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Denison Review

At present the town of Arion consists of about forty acres of fine land laid out in town lots. The business portion is represented by the railroad depot, and the suburbs by the residences of Messrs. Butler and Coon. However the Butler Bros. are putting up a good sized store room, and others will soon follow.

Why not? There isn't a town in the west that is better located and with three railroads running through it there is no reason why it shouldn't become one of the best towns in Iowa. A good restaurant would prosper greatly, as from twenty-five to one hundred passengers change cars here daily. Anyone desiring a first-class location for any kind of business , will do well to visit Arion.

We have no mineral well to boom,
We have no sweet-voiced Beecher;
We have no jail or court house,
Or any extra feature.
We have no mighty editors
To call each other names,
And we've no. "rings" in politics
But we'll get there just the same.

Mrs. L. C. Butler is teaching school in district No. 1 and gives good satisfaction as usual.

We notice that "Nemo" neglected to mention last week the marriage of Mr. Pearl Vore and Miss Mary Higley on the 12th inst. At the M. E. parsonage.

Chas. McHenry went to Panama last Saturday to seek a location.

Mr. Chas. Lotton now runs the bus to the Central House. Look out for his headlight.

Denison Review

Judge Bangs, of the Defiance Argus, was at D. J. Butler's on a visit and fishing expedition lately.

Madge Gibson is "wielding the birch" in district No. 3 this spring.

Our Mark La Fontain and wife, formerly Miss Ada Pier, returned from the east last Friday evening. Mark is happy and able to be out. He will shed a tear no more.

R. R. Johnson is visiting friends and relatives here.

The Arion store is progressing finely.

Denison Review

Farmers are afraid they are not going to have any crops this year, as it is raining so. The water in the Boyer is as high as the banks.

A new time card took effect Sunday the 6th, on C & N W. railway.

Fred Wetengale, head clerk in W. W. Cushman's store at Charter Oak, spent Monday afternoon in Arion waiting for a train for home. He is the same old Fred.

Romans Bros. had 2400 cwt. Weight of barb wire transferred here, Monday for their store in Charter Oak.

M. Barrett, of Dunlap, Ia. intends to locate a store here soon.

Miss May McHenry, of this place, spent Friday visiting in Charter Oak.

Mr. J. E. Osborn, operator at Arcadia, Iowa, spent Monday forenoon with our agent here Mr. Hunt.

Our way freights on C. M. & St. P. did not run Tuesday on account of bad storm east of here.

An accident occurred on C. M. & P. Road Wednesday. A hand car was thrown off the track by a section man falling off ahead of it, on the rail, causing five men to be thrown off the track with the car. The section boss, Chas. Quaid. Of Kenwood, was cut on the lip, one section man was hurt on the scalp and run over. Our depot at Arion was turned into a hospital on account of it. Dr. Iseminger, of Denison, dressed the wounded parties.

Denison Review

Farmers are now busy planting this fine weather.

Butler Bros. have raised their new restaurant building another story. Their heads are level if they are small.

Miss Jessie Coon is able to come out doors a little now.

Farmers around here are anxious to know where they can purchase hay. This is a good chance for some one who has lots of hay.

Trains are running regular on C. M. St. P. road now.

Mr. Don Butler is the man now who wears a big smile and says it is a nine pounder of a girl that came to his place to stay.

Mrs. N. Talcott, of Oakley, Kansas is visiting her mother Mrs. Butler, of this place.

Miss Katie Tyron of Defiance, Ia., intends to spend the summer at Mr. Don Butler's in Arion.

The men who got hurt here by the hand car some time past, are getting along nicely. What is the matter with Arion's town plot? It is wanted here considerably.

Mrs. Coon is reported quite sick. Miss Martha Henstreet is staying with her.

Denison Review

Wednesday was quite a rushing day for our depot man Hunt here, for 48 passengers changed cars from and to Decoration at Denison, Iowa. Miss Farmily, of Dunlap, spent Thursday in Arion waiting for the train to Earling. Arion will soon run under another new name on account of having a post office here. Mr. D. M. Hunt, out agent here, made a trip to Denison Saturday. He reports business rushing there. The Dow City hack line is now running between this place and Dow City instead of Bell, and is here to all trains. Miss Jessie Coon took a fine ride on the train from Dow City to here Sunday. Rumor is around that Arion will have a new steam flouring mill before fall. Let her come. Mr. F. P. Kniest, druggist of Charter Oak, passed through our town Saturday on his way to Carroll to visit friends and relations. Mr. Dr. McWilliams, of Charter Oak, spent part of Saturday visiting here. Any one wishing lost cheap, come to Arion where they can be had for a very little sum. First come, first served. Miss Katie Tyron spent Sunday in Defiance visiting friends and relatives. Mr. Brown, helper at Bell Station, made Arion a welcome visit Monday. Come again B. Six trains arrived in Arion about the same time Tuesday, five on C. & N. W. and one on C. M. & St. P.

