessie Bray, married Frank Veidt

~Obituary Link

From memories told to her daughter and grandsons: "Bessie graduated from high school in 1905, then attended normal school and began teaching in 1909.  She was teaching in a rural school outside of Merrill which is about seven miles from Le Mars.  She was homesick so Grandpa (Thomas A.Bray, Bessie's father) used to pick her up in the horse and buggy and bring her home and take her back on weekends.  One weekend it rained very hard.  Grandpa said that it was raining too hard for the horse and buggy to get through and that about the only thing Bessie could do would be to take the train to Merrill and ask somebody who looked "good" to her and was heading further west, to give her a ride.  She asked Frank Veidt.  He said he couldn't take her because he had his father who was ill, but that he would find her a ride.  Frank's father had dropsy and was badly swollen and he didn't want Bessie to see him.  Frank got her the ride.  A few days later Frank went to call on Bessie.  All the other girls in the boarding house were wondering who this was.  He asked for Bessie and asked her out to go dancing.  Bessie said she didn't know how; her mother wouldn't let her dance.  Frank said he would teach her.  He showed her a few steps and off they went." 

 Frank & Bessie were married on Sept 1, 1910, my grandmother (their daughter) was born Feb 8, 1912, and Bessie died Feb 2, 1913.  Grandma just passed away last year on Feb 18, 2007. Submitted by family descendant, Cyndi Taylor


Miss Mary J. Brown from her obituary: LeMars Daily Sentinel, October 4, 1921
" She was a highly educated young lady and taught school in Iowa and South Dakota for a number of years."
Miss Ethel Bryant

LeMars Daily Sentinel, May 8, 1958

Burnight, T. L. (1859-1917) From his obituary: "The subject of this sketch early in life displayed the habits of industry and thrift that laid the foundation for the structure of business success that crowned the efforts of his later years. For a short time he taught country school and afterward took up the more profitable occupation of herding cattle on Plymouth county’s prairies on a quite extensive scale."
Miss Maggie Burwell

LeMars Daily Sentinel, January 2, 1902

ADAVILLE: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Lula Miller who has been teaching in district No. 4 was obliged to give
up her school on account of her mother being very sick at her home in
Marcus. The school will be taken in charge of Miss Maggie BURWELL who lives near Ruble.

Miss Anna Cleary

LeMars Sentinel, Oct. 13, 1903

POTOSIA: Miss Anna Cleary began a five months term of school at Millnerville last Monday.

Miss Edith Estelle Coolbaugh.....later became Mrs. H.W. Darville

"She came to LeMars as a child, and attended the public schools and Normal school. She taught in the county rural school until her marriage Dec. 4, 1892, to Henry W. Darville." ~from her obituary

Miss Claudia Crouch "An 1894 graduate of the old Northwestern Normal and Business College in LeMars, Mrs. Hauff taught for six years in rural schools and in Hinton. She attended summer sessions at Morningside college in Sioux City.

Claudia Crouch and Conrad Hauff were married in LeMars Oct. 2, 1901. They lived in a farm on Perry creek until they moved to Merrill in 1904." ~from her obituary

Miss Esther Crouch...later became Mrs. Harold Pew

She graduated from LeMars High School and attended Western Union (Westmar) College. She taught country school until her marriage to Harold Pew in 1916. ~from her obituary

Anna C. Donahoe Supt. of Schools -- 1914
Miss Sarah Edith Drummond, later Mrs. Leo Mathias Marx LeMars Sentinel, dated Feb. 1, 1907, news notice of their marriage.
Lucille Fisher Morehead Taught LeMars schools
Miss Mamie Foulds LeMars Sentinel
Friday, September 6, 1907

SENEY: (Special Correspondence) Miss Mamie Foulds, of Sioux City, arrived here Friday evening after visiting with friends a few days. She began teaching in the center school house Monday.
Miss Juliet Gilmer LeMars Sentinel
Oct. 13, 1903

