Teacher, Marie McKnight

Plymouth County, Iowa


"Marie McKnight " Journal Bits

From the LeMars Sentinel news columns

Location: Plymouth County






LeMars Sentinel, Thursday, January 4, 1894

SENEY:  (Special Correspondence)

Miss Lucy McKnight is spending the holidays at the parsonage.  Lucy is a
fine little girl and has many friends in Seney.  If she is persevering
in her efforts to gain an education, she will find many a helping hand
along the way.





LeMars Sentinel
Dated April 26, 1897

Miss Lucy McKnight came up from LeMars Saturday to spend a few days with her
sister, Marie.

Miss Marie McKnight expects to go to Sioux City the first part of May, where
she has secured a position as clerk for Davidson Bros.


LeMars Sentinel
dated June 9, 1898

Seney: (Special Correspondence)
Mrs. M.G. Mills and Miss Marie McKnight went to Sioux City Thursday morning to attend the jubilee celebration of Morningside College.

LeMars Sentinel
dated July 7, 1898

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight was happily surprised Saturday evening by a number of
her associates spending the evening with her, it being her twentieth
birthday. A most pleasant time was enjoyed by all.

LeMars Sentinel
dated Aug. 8, 1898

SENEY: David Baldwin accompanied by his niece, Miss Marie McKnight, were passengers Thursday morning for Worthington, Minn., to visit relatives.




LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated Monday, March 25, 1901

: Marie McKnight began her spring term of school Monday, near Hinton.

LeMars Sentinel, Thursday, March 28, 1901, Page 3, Column 4:

    Died, at the home of her sister, Mrs. A. M. Cutland on Thursday
morning, March 21, 1901, of tuberculosis and edema of the lungs, Ethel
E., wife of Oscar Haviland, of Seney, aged 20 years, 8 months and 12
days.  The funeral was attended by a very large concourse of people at
the house on Sunday morning, March 24, Rev. F. W. Wilson, of Cushing,
Iowa, officiating.  The husband and relatives including her brother and
sister from Wisconsin, and a number of friends from Sioux City and other
points were present, and the entire audience sympathized with the
stricken husband and relatives in the most heartfelt manner.  The floral
tributes were beautiful and numerous.  Among them was a Maltese cross
from the Epworth League, also a wreath from members of the league and
other friends.  The bearers were Miss Ida and Sadie Alderson, Miss
Bessie March, Miss Bessie Kennedy, Miss Marie McKnight, Miss Emma Becker
and six young men as escorts.  The young ladies carried white flowers
which they cast into the grave as they lowered here to her last resting
    Rarely has there been seen in our community such evidence of
sympathy and loving remembrance as was shown on this sad occasion.
    Ethel was the pride of her new home in which she took much interest.
She began her Christian life on the 18th of January, and continued true
to her God through her whole sickness.  She has lived in this vicinity
for the past five years and had just taken upon herself the cares of a
home when disease overtook her and was not relieved from her suffering
until last Thursday morning, when God saw fit to call her up higher
where sorrow and suffering are not known.
    She leaves a husband of 24 years to wend his way through this wide
world alone, but with the thought of meeting again and with the
encouraging words of his friends, we feel he will be ready to meet
whatever may come.  She also leaves a father, two sisters and three
brothers to whom we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated November 25, 1901

SENEY: Marie McKnight who is attending school at Mankato, Minn., visited at the
Baldwin home last week.







LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated 31 August 1906

SENEY:  (Special Correspondence)

Miss Marie McKnight began teaching the Fredonia school Monday.


LeMars Sentinel
Friday, August 2, 1907

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight of Mankato, Minn., is visiting friends and relatives in
this community.

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, September 6, 1907

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Marie McKnight, of Mankato, Minn., who has been visiting at the home of
Perry Albro and Henry Darville, began teaching in Fredonia township Monday.

LeMars Sentinel
Dated Friday, October 18, 1907

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight, who has been teaching school in Fredonia township, left
of Mankato, Minn., Saturday morning.


LeMars Sentinel newspaper
dated June 26, 1908

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight, who has been teaching school in Mankato, Minn., arrived
here one day last week to spend the summer with friends and relatives.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper
dated August 7, 1908

SENEY: Miss Lucy McKnight arrived here Monday from Mankato, Minn., to visit
relatives and friends for some time.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated 16 Oct 1908

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Marie McKnight, who has spent most of the summer with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. P. Albro, left for Mankato, Minn., Saturday morning to resume her duties as teacher.


LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated 31 December 1909

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight, of Mankato, Minn., is visiting relatives and
friends in town.


LeMars Sentinel
Dated July 8, 1910

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight, of Mankato, Minn., is visiting relatives here.





LeMars Sentinel
Dated January 12, 1914

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lundgren and family and Miss Marie McKnight spent
Christmas day at Worthington, Minn., with relatives, making the trip in
Lundgren's car.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated June 19, 1914

From Our Special Correspondents Throughout the County

SENEY: Miss Marie McKnight was a LeMars caller last Tuesday.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper, July 10, 1914

SENEY:  (Special Correspondence)
Miss Lucile McKnight, from Minnesota, is visiting her aunt and sister,
Mrs. J. P. Albro and Mrs. Walter Baldwin.

LeMars Sentinel
Dated August 11, 1914

SENEY: Miss Lucy McKnight and niece left here the fore part of the last week
for different points in New York.





LeMars Sentinel
LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa
September 6, 1918

SENEY: Miss Lucy McKnight, who has been spending her summer vacation with her sister, Mrs. Walter Baldwin, returned this week to Minneapolis to resume her work in the city schools.







LeMars Sentinel
Dated Friday, June 27, 1924
VOL. LIV NO.52, Published Tuesdays and Fridays

Miss Laura McKnight, of Oakland, Calif., is visiting at the home of her
sister, Mrs. Wilbur Baldwin.











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