Denison Review

I hear that tickets can be bought now on either road from Arion, Good for that.

Mrs. C. Butler's school closed Friday last. She was well liked by all around, and gave good satisfaction. A fine picnic was given at Mrs. C. Butler's place in honor of her daughter, Mrs. V. Talcott, of Oakley, Kan. The guests consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Binnell, Mrs. Dr. Evans, Mrs. W. M. Butler, Mrs. O. Goodrich and Miss Nora Butler of Dow city, Mrs. Hupp and Miss Nellie Butler, of Woodbine, Miss Anna Ferrell, Dunlap, Miss Jessie and Mrs. W. W. Coon, Mrs. Don Butler, Mr. and Mrs. F. Talcott, D. M. Hunt, Chas. Butler, of Arion. All reports a splendid time, ice cream was served in the evening. After a fine supper all went away.

Frank Smith's smiling face was seen on the streets of Arion Friday. Says he loaded the first ear of corn at Arion depot.

J. B. Romans & Bro., of Denison, had a car load of wire transferred at our place Tuesday for Charter Oak. First car transferred at Arion station.
U. Know.

Denison Review

Crops look good, better than usual. Uncle Sam drops his heavy burden off at our station to be transferred.

Mrs. Lydia Butler has charge of the new post office here. It will run under the name of Lydia, Ia., instead of Arion. The office will open up in a very short while now.

Mr. W. W. Coon and his daughter Miss Jessie took the train here for Lincoln, Neb. On a visit to his son, Mr. M. L. Coon. Mr. W. W. Coon has returned. Miss Jessie will remain with her brother part of the warm days.

Parties from Chicago intend to locate an elevator here soon. Good show for it. Butler Bros. are now running in full blast and have a fine stock of goods. Good bargains in everything.

We are sorry to hear that Mr. F. Widmeyer, agent for C. M. & St. P at Charter Oak, is going to leave us. Mr. F. is a fine gentleman and will be missed by many there. Later, we have learned that the business men of that place have sent in a petition to headquarters of that road asking to have Mr. Widmeyer remain with them. Have not heard particulars about it yet.

Corn is all layed by around here.

The many friends of Mrs. V. Talcott gave her a farewell picnic in the grove near Arion on Saturday last. Nearly 200 people were in attendance and enjoyed a most delightful time. There were swings and hammocks for amusement. A fine dinner was served with ice cream, lemonade, cakes, pies and many other tempting things to eat. A handsome present was given Mrs. Talcott, a tea set. She was much pleased. She returned to her home at Oakley, Kansas, on Monday, leaving many friends and relatives who have greatly enjoyed her stay here.

Mr. J. E. McMullen, editor of the Charter Oak Times and Miss Jennie Baker made out station agent a pleasant visit Monday.

Mr. Gable, traveling passenger agent, of Omaha, formerly of Denison, made Arion a welcome visit the past week.

Denison Review

Butler Bros. have improved their restaurant by adding a fine porch to the front.

Mattie Coon has been home on a visit lately.

When the teachers were going home from normal, a number of them had to wait for the train at Arion for some time. They were in for a good time, and had a little feast. The baggage truck served as a table, and a spread was made of lemonade, cakes and pies. After supper the Professor from Manilla gave us a few words from Ingersoll and the ladies sang some songs. We hear that they had a jolly time.

Denison Review

Mr. Griffin of Nebraska, son of J. H. Griffin of this place, is visiting here this week.

Mr. Jas. Schouten and wife have returned home from an extended trip east. Both report a pleasant time and looks the better for it.

Mr. Comfort is moving back on the old home place.

Bruner, the husker, is going to his home in a few weeks on a rest up and visit. He said to the reporter that he was fully satisfied with his record in spite of Nemo's blow out.