YEOMANS: (Special Correspondence) Miss Juliet Gilmer of Sioux City is teaching the fall term of the Yeomans school.
Mary Harding Fredonia No. 4, 1915
Miss Edith Harrington Fredonia No. 1, 1910 Photo
Edna M. Ivey Liberty No. 2, 1911
Rev. W. W. Jeffers
From the LeMars Sentinel, February 13, 1895:
     Seney--Mr. Jeffers, the principal of the public school at Remsen, intends to organize a singing class at this place next Friday evening at the school house. Mr. Jeffers understands music thoroughly and those who wish to become his pupils will find him successful in the work he undertakes.
From the LeMars Sentinel, Thursday, September 19, 1895, Page 4, Column 5:
     Seney--Prof. Wm. Jeffers, of the Remsen schools, was in the city yesterday visiting our schools.  The Remsen schools were dismissed on account of the Marcus fair.
From William Walter "W. W." Jeffers' obit:
Mr. Jeffers was born Oct. 29, 1864 at Baraboo, Wis., and died Oct. 24, 1954, lacking five days of reaching his 90th birthday.  He moved to Plymouth county early in life and acquired his education near his country home at Ruble, and graduated from the LeMars Normal school in 1888...He was a successful teacher in several high schools in the LeMars vicinity and in 1904, while teaching school at Seney, he felt his call to preach the Gospel and received his license from Seney M. E. church, of which he was a member.
Miss Mae Kennedy....later became Mrs. Walker Bushby of Ireton, IA.

LeMars Sentinel, 18 Oct 1907, SENEY: Miss Kennedy went to Ireton Saturday where she will teach the Grammar grade in the Ireton school, during the teacher's absence of about two weeks. [Transcriber note: this is Miss Mae Irene Kennedy, the daughter of Miles Kennedy of Seney.]

LeMars Sentinel, 26 Jun 1908, SENEY: Miss Mae Kennedy closed her school in Grant township Friday and is attending summer school in LeMars.

LeMars Sentinel, 10 Sep 1909, SENEY: Miss Mae Kennedy commenced teaching in the Perry school house in Fredonia township Monday.

Hawarden Independent, 13 Nov 1947: Obituary of Mrs. Bushby

Annie S. Kieffer Meadow No. 3, 1895-1899
Eva King, later married Charles Brodie From her obituary: "The former Eva King, she was born June 30, 1892, at Adaville, a daughter of
the late Mr. and Mrs. Oliver King. She graduated from LeMars high school in
1910 and taught in Plymouth county schools. She was married to Charles G.
Brodie, Sept. 2, 1914."
Gladys Knapp, married Ernie Luce, taught at Stony Point, Portland Twp.

Akron Register-Tribune
September 10, 1936

(Special Correspondence)

The older son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Luce is attending Central high school in Sioux City this year.  Allen, the younger boy, still has some vacation left, as the Stony Point school burned and must be replaced before school can reopen there.  Mrs. Luce, who taught for some years at the Stony Point school, is the former Gladys Knapp, so this item will interest Millnerville.

Mrs. A.S. Knowlton From her obituary:

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 11, 1926

Mrs. A. S. Knowlton Was Educator in Pioneer Days in West

Death claimed Mrs. Knowlton, wife of A. S. Knowlton, a Fredonia township
pioneer, at an early hour Sunday morning at the age of 72 years, at her home
in Seney. She passed away peacefully in her sleep and was found dead in her
bed in the morning. Mrs. Knowlton had been ailing with heart trouble and
her death was not unexpected. The physician in attendance had seen her
Friday and at that time her condition was improving to all appearances.

Mrs. Knowlton was a native of New York State and was born at Albion on April
18, 1854. Her maiden name was Helen Augusta Freame. She received her
education in the public schools of New York and began teaching school when
only fifteen years of age. She continued teaching in her native state for
about eight years and in 1877 came west. She taught school in Nebraska for
a couple of years and then came to Plymouth County where she followed her
profession. She was recognized as a most successful teacher and many living
in Plymouth County can pay tribute to her ability as an instructor and as a
kind and helpful preceptress. She is credited with having taught fifty terms
in the county and had taught seventy-eight terms in all.

Minnie Lilly Photographer, J.M. Dwight studio, Remsen, Ia. (see linked name for photo)
Miss Margaret March....later Mrs. Grant Chapman

LeMars Sentinel, Dec. 9, 1890

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)--Miss Maggie March is Sundaying with her parents. She is teaching school near Kingsley.

