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Denison Review


Too late for last week.
J. C. Coley of Missouri Valley, spent Christmas with N. P. Underhill and family.
Tom Butler and family spent Christmas at the home of Geo. Binnall, of Whiting, Iowa.

The Christmas tree exercises at the hall were enjoyed by all, especially by the children, who after the program, which was well rendered, eagerly watched for old Santa to come and hand the presents down.

L. C. Butler can hardly get cribs built fast enough for the corn that comes in.

Peter Soehl has bought the saloon business back that he sold to Pat Hedderman not long since.

Mrs. Wheeler, who has been staying at Chin Butler's during their recent illness, departed for home recently.

A.M. Talcott has opened a jeweler shop in part of the barber shop opened by Chas. Volkert's. C.W. Underhill has most of his samples here and as soon as the rest come he will start on the road to travel for Keith & Co. of Chicago.

Anna Talcott spent her Christmas vacation with her sister Mrs. C. Volkert's.
H. S. Downs had a severe attack of "grip" last week.

Our merchants enjoyed a good holiday trade, and the way corn is rolling in, is encouraging to trade.

The North Western is fixing up their elevator in fine shape. Besides extensive additions, a new boiler and engine will be put in.

Denison Review

W. W. Winey and wife of Cotter, Iowa, visited over Sunday with their son J. W. and wife. C.W. Underhill started Monday morning on his first trip as traveling salesman for Edson, Keith & Co. of Chicago.

Most of the "grippe" patients are better. Some of the children are wrestling with the whooping cough.

Rev. Wherry occupied the pulpit at the church Sunday and a very good sermon was listened to by the congregation.

The Bible reading at the church every Sunday evening is proving very entertaining and instructive.

D. J. Cutler will go into the woodsawing business, having recently purchased a new power circular saw.

Denison Review

We regret to learn that Mr. N. Richards is very sick at his home in Arion. No one in the county has more friends than the Richard family and the sorrow is wide spread that they are so greatly afflicted.

Denison Review

A brother of Joe Larson spent Sunday with him.
Mr. Richards is very low. He suffers very much at times.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McDole of Boyer township spent Sunday with friends in Arion.
Ohio Underhill has been on the sick list for a week or more, from the effects of the grippe.

Mrs. Pilot has so far recovered at to be able to be taken to her "home" four miles west of town.

The Baptist evangelist who is holding meetings at Dow City preached a stirring sermon to the Arionites last Wednesday afternoon.

Hattie Wheeler, who has been visiting with her sister, Mrs. O. M. Underhill for the past week returned to her home near Dunlap, Friday.

At present writing Margaret Rae, living north of town, is very low. Her brother - James - has been in poor health for many months and is no better now. Wm. Stanfield's little baby is also very sick with whooping cough.

Much sympathy is felt for Ole Hanson living northwest of Arion, who lost his wife last week as a result of a surgical operation performed by surgeons of Omaha. The family are in destitute circumstances.

Denison Review


We subjoin a concise biography of Mr. N. Richards, who lives for thirty years in Crawford county and who was faithful Christian and a honorable citizen. The Methodist church edifice was crowded with friends who came to testify their appreciation and condolence by their presence.

Rev. R. Venting, of the Baptist church, preached an appropriate discourse. As will be seen Mr. Richard's army record is eminently honorable.

Newton Richards was born near Akron, Ohio May 31, 1836. He was educated at Hiram College where he was a classmate of James A. Garfield, who afterwards became the honored president of the United States.

He became a Christian when 17 years of age, was baptized and united with the church, the "Disciples of Christ". Came to Winneshiek county, Iowa in 1855.

Was married in 1859 to Miss Mormetta Webster; in 1862 he enlisted in the 38th Iowa infantry. His wife died of consumption shortly after his enlistment.

He served in the army for three years and for gallant conduct and bravery was, before Vicksburg twice promoted in rapid succession. He had been on September 14, 1862 promoted to 1st Sergeant; but at Vicksburg in the midst of that terrific siege, he was promoted June 7, 1863 to 2nd lieutenant and scarcely more than a month later, on the 10th of July following, he was raised to 1st lieutenant which office he held when honorably discharged from his country's service. He had charge of the government supplies and was on the general staff.