Mrs. J. Adam has been very low, by sickness


Arion to the front once more. Two more families have moved into town.
Butler Bros. have commenced hauling cord wood into town.
Mrs. B. Wilder made friends in Bell a short visit this week.
One of Mr. Gibson's children is reported down with the measles.
Grandma McCole is reported on the sick list at present.

W. W. Coon and Wm. Wingrove and son were in Denison attending court during a portion of last week.

F. Jordan, of Vermillion, Dakota, made Agent Hunt a visit one day this week.

Denison Review

Spring is Coming

To prepare for the winter trade E. W. Pierce Has put in the largest stock of


Ever shown at Dow City, which will be sold at very low prices. Just stop in and see his fine stock. He is a reliable man, and will treat all customers squarely.

Denison Review

Boom! Arion on the advance

Mr. Swatman of Dow City, is building a new livery barn at this place. It is almost completed now. Mr. Sampson Buck will have the running of it.

Miss Jessie Coon returned from her visit to friends and relations in Nebraska this week.

Our restaurant man Mr. Buck and station agent Hunt dug a large well at this place. They are rustlers.

Mrs. C. Butler has a very sick child, not expected to live.

Mrs. D. Evans of Dow City, made her folks here a pleasant call.

Denison Review 5-22-1889

Crops look good.

Mr. Haff, of Denison, has started a branch agricultural implement store at this place with Mr. Buck as salesman. Nothing like going it little at a time.

Miss Lillian and Mrs. Garrison of Denison, took the train from here Thursday for a short visit with friends in Chicago.

Mr. J. T. Thompson, who has been spending the spring in Kansas, has returned to this place looking as hearty as ever.

The letters that were advertised in last week's issue, was not an official report from Mrs. L. Butler, but through an error mine I signed her name to it. I would like to have the readers of this paper notified that it was the correspondent who sent the notice and not her.

The talk is that the new court house of this county will be built at this place instead of Denison.

Our new livery stable has received quite a rushing trade since it located here.

Denison Review 5-29-1889

Hip ho, to Arion we go, says the Dow City band Sunday. The band played some very fine music on our streets. We thank it a thousand folds for coming. The band will be found here every Sunday afternoon hereafter.

Who says our town isn't improving when our worthy agent Mr. Hunt, has to work night and day to do the work at his place. I should think a helper would be a big benefit to him.

We understand that Mr. Totman of Dow City, is batching it for awhile. Mrs. T. is off on a visit to relations and friends in Michigan. We wish her a happy journey.

Mr. David Walker, of Denison, was seen on the street a day this week.

Under six feet of sand, Mr. W. W. Coon found on his place a stream of water with force enough to run a large mill.

Miss Jessie Coon and Mr. Slocum of this place, spent Friday in Denison.

Denison Review

Mr. Sampson Buck, our restaurant man, has purchased a fine horse from Mr. W. W. Coon.

The Boyer river was at its highest last week. No damage done around here.

A good first-class hotel is greatly needed at this place. The Palace restaurant cannot keep the travel that stops here now.

Miss Jessie Coon was presented this week with a splendid new buggy and harness by her father. It is quite nobby.

Mr. Wim. Eggers loaded two cars of corn at this place for Chicago this week. There will be a new freight house built at this place soon for both roads and a side track to load from.

Denison Review

Mr. John Coon of Dow City, shelled corn at the Coon ranch this week.

Our friend, Mr. Peterson, is back from his visit looking as fresh as a June bee.

Mr. Abbott of Charter Oak, was down this week looking after our sand pit. He expects to do some large hauling of sand from this direction soon.

We understand that Mr. D. M. Hunt, our agent, has purchased a lot in Charter Oak and intends to build there.

Mr. Sampson Buck businessed in Denison today.

Denison Review

Farmers are through with their harvest.

We are sorry to say Mr. Chin Butler was taken very sick this week with inflammatory rheumatism.

Misses Jennie Baker and Ida Green of Denison, Sundayed with Misses Coon and Dorsey of this place.

Miss Minnie Talcott and her cousin Miss Stevens, from Lincoln, made friends and relatives a pleasant call this week.

Mr. Ben Wilder's brother who has been visiting him from Ohio for the last week, departed for his home tonight. He goes home well pleased with our country out here.

Mr. Don Butler spent a day in Council Bluffs this week.

