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3rd Quarter 1998

Links checked 22 March 2017 jb ~ if there is not a clickable link for an email address, the address is dead and I have no way to reach the person.

Name:K Cook
Date: Tue, 29 Sept 1998 at 20:14:27

Searching for family information regarding CONDON Family (John Francis Condon and wife Celeste HOOD Condon. Family ancestry traces back to pioneers in farming in or near Barnum, Webster County, Iowa circa late 1800's with original ancestry from Ireland.
If you have any information, I would be greatly appreciative.
KCook - Los Alamitos, CA.

Name:Dick Overgard
Date: Tue, 22 Sept 1998 at 22:43:28

I am looking for information on the Georg H. LIZER family who lived or farmed in or near Gowrie in the early 1900's. He was married to Viola and had the following children:

Bertha LIZER married and had 4 children, 2 boys and 1 girl alive 1912, 1 had died before 1912.

Backs or Zaks LIZER married and had 3 boys and 2 girls.

Mary LIZER married and moved to Matoon, Wisconsin. Had 2 boys who had died and a girl, Amber who was about 2 years old in 1912.

Pearl LIZER in 1912 was married and living with her family in Milford. She had given birth to 3 children, a boy, a girl, and 1 child who had died.

L(ee) D. LIZER in 1912 - L.D. was married and living in Catlin, ND. He had 1 child that died.

Dat LIZER in 1912 - Dat and his wife LOla had 1 boy and 1 girl.

Georgia LIZER in 1912 - Georgia was still living at home with her parents in Gowrie.

Zeb LIZER in 1912 - Zeb was living at home with his parents in Gowrie.

Would appreciate any information on this family. Thank You, Dick.

Name:Don W Holloway
Snail Mail:3608 Ostdiek Court, Cheynne, WO 82001
Location:Fort Dodge/Lehigh
Date: Thur, 27 Aug 1998

My Grandfather's name is William Horace HOLLOWAY. William and his wife Jennie or Jennifer BURNS, born 1862 (they married in 1884?) moved to Brule Cty, Dakota Territory and homesteaded on section 17 in the early 1880's. My father, William Sylvester HOLLOWAY, was born at Puckwanna, SD March 16, 1887, near Red Lake. He had a sister named Grace ( she died Sept of 1969)a year or two older. I don't know if she was born in IA or SD. They moved back to Lehigh. My grandfather had died five months after my father was born. There my grandmother left the children either at an orphan's home or with someone. My father did not realize he had a sister until he was 8 years old.
Jennifer may have had 12 sisters, the last one died in May 1997. One of these sisters lived with my Grandparents in SD. She married a man by the name of HERRINGTON. My father died Feb 1969.
I would really like to locate my fathers relatives.


Grace Holloway married name may have been LUTH. Updated 11/02/98.

Name:Joe Derr
Location:Webster County/Hamilton County
Date: Wed, 16 Sept 1998 at 13:48:46

Hi, I am looking for information on Rebecca Inez DERR b. April 27, 1876 possibly in Olin, d. October 1957 rumored to be in Fort dodge, Webster County, Iowa. But... My Great Aunt Dorthy told me that she "died in a nursing home in a town west of Webster City, Iowa." which is in Hamilton County.
What I am looking for, is where she is buried, what cemetery, and a dates confirmed if possible. Thanks! Joe Derr, Family Genealogist.

Name:Ron Strickley
Location:Covington, KY, Duncombe, IA
Date: Wed, 16 Sept 1998 at 00:16:00

I am searching for information on the SCHROER family. Anton Schroer married Lizzie WEISKER in Covington, KY. They eventually moved to Duncombe, IA. Lizzie had three daughters: Frieda BALL, Mary ?, and a SCHWEIRING ?. Lizzie was a step-sister to my great grandmother Mary BREINER-ROHLING.

Name:Sharon Allen
Location:Webster County
Date: Sat, 05 Sept 1998 at 11:10:46

I am looking for the descendents of Arlene Louise SONERHOLM (born 8-29-1915 in Crystal Twp, Hancock County) and Henery Donald STEINER (born 4-12-1913 Cooper Twp, Webster County). They were married 1-1-1939 in Fort Dodge, Webster County. I believe they have 3 sons, Donald, Dean and Dennis. Their grandmother, Mathilda ( Amalie Hansine BOTHILDE) CHRISTENSEN, who married Albert Olaf Sonerholm, is a sister to my grandfather, Martin Christopher Christensen, who moved from Iowa and finally settled in Blooming Prairie, Steele County, MN. I have done extensive research on this tree in Denmark and would like to share information with them. Please contact me at sbkallen@platec.net. Thank You! Sharon Allen

Name:G Thomas Ruebel
Location:Barnum and Manson
Date:Wed, 02 Sep 1998 at 07:14:37