In 1862, during the month of August, while encamped at Fort Atkinson, a flag was presented by the ladies to Co. E. 38th Iowa Infantry. Of this flag now draped upon his casket, Bro. Richards was made by the company the custodian. Thirty-three years ago he received this emblem of our country, this tribute to the gallantry of his company, this expression of the esteem of his comrades into his custody , today it lies upon his bier. Today it is a mute memento of the years of trial and patriotism; as also a witness of his faithfulness to devotion; for to no other care would this banner have been conferred.

He came to Crawford county in 1866 and has, with the exception of a few intervals, been ever since a resident. He soon after united with the Baptist church of Denison.

He married January 17, 1867 Ellen Bassett Purdy, widow of John Purdy. Five children were born to them, of which three died in childhood. Two daughters and a living wife remain to mourn his loss.

He was a faithful church member, a deacon,many times a superintendent of Sunday school; in Denison, Dow City, South Dakota and Arion. He was mayor of the town of Arion which he had done perhaps more than any other one person to establish and benefit.

He died at his home in Arion, February 7th, 1896 being 59 years, 8 months and 7 days old, in full hope and in joyful anticipation of a glorious immortality.

Denison Review


On Saturday February 8, Margarett Rae, aged 60 years and 6 days. The deceased was born in Scotland where she lived until 1883 when with tow sisters and one brother came to this country and arrived at Dow City in August of that year. She was a sister of George, Thomas and John Rae, who had come to American some years before her.

Her remains were followed by a large number from the home north of Arion to the M. E. church in Dow City where the funeral sermon was preached by the pastor from the text, "At evening there shall be light."

The church was crowded with sympathizing friends to pay their last tribute of respect to her who was held in great esteem by all who knew her.

The deceased was a member of the Methodist church and was always found in her place when able to be out. Hers was an influence not about to be forgotten. "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works to follow them."

Denison Review

Don Butler has a new windmill erected.

The whooping cough is quite bad in some families. Wm. Stanfield's lost their infant daughter Sunday evening. The parents have the sympathy of all.

In the death of N. Richards, Arion loses one of its best citizens, and staunchest friend. Honest, upright, a noble Christian man, he was a peer among men.

Denison Review

The Baptists are holding very successful meetings at the church. Rev. Whorry assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Seacord of Carroll are conducting them.

Rev. Hooker, the presiding elder for this district conducted services at the church Saturday afternoon and evening. At the evening service there was a crowded house and the Elder gave us a grand sermon.

J. willey took the Sunday evening flyer and will visit relatives and friends in and about Columbus Junction, Iowa. His son Harry, accompanied him.

L. M. Coon and wife arrived Saturday morning from Iowa City, where Mott has been studying medicine for the past six or eight months.

C.W. Underhill is home this week. His last trip took him into Southern Nebraska, where hard times such as Iowa never know reigns supreme. Repeated droughts have made barren a country heretofore above par.

The North Western have taken the extra man at the depot off for a short time and it keeps Dan hustling these days. There ought to be two men all the time at the North-Western depot.

Several new building are being talked of and improvements in various lines are contemplated. Charlie Stacy has moved into the vacant rooms over the hardware store.

Denison Review

Mrs. J. W. Willey is quite sick with threatened pneumonia.

Rev. Petzholt of Carroll, is here for a week. The Baptists are holding meetings at the church with good success.

Justic Pett had a wedding at his house Wednesday, where he united in marriage Mr. Jesse Henderson and Miss Wallburn.

Last Thursday a youth who had placed himself on the outside of a little too much eye-opener, drove his team at breakneck speed through our streets, endangering life and property. He was promptly brought before a justice and fined; as all should be who get too gay with the help of whiskey.

Two elections in a day. Town election and school election. Dr. W. B. Evans was elected mayor, L. Butler and H. Downs, councilmen. A. A. Lambert recorder, O. M. Underhill Treasurer and F. E. Sperry, assessor. At the school election I. A. Underhill was elected sub-director for Dis. No. one, Union Township.

Denison Review

Died at his home north of Arion, March 15th, 1896, Mr. James Rae, aged 47 years. Mr. Rae was born in Scotland where he resided unto August, 1883, when with three sisters of which two have died before him, he came to Dow City.

