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The family of Hans and Cecelia Willer has been well known in the Akron vicinity since they came here in 1901.

Cecelia Heitman Willer, born in Benton county, Iowas, was the daughter of John H. Heitman, Sr. and Lena Rosburg Heitman, both born in Ockland, Germany.

Hans Willer was born in the area of Schleswig, Holstein, Germany, second oldest child of Jurgen Nicholas and Gertrude Gulstorf Willer. All of this family came to America, some at different times, and located in Lu Verne, Benton county, Iowa.

Others of Mr. Willer’s family, who became residents of this Akron, Iowa, community, were Henry Sr., Julius, Charles, Nicholas (all deceased at the time of this writing 1982) and Anna C. Hecht, as well as the father who lived here in his last years.

Hans Jurgen Willer was brought to America by his grandfather, Peter Von Gulstorf, when he was nine or 10 years old. He began working for relatives on their farms.

When he married, the couple farmed on their own near Keystone, Iowa, and their four oldest children were born there. In 1901, they moved to Plymouth County and rented a farm east of Akron. The family and their possessions came by railway to Akron.

By 1904, Hans Willer had bought, and moved to the farm which he named the Keystone Stock Farm. He raised and fed pure bred Hereford cattle. Many loads of fat cattle were shipped to Chicago from this farm.

As the family increased and grew up, more farms were added to the land holdings. There were three daughters and six sons who married and made homes in the territory.

Henry P. married Ruth Huff, who had five children.
Lena, married Paul Papritz and had one daughter.
John married Katherine Papritz, who had five children.
Anna married Arthur Hasenbank and they one son.
Ed H. married Alice Gabel.
George married Ella Klemme, who had four children.
Julius married Marie Granquist.
Theodore “Ted” married Wilma Klemme. They had three children.
Louise married Marvin Martin.

Source:  OUR LIFE, 1882-1982 Akron, Iowa (Centennial Book) pg 480


Children of Hans & Cecelia Willer:

Henry P. - b. 11 Feb 1893; d. 30 Oct 1973; married Ruth Huff, 01 Sep 1921
Lena - b. 24 Feb 1895; d. 25 Dec 2000, married Paul Papritz 10 Oct 1933
John - b. 16 Mar 1897; d. May 1963; married Katherine Papritz
Anna Marie - b. 10 May 1900; d. 29 Dec 1987; married Arthur Hasenbank 27 Feb 1924
Edward Herman - b. 17 Jul 1901; d. 14 Dec 1995; married Alice Dora Gabel, 18 Feb 1928
George A. - b. 1905; d. 1964; married Ella Klemme 16 Feb 1938
Julius J. - b. 11 May 1907; d. 20 Aug 1996; married Marie Granquist, 02 Mar 1936
Theodore "Ted" William - b. 5 Oct 1909; d. 15 Feb 2007; married Wilma Klemme, 10 Oct 1945
Louise D. - b. 30 Jan 1912; d. 11 Apr 1958;, married Marvin Martin 15 Jan 1947


Hans J. Willer
b. 18 Jun 1865, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
d. 16 August 1942, near Akron, Iowa

His Obituary


Cecelia (Heitman) Willer
b. 15 Feb 1872, Keystone, Benton County, Iowa
d. 25 Jun 1946, near Akron, Iowa

Her Obituary

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