We understand our friend Mr. Bakeman, who has been with Mr. Nichols as printer, has now taken up his headquarters at the Charter Oak office.

Denison Review

Mr. Chas. Butler and sister, Mrs. Dr. Evans, departed for Kansas and Colorado this week to visit relations and see the country.

The superintendent and road boss of the C.M. & St. P. was here a day this week picking out grounds for a new side track and stock yard which they expect to build here soon. Next thing we will see building here will be a court house. We are slow but sure.

The sick is improving nicely.

Miss Abbie McLaughlin from Union township, made friends a pleasant call this week.

Mr. Buck is doing a land office business now a days with his restaurant at this place.

We are glad once more to see Mr. Chiney Butler able to be out and about after a very long sickness.

Mr. Sampson Buck is planting a cellar under his store at this place.

Denison Review


Farmers are ready for threshers.

Miss Minnie McLaughlin was seen at our city this week on her way to Carroll for a few days.

Quite a number of Denison and Down City G. A. R. men took the train here Wednesday for Charter Oak. The C. M. & St. P., furnished them with a special coach. All report a splendid time while there.

Quite a large minstrel troupe transferred at our depot this week. While here they gave us some very nice music with their band.

I see that the lumber for the new freight depot at this place has arrived and unloaded.

Denison Review


Miss Samantha Talcott, of Dow City was seen in our town this week on her way for a visit with friends in Charter Oak.

Mrs. Geo. Tripp and Mrs. Ed. Davis, from this place, went this week to visit friends and relations in Boone.

Mr. Wm. Scouten, of Dow City, made our town a welcome visit.

Mrs. and Miss Garrison of Denison, passed through this week on the train southward.

Mr. and Mrs. O. Cottrell of Milton Junction, Wis., are visiting relations at this place.

Denison Review

A telephone will be put in at Arion.

Denison Review


Snow for Christmas.

Arion is on the boom once more. The Milwaukee road will build a side track and stock yards here in a few days when weather will permit. The farmers around here have donated all the grading teams and men free. Mr. Beardsley was here last week seeing about it. We hear that the Bell water tank will be moved here the coming season. Butler Bros. and W. W. Coon are overseers of the grading work.

William Schouten arrived home from Chicago where he has been with cattle. He reports raining there when he left.

Edward Bruner has taken his departure for Manilla where he intends to help in a store till after holidays.

Butler Bros. will soon be prepared to buy shelled corn here. They have ordered large scales for the occasion.

Mottie Wygant, of Sibley, Ia. , nephew to Mrs. W. W. Coon, made her a pleasant visit here a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Murch, of Dow City, were seen in our town on their way to Ute last week.

Denison Review

Our town is still booming. Butler Bros. have put in a new pair of scales to weigh corn and cattle on. Soon will come the Milwaukee road with stock yard scales and the Bell water tank.

Butler Bros. have shipped two cars of corn to Chicago and Mr. Thomas Rae a car to New York.

A new time table takes effect on the Milwaukee road Sunday which will make the early train arrive later than before. Mr. P. J. Hunt and Edward Davis of Dow City were callers here during the week.

Kate Balangee has been making Jessie Coon a visit.

We see that some one at Bell is much exercised over the proposed removal of the tank. He seems to know more than the railway superintendent. We will show them who is right about the matter.

V. Talcott, of Oakley, Kansas, are visiting friends and relatives here. Mr. Talcott lately received a large pension for injuries sustained while in the army. He will buy some lots here before going away.

The yearly report at this station for the past year 1889 for different things is as follows, as handed me by Agent Hunt:
C.M. & ST. P. Railway
Freight forwarded prepaid $5.76
Freight received $549.89
Excess Baggage $21.35
Local Ticket Sales $1,513.39
C.& N.W. Railway
Local Ticket Sales $1,671.71
Excess Baggage $11.85
Grand Total for year $3,764.95
Amount made in year 1888 $2,742.25
Difference in the two years $1,022.70


Denison Review

Messrs. Chin and Buck Butler have built a large house here and the lumber is on the ground for the erection of a barber shop which will be conducted by a Mr. Snyder from Paradise. A man will be here shortly to locate a dwelling house, blacksmith and wagon shop.

Mr. T. J. Riley, our livery man is expecting to put up a large store room and a hall twenty-five by thirty. The building will be two stories high. It is said the hall will be used for a skating rink.