Greetings from Seattle
I am beginning a search for family history of the RUEBEL family in the Barnum and Manson area. There are a few Ruebels left in the region, but I know of none who have actively searched for history before my great grandfather came to Iowa in the 1860's from New York State ( at that time the name was apparently spelled Rubel ). I would enjoy being put in touch with others who information or interest in the family history.
Related names in the area: HILL, HUXTABLE, MILLER, BLACK, COLWELL.
I can be reached at above address or at radgtr@vmmc.org

Name:Sue M Dahlen
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 at 00:55:10

My name is Sue and I'm looking for any info on my Grandfather's family. His name was Ralph OTTO and he went by the name of Joe. He was born in Ft. Dodge, on March 19, 1915 to Frank and Emma Catherine Otto. He had one sister Mary (Otto) NEFF. He also had four or five brothers, Frank of Texas, Bob and Francis of Iowa. I don't know the other one(s). At the time of his death in '84 Ralph was living in Clinton, IN. Any infomation would be very much appreciated.
I am also interested in any info on my Great Grandmother Anna ERNEST and her husband Albert. They are supposedly from the Otho area, and may be buried in Graceland Cemetery in Webster City. Anna died in '68, in Munster, IN. Albert died in Iowa, I don't know when. Any information would be deeply appreciated.

Name:Nita Liska
Location:Webster County
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 at 00:03:47

I am searching for my Gr grandfather Anton LISKA (Sr) no dob or dod. He was married to a Marie HIMMER and had five children - 1. Anton (Jr) b. 05 Aug 1874 - 2. Hubert b.03 Nov 1875 - 3. Matilda b. 25 Dec 1882 - 4. Minnie b. 1884 - 5. Arthur b. 22 Aug 1893. Hubert and Anton Jr were born near Fort Dodge. And only know that Arthur was born in Richland Co., WI. The family traveled back and forth. Believed Anton Sr returned to Iowa for final days. Would like to hear from anyone researching the Liska family.

Name:Larry Hollingsworth
Location:Webster County
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 at 19:29:03

I believe a relative of mine, William K. GOSS, served in the Civil War, with the 36th Iowa. My information is that he was severly wounded and eventually died of his wounds on April 10, 1863 and is buried in Jackson, Miss. Any information on this man would be greatly appreciated.

Name:Carol Lee and John R. Wold
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 at 13:14:23

We are searching for information about Eric Norton WOLD and Earl Norton WOLD who came to Fort Dodge, IA from Norway in the late 1800's. Earl married Rebecca SCHULTZ, daughter of Paul J. Schultz, born in Germany, died in Fort Dodge. Paul J. Schultz married Inga MILLER, dau. of Peter Hanson Miller born in Denmark, came to America in 1881.

Name:Monte LeBlanc
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 at 22:23:25

I am searching for information on the Patrick HARTNETT - Catherine POWERS family. As husband and wife they resided in Fort Dodge circa 1870 thru their deaths in 1906 and 1923. Both are buried at Corpus Christi Cemetery. They had 12 children all born in Fort Dodge and I believe some of the family may still reside there. Any information would be appreciated.

Name:B Martin
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Mon, 17 Aug, 1998 at 19:06:37

I am looking for a Ed TAFT from Ft.Dodge. He was a principal of a school. His wife later moved to Texas. They had four children. 3 boys and 1 girl. Girls name was Stella Mahatible Frances.

Name:Dick and Judy Miller
Date: Fri, 14 Aug, 1998 at 20:32:16

Della SMITH b. 10-9-1896 @ Kalo, Ia
Minnie Smith 8-26-1880 @ Kalo, IA
Parents - George Smith & Ella BOSTURICK/BASTURICK
Looking for information and middle names if any. Thank You

Name:Annette Rockeman
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Mon, 10 Aug, 1998 at 20:14:49

ANDERSON, Joachim (b.Dec 1873 at Oslo, Norway) married Edle HEGGUM (b. Apr 1871 in Ro/yken, Norway) on 31 Dec 1899 at Fort Dodge. Are there any marriage records for that time? How about Luthern Churches? I believe that Joachim was married previously ( probably in Norway) and would like to find some proof. I think he died Sept 1902 at Vincent or Thor, Ia. Any information on Joachim (who possibly went by "Joe") or his family would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance. Signed, his great-granddaughter, Annette.

Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Sun, 09 Aug, 1998 at 16:24:14

I would appreciate any information on the following:
My birth name is Cynthia Ann VAN HOFF born 1/03/62 (I think at Luthern Hospital of Fort Dodge)
Her parents names were Merle Harrison Shields & Grace Elizabeth FLATTERY. Lois's father was 41 when she was born. (I think) My mom's birth name is Lois Ann SHIELDS born 08/21/43 at St.Joseph's Mercy in Fort Dodge, Ia.
My fathers birthname is Dorance Van Hoff.
I was adopted when I was two by a Paul THOME.
I am planning a trip to Europe, Sept 1998 and would really like to go to the areas where my ancestors came from.

