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Main Street - 1901 Preface
Main Street - 1969 Preface
President Richard M. Nixon Commemorations:  President of the United States
Governor Robert D. Ray Commemorations:  Governor of Iowa
Thomas N. Scott Commemorations:  Mayor of Dallas Center, Iowa

Clarence Criley in his Father's "Doctor Buggy".  Picture taken south of the Dr. Criley home at 506-15th Street.

Chapter II, page 4
B. H. Criley 1850-1945 Medical Doctor in Dallas Center from 1871-11914 Chapter II, page 4
Home built by William H. Brenton in 1879 on West Walnut has become Well-known Landmark of Dallas Center. Chapter II, page 5
Dallas Center Business Section about 1875.  Looking West on Walnut from Center House Hotel North of Depot Chapter III, page 6

South Main Street About 1890.  Note High Board Walks and Steps.  Extreme Right:  I. G. Morgan Drug Store; Meat Market; First Brenton Bank, Extreme Left:  Grange Mill; The First Depot.

Chapter III, page 7

North Main Street about 1890.  Left to right:  First Post Office; B. Leutzinger Shoe Store; Harness Shops of Tom Ferguson and C. J. Bickford; George Zuck Grocery Store; Another Grocery Store where present alley is located; Steve Darling's Furniture Store; Mike Dignan's Barber Shop; John Lloyd's Shoe Store; McLean's Hardware occupied next three buildings.  The last tall building was moved in 1900 to 906 Ash and made into a dwelling.  Hiram Routt had used it as an office for his Lumber Business.  Low building extreme left was the Routt Lumber Yard.