We hear that the C.M. & St. P. Ry will build their stock yard here soon. Butler Bros. are now offering for sale some fine lots at cheap prices. Buyers should come before it is too late to get choice lots.

Miss Lulu Graham of Manilla was in this vicinity last week visiting friends.

Miss Maggie Conroy's smiling face can be seen at the palace restaurant, where she is acting as head waiter.

Denison Review

Miss Minnie Talcott has an interesting essay on the introduction of the synthetic methods in district schools in the "County School Monthly".

Denison Review

Ed. Searls of Jessup, Ia. is in town.
Martin Talcott is home from Des Moines
Mrs. Cose, of Dow City, was an Arion visitor Friday
Miss Clebe of Panama, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. M. Pett
Miss Abbie McHenry is visiting her cousin Miss Jessie Coon.

N. P. Underhill shipped two cars of hogs to Chicago, Saturday. Chas. Volkerts, our popular barber, has gone to Chicago to see the fair.

Mrs. J. W. Willey has been quite sick the past week but is better at present.

D. J. Butler is building a barn which makes a decided improvement to his place.

John Buehm, of Omaha, has been spending a few days.

D. M. Leadingham and C. W. Underhill made a business trip to Dow City Friday evening.

Mrs. F. Bangs and Mrs. Stella Meyers, of Tacoma, Wash. On their way to the great fair, stopped at Arion to visit relatives.

Lynn Bros. lost their fine trotting horse. This was quite a severe loss to them as it was a find animal valued at one thousand dollars.

Denison Review

Mrs. And Miss Coon of Arion, Mrs. Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond and others of Dow City attended the funeral of their friend Mrs. Fink.

Denison Review

Miss Nettie Green went to Carroll Saturday.
S. E. Plimpton transacted business here Saturday.
Banker Green of Dow City made us a call Thursday.
A. A. Lambert went to Charter Oak Saturday morning.
Dr. S. F. Mosher was here last week looking after his drug store.
D. J. Butler went to Nebraska to look after his interests there.

Dr. Clark, the painless dentist, spend Sunday with us. He reports business good.

Saturday evening's storm caused several of our citizens to rush into their caves, but the storm did not prove very bad after all.

Miss Minnie Talcott took the train for Chicago Friday night. She will spend a week at the fair and on her return will visit relatives at Mon...Ill.?

The post office craze has struck Arion. A petition is being circulated favoring F. A. Pett for postmaster. No doubt Mr. Pett would make a good officer but Mr. Richards does that. So why make the change.

Denison Review

W. J. Butler returned from his trip to Ohio Thursday morning.
N. Richards has been laid up for the past week with rheumatism.
Fred Butler who has been quite sick since July 4th is a little better.
Olaf Volkerts was here a few days last week looking after business.
Sid Smith returned from the World's Fair Friday. He says it is much nicer than he imagined.

The Misses Anna and Edna Talcott and Al. Talcott and Chas. Volkerts drove to Defiance Sunday.

Milo Kelly and wife went to Vail Saturday night to visit relatives. They returned Sunday afternoon.

Coon & Goff are burning their second kiln of brick which will make 150,000 brick they have made this year.

Lynn Bros. have moved their fast horses into the D. J. Butler barn. They now have a fine place as Mr. Butler has the finest barn in this part of the country.

Many of our citizens attended the L. D. S. Sunday school picnic in Mineral Park Saturday. All report a splendid time.

The Arion Drug Co. has changed hands. Batty & Son, Portsmouth bankers, have bought the stock and placed Mr. T. Burr in charge. Mr. Burr is a competent pharmacist, having received his diploma in 1881.

Thursday evening a report was circulated that the east bound flyer and west bound stub had collided about two miles east of here but it was afterwards found out to be two freight trains between Denison and Vail.

Tramps are quite numerous around here. They pick up everything they can lay their hands on. Two pair of pants were taken from in front of Underhill & Son store by one of the villains who tried to sell them right here in town. He made his escape but his face is known around here.

Denison Review

The teachers from here are all attending normal at Denison this week.

Services at the Chapel by Rev. T. M. Coffey were largely attended Sunday last.

L. D. Smith of Dow City and J. M. Talcott of this place left last week for Dakota to harvest.

The new store building just east of Underhill & Sons store is soon to be occupied. A stock of furniture is to be put in there by a man from Manilla.