Marie McKnight....later became Mrs. Walter Baldwin Marie McKnight news item page
Merrill Teachers Honored "Outstanding Elementary Teacher of America"
Anna E. Miller Fredonia No. 4, 1905-1906
Miss Lula Miller

LeMars Daily Sentinel, January 2, 1902

ADAVILLE: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Lula MILLER who has been teaching in district No. 4 was obliged to give up her school on account of her mother being very sick at her home in
Marcus. The school will be taken in charge of Miss Maggie Burwell who lives near Ruble.

Susan Minette....later Mrs. Arthur Pierce ~from her obituary: "Mrs. Pierce was the former Susan Minnette, the step-daughter of Wallace Fuller, an early homesteader in Johnson Township west of LeMars. She taught school in our rural schools before she married Arthur Pierce in LeMars."
Margaret Moir.....later became Mrs. Jackson Hawkins "She was 65 years of age and was an early settler in the vicinity of Maurice and taught school in Sioux and Plymouth counties before her marriage." ~from her obituary
Mary Tucker Moir "Coming to LeMars in the early eighties she taught school in Fredonia township." ~from her obituary

Laura Muffett....later became Mrs. Charles J. Darville.
~link to her teaching certificate/contract

LeMars Sentinel
January 31, 1895
FREDONIA:  (Special Correspondence)
Miss Laura Muffett's school closed for the winter, Jan. 28.

LeMars Sentinel, November 28, 1898
Fredonia Township teachers for the winter are: No. 1, Miss Muffet;

Miss Carrie Murphy

Sioux County Herald
September 9, 1880


The fall term of school began today with Miss Carrie Murphy, of LeMars, as

Miss Madge Nicholson, later became Mrs. Felix A. Berner (link to their wedding news article) LeMars Sentinel, 04 Feb 1913, STANTON: Miss Madge Nicholson, of LeMars, is teaching in school district No. 4 since the resignation of Miss Richardson and will continue to teach the coming spring term.
Esther Winterfeld Oloff Mrs. Oloff taught Grant & Preston Twp schools

Teacher Miss Christine Petersen, became the Plymouth Co. School Superintendent in 1924, her term lasting through her retirement in 1973. Christine Petersen became Mrs. Charles McCormack 1894-1986. Christine & Charles were married 03 Aug 1958.

Link to Christine McCormick Retirement news item.

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, November 3, 1911

Miss Christine Petersen, who is attending school at Morningside, was home.

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 26, 1912

Special Correspondence

Christine Petersen started to teach school in the new school house last

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 4, 1912

Perry Center
Special Correspondence

Christine Petersen, of Perry Center, gave a program and box sociable at the
new school house. District No. 9, last Friday evening. A large crowd was
present. The proceeds amounted to $44.00, for which an organ and other
school supplies will be purchased. A number of Perry Center people were

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 14, 1912

Special Correspondence

Miss Christine Petersen closed a successful term of school at the Pleasant
Hill school.

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, September 6, 1912

School was started in the "Pleasant Hill" school house last Monday with Miss
Christine Petersen as teacher.
~Researched & transcribed by volunteer, Mary Holub. “Thanks to Mary for
sharing the old news items she found while researching Miss Christine

Alice Phillips Fredonia No. 5, 1906
Miss Emma Plumb LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 1, 1891
Miss Emma Plumb left yesterday morning to begin her fall school near Seney where she taught in the spring.

Miss Elsie Reeves.....later Mrs. George Darville From "Northwest Iowa Pioneers", section entitled "Journal of People and Events in Plymouth County", Page 22: 1871-- The first schoolhouse in Elgin Township was erected this year, although a private school was taught in 1870 by Elsie Reeves, seventeen-year-old daughter of Stephen Reeves.

Miss Bessie Robertson, later Mrs. Sylvan Locer

~link to her 1909 Teaching Certificate

~photo page link

LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 10, 1909
CRATHORNE: Miss Bessie Robertson left Sunday for Akron. Miss Robertson will teach school near that place.

LeMars Sentinel, April 21, 1911

Miss Bessie Robertson, the Breezy Hill school teacher, gave a fine play at the Root home to her friends before closing her school, and a delicious four course supper was served by Miss Robertson and Miss Root.

