Photo at left, 1926 Photo at right, 1930

Lucille Fisher, became Mrs. Verle Morehead, 27 Dec 1929 at Renwick, IA

"In August of 1927 my former principal Everet Graber came to the station [gas station] to have his tires checked. There was a young ladie [sic] with him who he introduced as Lucille Fisher from Renwick, Iowa. She had come by train to Alton, Ia., where he met her and returned to LeMars to make application for a teaching position in the public school. She was hired and returned to start the school year.
    She stayed with the Grabers as Mrs. Graber was a friend and was from Renwick.
    I was invited to their house on ocasion [sic] and Lucille and I became friends....."

~story in quotes written by Lucille's husband, Verle Morehead in 1992

~story & photos submitted by a granddaughter, Shellee






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