Appanoose County Photo Gallery

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Photos of Appanoose County School Buildings and Class pictures are on the Schools page

Many of these collections contain unidentified photos. If you can help identify any of them, please contact me.

Family Collections

Anderson Family Collection - Surnames:   Anderson, Magnuson, Brockus, Henshaw

Atkinson Family Collection - Surnames:  Atkinson, Wood, Mayer, English, Gilmore, Buell, Clyde, McCollum, Lotridge and multiple unidentified pictures.

Bradley & Stephenson Family - Surnames:    Bradley, Stephenson, Grayson, Williams

Beard Family - Surnames:    Beard, John, Redburn

Boileau Family Collection - Surnames:    Boileau, Farnsworth, Campbell, Shamel, Pewthers, Williams, Catlin, Miner.   This collection also contains many unidentified photos.

Bond Family - Surnames:    Bond, Bozwell

Bryant Family - Surnames:    Bryant, Peninger

Buck Family Collection - Surnames:    Buck, Smith, Main, Gladfelder, Funkouser, Hiner, Kaster

Clark Family - Surnames:    Clark, Robison

Coates Family - Surnames:    Coates, Criley

Ellis/McElderry Family - Surnames:  Ellis, McElderry, Lutz

Daniels Family Collection - Surnames:    Henshaw, Daniels, Craig

Gochenour Family Collection - Surnames:    Gochenour, Rucker, Houser, Hansen, Benge

Hays Family Collection - Surnames:    Hays, Bridal, Gaye, Long, Elarton, Baxter, Fleming

Hedgecock Family Collection - Surnames:    Hedgecock, Atkinson

Hiatt Family - Surnames:    Hiatt, Hayworth, Johnson, Selny, Sharp

Hudson & Smith Family - Surnames:    Hudson, Smith, Channon, Payseur

Hymes Family - Surnames:    Hymes

Kirchgraber Family - Surnames:  Kirchgraber, Busch

Mace Family Collection - Surnames:    Mace, Montgomery, Pendelton

Olson Family Collection - Surnames:    Olson, Carlson, Nelson, Johnson, Rodberg and multiple unidentified pictures

Philby Family Collection - Surnames:    Multiple unidentified pictures

Ransom Family - Surnames:    Ransom, Hurd

Smith Family - Surnames:    Smith, Hemphy, Baugh, See

Stuckey Family Collection - Surnames:    Stuckey, Phelps, Price

Vaughn Family - Surnames:    Vaughn

Wallace Family - Surnames:    Wallace, Croxton, Roundy, Lowery

West Family - Surnames:    West, McDonald

Towns and Villages








Railroad Depots

Brazil, Centerville, Cincinnati, Dean, Exline, Jerome, Moulton, Mystic, Numa, Plano, Sedan, Udell, Unionville

Unidentified Photos