Inez, who died eight years ago this month and Aunt Margaret who died February 8th. The funeral was held at the Methodist church, Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, just five weeks from that of his sister. Rev. G. L. Goodell, pastor of the church, conducted the service. His remains were laid away at the Dow City cemetery. Three brothers, George, Thomas and John and one sister, Jeanette survive to mourn his loss.

The deceased was a member of the Methodist church and a faithful attendant until that fatal disease consumption laid hold of him about a year ago.

Mr. Rae was a stone mason by trade and while he lived in Scotland worked at it steadily, being engaged on some of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city of Edinburg. On coming to Crawford county he purchased a farm which he improved being as successful in that as he had been at his former occupation in Scotland.

Denison Review

W. J. Wagoner, who has been sojourning with us for a few days, returned to Council Bluffs, his present home, Wednesday of last week.

I.A. Goff is erecting a neat little residence in the east part of town. We understand Dan Baker will occupy it when finished.

L. C. Butler is repairing the place now occupied by Tom Butler and will paint and otherwise improve it. Peter Soehl will occupy it next year.

School commences March 30th, with Ira Jackson as teacher in the upper room and Mrs. D. J. Butler as teacher in the lower room. A. Lambert will teach the Higley school.

The high wind Friday night blew in a plate glass window at Underhill & Son's store, also one at Wm. Standfield's house.

Denison Review

April showers of '96 it seems has adopted the puring process.

W. J. Wagoner of Omaha, is spending a few days in our little city. He has been planting trees around his property.

Arion has quite a boom this spring in the building line. Quite a few houses have been either built or remodeled which adds quite a charm to the appearance of the place.

I.A. Goff expects to go to Miles City, Mont. Soon.
G. N. Copeland is kept busy selling lumber as the house building season is here.

Quite a few of our young men attend church in Dow City on Sunday evenings instead of attending church at home. Why? There was no preaching at the church Monday, April 19, on account of the illness of Rev. Wherry.

The following program will be given in the hall Saturday evening, April 25th.
1. Music - Criple Creek, quick step, Arion Orchestra
2. Chorus - Greeting song by the children.
3. Quartet - Selected, Messerss Coon, Jackson, Miss Richardson and Mrs. Evans.
4. Instrumental Duet - Romonzia, O. Mr. Underhill and Mrs. Gaker.
5. Male Quartet - Selected, Messrs. Coon, Butler, Scouten and Jackson.
6. Vocal Duet - Merry Birds of Ruth and Callie Richards.
7. Song - by the children
8. Quartet - Selected. Messrs Scouten, Jackson, Mrs. Coon and Miss Richards.
9. Recital - Ray (Rennie???)
10. Music - Ring Bells of September - quick step orchestra
11. Male Quartet - Selected
12. Quartet - Messrs. Scouten, Butler, Coon, Mrs. Scouton and Evans.
13. Solo - Selected - M. I. Coon
14. Solo - Selected - W. Scouton
15. Music - Orchestra
A small admittance will be charged for the purpose of defraying expenses of purchasing fuel for the church, etc.
Come out and enjoy yourselves.

Denison Review

John Goff is burning a fine kiln of brick, which will soon be for sale. C. D. Langle is helping at the yard.

Charlie Butler is erecting one of the finest dwellings, of any farm residence hereabouts. Evans brothers of Audubon are doing the work.

J. W. Widdoes seems to be ding a thriving business with his wagon in the country, judging from the amount of eggs and poultry he brings in.

The concert at the hall Saturday night was pronounced a success. The new Arion orchestra made its first appearance and from the cheering, we judge the music was acceptable.

Rev. Goodell of the M. E. church filled the pulpit at the church, Sunday afternoon. Rev. Baker of the L. D. S. church, preached at 11 o'clock a.m. Rev. C. J. Hunt of the L. D. S. will give a series of lectures during the week on "American Archeology."

Denison Review

The reports are the Arion will soon have a newspaper. We wish that enterprising little village success but the people have surely had some expensive experience in the effort to establish a paper.

