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Page updated 30 May 2018

?? Whats New ??

Schools - Currently only contains a sweet little souvenir booklet. If you have any information on schools in Webster Co. please pass it on to me

22 Mar 2018 Started transcribing Webster County Death Certificates, 7/1919-6/1921 & 1925-1939. For more information see Webster Deaths page .

14 Feb 2018 Added Viet Nam Casualties to the Military page

14 Feb 2018 Dayton High Class Roll Years 1937-1986 have been transcribed

20 Jan 2018 Dayton High Class Roll years 1890 - 1936 have been transcribed

14 Jan 2018 Added Dayton High Class Roll 1890 - 1986 (PDF version) to the Education page

3 Nov 2017 Completed Iowa GPP transcriptions and added them to the deaths listing page.

2 Nov 2017 Compleated transcription on 101 page pdf for Webster Deaths from 1846 to 1900, now available for searching. Document contains 6,000 names.

28 Oct 2017 Added new bio for Judge Richard F. Mitchell

27 Oct 2017 Began transcribing 101 page pdf For Webster Deaths from 1846 to 1900, first 36 pages of document available for searching.

22 Oct 2017 Added Trinity Lutheran Church Diamond Jubilee to Churches page

22 Oct 2017 Added 1858 History of Fort Dodge to History page

21 Apr 2017 Added listing of births from 1904-1906 to the Research page

26 Mar 2017 Added Alumni of Burnside High School from 1924 - 1942

24 Mar 2017 Added clip from the 1908 Ft. Dodge Chronicle

23 Mar 2017 Added Burnside High School Alumni 1924-1945, Marvin Gray information along with updates to Harcourt High School, to the Education page and to Biographies/Family Stories page. (All of these basically are the same updates and adds.)

22 Mar 2017 Added 2 families to Biographies & Family Histories page: Lenore (Dittmore) King, and Archie & Myrtle Cook genealogy

18 Mar 2017 Added Chapter 22 Cardiff Giant to History of Fort Dodge Vol 1

16 Mar 2017 Added Chapter 15 Church Histories to History of Fort Dodge Vol 1

16 Mar 2017 Added John Owen Sr.'s Story - Days Gone By and Fort Dodge Youths show how to enjoy high adventure at low cost on 6,000-mile trip by John Owen Sr. to Biographies page.

22 Feb 2017 Began adding transcripts of the 1876 Centenial History of Webster County. What's complete? Bio of first settler and township, towns & villages histories.

11 Jan 2017 Added new page Social Media

4 Jan 2017 Added transcribed Index of Illistrations to 1906 Standard Atlas of Webster Co. Maps Page.

5 Dec 2016 Added 1906 Standard Atlas of Webster Co to Maps Page. Includes transcription of the Patrons Directory, and Index to Illistrations.

21 Sept 2016 Added link to Newspapers for the Fort Dodge Public Library search.

18 Aug 2016 Indexes to the Messenger Newspaper 1921 - 1925 Fort Dodge - Provided by Webster Genealogical Society

1 May 2016 NEW! Webster Co. Marriages 1905 - 2927 an addition of over 2,200 names

10 April 2016 Updated listing of Webster Deaths, includes cemeteries, removed and corrected many names. Charles has also added more names from multiple sources.

4 April 2016 Added a listing of over 5000 names, from 1846-1900: birth & death dates, and city where death took place to Deaths Page.

18 February 2016 Added transcripts to the 1900 Census - All townships are now complete for 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900

14 February 2016 Added new page to Bios & Family Stories on Anos Rasmussen and Mrs. Guro Nash

4 April 2016 NEW transcriptions of Webster County township Census records. A big thank you goes to Charles and Linda Lundquist for these transcripts.

20 October, 2015 Extract of Webster Co. Mine Fatalities & Webster County Death Certificate Index added to Deaths page

19 October, 2015 added Record Holdings and where to find them in Webster County. Listing of UPWA Local 128 Added link to Iowa Digital Newspaper Project to Newspapers page.

25 September, 2015 added Chapter 15 to History of Fort Dodge Vol. 1

19 September, 2015 local person's index of names for The Biographical Record of Webster County (PDF format) which was added to Biographies page.

9 September, 2015 Added Coal Mining Histories, 1882 Dayton Business Directory, and 1882 Webster County Business Directory to the Research page.

8 September, 2015 Added Chapter 14 to History of Fort Dodge Vol 1

15 April, 2015 Completed transcribing Chapters 12 and 13 for History of Fort Dodge Vol 1 and added new Biographies

13 March, 2015 Added  transcribed Chapters 9, 10 & 11 to History of Fort Dodge Vol 1

12 March, 2015 Added more transcribed Bios & Family Stories

1 February, 2015 Added obit for Ex-govener Cyrus C. Carpenter

30 December, 2014 Added Kesho - Callender Heritage Days Heritage Book to the Research Page

15 October, 2014 Finished Chapter 8 in the History of Fort Dodge Vol 1 Elections

22 September 2014 Added War of 1812 Land Grant listing and 2 pension records to the Military page. Added to the Obits page. Added Politicians Buried in Oakland Cemetery to the Research page.

2 July 2014 added a transcript to the Cemeteries page for Lost Grove Cemetery (pdf)

26 June 2014 added a transcript to the Cemeteries page for Dayton Cemetery

6 May 2014 added transcription to R.A.M. and a tribute to James Gargano and the Gargano Bro. Food Market

17 April 2014 updated Obits Archive

15 April 2014 added a link to the Daton Review online editions from Google News Archive

13 April 2014 added bio for Cyrus C Carpenter

22 March 2014 Added bio and pictures to Harcourt High School

23 March 2014 1/2 of Chapter 8 History of Fort Dodge Vol 1 partial transcription added
Added obits from the USGenWeb Archive to Obits page.

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