Janes Tranters and wife celebrated their china wedding Thursday last, it being the twentieth anniversary of their wedding. Although the rain stopped many from going there was about one hundred present. Many useful and beautiful presents were presented and after supper all left for their homes, having enjoyed a very pleasant time.

Denison Review

N. P. Underhill made a business trip to Dunlap, Thursday.
Wm. Coon and N. P. Underhill attended the encampment at Woodbine last Wednesday.

Miss Mundbauk of Gillman, Iowa spent last week in Arion, the guest of Miss Bessie Talcott.

Mrs. W. J. Butler and Mrs. A. A. Sisley went to Omaha last week. Mrs. Butler is having her eyes treated.

Mr. A. Gilk and Miss Annie Schumacher of Charter Oak, made Arion friends a short call Saturday evening.

A.A. Conrad, the popular agent of the C. M. & ST. P Ry has purchased a house of L. A. Goff. I wonder if he wants to rent it?

Denison Review

Mrs. Wm. Coon returned Saturday from her trip to the fair.
J. H. Thompson has moved into the upper rooms of the Conrad house.
Ves. Rush started for Des Moines Friday to take in the state fair.
Mrs. W. J. Willey is visiting home folks at Ainsworth, Iowa this week.
W. C. McHenry and family visited Saturday and Sunday with L. M. Coon.
Miss Nettie Green has moved her dressmaking shop in with Mrs. V. Talcott.

Mrs. D. W. Rush left last week to visit relatives and the World's Fair. She will be gone about six months.

Mrs. V. Talcott has purchased the millinery stock of Mrs. Childs and placed Mrs. W. J. Butler in charge. I.A. Goff left Sunday to look after his interests and visit relatives in Nebraska. He expects to be absent about two weeks.

A. A. Conrad, the C. M. & St. P. agent, took a much needed rest last week. Charles Preston took his place at the depot.

Denison Review

During the month of August Clerk Schlumberger issued marriage licenses to the following persons:
John B. Worley ....Deloit, Iowa
Mary E. Enright.....Deloit, Iowa
Heinrich W. Otto....Manilla
Willhelmine H. Schulz....Manilla
Bert Renslow....Fansler, Iowa
Almira Renslow ....Charter Oak
G. A. Sleeper ..... Charter Oak
Jennie Ballantine ....Charter Oak
Chas. Campbell ....Deloit
Lulu M. Dunbar....Deloit
Johann Frahn....Kiron
Theresa Street ....Kiron
U. S. Manchester .....Dunlap
Flora A. Philbrook....Dunlap
Fred Christiansen ....Denison
Pauline Tech ......Denison
A. A. Conrad ....Arion
Annie M. Eggers....Arion


Denison Review

Coon and Goff are running the brick yard again.
August Schirrbach has purchased the J. M. Pett property.
O. Volkerts came over to Arion last Friday. He is talking of selling out.
Geo. Hildebrant of California is visiting his sister, Mrs. A. Alexander.

Mrs. S. E. Dow and Miss Mosher, of Dow City were Arion visitors Saturday.
J. M. Pett, a farmer citizen, of this place, made us a pleasant call last Thursday.
Miss Anna Talcott who is teaching in Hanover township spent Saturday and Sunday in Arion.
John Thompson strained his back quite severely last week but is some better at present.

The entertainment at the hall Saturday evening was well attended and pronounced a success by all.

Miss Bessie Talcott of this place has been filling her old position with the Dow City Drug Co. for the past week.

Sam Buck and family returned from Portland Oregon Saturday where they moved last spring. Same does not praise that country up very much.

Friday, Sept. 8th, a fine boy weighing 9 1/2 pounds took up his abode with C. W. Underhill and wife. All parties doing well and Charley is setting up the cigars.

There was a farmers trotting race here Saturday. There being five horses entered. Dan'l Wingrove came out first. Time 4.31.

Denison Review

Mr. E. P. Searls of Jessup, Ia. and Miss Elizabeth Talcott of Arion, were married at the M. E. Parsonage, at Denison, Tuesday a.m. Sept. 26th. J. B. Harris officiating.

Denison Review

Sam Buck is talking of starting a lunch counter in the Quaid building.
Ed. Searls was in town a few days last week.
L. A. Goff returned from his Nebraska trip Thursday.

Mrs. J. F. Starkweather is visiting friends in the eastern part of the state.
C.W. Underhill made a trip to Omaha last week.
Henry Weimer, of Willow township was an Arion visitor Saturday.