Denison Review

A New Paper

The Arion Enterprise is the name of the tenth weekly paper published in Crawford county. Several papers have tried to live in Arion, but hitherto the patronage has not been sufficient. The fist number of the Enterprise gives evidence of both industry and ability. We welcome it to our exchange table and wish it success.

Denison Review

Ira Jackson returned from Missouri one day last week. He reports a good time but thinks Iowa is good enough place for him.

Mrs. Laura Slocum of Dow City and some ladies of Arion spent Friday afternoon at the Hotel Arion. Afternoon was consumed in quilting and in the evening the ladies sat down to one of the repast for which the Hotel Arion is justly celebrated.

W. J. Wagoner, of Council Bluffs, spent a few days in Arion. W. J. is always welcome to our burg.

There was a number of races at the race track Saturday, but the attendance was small. Nobody seemed to know anything about it until the horses were on the track..

Evans Bros. are very busy. Having just finished the photograph gallery and Willey's grocery. They will commence now on the residence of L. Kepford.

Clyde Shaeffer, of the Enterprise and wife Sundayed in Defiance among old friends.

There is considerable talk of building a Methodist church in Arion. Let the good work go on. Can't have too many church buildings.

Arionites will celebrate in Charter Oak for the most part, as they received such a kindly invitation from our sister city up the road.

N. H. Crandall will soon be ready to "took" your picture as the plastering is about done in her new building.

Ohio Underhill took a trip Sunday morning to the Picayunne on his wheel.
Quite a strong lodge of the Woodmen of the World, has been organized in our town.

The Arion Orchestra is progressing finely now, having new music and a new cornet player, with the possibility of a lady cornetist.

Charley Volkerts returned from Chicago Sunday morning where he has been visiting friends for the past week.

J. W. Wiley is building a room on the east side of the store of Widdoes and Son. We understand he will put in groceries and meat.

Johnnie Thompson has been quite sick for the past week. He has been very busy painting this spring and handling paints so steadily has resulted in poor health as stated above.

Quite a number of our citizens went to Dow City Sunday morning to hear the history of the M. E. church of Dow City read. The history was very interesting and much credit is due Thomas Rae for the efficient manner in which he gathered the material into so neat and compact a form. It was well read and the rapt attention of the congregation showed the appreciation with which it was received.

Denison Review
Front Page

Mr. Mott Coon of Arion, a son of W. W. Coon, and a first year medical student at the University is reading with Dr. Folsom.

Denison Review
Arion Enterprise

T. D. Patridge and wife of Denison visited over Sunday with Mr. and Ms. Fred Pett. Mrs. Patridge is a sister of Mrs. Pett.

Miss Lizzie Rae arrived home from Red Oak last Friday and visited over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rae, returning Monday.

Frank Evans departed for Denison Monday evening where he goes to take a course of study in the Denison Normal school. Frank is a steady, industrious and upright boy and all extend best wishes to him.

A petition has been circulated this week and numerously signed that will be presented to the board of supervisor, praying that honorable body to establish a voting precinct at Arion. The petition will be signed by everyone in this locality and if the board of supervisors will grant the petition it will be much better for Arion and her citizens as we will not have to go to Dow City to hold our caucuses and vote at general township elections Many of our citizens are unable to vote at elections on account of having to go so far, as they cannot leave their business. We trust that the board of supervisors will grant the prayers of the petitioners and that the voting booths will be established. In Arion, as it will be a great convenience for our people and one that will be highly appreciated by everyone.

Denison Review

A revival is being held in a tent in Arion led by Evangelist Balock of Topeka, Kansas. The meetings are largely attended.

From the Arion Enterprise, we learn Arion is to give a fine entertainment in the near future under the auspices of the Woodmen of the World. The date set is August 7th. A good program is being prepared, consisting of readings and speaking, interspersed by musical numbers.

Mr. W. L. Swatman and Miss Dollie Cook, both of Dow City, were united in marriage July 27th, 1896, Rev. R. Venting performing the ceremony at his private rooms. These intelligent young people are generally and favorably known in the town of their present residence and all will feel a pleasure in extending usual congratulations.

Denison Review

Republican Meeting at Arion

Arion has lately organized a prosperous club of one hundred members for McKinley and protection. Atty L. M. Shaw has been invited to address the meeting and all are requested to come out Wednesday evening, August 12th. Let every one turn out. Mr. Shaw is thoroughly posted on the question at issue and a good speech is assured. Remember the place and date - Arion, Iowa; Wednesday evening, August 12.