Chapter III, page 8
North Main Street about 1910. Chapter III, page 10
North Main Street about 1915. Chapter III, page 10
First Depot 1869-1913.  Note Wood Platform, later replaced by Brick; Three-wheel Hand Car on Track. Chapter IV, page 11
Charles F. Beard, Local Station Agent 1914-1963. Chapter IV, page 12
Depot No. 2.  1913-1943.  Note Water Tank, Steam Locomotive, Farm Wagon and Team of Horses with Fly Nets. Chapter IV, page 12
Present Depot Built in 1943.  Diesel Engines replace Steam Locomotives of the Past. Chapter IV, page 13
J. W. Cramer Livery and Feed Stable at 12th and Walnut, about 1899.  Horses and Buggies Rented by the Hour.  Left to Right:  Jim Cramer, J. W. Cramer, Morse Cramer, Charles Cheney Chapter V, page 14
Helfenstein and Royer Grocery and Dry Goods Store - 1914.  Extreme Right:  Verne Helfenstein.  Extreme Left:  Walter Royer Chapter V, page 15
R. J. Nazarene and Dray Wagon - 1914. Chapter V, page 15
Typical Store Front of the 1890's. Chapter V, page 16
Presbyterian Church 1871-1914.  First Church in Dallas Center. Chapter VI, page 17
Present Presbyterian Church Built in 1914. Chapter VI, page 17
United Methodist Church and Recent Addition. Chapter VI, page 18
German Baptist Brethren Church 1 miles east of Dallas Center, 1875-1910.  Renamed Church of the Brethren in 1908. Chapter VI, page 18
Church of the Brethren built in 1910. Chapter VI, page 19
First Brethren Church built in 1914. Chapter VI, page 19
Brethren in Christ Church purchased in 1947. Chapter VI, page 20
Dunkard Brethren Church purchased in 1931. Chapter VI, page 20
Dallas Center's First Schoolhouse, 1874-1916.  Dismantled in 1929. Chapter VII, page 21
Dallas Center High School Building built in 1903. Chapter VII, page 21
Dallas Center Elementary School Building built in 1916. Chapter VII, page 22
Present Dallas Center Community School. Chapter VII, page 22
First Brenton Bank in Dallas Center about 1895.  Left to right:  S. A. Sumner,  L. L. Collins, Clyde Brenton,  H. M. Schamel, Sam Ineson, Anson Barrett. Chapter VIII, page 24
Bank of Dallas Center 1901-1937. Chapter VIII, page 25
Citizens Savings Bank built in 1901. Chapter VIII, page 25
W. Harold Brenton, 1899-1968. Chapter VIII, page 26
Elmer A. Emmert 1875-1952, Long-time Editor and Publisher of Dallas Center Times, 1901-1946. Chapter IX, page 27
Dallas Center's First Post Office at 1419 Walnut.  C. E. Bomberger Tailor Shop, left, and Susong Photography Building. Chapter X, page 28
J. W. Elliott and son Seth Elliott with Mail Delivery Buggy about 1903. Chapter X, page 28
J. W. Elliott and son with Model T Ford Mail Delivery car about 1925. Chapter X, page 29
Present United States Post Office, Dallas Center, Iowa.  Built in 1963 at 506 -14th Street. Chapter X, page 29
The Old Town Hall and Fire Bell.  Burned in 1925.  Foreground:  Dan Zuck and his Brush "Runabout". Chapter XI, page 31
Present Memorial Hall built in 1954, Houses City Offices, Fire Station, Dallas Center Library and Legion Hall. Chapter XI, page 31
Dallas Center's Honor Roll was located at 15th and Walnut. Chapter XIII, page 35
Dallas Center's First Volunteer Fire Department about 1890.  Left to right:  Michael Dignan,  G. H. Loring, Thos. Behan,  F. L. Loring,  E. S. Everett, Alvin Lane, Harry Roberts,  T. K. Nazarene,  E. J. M. Stevens, Ed. S. VanDuzen,  J. A. Richmond,  P. A. Becker, Abe L. Hammond, Chas. H. Whitteberry, Cal Wise, John Hoff and James T. Cumming. Chapter XIV, page 36
All that remained of the Business Section on the north side of Walnut after the Big Fire of July 4, 1901. Chapter XIV, page 36
Old Town Hall Fire - 1925. Chapter XIV, page 37
The First Fire Siren being installed by C. A. Labor in 1926. Chapter XIV, page 38
Nov. 1937 - Third Major Fire in the Business District of Dallas Center. Chapter XIV, page 38
Schamel Elevator and Office East of Depot - 1876.  Left to Right:  H. M. Schamel,  T. K. Nazarene,  O. W. Burger. Chapter XVI, page 41
Whitaker Elevator, later Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., South of Schamel Elevator. Chapter XVI, page 41
1969 Farmers Coop Elevator Company Tube Elevators. Chapter XVI, page 42
Horses on Main Street in the early 1900's.  Dallas Center - Largest Horse-buying Center in the area. Chapter XVI, page 42
Roller Staking Rink - Mound Park. Chapter XVII, page 44
Prof. Rubens Band:  Clown Band played for July 4th Celebration in 1925.  Front Row:  Floyd Husband (black face), Dale Kramer,  C. A. Labor (black face), Elwyn Butterfield.  Second Row:  Rico Battani, Grover Merical, Ikenberry, Wm. McGinnis, Alva Kahler, James Hooper, Allan Justice, Ben Merical.  Third Row:  Weaver Merical,  T. A. Husband, Scott Ellis, Den Mann, Charles Cadwell, Leader, Owen Barton, Fred Cadwell, Harold Durkes, Charles Zuck. Chapter XVII, page 44
Hillcrest Golf and Country Club about 4 miles southwest of Dallas Center. Chapter XVII, page 46
John Fox Chapter XVIII, page 47
Charles Rhinehart Chapter XVIII, page 47
Conway Morris Chapter XVIII, page 48
Leroy H. Peterson Chapter XVIII, page 48
Horse-drawn Hearse Chapter XIX, page 50
Model T Ford Hearse - 1910.  Built by H. S. Miller, local undertaker and Jack Cronin. Chapter XIX, page 51
Plat of Dallas Center Showing Brenton Addition to Northwest and Meadowview Acres to Southeast. Plat of Dallas Center


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