UPDATE!!!! - Sat, 29 August

I had contacted the Iowa Genealogical Society and they returned my research fees because I had been " legally " adopted. I took your advice and did an e-mail search on the last name Van Hoff. I got lucky. I've been communicating with a great aunt who lives in Fort Dodge. She has given me quite a bit of information. I have been communicating with a second cousin almost daily. It has been very exciting! Here is additional information to add to my query.

The original VAN HOFF name was VAN HUFF. It was changed when my great-great grandfather emigrated from Germany in the 1890's. My great grandfather's name was August Van Hoff and he married Elsena Harmena COLLMAN (lived in Pocahontas, Iowa). My grandfather was one of eight children and he was born in Pocahontas, Iowa. He was named Dorrance Robert Van Hoff and he married Irene MEIER (she has a brother Lester/Leister? who sill lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa).

Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Sun, Aug 09, 1998 at 22:30:52

Need date of death for:
Ignace BETTINGER 1828 - ________1914
Theresa BETTINGER 1832 - ________1910
Both died and are buried in Corpus Christi Catholic Cemetery, Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Name:Margie Garr
Email: 10/22/2017 no longer good
Location:Webster County
Date: Mon, Jul 27, 1998 at 22:58:51

Seeking info on this family: James Oliver OLSON, b. 13 Oct 1873, Webster Co., IA d. 02 Aug 1948, Varina, Pocahontis, Co. IA


Dewey R., born June 19, 1898
James Edward J., 25 Nov 1899
William A., 15 May 1901
Grace E., 22 Feb 1903
Leroy, 6 Nov 1905
Thomas, 22 Feb 1908
Margaret, 24 Oct 1909, married ____ HORSTMAN
Benny P., 28 May 1912
Lewis V., 05 Aug 1914
Evelyn, 28 Apr 1916, married ____ SCHAMEL
Bea, 28 Jan 1920, married ____LAPOINTE

I would like to hear from anyone who has information on this family.

Name:B Sommer
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Tue, 28 Jul, 1998 at 11:26:19

I am looking for information about a Mrs. M.Q DALEY.She was the daughter of John REED and could have been born in Iowa or Pennsylvania. Supposedly she and her husband lived in Fort Dodge. She was probably born in the 1830's.

Name:Bill Bierman
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Thu, Jul 30, 1998 at 17:15:24

I am looking for decendants of Dorthea JOHNSON born 1903 in Ft Dodge ( married Wesley STILLEY ). They spent their lives in Kankakee, IL retiring in Boy River, MN Specifically any info on her fathers brothers ( one was an inventor ) would be very helpful.
Bill Bierman (Grandson)
Santa Barbara, CA

Name:Gilda Jaunita Clark Haack
Location:Webster County
Date: Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 18:20:58

Looking for desceddants of Johanna CROWLEY DOTY.

Name:Bill Newcomer
Location:Fort Dodge
Date: Tue, Jul 07, 1998 at 22:19:30

I have a copy of an obituary from the Toledo, Ohio newspaper for a Dr. Allen BRITTON who died in January 1966, in Fort Dodge Iowa. Dr. Allen BRITTON had been a Veternarian and "had been vice president of Fort Dodge Laboratories since 1957." Survivors listed in the obituary are his wife Molly; "...his son Chris, of Hillsboro, NC.; daughters, Mrs. Owen Rehnblom, of Webster City, Ia., and Catherine and Prudence, of Fort Dodge; mother Mrs. Albert Britton of Fort Dodge, and sister, Mrs. Harold Thomas, of Placentia Calif." Allen Britton's father, Albert Britton, was my grandmother's 1st cousin. We would like to re-establish connections to this side of our BRITTON clan for purposes of sharing information on our common Britton roots. My Gendex pages are at: "Mr. Bill's Family Ties" (Link no good 4/30/2014)

Name: John Owen
Location:Fort Dodge, Dayton, Cordon
Date: Thur, Jul 02, 1998 at 22:05:22

My father, John D OWEN, born Ft Dodge, Ia. Aug 7, 1921. He was the son of Clarence Almond Owen and LuLu RICHEY.Lulu divorced in the late 20's or early 30's and married Carlton BAILEY (Bill) of Fort Dodge. She was employed at the Fort Dodge Messenger. LuLu's parents were L.G.Richey and Cora CARR The Carr and Richey family Lived in Corydon and Dayton. Cora's parents were Henry and Hanna Carr who moved from Ohio or Indiana and settled in Dayton, Ia. Henry Carr was the son of Sam Carr who came from Germany and settled in Pennsylvania before migrating to Iowa.
I am trying to find some long lost cousins and friends for my father. My fathers friends are Claude Wood, Bob Brooks (he owned a dry cleaners) and Mark Tuel. Thank You. John Owen Jr.

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