Ed H. Willer & Alice Gabel Willer

~Married: 18 Feb 1928 at Little Brown Church, Nashua, Iowa


Ed and Alice Willer

Ed H. Willer, the fifth of nine children of Hans and Cecelia Willer, was the first to be born after the family moved to the Akron area from Benton county, Iowa. The family consisted of Henry P., Lena Papritz, John D., Ann Hasenbank, George, Julius, Ted, and Louise Martin. Those living in 1982 are in the Akron, Iowa, community. (Deceased in 1982 at the publishing of this article were Henry P., John D., and George.)

With his sisters and brothers, Ed attended Breezy Hill school.  He grew up and helped in the operation of his parents’ Keystone stock farm and had a close association with his father in cattle buying activities.

In 1928, he married Alice Gabel, daughter of Milton and Lena Harbst Gabel of the rural area of LeMars, Merrill, and Adaville, Iowa.  Her sisters are: Mabel Herman, Merrill; Martha Philips and Lillian Gabel, LeMars; Edith Burke, Abilene, Texas; Mildred Stoel, Akron; Leone Knowles, Council Bluffs; and Evelyn Gabel, Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

After graduating from LeMars high school, Mrs. (Alice) Willer taught schools in Westfield and Preston townships.

Ed and Alice Willer started farming in South Dakota on the Henning and Bertel Shoulberg farm witch had been the early homestead of the Shoulberg family.

Ed Willer began intensive livestock farming and continued to expand in cattle feeding.  When they purchased land in both South Dakota and Iowa, it was farmed by tenants while the Willer’s continued to live on the rented farm.

In 1947 the couple retired to Akron, enjoyed taking trips and spending winters traveling in southern states.

Ed was a charter member of the Plymouth County Livestock Feeders Association and a member of the board of directors for many years as well as county chairman two terms.

In 1969 the farm was sold to S. E. Schoenfelder, a close associate of the Willers from when he came from Dimock, South Dakota, and started farming as their neighbor.

In retirement Ed became active in community and civic affairs. He was one of the organizers and backers of a town baseball team, which was kept almost on professional basis for several years.

He played a large part in the fund raising for and completion of the original building, which was the beginning of the present Akron hospital. He acted on the executive board for many years. He became a member of the Akron city council, serving for 12 years. As the longest term member, he acted as mayor pro tem for Vint Adams and Grant Gassman.

It was while Gassman was mayor, a new residential section of the city of Akron was developed to the north, now known as Park View addition. The Willers were one of the five who first built homes there in 1954 and finished in 1955.

Ed is a member of the Plymouth County zoning board. He was active in forming a community fire truck association in South Dakota and Iowa.

Organizations for service to people and community always get his support. He has been a member of the Akron Commercial Club since it began. When a Lion’s Club was organized some years ago but later dropped, he was a charter member. He joined the group starting an Akron Lions Club again in 1980.

A charter member, he helped start the Golf Club and develop a golf course and club house. His real hobby is bowling. Since the Akron bowling alley started league play under the American Bowling Congress rules, Ed has captained a team in two leagues.

Source:  OUR LIFE, 1882-1982 Akron, Iowa (Centennial Book) pp 479-480



Edward Herman Willer
b. 17 Jul 1901, Akron, IA
d. 14 Dec 1995, Akron, IA

His Obituary


Alice Dora (Gabel) Willer
b. 15 Sep 1906, Plymouth County, IA
d. 3 May 1990, Akron, IA

Her Obituary



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