Library Resources

Drake Public Library

115 Drake Avenue
Centerville, IA 52544

The Drake Public Library in downtown Centerville, Iowa has a large genealogy section and the staff is very friendly! If you are making a special trip to do research, make sure you also visit the Coal Mining Museum which has tens of thousands of paper records.

Microfilms and print functions: yes


Local histories

Federal census for county: (1850-1920)

County histories

State census for county: (1856, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1925)

Plat maps

State census for Davis County: 1856, 1885, 1895

City directories of town

State census for Lee County: 1856, 1885, 1895

Telephone books of town and surrounding areas

State census for Van Buren County: 1856, 1885, 1895

Newspapers: (some incomplete; all on film)

Appanoose Co. Chieftain (July 11, 1861)

Centerville Loyal Citizen (July 27, 1864, Aug. 8, 1866-May 8, 1867)

Centerville Weekly Citizen (Nov. 5, 1870-July 11, 1873)

Appanoose Times (Jan. 6, 1881-June 28, 1882)

Centerville Iowegian (April 7, 1883-Dec., 1995, Jan 1996 to present)

Centerville Journal (April 4, 1883-Dec. 30, 1922)

Centerville Citizen (Mar. 28, 1883-April 25, 1900)

Appanoose Iowegian (April 1, 1886-Dec. 31, 1895)

Centerville Daily Citizen (Jan. 2, 1895-May 31, 1916)

Southern Iowa American (July 26, 1906-July 27, 1926)

Semi-Weekly Iowegian (Jan. 2, 1903-Dec. 19, 1919)(no index)

Appanoose County Vital Statistics resources:

Birth records

Death records

Marriage records

Cemetery records

Obituary collection

Probate records

Vital records for other counties:

Lucas Co., IA - Cemetery

Davis Co., IA -Some cemeteries, early marriages, birth, death

Putnam Co., MO - Early Marriages

Wayne Co., IA - Early marriages, cemetery

Mills Co., IA - Cemetery

Madison Co., IA - Marriages 1849-1880

Monroe Co., IA - marriages 1845-1873

Monona Co., IA - Marriages 1856-1880

Calhoun Co., IA - Marriages 1856-1884

Special resources:
Family histories Oral histories (transcripts)

State Historical Society of Iowa Library

600 East Locust
Des Moines, IA 50319

Be sure and bring your quarters and your pencils!

Book & Periodical holdings include many books on general history books on Iowa and other states; city and county histories and directories; plat maps; county records that have been indexed;

Newspapers from hundreds of communities from all of Iowa’s 99 counties are represented in the Des Moines and Iowa City newspaper collections, spanning the period from 1836 to the present.

County government records available are:

Appanoose Clerk Circuit Court-Foreclosure & Default Record 1871-1886

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Record of Heirs & Estates 1860-1896

Appanoose Clerk Circuit Court-General Index 1869-1886

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Wills 1854-1910

Appanoose Clerk Circuit Court-Judgment Docket 1869-1875

Appanoose Private Church & Family Records 1800s-1900s

Appanoose Clerk Circuit Court-Record 1869-1886

Appanoose Recorder Deeds-Land-Index 1850-1886

Appanoose Clerk County Court-Record 1851-1854

Appanoose Recorder Deeds-Land-Record 1850-1896

Appanoose Clerk District Court-Bond Record 1892-1910

Appanoose Recorder Deeds-Sheriff's Record 1867-1900

Appanoose Clerk District Court-Complete District Court Record 1852-1871

Appanoose Recorder Deeds-Tax Sale 1866-1930

Appanoose Clerk District Court-Default Record 1872-1877; 1884-1900

Appanoose Recorder Deeds-Town Lot-Index 1850-1890

Appanoose Clerk Naturalizations-First Papers 1868-1885

Appanoose Recorder Deeds-Town Lot-Record 1865-1886

Appanoose Clerk Naturalizations-Index 1866-1906

Appanoose Recorder Maps/Plats-Irregular Plat Book 1873-1930

Appanoose Clerk Naturalizations-Second Papers 1877; 1903-1906

Appanoose Recorder Miscellaneous Record 1871-1900

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Accounts 1856-1885

Appanoose Recorder Miscellaneous Record-Index 1872-1903

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Appraisements & Sale Bills 1856-1885

Appanoose Recorder Mortgages-Land-Index 1899-1899

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Bonds, Oaths & Letters-Exec, Gdn 1876-1886

Appanoose Recorder Mortgages-Land-Record 1855-1900

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Bonds-Adm, Exec, Gdn 1856-1885

Appanoose Recorder Mortgages-School Fund Record 1863-1892

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Case Files 1852-1988

Appanoose Recorder Mortgages-Town Lot-Index 1856-1900

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Docket 1847-1873

Appanoose Recorder Mortgages-Town Lot-Record 1866-1900

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Final Reports 1856-1885

Appanoose Recorder Original Entries, abstract 1850-1858

Appanoose Clerk Probate-General Index 1846-1979

Appanoose Recorder Vital Stats-Births-Record 1880-1904; 1906-1934

Appanoose Clerk Probate-General Index-Adm, Exec 1854-1884

Appanoose Recorder Vital Stats-Deaths-Record 1880-1904; 1906-1927

Appanoose Clerk Probate-General Index-Gdn 1854-1895

Appanoose Recorder Vital Stats-Marriages-Index 1842-1925

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Inventories & Appraisements 1856-1885

Appanoose Recorder Vital Stats-Marriages-Record 1846-1928

Appanoose Clerk Probate-Record 1851-1885

Iowa State Genealogical Society

628 E Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50309

At the foot of the State Capitol and across the street from the State Historical Library, the ISGC provides a wireless network, high speed Internet access, a bank of computers, and a reader-printer that scans microfilm images direct to CR-ROM. There are 20,000 volumes and 15,000 microforms, including:

Vital Records


Federal and State Census Records

Military Records

and more

They have a very friendly staff who are always willing to help and who are fun to be helped by!