Paupers Census, Union County

1880 Federal Census, Highland Township, Union county home/farm

Marshall LARE Self M Male W 47 WV Farmer WV WV
Almina LARE Wife M Female W 44 WV Housekeeper WV WV
Benjamin LARE Son S Male W 22 IA Farmer WV WV
Carl PEIPGRASS Other W Male W 69 DEN Pauper --- ---
Margaret AINSLEY Other W Female W 43 OH Pauper --- ---
Andrew KEAGAN Other S Male W 40 GA Pauper --- ---
Joanna VANDMAR Other S Female W 42 HOLLAND Pauper --- ---
William KERRIGAN Other S Male W 13 NY Pauper --- ---
Mary CARLSON Other S Female W 22 SWE Pauper --- ---
August ANDERSON Other S Male W 20 SWE Pauper --- ---
Anthony KNORR Other S Male W 25 GER Pauper --- ---
William SMITH Other S Male W 37 --- Pauper --- ---
Robert MATHEWS Other S Male W 35 IRE Pauper --- ---
Dan SHERIDAN Other S Male W 40 IRE Pauper --- ---
Peter Kelly Other S Male W 46 IRE Pauper --- ---
Alice FREEMAN Other W Female W 70 IRE Pauper --- ---
Ed ROUSE Other S Male W 40 IL Farm Laborer --- ---

Paupers Census, Union County

1885 State Census, Highland Township, probably county home

5 Margret Aimesley Female 48 abt 1837 Indiana Widowed
6 Allice Freeman Female 90 abt 1795 Ireland Widowed
7 C H E Feipgrass Male 75 abt 1810 Germany Widowed
8 John Fleming Male 49 abt 1836 Indiana Single
9 Richard Atkinson Male 95 abt 1790 WV Single
10 Nellie Carr Female 10 abt 1875 Union Single
11 Thomas Hughes Male 53 abt 1832 Appanoose Married
12 John Mcgraw Male 28 abt 1857 New York Single
13 William Werelt Male 58 abt 1827 England Single
14 Charles Johnson Male 34 abt 1851 Sweden Single
15 John Powell Male 41 abt 1844 Canada Single
16 Annie Simpson Female 17 abt 1868 ??Anoose Single
17 William H Chapman Male 27 abt 1858 Virginia Colored (Black)

Paupers, Union County

1895 State Census, Highland Township Union County Home/Farm

Touhay Thomas 67 M Ireland
Obrien John 67 S Ireland
Deaver Nasal 82 M Ohio
Atkinson Richard H. 47 M Virginia
Ainsley Margaret 58 S Madison Co.
Spencer Alice 36 Iowa
Kimmer Alexander 53 S Indiana
Peterson William 65S Sweden
Hogan William 64 S Ireland
Smith Leonard 42 M Ohio
Palmer Charles 48 S England
Darlind L.F. 34 M Mahaska Co.
Darlind Rhoda M. 26 M Indiana
Darlind Walter M.6 Missouri
Darlind Lloyd A. 4 Iowa
Darlind Ernest C. 2 Taylor Co.
Darlind Blanche 0Union Co.
Nolan David 85 W Ireland
Sthreuky Hannah 60 W Germany

1900 Federal Census, Highland Township, Union county home/farm

Ring William 53 M W Ireland IA
Lewis Charles 1 M W
Lehmann Herman 23 M W Germany IA
Lee William 49 M W MO IA
Englent Charles 58 M W VA IA
McMullanMalcomb 47 M W IL IA
SchorfenbergWilliam 24 M W Michigan IA
Lewis Charles 34 M W Michigan IA
Houton Fred 22 M W Kentucky IA
Cowley Jacob 58 M W Virginia IA
SheridanPatrick 48 M W IA IA
Killogg Harman H. 48 M W New York IA
CollinsFrancis 35 M W Ireland IA
PadgettJames 40 M W Virginia IA
Egan William 31 M W PA IA
Debert Harry P. 31 M W PA IA
Hanley John 42 M W Illinois IA
WhitlockJames 28 M W Illinois IA
Kelley James 42 M W Alabama IA
Root David 39 M WOhio IA
Myers William 33 M W MO IA
Lee Albert 28 M WOhio IA
MichaelJacob 25 M WPA IA
DeGowan John 38 W Ireland IA
Smith Edward 57 M W Ireland IA
Shringer James 48 M W MO IA
Lee William 49 M W MO IA
Devaney James 23 M W MO IA
Mundy James 45 M W England IA
Downie Patrick 50 M W Ireland IA
Boysen Frederick 54 M W Denmark IA
Love Matthew 35 M W PA IA
Surry George 44 M W Iowa IA
ValchetPierre 43 M W Indiana IA
Lee David 56 M W Alabama IA
Connel or Cannel Maurice 50 M W Ireland IA
ShannonMichael 49 M W England IA
McCuley Bernard M 39 M W Ireland IA
ShannickMike 37 M W Ireland IA
Maron August 35 M W Germany IA
Kelley Mike 65 M W Ireland IA