Martin Talcott returned from Dakota last week. In a few days he leaves for Iowa City where he will attend school.

Olaf Volkerts has sold his building to Hans Borhm and moved his goods to Sac City.

Martin Talcott, Al Talcott and Chas. Butler took in the theater at Denison Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kelly are the proud parents of a fine girl. All are doing well and Charley feels pretty big.

Denison Review
Mr. Richards, of Arion, was removed as postmaster and Mr. Fred Pett, who is in the furniture business was appointed.

Denison Review
10-18-1893 - Front Page
Burglary at Arion

We learn that one night last week an attempt was made to open the safe in the store of Mr. Underhill at Arion, but that the robber was driven off by the clerk who slept behind the counter waking up and firing at the thief. We regret that the thief came off unharmed, as these repeated attacks on safes and on stores can only be stopped by an increase in personal danger. The detectives and courts seem to be quite helpless.

Denison Review
2-7-1894 - Front Page

Mr. and Mrs. N. Richards of Arion, were in Denison last Monday on business. Mr. Richards keeps a very nice home like hotel in Arion.

Denison Review

Mrs. Hupp is quite ill with billous fever.
Al Talcott knows how funny it is to be vaccinated.
Dan Gillett of Denison, was in town last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Richards were in Denison last week.
Mr. Hambert moved last week into the blue house.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Green were in town last week.
Landlord Richards is stocking up with Jersey cows.
Sam Buck went to Lake View last Thursday on business.
Montana Charley, a typical cow boy, was in town last week.
Two of Clem. Langly's charming sisters visited him last week.

Mr. Downs is now sole owner of our meat market having purchased Mr. Goff's interest.

Mr. Underhill, Jr., returned last Monday and connects himself with the firm of Underhill & Son.

We saw Geo. Hester, Mr. Coleman and Dan McKensie of Washington township, in town last week.

Editor Rudd of Dow City, was in town last Tuesday looking over the remains of the Arion branch of the Manilla Register.

There was a meeting held Monday to devise means of securing a school house at Arion, something that is much needed.

Milo Kelly was down from Vail Thursday negotiating a lease with Mr. Green for the restaurant building lately occupied by Mr. Buck. We did not learn the result of the transaction.

Denison Review

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Eli Korn a big baby.
A. Platt was at Denison on business last week.
Clem Langley is about after a week's severe illness.
Cy Linn went to Woodbine last week on business.

Our merchants enjoyed a big trade last Saturday.
Dr. Evans and children were down last Saturday.
Mrs. Dr. Bonney spent Sunday with her husband.
Mr. N. J. Anderson was a visitor at Arion Sundays.
Mr. McWilliams was an Arion visitor last Saturday.

Sam Buck moved last Saturday into the building formerly occupied by the bank.
Frank Bolton took a trip to Buck Grove Saturday.
Miss Jessie Coon has recovered from her late severe illness.
It is surprising the amount of grain our elevators are taking in lately.

Sam Buck was at Dow City last Saturday looking for a house to rent, as there was not a room in Arion to be had for love or money.

Levi Green and family are settled in the old Kelly restaurant, and are doing well. Everything is as clean as possible, the cooking is the best on earth. Farmers who come to town will enjoy a home like place to get their meals.

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Dr. Ennony visited Buck Grove Wednesday.
Arion is soon to have a new $1,200 school house.
Dr. and Mrs. Philbrook, of Dunlap, were in Arion Tuesday.
Mr. Volcarts, of Sac City, will take Mr. Hupp's place in the barber shop.
Mr. Hupp has gone to Smithland where he will engage in the barber business.

Mr. Green, who recently started a hotel and restaurant here, is doing a thriving business.

W. J. Wagoner was an Arion visitor this week. He anticipates a new bank for Arion in the near future.

Mr. Miller of Hazelton, Ia. who was visiting with Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Underhill last week, returned home last Monday.

Mr. Butler, who runs the elevator for the Northwestern Railroad, reports a thriving business in buying corn. 2 cents per bushel in advance is bound to bring the corn.

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Milo Kelly was down from Vail on business last week.
Miss Nettie Green was visiting a few days this week with Mrs. Shocker.
Miss Anna Talcott is now teaching school four miles north of Charter Oak.