Note: I think this might be Elizabeth Ann "Bessie" Robertson Locer. She got married in June of 1911 and was a teacher in Washington township in May 1910. ~submitter, Bruce Atkinson

~From the above Sentinel article we see evidence that she was teaching in Portland township, Breezy Hill School, in the Spring of 1911--before her marriage in June.

Mrs. M.K. Ross "Mrs. Ross taught in the Plymouth county schools for more than 30 years and according to records she kept, had taught more than 1,100 pupils." ~from her obituary
Miss Rosa Katherine Schneider, married John Allen Jones, March 4, 1906, at Merrill, Iowa.

Early pioneer teacher--was the mother of two later teachers, Misses Cleo Jones and Lola Jones. Click on Rosa's linked name for her obituary page.

"She attended schools in the county and Westmar College then known as the LeMars Normal school. She taught in rural schools before her marriage."

Miss Mattie Small.....later Mrs. Mattie Beadle

LeMars Sentinel, November 11, 1890:
Carnes--Miss Mattie Small, of LeMars, has been engaged to teach the winter term of school in the Kinney school house.  This is Miss Small's second term and general satisfaction is anticipated.

LeMars Sentinel, March 18, 1901 --(below from her wedding news article)

"Miss Mattie Small was one of the most highly esteemed members of
Plymouth county's efficient corps of teachers, having taught school in this
county for a number of years until 1899, when she secured a position in the
Hudson, S. D., schools where she has since taught. She was a social
favorite with all who knew her and the best wishes of all go with her."

Miss Minnie Strader "This is a photo of 1910 era teacher, Minnie Strader, taken at the time she was teaching. She was a friend of my Grandmother, Bessie Robertson." Photo submitted by Tim Tone.
Margaret Struble "In Memory of Margaret Struble" -- News article by Harvey N. Kluckhohn
Mrs. J.L. Sudduth (Lillian) From her obituary: LeMars Globe-Post, Nov. 15, 1926, ---

Mrs. Sudduth taught school and as far as possible, her pupils acted as
Pallbearers and did the singing.

The Pallbearers were Elam Chapman, W. J. Reeves, John Alderson, C. W.
Reeves, C. E. Ewin and C. L. Britton. Interment was made in the Seney
cemetery. She leaves to mourn her death, her husband of Pierre, S.D. and
many friends. Relatives attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Ira Sudduth
of Rock Rapids, James Sudduth of Pierre, S.D., W. G. Bowers, Mr. and Mrs.
Adrian Bowers and Miss Bernice Sudduth of LeMars.

Mary Emma Taylor ...became Mrs. Frank Gabel in 1905 ~from her obituary: "She was a daughter of Robert and Margaret Taylor. In 1883 the family moved to Georgetown, Wis., and two years later came to Plymouth county and settled near Merrill. She was educated in a rural school in Johnson township and was graduated from Northwestern Normal School and Business College of LeMars in 1897. She was a successful teacher in this county for several years."
Sarah Jane Taylor....married Gabel in 1899 Quote from family member, Bruce Atkinson: "My grandmother Sarah Jane Taylor Gabel was a teacher when she got married in March 1899. My sister has the bell that she used at school."

LeMars Teacher Is Honored Today

Miss Bessie Young; married John S. Ogilvie

Link to her Photo

~from her obituary: "The former Bessie G. Young, she was born March 20, 1886, in Le Mars, a daughter of the late David and Annie (Perkins) Young. She married John Stewart Ogilvie March 20, 1913, in Le Mars. Mrs. Ogilvie was a homemaker and a retired longtime bakery operator. She and her late husband operated the Vienna bakery on Plymouth St. NW for many years. She was a lifelong resident of Le Mars and was a rural school teacher before her marriage."
Earliest Dates/Teachers Newspaper Articles in chronological order: (teacher names in bold and linked to their obituary when available)
Sentinel, 28 Aug 1891

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Ida C. Koenig and Miss Tina Schmidt from LeMars have been engaged by our directors to attend to the educational wants of our rising generation; for this winter, Miss Koenig will teach the Central school and Miss Schmidt the Melbourne school.

Sentinel, 29 Sep 1891

FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Maggie Rea and Mary Winslow are again at their post of duty as school teachers.