Three entries are Not Readable

1910 State Census, Highland Township, Union county home/farm

CidwellFrank M W 47 S New York
Smith Jacob M W 80 Widowed Germany
King Joseph M W 47 S New York
Hansen Peter M W 75 S Sweden (Born 1829 died 19 Sept 1914 buried 21 Sept 1914 Afton)
Widmen John M W 37 S Iowa
Palmer CharlesM W 59 S England
Murphy Daniel M W 88 Widowed Virginia
Meikil MichaelM W 73 Widowed Ireland
EmersonWilliamM W 68 Widowed Indiana
Clark Erasta M W 64 S Indiana
Obrian Anna F W 68 Widow Ireland (Died 26 Aug 1918 Highland Union Co IA buried 27 Aug 1918 was born 1836 in ireland)
Jiruse Anna F W 75 M Bohemia (Husband was Frank and Son was Joseph and Buried in Creston
CrachakeSalinaF W 78 Widow New York
Welch Laura F W 47 S Iowa (Laura Balle Welch died 14 July 1917 in Afton and was buried 16 July 1917 dau of Thomas Welch and Sarah Harshbarger)
Lane Elizabeth F W 57 S Unknown

Paupers, Union County

1920 State Census, Highland Township, probably county home

Hoffman Kami R. F W 17 Nebraska (Housekeeper not inmate)
Clark Vashti F W 69 Indiana S (Died 24 Jan 1929 in Afton)
Lane Elizabeth F W 70 Iowa S
Webber Mary Jane F W 74 Indiana S
Keller Pauline F W 48 Germany S
King Joe M W (Orphan) 50 Unknown S
Weidman John M W 47 Iowa S
Meskil Michal M W 83 Ireland Widowed
Murphy Daniel M W 68 Virginia S (Parent are Daniel J and Nancy Scriviner)
Knecht Fred M W 47 Iowa S
Goldsmith Erastus M W 83 Ohio Widowed
Annis Wm E. M W 84 New York Widowed
Oquick Newbury M W 85 New Jersey Widowed

1930 State Census, Highland Township, probably county home

KingeryFrederick M M W 54 MIowa (Supervisor)
KingeryCora C. F W 51 Iowa M (Supervisor's Wife)
GriffithStella E. F W 28 Iowa M (servant)
Brown William S M W 64 Iowa Widower (servant)
Wilson Curtis W. M W 50 Iowa M
Kaner Mary A. F W 61 Germany M
Reeve Ira C. F W 27 Colorado S
Eichen Mary F W 40 Iowa S
Regan Gertrude G.FW 47 F W Iowa
KlaimerFlora F W 53 Iowa S
McgandaAlta F W 40 Iowa S
Rugles Mary F W 40 Iowa S
Watson Anna F W 59 Ohio M
Leech Anna F W 54 Germany S (maybe Larch)
Keller Pauline F W 55 United States Widow
Meshil Katie F W 53 Illinois Widow
ThompsonForest R. M W 43 Iowa Widower
HubbertWalter N. M W 40 Iowa S
CrossleyCharley F. M W 49 Iowa S
Derauf George M W 40 Iowa S
LenhartRay M W 37 Iowa S
Clark James M W 56 Iowa S
AmbroseWilliam M W 45 Iowa S
Knight George M M W 74 Illinois Widower
Kuntz Cecil M W 26 Iowa S
AnglumeWill M W 45 Iowa S
Benton Dell M W 56 Iowa Widower
Mowry George W. M W 70 Illinois Widower
Dorose George M W 75 Ohio Widower
Watson Seth E M W 71 New York Widower
Baxter Pearle H. M W 66 Iowa Widower
WeedmanJohn M W 56 Iowa S
Redont Claud C M W 33 IowaM
Lucas LeRoy M W 21 IowaS

1940 State Census, Highland Township, probably county home

18 James Mckee Male 30 abt 1855 Ireland Married
19 Fannie L Mckee Female 36 abt 1849 Illinois Married
20 William A Mckee Male 16 abt 1869 Illinois Single
21 Maggie L Mckee Female 14 abt 1871 Union Single
22 Mollie A Mckee Female 12 abt 1873 Union Single
23 Delia J McKee Female 10 Abt 1875 Union Single
24 Mary Mckee Female 6 abt 1879 Union Single
25 James A G Mckee Male 4 abt 1881 Union Single
26 Charles B Mckee Male 2 abt 1883 Union Single
27 Clinton J Mckee Male 0 abt 1885 Union Single
28 True W Gillman Male 56 abt 1829 New York Married
29 Roosetta Gillman Female 53 abt 1832 New York Married
30 Charles H Gillman Male 34 abt 1851 Illinois Single
31 Dora L Gillman Female 17 abt 1868 CA Single
32 Dossie Tenonant Female 10 abt 1875 MN Single



Anna O'Brien Born 1836-Ireland Death 26 August 1918-Highland, Union, Iowa Burial 27 August 1918 Buried in Calvary Cem.

