Iowa History Project


History of Medicine in Iowa
by D.S. Fairchild, M.D., F.A.C.S.
reprinted from The Journal of the Iowa State Medical Society, 1927
transcribed from the original book for the Iowa History Project by S. Ferrall

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J.F. Kennedy
pg 93 & 95, mention
One of the organizers of the Medical College in Des Moines, 1874/5. Was a member of the 1882 faculty of the Iowa College of Physicians and Surgeons of Des Moines; Secretary of the Faculty & professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Children.
Dr. Kierulff
pg 153, mention
Associated in some manner with the Marshall County Medical Society, a line from his records is quoted in the section about this society.
J.W. Kime
pg 179-180, full text
In 1895 the Iowa Medical Journal again appeared with Dr J.W. Kime of Fort Dodge as editor. The first number bears the date April, 1895. The editor states: "The plan of this journal is somewhat unique in medical journalism. It will be edited in a number of independent departments, each having its own special editor and collaborators and will be expressly for the profession of Iowa, its columns being open only to the physicians of this state through collaboration will be made from every available source. The Journal will be edited in ten departments, practically covering the fielf of medicine and surgery."

The first volume contained 710 pages and presented a very creditable appearance showing that the editor was well fitted for the undertaking. Dr. Kime, in July 1900 on account of other interests transferred the Journal to Dr. E.E. Dorr of Des Moines.

Van Buren Knott
pg 130, mention
Of Sioux City. Attended the 50th annual session of the Iowa State Medical Society in May 1901. At the 52nd session, he stood in as chairman and read the completed constitution and by-laws, which were adopted although there were objections.
Freman Knowles
pg 75, mention
He is listed as a member of the 1854 faculty of College of Physicians of the University of Iowa in Keokuk. Professor of theory and practice of medicine.
G.A. Kuchen
pg 139, mention
Admitted as a member of the Lee Co. Medical Society on August 1, 1874.

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