Denison Review

Rally at Arion

Arion Enterprise

The Republican rally at this place Wednesday evening was a very enthusiastic one and there was a large audience gathered at the hall to hear Hon. L. M. Shaw o Denison discuss the issues of the day. The meeting was called t order by W. B. Evans, president of the republican club, who first introduced our present and future congressman, Hon. J. P. Dolliver, who spoke for a few minutes and ably pointed out the fallacy of the free silver movement. Mr. Shaw was next introduced and he spoke for upwards of two hours and propounded plain facts to the audience in a very convincing way. Mr. Shaw is an excellent speaker and all were more than pleased with the way he handled his subject, showing that he had given it much study and was well acquainted with every detail of the subject. The meeting closed after giving three rousing cheers and a tiger for Dolliver, and the next meeting of the club, which is rapidly growing, will be held at Dow City next Wednesday evening and a splendid speaker will be secured for the occasion. Everybody invited to attend.

In addition to the above, we wish to add that we learn that Mr. Shaw made a strong convincing speech. It was well received and was a vote winner.

Denison Review
Arion Enterprise

John Frahm and Frank Brewer had business in Denison yesterday.
Mate Hill has returned to Denison going last Tuesday morning.
Sears McHenry was in town from Denison last Monday afternoon.
Chas. Jensen, of Denison, was the guest of his cousin, Chas. Volkers last Tuesday.

J. S. Roup and W. W. Coon attended the Sunday school convention at Denison last Saturday.
J. B. Dunbar of the firm of Bullock & Dunbar of Denison was in town Monday on business.
Miss Carrie Soehl, who is attending the Normal school at Denison, visited her parents over Sunday.

Don Talcott was down from Denison over Sunday visiting his parents. Don is attending the Denison Normal.

E. Gulick of Denison attended the rally here last Wednesday as did also several other Denison parties whole names we were unable to learn.

Mesdames W. B. Evans and I. A. Underhill and Miss Delia Sweet attended the Baptist convention at Denison last Saturday and were entertained at the home of L. M. Shaw.

The little baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Mullen died on Wednesday evening of last week after an illness of only a few days with summer complaint. The funeral services were conducted at the residence on Friday after which the little form was laid in the Denison cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Mullen feel deeply the loss of their little boy and they have the heartfelt sympathy of all in this locality in the loss of one who had become so near and dear to them. The babe was 1 year, 8 months and 4 days old at its death.

Denison Review
Arion Enterprise

Ira Underhill was a passenger on Saturday morning's stub for the county seat.
County Attorney Swasey was down from Denison Tuesday on legal business.
Dwight Patridge and wife of Denison, were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Pett last Sunday.

Denison Review

Arion has been having quite an interesting discussion between Elder McDowell of the Latter Day Saints Church and Elder Blolock of the Christian Church. Crowds of people have attended and much interest is shown.

Denison Review
Arion Enterprise

The Arion public schools commenced last Monday with Frank Huffman in the high room, and Mrs. J. D. Butler primary teacher. The school has a large membership and is increasing, and with such excellent teachers to look after the welfare of the pupils it is bound to be made a success of and will press right to the front rank.

James Rae left last Monday Indianola where he goes to attend Simpson college which is located at that place. James is one of our best young men, and one too that will take advantage of the chance to acquire an education and spend his time profitably. The Enterprise will follow him and keep him posted on home news.

Louis M. Coon departed last Saturday on the Northwestern flyer for St. Louis, Mo. where he will enter a medical college and study to fit himself for an M. D. Mot is a hard student, industrious young man and is bound to succeed in his chose life work. The best wishes of a host of friends go with him. The Enterprise will make him weekly visits and keep him posted on the current events of Arion and vicinity. He expects to be absent until next March.

Denison Review

At the home of the bride's parents in Arion, Iowa, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1896, Mr. Frank L. Evans, of Audubon, and Miss Martha C. Soehl of Arion were married, Rev. Lothringer officiating. Only a few of the near relatives were present.