Sentinel, 09 Oct 1891


The writer had the privilege of visiting this school Wednesday in company
with Prof. E.N. Coleman. The building is the new one built last summer and
contains four very neat and attractive school rooms. Everything about the
building from the slate black boards down to the rubber pointed pointers,
are of the latest and most approved styles. Paddy Comisky attends to the
janitor work of the building and does his work well. The rooms are all
heated by hot water pipes, the furnace and heater for which are placed in
the well finished basement.

The room of Miss Emma Kehrburg was first visited. She has an enrollment of
forty-nine little folks, who are kept busy from morning until night and are
never allowed to tire. The little people appear to be making very rapid

The next room on the ground floor is taught by Miss Louden who was engaged
in listening to an exercise in grammar. In this room as well as the others
the pupils appeared to be interested in their studies and to be at work.

On the upper floor are Misses Powers and Smith both excellent teachers and doing fine work.

The people who have children to attend the Franklin street school may well
feel proud of the school building, of the teachers and of the children. Few
cities have any better conducted building or school throughout. It is a
great pleasure to Prof. Coleman as well as the teachers to have parents and
patrons visit the schools and see for themselves what is being done. It is
as well the duty of such parents and patrons, which is too often neglected.

Sentinel, 3 Nov 1891


Miss Grace Treat began her school in Preston last Monday.

Sentinel, 25 Dec 1891

ADAVILLE: Mr. Joe Eckerson is teaching in Liberty township in the Bauerly district.

LeMars Sentinel, Oct. 1, 1896

Adaville: Miss Otis will teach the Valley school this winter.

Hinton: The schools in Hinton and sub-district No. 4 will commence next Monday with Miss Frances M. Robinson and Mrs. Chas. Jones as teachers.

Potosia: We made a mistake in regard to schools last week. Miss Hattie Frost will teach the Reynolds school and Miss Madison the Montague school.

Hancock: School in district No. 1 commenced on the 21st. Miss Leitch, of Sioux City is teacher. School in No. 2 also commenced the same time, Miss Vanosdale, a cousin of John N. Pike, who recently came from the east, will teach in the new school house, said to be the best in Plymouth county outside of the high school building in LeMars. No. 3 was successful in getting Mary Harlan again. This school commenced on the 7th. Miss Maggie Kundert, of LeMars, also commenced her work in No. 4, on the 21st. She has taught this school for several years and has a foundation laid for much good in that district. Hancock proposes to be second to none on schools. Her people are getting to the front when they bid for good schools.

At the annual meeting of the school board on the 21st they re-elected Miss
Louise LaBerge
as township treasurer and Chas. N. Norse as secretary again.

These two have made efficient officials and such are needed. The board
fixed the teachers' wages at 28, 33 and 36 dollars respectively.

O'Leary: School in district No. 2 commenced Monday.


LeMars Sentinel, 16 Jan 1899

SENEY: Miss Sadie Alderson has resigned her position as teacher of the Emery school. Miss Anna Daniels, of Maurice, has been employed to teach the balance of the term.

LeMars Sentinel, 06 Jan 1902

STANTON: Minnie Bixby, who contracted to teach the winter term of school in district No. 5 has resigned after teaching one month. The cause assigned is that she could not secure a boarding place near enough to the school house to suit her convenience.

LeMars Globe-Post, 25 Oct 1905
Miss Viola McCoy who is teacher of the Rathlesborger school near Remsen and her sister, Miss Nettie McCoy, who is teacher of the Obermire school near Struble are at home spending their fall vacation of three weeks.
LeMars Globe-Post, 07 Mar 1906 The schools of Miss Vivian Banks, district No. 4, and Miss Nettie McCoy, of district No, 5, Fredonia township will give a shadow social at the school of the latter on Monday evening, March 10.

LeMars Sentinel, 12 Oct 1906


EVANSVILLE: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Kate Fritz, teacher in district No. 9, was unable to attend to her
school duties Friday on account of sickness.

LeMars Sentinel, 06 Sep 1907


MILLNERVILLE: (Special Correspondence)
School in district No. 6 opened Monday, September 2, with Miss Cora Havens, of Sioux City, as teacher.