Will Schouten and wife returned home from Chicago last week.
Mrs. Green went to Charter Oak Monday morning returning Tuesday night.
Bright prospects for the city the coming season if crops are good.

A very pleasant party was given in honor of Miss Anna Talcott at the home of C. W. Underhill. Those present were too numerous to mention.

Mr. Chas. Volkerts has come back to town and will run a barber shop in his old stand. His many friends will be glad to see him again.

Doc Talcott has gone to Dow City where he will be engaged in the drug store of W. B. Evans.

Mr. Green has retired from the farm and moved to town and has bought out the restaurant and is now doing a good business.

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The son of Levi Green, of Arion, met with a sad accident last Saturday which might have been more serious. He was hunting pocket gophers with an old shot-gun and it once missed fire. Placing the gun on the ground he began to investigate, when the load was discharged, blowing the thumb completely off his hand and bespattering his face with blood. This is a severe lesson but should be heeded by all the boys, that they cannot handle a gun to carefully.

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Mr. L. A. Goff was on the sick list last week.
Mr. Louis Ley, of Omaha, was in town this week.
Don Butler returned home last week and is reported very sick.

Ohio Underhill spent one day last week visiting his wife's folks.
Ira Underhill, of Dundee, Ill. is visiting his father, U. P. Underhill.
Jim Snyder of Vail, was down visiting his wife's folks last Sunday.
That's right Frank don't forget your mail before going to your meals.

Miss Anna Talcott spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Arion.
Misses Mame Blackman and Stella Wood, were Arion visitors Wednesday.
Chin. Butler is fencing in his yards. It improves the looks of it wonderfully.
Mrs. D. W. rush and Mrs. A. Lambert visited at James Rae's last Thursday.

Al Talcott is looking very poorly the last week or two, the cause is lack of sleep. Get in earlier Al.

Dr. James, the painless dentist, will be a Arion the 16th and 17th. His office will be at the Green Hotel.

Miss Clarke, of Omaha, is located at Ley's store with a fine line of millinery goods and is now ready to receive callers.

Mrs. Val. Talcott has a very fine millinery stock at N. P. Underhill's store. All her goods are of the latest styles. She also has a lady from Omaha which will do her trimming. Come and examine her stock and see for yourself.

The writer thinks it is all right to organize a Ladies' Aid Society for the benefit of church work, but don't think it is right to organize a Society and talk about the young men of the town. Members please bear in mind.

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Mrs. Sylvester Rush is visiting her folks in Ohio.
C.W. Underhill and wife were in Denison Thursday.
Mr. Standfield returned home from his visit in Missouri.
Miss Anna Talcott spent Saturday and Sunday in Arion.
Mrs. Dr. Bonney and mother, of Buck Grove, were Arion visitors Sunday.

N. P. Underhill and son, took in 500 dozen eggs last Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Carl Ley, of Nebraska, has been visiting his nephews, Frank and Louis Ley.
Mrs. Green is agent for the "Queen Bread Raiser." It's a dandy and works like a charm.
Miss Clark left Sunday for Omaha. She has made many friends while in our city.
Mrs. Val. Talcott sold 17 trimmed hats last week. She has a line stock to select from.

The musical entertainment at the church last Saturday night was well patronized.

Mr. J. B. Harris, of Denison, will preach at the church next Sunday afternoon all are cordially invited to attend.

The rain Tuesday night washed out about fifty feet of track on the Milwaukee road, trains were blocked here all ......

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June 13, 1894

Arion has taken steps towards incorporation. That's right, keep on stepping.

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There were married August 24th, Mr. Thomas Thomsen, of Arion, to Mrs. A. Anna Nuernburger nee Franke of Denison, in presence of Gustave Frauke and August Ohl, by Rev. L. Lothringer.

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Fire at Arion

At about five o'clock last Wednesday evening, fire broke out in the Richard hotel. The help had been cleaning house, on the ground floor all day and had neglected to do the chamber work until evening. When they went upstairs, smoke was discovered pouring fourth from a closet and the alarm of fire was spread over the town. People came with pails to be of what help they could, and it was soon extinguished. It is a mystery how the fire was started but it is thought to have been caused by the heating of a thimble in the wall. The place where the fire started was filled with wall paper and bedding and the loss is estimated at about $35. Mr. Richards has his property well insured.
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Arion news articles from 1888 to 1896 submitted by Melba McDowell