Both of the contracting parties are highly respected by all who know them and the deepest interest of their many friends follow them.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans left soon for Audubon, where they will make their future home. The Review joins in best wishes.

Denison Review

Miss Lalla Richards visited at home over Sunday.
Dr. Beatty, of Dunlap was in Arion Friday.
Mr. Mott McHenry made an overland trip to Arion Tuesday.
Mr. F. L. Hoffman, of the Arion schools visited over Sunday in Denison.

Mr. James Robb was here a few days last week visiting the family of Mr. Raynor.
Some of our republicans drove over to Defiance last Friday to the great speech.
Mr. Starkweather, of Carroll, formerly agent on the North Western, was in town Friday.
Harry Raynor returned from Manning Saturday where he has been visiting a brother.

The teachers' meeting held here Saturday was not very largely attended on account of the inclemency of the weather, but about 15 teachers were present. The next meeting will be held here, at the same place, the 2nd Saturday in November.

(Too late for last week)
Mr. F. L. Hoffman spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother at Ute.
Miss Lizzie Rae, of Red Oak, Iowa, is home for a few days visit.
Mrs. Don Butler was shopping in Denison Saturday.

Miss Evans of Audubon, was visiting in Arion a few days last week.
Mrs. W. W. Schouten and Mrs. L. M. Coon visited in Dow City Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Jane Harker, of Denison, who has been visiting at the home of Geo. Rae this week, returned home Friday.

Miss Susie Scott visited relatives and friends, Sunday, in Dow City.

Married at the home of the bride's parents Wednesday, Oct. 7, Mr. Frank Evans, of Audubon, Iowa and Miss Mattie Soehl of Arion, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Evans departed the same evening for Audubon where they will make their future home.

Denison Review
Arion Enterprise

J. P. Conner was in town Saturday.
B.D. Langley and K. Ettleman were at Denison Tuesday.
George Huffman and Wm. Eggers journeyed Denisonward Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. shaeffer drove to Denison Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Frahm were entertained by Denison friends last Tuesday.

F. L. Hoffman, principal of our schools, visited with Denison friends over Sunday.

Mr. John Mount, of Denison, has purchased a half interest in the Butler & Lee elevator, Mr. Lee retiring and the firm name will hereafter be Butler & Mount. The change in the firm will be made in about thirty days. L. W. Gingery, who has been connected with the elevator, will still continue with them.

Denison Review

Ohio Underhill departed Monday for the west where he expects to make his future home. Mrs. Underhill expects to join him about Christmas. Success to him.

Mr. Frahm and wife drove to Denison Tuesday.
Fred Butler returned home from his summer's absence last Thursday.
The farmers of this vicinity are busy with their corn husking.

Milo Kelly was favored with a visit from his father the latter part of last week. He has been in Dakota since spring.
Miss Berkley of Illinos, visited at the home of V. Talcott a few days this week.

Clair Butterworth and wife of Dow City, passed through Arion Thursday on their way to Denison.
Dr. Folsom and wife of Denison were in Arion Monday.
Mrs. Goodrich and son are visiting with the former's mother, Mrs. Butler, this week.
Mrs. A. H. Rudd of Dow City, spent a few hours in Arion Tuesday.

Sheriff Seymour of Denison was in Arion last Thursday evening.
Mrs. C. C. Sheaffer returned last Friday from her prolonged visit in Nebraska.
Miss Nora Butler of Denison, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives and friends in Arion.
Mrs. Chas. Tripp's two grandchildren from Buck Grove are making her a visit.
Mrs. Chas Volkerts visited in Dow City Tuesday afternoon.

Roy McKim of Deloit, visited Friday and Saturday with Arion friends. He visited the high school Friday afternoon.
Harry Huntington and John Holiday of Dow City, were on our streets last Friday.
Mr. Jopland and wife, enjoyed a visit from their son of Omaha, Saturday.
Miss Lillie Rudd boarded the afternoon train Sunday for Dow City.
F. L. Hoffman attended the teachers meeting in Dow City Saturday.

Denison Review

Mr. F. L. Hoffman went to his home near Charter Oak for a two weeks visit with parents and friends.

Mrs. W. J. Butler went to Omaha Tuesday morning for a week.