~Note: This refers to Sioux No. 6 school

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, November 15, 1907

CRATHORNE: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Anna Strader returned from Sioux City, where she spent her vacation, and opened her school in Preston township last Monday. Her father, Samuel Strader, accompanied her to Crathorne and spent Sunday with Mrs. A.

~Obituary for Mrs. Anna Strader Gabel. "Thanks, Bruce Atkinson, for contributing this early teacher news item and obituary."


Remsen Bell-Enterprise
March 12, 1908

Teacher Resigns

   The school board of the Independent District of Remsen received the resignation of Miss Dorethea Lindemann last Monday night and it was accepted. Miss Lindemann has taught the school just the present term, three miles east of town, and it was with regret that the board acted on her resignation, but her mother is not in the best of health and Miss Lindemann felt that her help was needed at home and hence resigned. The board cheerfully recommends her as a good teacher and her services for the district have been entirely satisfactory. The board is now looking for another teacher to fill the vacancy and we hope that they manage to find one, but we understand that the teachers are very scarce at the present time.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, 26 Mar 1909 The Marion schools reopened on Monday with the same force of teachers as last year: Bernice Laux No. 1, Mary Campbell No. 2, Lucy Shoemaker No. 3, Nettie McCoy No. 4, and Mae Beatrice No. 5.
LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, 30 Apr 1909
Nettie McCoy, teacher of the Sunny Side school, was called home Friday on account of the illness of her mother.  Miss Josie Shea is teaching during her absence.
LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, 24 Aug 1909 Miss Nettie McCoy will take charge of the school work in the McClintock school this fall.  
LeMars Sentinel
Sept. 10, 1909

CRATHORNE: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Hazel Linderman, of LeMars, is teaching the Rembe school, Miss Cassie
, the Brodie school and Miss Josephine Erickson, the Geo. Zimmerman
MELBOURNE: (Special Correspondence) Miss Elizabeth Schneider will teach in the Remsen schools this year. She left for Remsen Monday.

LeMars Sentinel
Dec. 31, 1909

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)
Our school kids have two weeks vacation. The teachers, Miss Anna Keiffer and May Atkinson are spending their vacations at their homes in Remsen.

LeMars Globe-Post, 28 Mar 1910 Miss Nettie McCoy is also well acquainted in this township, having taught in District No. 1 and No. 4 for several terms. She has been principal of the Hinton school for the past year.
Announcement was made at the St. James church on Sunday of the approaching marriage of Daniel Shea of Marion township, to Miss Nettie McCoy, of Le Mars. Miss McCoy will resign as principal of the Hinton school.
LeMars Sentinel
April 21, 1911

Miss Bessie Robertson, the Breezy Hill school teacher, gave a fine play at the Root home to her friends before closing her school, and a delicious four course supper was served by Miss Robertson and Miss Root.

Note: I think this might be Elizabeth Ann "Bessie" Robertson Locer. She got married in June of 1911 and was a teacher in Washington township in May 1910. ~submitter, Bruce Atkinson

~link to her 1909 Teaching Certificate, submitted by Tim Tone, a grandson

~link to a photo page picturing Miss Robertson and also a nice photo of her last school children group

Additional Note:  L.F. Root owned land (section 23) one mile north of the Breezy Hill School (section 25) – 1907 Atlas; Portland Township

LeMars Sentinel, 11 May 1917

Miss Hazel Parker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Parker, of this city, and Melvin P. Merritt, of Sioux Falls, S.D., were the principals in a quiet wedding which took place in Sioux City on Monday, May 7, at the residence of Rev. H.E. Hutchinson, pastor of the Methodist church, who performed the ceremony. The only witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Parker, parents of the bride. The wedding was a quiet affair on account of recent bereavement in the Parker family.

The bride is a popular young woman who has made her home here for several years and has been engaged in teaching school with success.

The bridegroom is employed with the Chicago, St. Paul & Omaha Railway Company. He is a member of Company D, Fourth, South Dakota guards, and expects to be called out for service with his regiment at any moment. Mr. and Mrs. Merritt will make their home in Sioux Falls and left for that place on Tuesday evening.

SENEY: (from the same newspaper)
Miss Hazel Parker, former teacher in the school here, was married last Monday to Melvin Merritt, of Parker, South Dakota.


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