Iowa History Project


History of Medicine in Iowa
by D.S. Fairchild, M.D., F.A.C.S.
reprinted from The Journal of the Iowa State Medical Society, 1927
transcribed from the original book for the Iowa History Project by S. Ferrall

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Dr. Jarrote
pg 11, mention
In the early and rather unsettled ownership of the Dubuque lead mines the name of a Dr. Jarrote appears in connection with a local organization for the government of the miners on the west side of the Mississippi River. It appears that Dr. Jarrote was elected the first governor of this organization which adopted a code to govern a rather unruly body of men. Dr. Jarrote was probably a man of executive ability as the laws framed by this organization are said to have been obeyed, and as rigidly enforced as have been the laws of later days. (transcribers note: this is most likely Francis Jarrote, although no date is given in the book, the year is probably about 1830)
H.B. Jennings
pg 158, mention
At the October 25, 1885 meeting of the Council Bluffs Medical Society, the board of censors examined the credentials of Dr. H.B. Jennings, and finding them satisfactory, reported in favor of his election, whereupon the society elected him to membership.
M.J. Johnson
pg 31, full text
Dr. M.J. Johnson came to Iowa City in 1846. He was born in Jefferson county, New York, in 1815, graduated from the medical department of the University of New York. Dr. Johnson had previously practiced eleven years in Ohio. After two years practice in Iowa City he returned to Ohio.
S.E. Jones
pg 151, mention
D. S.E. Jones of Grandview was made a member of the Louisa County Medical Society on April 20, 1861.

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