A number of Miss Calla Richards' friends gathered at her home last Friday evening and gave her a surprise. They presented Miss Calla with a plush glove box, filled with stationery. Refreshments were served and at a late hour everyone went to their several homes, never to forget the pleasant evening they had spent.

Mrs. J. W. Willey was calling on friends in Dow City Saturday afternoon.
Miss Susie Scott is visiting in Dow City for a couple of weeks.
W. A. Coon was a Dow City caller Wednesday afternoon.

There is to be an entertainment given by the temperance army soon. An excellent program is to be rendered and some of Arion's best musical talent is to assist.

Attorney Lally of Denison, was an Arion caller Saturday last.
Willis Wiggins was an Arion visitor Wednesday

(Too late for last week)
Hurrah for Dolliver. The school was dismissed Tuesday p.m. on account of Dolliver's speech.
Roy Roup Sundayed in Denison
Thomas Rae drove to Denison last Wednesday.
Miss Hattie Wheeler of Dunlap, visited with relatives in Arion the forepart of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Harker of Denison, visited with Thomas Rae and family a few hours last Tuesday, while on their way to the Dolliver speech.
Mrs. Ira Underhill drove to Dunlap the last of the week.
Miss Lillie Jones of Charter Oak, is visiting Miss Maggie Talcott this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Soehl were entertaining their daughter, of Denison, last week.
Mr. Barbour, station agent at Charter Oak, was in Arion Saturday evening.
Mr. Joe Larson, the Milwaukee station agent, is quite sick with the fever.

Mr. James Snider and family have moved to Buck Grove, where Mr. Snider will run a barber shop.
Miss Lena Topf, of Charter Oak, is visiting Miss Carrie Soehl a few days.
There is to be an entertainment in the near future in the city hall.

A charming tea was given by Mrs. L. M. Coon, Saturday night, in honor of Miss Della Sweet, who expects to go away soon. Covers were laid for Misses Sweet, Ruth and Calla Richards, Mrs. Schouton and Miss Schouton. The floral decorations were German pansies and violets. Music was furnished by Mrs. Coon and Misses Richards. The guests did not disperse until a late hour. A pleasant time was enjoyed by all.

Mr. Clyde Seymour and Mr. Jergensen, of Denison, rode down to Arion Sunday on their wheels.
Mr. George Rae and daughters, Agnes and Jennie, attended church in Denison Sunday.

Denison Review

There were married Sunday morning, Nov. ..?..? Mr. Zeft W. Fienhold, of Paradise township to Miss Minna L. Eland of Arion, before the witnesses Edward Marks and Eliza Eland, Rev. F. Lothringer officiating in the English language.

Denison Review
Arion Enterprise

E. H. Swasey was in Denison Friday.
C.Volkerts was in Denison Monday.
A. C. Shaffer was in Denison Tuesday.
Mrs. V. Talcott visited in Denison Friday afternoon.
F. J. Young was down from Denison Friday.

E. Gulick was down from the county seat Wednesday forenoon.
Deputy Sheriff McAhren was in town a short time Tuesday on professional business.
Editor Harthun, of Denison was in Arion Saturday.
M. Kelly and Zeph Fienhold were Denison visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Volkerts drove to Denison Monday afternoon.
Miss Maggie Quaid visited Miss Nettie Green last Friday and Saturday.

Rev. A. G. Martyn, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Denison, was a pleasant caller at this office Wednesday.

Miss Ruth Richards went to Denison this morning, and will visit until tomorrow with Miss Calla, when they will both return home.

Denison Review

We are sorry that we have not been able to send any notes for the past two weeks, but will now try to supply some notes every week.

Mr. Roy McKim of Deloit, was again visiting south of Arion a few days last week.
Mr. F. L. Hoffman was visiting for a few hours in Dow City last Friday.

Mr. W. W. Coon had the misfortune to fall off the porch last week and cripple himself, so that he can hardly get around. It injured his foot in some way. We hope for a speedy recovery.

Mr. Fred Pett has been quite sick for some time, but at present writing is some better.

Miss Milner of Illinois arrived last week to fill her place as primary teacher in the Arion schools.

