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Edmond David Russell, MD

From Pratts 1913 History of Webster County

Dr. Edmond D. Russell, now a practicing physician in Fort Dodge, Iowa, is a keen student of the great scientific principles which underlie the practice of medicine and his ability has gained him a prominent place in the medical fraternity. He was born in County Limerick, Ireland, in 1869, and obtained his early education in the Christian Brothers schools of that country. His family later moved to Dublin, the capital of Ireland, where he was graduated in classics and mathematics in high school of that city. He spent two years at the Jesuits College at Clongowswood, County Kildare, and was a schoolmate of Frank Mahoney, the famous literateur and author, whose fame has been immortalized by his "Bells of Shandon." Not satisfied with this splendid education Dr. Russell determined to pursue his studies further and with this intention entered the University of Dublin, from which he was graduated after completing the prescribed course of study. He came to America, and having determined to make the practice of medicine his life work entered the medical department of the Iowa State University. The quality of the work which he did in this capacity soon gave him the recognition of the faculty and made him popular with his classmates. When he had completed his course he was appointed instructor in the university under Dr. Chase, his duties to consist of tutoring deficient students in the matriculation requirements. He held this position for some time. When he left the university he settled in Clare, Webster County, and immediately engaged in the practice of his profession. Rapid and enviable success attended his efforts and he was soon known as one of the able and efficient physicians of his adopted city. He has always been a firm believer in the value of a thorough vocational equipment. When he came to America he had already attained a degree of education far beyond the common order, but after some years of medical practice in Clare, Iowa, he removed to Chicago in order to further perfect himself in medicine and surgery. He took post-graduate courses, two at the Chicago Clinical School and two at the Chicago Post Graduate School, and when he at length definitely completed his studies he was equipped with a splendid education along specialized lines. This has been of great value to him in his life and has been the means of his gaining his present high place among his medical brethren.

Dr. Russell maintained his residence in Clare and was active in the practice of his profession in that city until 1910 when he removed to Fort Dodge and has since been prominent in this city. Dr. Russell has, besides his medical career, one other vital and important interest in life. He is an ambitious and distinguished journalist and his writings have obtained for him a reputation for clear, concise, and striking literary style. His family has always been interested financially with the Sullivans in the operation of the Dublin Nation, one of the largest newspapers in Ireland. He has kept up his contributions to these journals and is well known in WEbster county as a graphic and telling writer. He now has in press a book of his essays contributed at various times in America and Ireland. He founded and edited for two years a newspaper in Clare called the Clare Examiner. He was prominently identified with the local press for several years and only relinquished his connection with it when he was compelled to do so by the pressing duties in connection with his profession. For fourteen years he was a contributor to the Messenger of Fort Dodge and within the past years has devoted his time exclusively to contributions to the medical press and to his professional work.

During the course of his career Dr. Russell has acquired a comfortable fortune which he has invested judiciously. He owns a farm in Clare and a beautiful and commodious home at 1326 Second Avenue South, Fort Dodge. He is interested in the business development of Clare, Iowa, and owns a fine business block in that city.

Politically he is a republican and takes an intelligent interest in national and local affairs but is prevented from holding public office by the arduous duties of his literary and professional work. He is a member of the Catholic Order of Foresters, the Ancient Order of Hiberians and the Knights of Columbus. He also is prominent in the Order of Eagles and in the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. He gives allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church and is an active worker in religious circles.

He married in 1899 Miss Johannah Wall, a daughter of Pierce and Johannah S. Wall, both natives of Ireland. To their union were born six children. Dr. Russell is a thorough and interested student of medicine and of broad culture along literary lines. He adds to his ability as a physician and to his remarkable and specialized knowledge in this line the distinction of being a courteous and refined gentleman and a man who in every relation of life is without fear and without reproach.

Bits and Pieces


February - Dewey Opera House opens. The Robert Emmett Literary Society held its first meeting in the new opera house. A debate was staged "Resolved that Intemperance is the Greatest of All Evils." P.H.Cain, Con Rial, D.S.Coughlon, Drs. E.D.Rusell and H.J.Horner filled a lively three hours with pros and cons. The judge gave the affirmative two votes out of three. Two hundred attended. Admission was 5 cents.

Dr. E.D.Russell and his new bride are Clares most recent residents. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Russell will edit the weekly "Clare Express".


Dr. E.D. Russell delivered a lecture on Sunday evening in the Conway-O'Boyle Opera House and after the lecture, he instituted a new literary society for Clare. 200 attended.


Dr. E.D. Russell has sold his store and office building to Luke McKernan for $4000. Sale price includes the soda fountain, glass fixtures, and entire building. He and his family will move to Fort Dodge and Dr.Russell plans to continue his practice there.

Dr Russell had a spirited horse named Kentucky Belle

Read before the Literary Society

By Miss Lillian Collins

Clare is a city of business and life
Our people are all social, no discord, no strife
No man is too swell to walk in its ranks
We need no fool killers and we have no cranks.

Our merchants are all that is honest and kind
For courtesy and politeness no better you'll find
Mike Collins almost gives his goods away
While Donahoe's prices are as low as they say.

There is Conway whose merit we could never tell
And Echert whose cooking no man could excel
Now if you've been out in the snow and rain
And want a hot supper just call on Jim Cain.

For men who are thinking of taking a wife
And want to get hardware to last you for life
McManhon or Griffin I'm right here to tell
Can any outsider in hardware excel?

Religion within us has sown deep as its seed
Our church bells are ringing for every creed
Our girls are all pretty, our men are all wise
And with Doctors Russell and Baldwin nobody dies.

If you want a shave for a king good enough
Just call on Pat Ennis or maybe on Duff
If you are suffering from prices too stiff
The men who will help you are Redden and Streff.

And girls when your head gear gets faded and old
Remember at Flanagen's swell hats are sold
When you want meat that is first class for fryin'
Just pick up a quarter and run to Tom Ryan.

Frank Ennis sells musical instruments grand
For drugs, E.J. Hood can't be beat in the land.
For harness to hold any horse, though he's tricky
All you need do is step in and see Dickey.

This weather is hard is hard on your horses bare feet
But O'Hearn and Klapka their want will meet
When you feel blue and your spirits you'd rally
The best place in town is the new bowling alley.

The postman deals out all from his urn
McKernan and Coyle wait on their guests in their turn
The banker and lumberman give you square deals
But if they meet any ladies they take to their heels.

Musicians and painters so great
And orators second to none in the state
Tom Merris the man to the people so dear
And Collins who is known as the great auctioneer.

The editor, the lawyer and medicine man
Will stay on the stage as long as they can
Any more names I'd rather not mention
But my friend P.H.Cain, should draw a pension

With the help of his Great Granddaughter, Joan Rogers we are trying to locate more of Doctor Russell's writings. Any information you may have to share with us about him would be greatly appreciated. Joan Rogers.

Thank you,

Joan and Kandus

Kandus Barland

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