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History of Medicine in Iowa

by D.S. Fairchild, M.D., F.A.C.S.
~reprinted from The Journal of the Iowa State Medical Society, 1927
~transcribed from the original book for the Iowa History Project by Sharyl Ferrall
~important transcription notes appear below the Table of Contents

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Notes from the transcriber of this digital version of "History of Medicine in Iowa":
~~ I have extracted the individual physician info from the text and have added a Biography section for the convenience of researchers. One may read the full-text of the book by chapters, or click on a letter in the 'Biography' section of the table of contents to read the info. on individual doctors.

~~ Frequently the physician received only brief mention in the book, but a good number of the doctors have photos and a full biography. I have put all of the photos in the 'Biography' section of the book, rather than among the pages of the book.

~~ The book is in two distinct parts - the first part is of early physicians, hospitals and medical societies. The second part is 'The Iowa Profession in the Great War'. Only the first part appears here, on the Iowa History Project website, the second part appears on the Iowa in the Great War website.

~~ A name appearing in (parenthesis) is an alternate spelling found for the same person in the book, I have made no determination as to which spelling is correct.

~~ In a few cases I have been unable to determine if physicians with the same name are indeed the same person, so I have made separate entries in the biography section.

~Sharyl Ferrall, IAGenWeb volunteer transcriber, August 2007


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