Denison Review

Chas. Smith has moved in the rooms over the hardware store.
Mrs. Chas. Volkerts was visiting Denison friends Friday.
Miss Della Sweet was calling on friends in Dow City Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh, of Sioux City, are visiting in and about Arion.

Mr. R.(e?) H. Swasey, of Denison, was a caller in Arion Thursday afternoon.
Miss Jennie Talcott of Defiance, is visiting relatives at this place for a few days.
The entertainment given by the Temperance Army was rendered with success and to a full house.

Mr. Arthur McColl and sister Bessie, of Dow City, were visiting friends and relatives in Arion last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Rae celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their marriage by having a number of their friends spend the evening with them last Wednesday.

Denison Review

Mr. Starkweather spent the day at home.
Miss Calla Richards spent Sunday at home.
Miss Susie Scott spent Sunday at Dow City.
Arthur McColl was in Arion the last of the week.

Clyde Hoffman (Huffman) went to Dow City Friday afternoon.
Jesse Vertrees has been stopping in Arion for a few days.
Mr. Gingery is moving into the house vacated by Fred Pett.
Willim Wiggins of Dow City was on our streets Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Slocumb and daughters spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Richards.
Miss Libbie Goodrich from near Denison is visiting friends and relatives here this week.
Mr. Sid Green of Dow City was transacting business in Arion for a few hours Friday afternoon.

Misses Emma and Becky Wiggins of Dow City came up and spent the day Wednesday visiting the schools

A dance was given by Milo Kelly in his restaurant Friday evening. A pleasant time is reported by all those present.

Mrs. C. F. Garret of Charter Oak stopped between trains on her way home and visited at the home of Mr. Geo. Rae, Friday.

A surprise party was given Miss Tillie Frahm by some of her friends Thursday eve. A pleasant time was had by all. Her friends presented her with a beautiful gold ring.

Denison Review

Sheriff Seymour, of Denison, was in town Thursday.

A surprise party was given Miss Della Sweet Wednesday evening by a large number of her friends. A pleasant time was enjoyed by all present. Miss Sweet departed Thursday noon for Council Bluffs.

Denison Review

As the roads are so muddy news is very scarce.
Mr. Robert Bell was on our streets the last of the week.
Mr. R. Cates is home again.
Mr. Starkweather was home for a few hours last week.

Mrs. N. H. Crandall returned Sunday from her visit near Dunlap.
Misses Ruth and Calla Richards visited their sister in Dow City Saturday.
Mr. Don Talcott, who is teaching near Coon Grove, visited home over Sunday.
Mrs. Thompson was very sick a few days last week but at present writing is some better.

The ladies of Arion are talking of having a Christmas tree in the school house for the children.

Mr. Albert Alexander and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl, which arrived Wednesday last.

Miss Tillie Trealun was kept at home from school last week on account of sickness, but is now able to attend school.

Miss Calla Richards, who is attending school in Denison, came home to remain over Sunday, but was taken sick and will not return to school.

On Saturday evening twelve of Miss Lottie Talcott's friends assembled at her home and gave her a pleasant surprise. Everyone present reported a pleasant time. It being her birthday, they presented her with a pair of skates.

Denison Review

Mrs. W. V. Whaley, of Dow City, was calling on friends here Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Butler was shopping in Denison Monday.
Mrs. Starkweather was shopping in Omaha Monday last.
Mr. Carlin Talcott went to Omaha last Tuesday where he will visit his sister for some time.

Mrs. Ohio Underhill was called to her husband last Tuesday on account of sickness, but at present writing Ohio is better.
Mr. George Rae was in Denison on business Tuesday.
Mr. L. M. Coon came home Wednesday from St. Louis, where he has been attending medical college for some time.
Mrs. George Butler and son Fred were shopping in Denison last week.
Mrs. W. R. Wilder, of Dow City, was visiting in Arion Friday.
Miss Maggie Rudd, of Dow City, was visiting in Arion Monday.

Denison Review


At the M. E. parsonage, Tuesday morning, Dec. 29, Mr. Johnathan Anderson to Miss Anna Mary Doidge, Rev. Ilgen Fritz officiating. The young couple are from near Arion and are well known. A host of friends join with The Review in wishing them a long and happy life.

Arion news articles from 1888 - 1896 submitted by Melba McDowell