Seth V. Watson, 87, Dies at County Home
Seth V Watson, 87, an inmate of the Union County Home for many years, died at the home at 5 p.m. Monday after a long illness. Funeral services will be held at the Deitrick and Keating Chapel at 3 p.m. Wednesday with the Rev. Harold E. Cole officiating. Burial will be in the Graceland Cemetery. Mr. Watson was born in New York City, November 8, 1858. He was the son of Benjamin E. and Caroline E. Watson. He came to Iowa in 1870 and had lived near Creston most of the time since then. Dated 9-10-1946. Says he is buried in Graceland Cemetery, Lot 21, Section 10.

George Knight Dies at County Home April 2, 1942

George Knight, 85, Died at County Home Yesterday Afternoon

George Knight, 85, died at the Union County home at 3 p.m. yesterday following an illness of several months.
Funeral services will be tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. at the Roland Funeral Home and will be conducted by Rev, L.E. Watson of the Methodist Church. Burial will be in Graceland Cemetery. The aged man has been an inmate of the home since 1928 and had no living relatives except a son, whose address is unknown. He was formerly employed as a tiler and farm hand.

Pete Bowman, Town Character, Takes Own Life

May 6, 1944
Robert Charles “Pete” Bowman, 67, for many years a well-known character in downtown Creston, died yesterday afternoon as a result of self-inflicted wounds. Attendants of the county farm, where he had been living for the last three months, said that he had complained of ill health and had occasionally threatened vaguely to take his own life. His threats were not taken seriously, as he apparently continued to lead a calm and quiet life and physicians found no organic disorder. Tuesday morning, however, he did not appear with the other inmates at breakfast. When attendants went to investigate they found him bleeding from cuts across the throat and the right forearm which he had inflicted with a razor. After a physician had checked the flow of blood and taken 15 stitches he pronounced the patient’s condition favorable. He appeared to be recovering for the next 24 hours, taking nourishment and refusing to stay in bed. He ate dinner at noon yesterday and later talked freely with attendants complaining of nothing but the soreness of his throat. When Mrs. Ab McFee went to check his progress at 4 p.m. however, she found him dead upon the bathroom floor. Physicians said his death had been caused by a blood clot which settled upon the brain. Bowman was born in Sweden on March 10, 1877, the son of Peter and Ida Bowman, He came to this country and settled in Creston as a small boy. In his younger life he was engaged as a laborer but in recent years he had been unemployed spending much of his time downtown, where he was familiar as a friendly and harmless character, invariably amiable.

A half-sister, Mrs. Esther Sparks of Des Moines, is his only close surviving relative. Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. E. E. Lister at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the McGregor and Coen Chapel and burial will be at Graceland.

George Lee

George Lee

From December, 1959 until 1964 my parents were steward and matron of the Union County Farm. During their tenure it was one of the first county homes in the State of Iowa to be licensed and be accredited by the state. It was a 26 bed facility housing mostly people with problems that didn't need constant supervision. The residents lived in a loving, caring environment. Most of the people living there performed some work, light housework to farming chores. I saw many of the people change from being completely withdrawn to being more outward and happy. My parents gave selflessly of themselves to see that everyone was well cared for, both emotionally and physically. As far as bodies were concerned, I have heard of such rumors. During the time my parents worked there, anyone that passed away was given a funeral and buried in the Afton Cemetery or other cemetery if family requested it. Many years ago I saw a picture of the old county farm, with horse grazing in the pasture. The porches to the south of the structure had either been torn down or fallen down. If you would like to know more, please contact me @

There is about 1-1/2 pages about it in the 1908 History of Union County. Excerpts: The original 160 acres that the brick home sits on was purchased by the county in 1874 for $4,700. Additional land was added over the years to make a total of 247 acres. In 1879 it was deemed the existing facilities were inadequate and a new 3 story brick ... See Morestructure was built for $5,000. The Stewards annual salary for 1906 was $750. The facility had an annual operating budget for 1906 of $4,362. Also, in 1906 it was rated second place of all county homes by the state inspector.